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  1. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    https://archive.org/stream/TheOriginsOfYogaAndTantraGeoffreySamuel/The Origins of Yoga and Tantra - Geoffrey Samuel_djvu.txt There's the book full text archived.
  2. Water above Fire

    https://archive.org/stream/TaoistYogaAlchemyAndImmortalityLuKuanYCharlesLuk/Taoist Yoga Alchemy and Immortality Lu K’uan Yü (Charles Luk)_djvu.txt This book proves all the "levels" of "neidan" are interwoven.
  3. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    https://www.pdf-archive.com/2018/03/17/ancient-advanced-acoustic-alchemy/ See that link for images of how Kriya Yoga and MCO (small universe) have the same origins - also in West Asia - the Pythagorean circulation of energy - tied to Egypt as well.
  4. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    actually all modern humans are from the San Bushmen culture - they do the same spiritual training as Daoism or Buddhism. So the SAn Bushmen culture spread around the world and this is documented through the music. In India the oldest philosophy is the "three gunas" and it's from music theory - same with Daoism - it's from music theory.
  5. If you're looking for "teachers" maybe try the "teachers" subforum.
  6. I always sit in full lotus at the internet typing - or reading.
  7. when you build up qi - then with the eyes open - the qi goes out of the eyes - the yin qi of the liver goes out of the eyes via the heart with the eyes open. This causes the heart to then have passion. What's the connection of the heart to the lungs? So the yin shen going out of the eyes is the "hun soul" but the po soul of the lungs "grabs onto" the hun soul - if your eyes then obsess over what the heart sees. Just study "evil fire" of the heart - in the book Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality. https://archive.org/stream/TaoistYogaAlchemyAndImmortalityLuKuanYCharlesLuk/Taoist Yoga Alchemy and Immortality Lu K’uan Yü (Charles Luk)_djvu.txt and there is more: and and and and and and : and and
  8. Fraudulent teacher?

    There has been thousands of different qigong practices in China. So apparently it's not that unusual for a student to then start his or her own qigong but it's mainly based on his/her previous training material when they were a student. And then it's possible this "new" material might not be directly attributed to the original source. Now the "information" is one thing - but the actual energy healing is another thing. So you can learn information but not be ready to experience the energy at that level of the information. What I've been interested in is the general principles of qigong (and of course even the name qigong is contentious - some claim it's NOT neidan or neigong or daoyin or, etc.). So for example when Yan Xin did his mass healings in China often the audience he was healing could not even understand the words of his lectures!! So his energy healing was very strong but his "information" as words was not easy to follow. And yet people considered his healings to be very efficacious. Also a lot of teachers don't allow themselves to be named by their students and so the student becomes a teacher but says their own teacher or teachers are a secret. So again my interest is in the general principles of how this (fill in the blank) works - and this is true for yoga also. There has been debate about yoga being appropriated. I would say we can say similarly about qigong - as the Westernization of the world is that, for example in today's China it is considered "qigong deviance" if you think you can receive healing from your qigong master long distance - without any direct contact. So obviously issues of copyright are particular to marketing and a business situation - and that can not be really answered unless you probably hire a lawyer or something. The US has different free speech laws compared to the UK for example. Different countries have different rules and sometimes the discrepancy is taken to the World Trade Organization - where the matter is ruled over in a closed secret meeting, giving preference to the corporate lawyers who represent the members of the WTO. For example Cargill wrote the international trade laws on patenting seeds or whatever - and so then the attempt has been made to make it illegal for a farmer to replant his own farm seed in AFrica, etc. So personally I would lean on the side of individual freedom based on the general principles of training. If it "works" then it works probably based on general principles - not a "product" that is "commodified." Of course even humans have had their blood patented without their permission -- as I exposed this going on at University of Minnesota for an asthma study of certain genetic ethnic lines. I went in and just interviewed the scientists in the lab and they openly bragged to me how they had patented the cell lines to make a big profit by selling them to some Big Pharma business or whatever. Some Daoist lineages refuse to charge money for teaching or information - like the lineage of the author of Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality - that book is free online. That is a good book to give the principles of the circulation of energy that you mention. If you can circulate the energy and are confident of your abilities - then it seems like you should be able to "teach." Of course I am just posting information for free online as my personal opinion.
