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  1. Climate Change

    Oceanographer Jim Massa in livestream chat tonight starts 45:10-1:08:15 Super Scientific Researcher, Oceanographer Jim Massa So I just "live streamed" chatted with Jim Massa - he's a very excellent researcher. He says it's too late for life on earth to escape mass extinction from abrupt global warming... So of course hardly anyone sees his youtube channel! Feedback Loops already here. https://twitter.com/jim27182 at 1 hour to 1:15 Livestream chat with Jim Massa https://www.edge-show.com/we-talk-to-a-super-scientist-oceanographer-and-climate-expert-first-politics-from-the-road-with-michael-shure-and-journalist-brooke-thomas/ starts 45:10-1:08:15 Super Scientific Researcher, Oceanographer Jim Massa http://kotz.org/2019/11/13/study-links-emergence-of-foreign-virus-in-arctic-marine-mammals-to-loss-of-sea-ice/ Coal Knew, Too A newly unearthed journal from 1966 shows the coal industry, like the oil industry, was long aware of the threat of climate change. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimmassa https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_Massa latest on arctic vid
  2. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Since someone else PM'd me - just to let you know - I don't read PMs unless you FIRST make a $20 donation to https://www.paypal.me/ecoechocultivation Then I'll read your PM and then I'll do four hours of full lotus meditation - and get back to you. thanks
  3. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Just to remind people that if you send me a PM then I also need a $20 donation before I read your PM. So I will check to see if I get the $20 donation to http://paypal.me/ecoechocultivation and then I'll read your PM and then I'll do 4 hours of full lotus meditation to get back to you. thanks
  4. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Just so people know - I don't even READ your PMs unless I get a $20 donation via paypal. http://paypal.me/ecoechocultivation thanks again if I get the donation then I'll read your PM and I'll do four hours of full lotus meditation. Then I'll answer your question.
  5. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    To reiterate my OP - for the people who continue to PM me questions - you need to first donate $20 via http://paypal.me/ecoechocultivation Then I will do four hours of full lotus meditation and I will then answer your question. Thanks for your cooperation.
  6. Full Lotus is a state of being.

    Since people are still reading this thread then I'll bump it back up. Yes qigong master Chunyi Lin says if you want to see if someone is a real qigong master then just see how long they can sit in full lotus in ease. One time a cafe owner said that I regularly sit in full lotus for hours at a time. haha. But that is nothing compared to a real qigong master who will do 49 days nonstop in full lotus meditation! http://qigongmaster.com
  7. Excerpt from "The Pineal Gland" by Damo Mitchell

    Because of the continued interest in this thread I will now reveal an interesting discovery I had recently. Someone donated to me to meditate in full lotus for four hours and also asked where they can read the book that I wrote ten years ago and they were trying to find it again. So I told them the link and I also began rereading my book, reviewing most of it for the first time in ten years. p. 86, of Deep Disharmony: Secrets of the CIA's Psi-Plasma Vortex 2010, Lulu, full FREE preview When I read the above I was quite amazed as I had just recently blogged on a recent science study that proved my above claim. So this is from a top science journal Nina E. Fultz1,2, Giorgio Bonmassar2,3, Kawin Setsompop2,3, Robert A. Stickgold4,5, Bruce R. Rosen2,3, Jonathan R. Polimeni2,3, Laura D. Lewis1,2,* See all authors and affiliations Science 01 Nov 2019: Vol. 366, Issue 6465, pp. 628-631 DOI: 10.1126/science.aax5440 https://science.sciencemag.org/content/366/6465/628 So my own meditation yoga writing was corroborated TEN YEARS LATER!!
  8. For those of you who are PMing me questions you can first make a $20 donation to http://paypal.me/ecoechocultivation and then I will do a four hour full lotus meditation session for you to properly answer your question. thanks for your interest.
  9. MCO doesnt work

    This advice is close but did not quote enough of the book to give the proper advice - go a little bit farther up on page 40 for the proper answer: So there are various "levels" to the small universe meditation. The first level is to empty out the monkey mind. The second level is to use the quick fire breathing with the meditation - as described above. The finally as the celibacy is maintained as increased sublimation and purification then the "real" MCO kicks in. The real "MCO" is also called the Inner Elixir or internal alchemical agent - so it is the Yuan Qi and then is used to increase the shen. So the real "MCO" is also called Nirvikalpa samadhi in yoga. You want to make sure you REALLY STUDY the Taoist Yoga book (in complete opposite to the imperative here previously to NOT read the book at all!!). Why do you need to "really study" the book? Because the above stages are also accelerations! As the energy level increases then so does the rate of change of the stages needed. So if you don't understand the next stage already then by the time it kicks in - it will be too late and you'll fall back two stages back in practice. Also you want to practice the small universe meditation while in full lotus padmasana preferably with the left leg on top. As for "how long" you do it - keep in mind that advanced training for this is the 49 day cave meditation - no sleep the whole time. Just full lotus. So if you can't sit in full lotus NONSTOP for 1 day much less 1 week - then don't worry about doing the small universe meditation "too long." haha.
  10. Free Qigong Master Jim Nance Qi-Talk on Thurs. Evening

    Master Jim Nance: In Focus Download this audio recording for free using the promo-code: free Download
  11. Elitom (supposed breatharian) outed as Perv-predator -

    Sam Harris is a right-wing goon. He doesn't understand science properly.
  12. Elitom (supposed breatharian) outed as Perv-predator -

    here you go - this explains how the O at a D "works" - enjoy! And yes I have corresponded with Professor Stuart Hameroff.
  13. Elitom (supposed breatharian) outed as Perv-predator -

    Wow - I hope you don't fall for this B.S.! Freemasonry is INHERENTLY EVIL as based on the lie of "materialistic idealism" from the root lie that Geometry is God as the Golden Ratio (from Platonic philosophy). The Brotherhood The Secret World of the Freemasons. Stephen Knight is a good book on this. So you can believe all the "ethics" about Freemasonry being a "positive charitable" organization if you IGNORE that Freemasonry is the "thrust" of 500 years of genocidal, ecocidal Western "culture" spreading around the world. The Religion of Technology - Google Books https://books.google.com › History › General Noble traces the history of these ideas by examining the imaginings of monks, explorers, magi, scientists, Freemasons, and engineers, from Sir Isaac Newton to Joseph Priestley to Wernher von Braun. Noble suggests that the relationship between religion and technology has ... This 1996 academic book is another great expose on the Freemasons as simply symptomatic of Platonic "materialistic idealism" philosophy as the SEPARATION of Heaven and EArth. It's the OPPOSITE of real Daoist neidan alchemy training. Professor David F. Noble was an M.I.T. history professor - so he knows his stuff.
  14. More quotes from the highly acclaimed physicist Olivier Costa de Beauregard, assistant to Nobel physicist Louis de Broglie: