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  1. Hello to All

    No offense at all. Everyone is entitled to his opinion. As I said, I have just started the practice so I do not have yet enough experience to say much about it. I will PM you If you don't mind. The word wuji can refer to two types of practice; the standing posture (Zhan Zhuang)like it is described in Elliot's book and a moving practice called wuji or primordial qigong. The authors you mentioned ( Jahnke, Bollo (could it be Rubbo instead?), Cohen and Winn) belong to the latest, isn't it ?
  2. Hello to All

    Hi CleanSox, Started many years ago with the system I first learn from my teacher (South Shaolin qigong) but it was somewhat different because one would gently swing the body back and forth. After that I have practiced from the book “wuji breathing” and also from Jan dieperslot’s book. Lately I have been following the instructions of S. Elliott, but I am not sure I am going to continue because I am having some very strong reactions and I am not sure why. Maybe it is the element breathing that he has introduced in the practice? Can you tell me a little bit more about Zhui Hui and Milton?
  3. Yiquan online

    Hello, For those interested in Yiquan, I have found this teacher, who is sharing his method of training for free on youtube. To beguin with, please search on the playlists for the videos with green thumbnail; It has subtitles in many languages.
  4. Hello to All

    Thank you Silent thunder
  5. Tai Chi Ruler

    Hello, Start practicing recently the 1st exercise from the link above. Immediately felt a strong sensation in my belly, that I can describe the best as the muscles were strongly contracting deep inside, although I was very relaxed. Just ordered the DVD from Masterworks International. Looking forward for a more comprehensive practice
  6. Hello to All

    Nice to meet you too Daniel.
  7. Hello to All

    Hello, Started Qigong +20 years ago and also interested in meditation. My actual practices are Shibashi, wuji qigong and taichi ruler.