  9. https://archive.org/stream/TaoistYogaAlchemyAndImmortalityLuKuanYCharlesLuk/Taoist Yoga Alchemy and Immortality Lu K’uan Yü (Charles Luk)_djvu.txt So to get back to the "Free Energy" concept that Westerners are taught to reject... delta E multiplied by delta T is comparable with the Planck's Constant. So change in frequency x change in time approximates Planck's Constant (the average energy of light). I'm quoting Professor Andre Lindi: And then A Proof for Poisson Bracket in Non-commutative Algebra of Quantum Mechanics by Sina Khorasani, University of Vienna, 2014 pdf So this is the "symmetry breaking" that intrigued Brian Josephson - as the secret origin of the volt. So in quantum physics - this is called the "measurement problem" but meditation overcomes this "measurement problem" since we can listen at the sub-angstrom (smaller than light wavelength) and faster than time-frequency uncertainty!! So then Nobel physicist Brian Josephson (who practices qigong at Cambridge ) - he thanked me for sending him a quote from former Hamsphire College physicist Lawrence Domash. So that is the Josephson connection to meditation as free energy. Here is the quote: So in other words, as Josephson discovered - there is an inherent AC field to reality!! It is eternal energy motion. So then this "concept" became the basis for Transcendental Meditation:
  10. yes when I wrote "Free Energy" I meant it to be a point of discussion. The Western view of energy is based on trying to "contain infinity" using geometry via logarithmic symmetric logic. The nonwestern view of energy is based on time-frequency resonance that is complementary opposites. So the opposite of energy in the West - we can think of "entropy." But the definition of entropy is quite fascinating when we consider it in terms of life energy. Avshalom C. Elitzur, Shahar Dolev Black-Hole Uncertainty Entails An Intrinsic Time Arrow, Dec. 2000 So Western science ASSUMES that the "time orientation" of all "biological processes" relies "solely on entropy's increase." Qigong training disproves this. This Western "time orientation" is based on the "measurement problem" that assumes a left brain and right hand dominance definition of time, measured externally. So then actually entropy for life on earth has vastly increased due to WEstern science increase of "energy." - so I call this the Strong Misanthropic Principle. And yes as for my contraption - the point is that the vid that was posted for comparison - they complain they have to pedal hard like going "up a hill" and the person wants to change gears. I am in LOWEST gear with easy pedaling - so I can easily pedal for the duration of a movie. Now as for the efficiency of the energy. Today I got a "discontinued" portable DVD player - the GPX brand. So it was only $30 but it is better than the other comparison cheap small DVD portable players. And the key point with this is that it gives a tv screen and dvd playing for only 12 watts (compared to the 19 inch tv being 70 watts with the DVD player being I think 15 watts). Anyway the other crucial point is this DVD player has a direct DC power connection. I had to use some of my adapters to change the "male cigarette" into a "female" connection that then plugs into the Chafon lithium battery-generator. So the Chafon now no longer loses 20% of the power having to convert from DC to invert to AC power for the DVD/tv. Now I just have straight DVD plus I am only using 12 watts instead of 90 watts or so. So this is a HUGE savings. So the battery is now at about 50% since I used it to "meditate offgrid" - for qigong CD meditation. So now I'll "Chillax" while I watch some movies and charge up the battery! I'll watch Carol Burnett since we got the DVD series. I like Tim Conway. OK so here's the other deal - this Chafon lithium battery? The brand of battery is called Lishen. This is a PUN from Lithium being abbreviated as Li for batteries. But for us qigong students we also know that Li has an important meaning in Daoist Neigong alchemy - it means the ordering principle of power. And Shen means spirit power. So am I just making up this Lishen name for the lithium batteries or does it really connect to Daoist alchemy energy? It's a trick question since I already did a blog post on this!!!! https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2019/01/reverse-engineering-chafon-500-watt.html So I can't post their trademark image here since this website does not allow cut and paste of pdfs. But if you scroll down on my blog you'll see the Lishen trademark symbol is registered with this secret meaning: So I actually had this conversation with a Chinese evangelical Christian who told me he saw God as a spirit. I said God is not Shen. haha. Oh well.
