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  1. Can I do both on different days?
  2. So where does the energy go when one lifts the arms towards the Universe ?? does the Teacher explain it anywhere ?
  3. okay, so I've been practicing 3 months of Fragant QiGong, but... I don't feel the benefits of it, moreover I can feel the energy while I am doing it but it doesn't reflect on my daily life, contrary to when I do Zhan Zhuang or the 8 brocades (which I did before Fragrant) which makes feel Refreshed and cleared in my mind. I am doing for healing myself, but not even my sleeping pattern have improve. So my question is Should I move on to something else? or keep doing it for another 3 months in the hope I feel some benefits ?
  4. So I've been doing Fragrant QiGong and in several ocasions like last night I often do some meditation and last night felt the energy moving up/down my head and arms while meditating I then tried to bring the energy down from my head but still later I couldn't sleep. This has happen several ocassions. does anyone know of a QiGong that purposefully helps to sleep better ?
  5. Just looking if anyone has the QiGong DVD's for sale .
  6. Hi, Are there Healing trainings that you recommend ?
  7. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Is there a downloadable version of the FP DVD? I do not live in the U.S .
  8. Just want to know more about Sexual Energy

    ok, If I do it regularly would that increase my sexual magnetism ? what king of discipline, type of qigong,etc , could helme achieve that goal ? A
  9. I want to know how to transmute Sexual Energy by metitating or practicing some type of Taichi o qigong. thanks A