  11. So where does this light come from? yeah - as I stated - I discussed this with Nobel Physicist Brian Josephson who practices qigong at Cambridge University. the Josephson Junction is used to measure the source of charge as the volt at NIST (sorry not in Australia but it's in the U.S.) - the National Institute of Standards and technology or something like that. Anyway so essentially qi comes from noncommutative phase or what can be called non-local jump conduction. So this is covered up in "standard" science since it's assumed that time-frequency uncertainty is from a symmetric math relationship (i.e. the Joules of Planck's Constant cancels out the "seconds" of time assuming the quotient is NOT noncommutative!). haha. Hilarious. So yes I am "pedaling" and where does my energy come from? and why don't you realize this? Mass mind control due to "standard" classical physics. So to get back to the origin of charge - it's from virtual photons that can now be "captured" in the lab - but again this source is due to noncommutative phase that is "covered up" in standard science - as Chinese philosophy professor Patrick Edwin Moran SNUCK onto Wikipedia (that normally CENSORS any science that is not mass mind controlled!). Hilarious. So Planck's Constant is actually the "average energy of light" but that's only because it assumes wrongly that time-frequency is NOT non-commutative! Hilarious. Nonwestern music theory exposes this lie of standard science, as math professor (Fields Medal) Alain Connes points out in his lecture on music theory.
  12. Feeling when bringing awareness to dantian

    yes the left eye is yin qi and the right eye is yang qi. So the left eye is yang shen and the right eye is yin shen. So if you do the "small universe meditation" with a c.d. - with the eyes closed - then you rotate the eyes as you visualize the 12 different "nodes" along the body mind - up down, back, forwards. The book says you can squint at your nose also but also to just rotate the eyes when the eyes are closed. So in time when you rotate your eyes you will feel the lower tan t'ien get activated - as the central channel connects directly. I guess this is the vagus nerve.
  13. Oh wow - I forgot about that book! Yes I discovered that book - I think someone left it out for free somewhere. I read it at my uncle's place when I visited. Yes that is an excellent book. There is a youtube vid of a high school student making one of these bicycle generators. Actually my Madison WI "commune" friend - he is now a professional solar power engineer - but when he moved into our cooperative house of 35 people - he had just been in the newspaper for his previous apartment. He had designed a bicycle generator that powered his tv as he watched it. My guess is he used an AC generator - maybe a car alternator. Or it could have been a motor for a - what do you call it - skateboard motor? I don't know. There are different alternatives. But treadmills are constantly for free on Craig's list - since people get them and then can't haul them out when they stop using them. I had two guys at the house where I got mine - they were friends of the lady who owned the treadmill. Turned out a chipmunk had been attracted to the soy used in the wiring and had FRIED the motor - or blown the fuse. I opened it up and took some awesome photos. They're on my blog - i'll get that link. https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2019/01/treadmill-dc-motor-hack-investing-in.html How the chipmunk crawled INSIDE the treadmill is beyond me. haha. I had to buy $100 worth of tools to take the treadmill apart since I didn't think I would need tools anymore. I had donated our tools when we moved. I didn't even know what a "deep well socket" was before this project. So yeah I learned also about back-emf fields or reverse electromotive force on DC motors. The electrician lady who had visited that day to do work - she didn't even know what I was talking about. haha. She goes "Don's the motor guy."
  14. yep - I did an earlier vid with worse light but if you read the description there are links that give more details to other vids with better lighting and also on my treadmill specs. thanks for the kudos. Yes I plan to drill 1400 holes to grow mushrooms - organic in the forest. So I got a cabin tent - and will haul the bicycle up there with the stand - and have free offgrid power (even if there's no sun!!).
  15. Feeling when bringing awareness to dantian

    yeah this book is good for what you want to know about: https://archive.org/stream/TaoistYogaAlchemyAndImmortalityLuKuanYCharlesLuk/Taoist Yoga Alchemy and Immortality Lu K’uan Yü (Charles Luk)_djvu.txt and and to fix it: and and and and and