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  1. MCO help needed

    yes in Indian yoga - the right side is fire and the left side is water since the left side vagus nerve goes down the front (as water). So originally these energy was called "boiling energy" - and it does feel that hot - like a red hot iron. This is because it is laser energy. Also when I got "healings" from Chunyi Lin then it definitely felt like a laser - and the brain does feel like it is on fire from a laser. I'm quoting the TAoist Yoga book - you can word search any questions you have https://archive.org/stream/TaoistYogaAlchemyAndImmortality/Taoist-Yoga-Alchemy-and-Immortality_djvu.txt so I'm just word searching hot - so you can see that what you are experiencing is part of the process. So you can alway try getting a phone healing from Chunyi or Jim Nance http://guidingqi.com and then can then read your energy to help you on any specifics
  2. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    yes in Zhong Gong - this is called "superluminal yin matter" as the "Golden Key." Qigong master Yan Xin calls it the "virtual information field."
  3. MCO help needed

    Actually Chunyi says to let the light guide your small universe meditation practice. So "awareness" is right brain dominant but what happens for the energy to go down the front is that it first builds up in the right side of the brain and then pushes into the left side of the brain. The left side vagus nerve goes down the front of the body but the left side vagus nerve in the brain does NOT connect to the right side of the brain. That's why the right side vagus nerve - it goes down to the reproductive organs via the back of the body (dorsal) - and so as that energy builds up - then the right side vagus nerve DOES connect to the left side of the brain. So I would not get fixated on trying to control your visualization - but instead focus on listening as your intention or awareness - and then the light will then manifest on its own from the Emptiness directly. So ideally you want to do the small universe in full lotus yoga position. If you can not do that yet - then I would not be concerned about sensations that you are perceiving. Only when you feel great heat in the kidneys and then the thymus - then the pineal gland will get hot. And that's when the Yuan Qi will manifest and your channels will then really open up. I recommend reading the book Tao and Longevity by Master Nan, Huai-chin - he goes over these stages in detail. https://terebess.hu/zen/mesterek/Tao-Longevity-by-Huai-Chin-Nan.pdf Also study the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality for the various stages of the Small Universe meditation practice. Contrary to the claims of many here - there are "initial" stages - that you are going through. That is perfectly fine. YOu are supposed to do 3 times MORE of the standing active exercise at first - in contrast to the sitting meditation. Then when the pineal gland opens up you can do 3 times MORE sitting meditation than the standing active exercise.... https://archive.org/details/TaoistYogaAlchemyAndImmortality/page/n3 So i'll just word search "pressure" and So you want stronger reverse breathing - and the standing active exercises will do that also if you have your knees more bent...
  4. You realize that "Charles Luk" was the translator and that quote is not from the book. He was a Ch'an scholar - I don't think he was a meditation expert, but rather just tasked with the academic side of things. So for example in the book Taoist Yoga - Charles Luk inserts his commentary with parenthesis - and he gets it WRONG!! haha. So he really didn't know that much about Taoist Yoga alchemy training.
  5. If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

    There's different types of qi. So Shen is from Yuan Qi which then has within it the potential of Yuan Shen and Yuan Jing - as Yuan that means that are both primordial and formless. So the Yuan Shen is virtual photons (accessed by turning the light around in meditation). So then in our womb state - there is a unification of the shen, qi and jing but when the first breath is taken, this causes the pericardium to change its structure at the heart. So then the Lung as Yang Qi energy of the Po Soul then continues to develop the Jing energy as potential hormonal energy. But this energy is still activated by the Yuan Qi - it is just that the Hun Soul also develops as our left-brain dominant conscious mind (thinking with planning based on the lower emotional blockages). So the Hun and Po souls are both "yin shen" - and the yang shen is then a projection from our yin qi of our thinking mind - the left brain consciousness. This is why in deep dreamless sleep we access the Yuan Qi again when we experience no space, no time and no body and no mind. So then the generative fluid is yin jing whereas the yin qi is yang jing - and so the yin qi is what powers the yin shen but with our left brain dominance we are unaware that our spirit as yin shen also creates our yang shen (as our awareness of spacetime - as a holographic reality). So after the first breath - we slowly begin to lose the heart-mind unification with our body - via the central channel - and so the Hun shen develops as left brain dominance and the Po soul develops as subconscious energy based on the subconscious "yang qi." So that yang qi is also the subconscious yin shen. If we turn the "yin shen" around into the Yuan Shen as virtual photons - then we can restore the jing - since matter is created from virtual photons. So Daoist Master Wang Liping says it takes 6 hours of full lotus meditation a day (with the left leg on top, and the eyes closed - without missing ONE day - for 1 year) - to restore the yuan jing from a middle age man to a 16 year old man. So then what happens normally is our Hun Soul causes the separation of the Shen and Qi - and this sends a signal to the Yuan Qi to then create yin jing (generative fluid) from the yang qi - via the subconscious yin shen. So this happens via biophotonic signals of the Yang Shen interacting with the holographic external world - that then triggers - at the speed of light - the pineal gland Yuan Qi to send a signal to the Kidney yang qi (yin shen) - to then create more yin qi (yang jing). So then as this process is activated a person then feels blissful heat in the stomach as the yang jing and yin qi manifests - this is considered "being in love" - as the dopamine increases. And then for the male - since that INITIAL external Hun Soul signal was activated or triggered - that "pre-sets" the yang qi to get lost as the biophoton signal causes a dilation of the gate of mortality - at the genital duct. So then that subconscious process has to be CONSCIOUSLY reversed - and this can only be done through Quick Fire training - more standing active exercise with deep reverse breathing - to then push the adrenal glands to the sympathetic extreme (thereby reversing the genital gate trigger - the dilation of the genital gate via the prostate). And through the extreme sympathetic then a dialectical opposite PARAsympathetic extreme of the vagus nerve is activated - this then charges up the yang qi again - and sends it back up to the skull. Then through PURIFICATION via the Emptiness via turning the light around - the Yuan Shen that activates the yang shen as a spactime vortex - through the Yuan Qi - then this causes the qi to merge with the shen by rolling the eyes around. So once the yang qi and yin shen mixes with the yin qi and yang shen (the copulation of the dragon and tiger) then this builds up in the brain as a pressure that overflows out of the sinus cavity as charged up cerebral spinal fluid (the white tiger) - that is then swallowed now as Yuan Qi that is stored in the lower tan t'ien. So the trick is that the Energy is very close to the COMBUSTION source - so the Yuan Qi is actually the "process" of Fire under Water - the Shen under the Jing - and so it can just as easily be reversed - through the above initial Hun soul subconscious visual trigger (or just a spirit-qi interaction with another person, etc.). So that is why if a person wants to build up their qi - then they have to close off the lower tan t'ien - and this is why the Jing is considered to be the stored up qi in that sense - but in reality it has to be via the middle Tan T'ien as a full interaction with the Yuan Qi of the Universe - in order to really restore the Yuan Jing.
  6. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    yes the "western bias" is actually hard-wired as left-brain and right-hand dominance. So Michael Corballis, another prof. I corresponded with, has figured out that human language developed BECAUSE of tool use with the right hand. So in the original human culture - the healing trance songs were purposely using GIBBERISH for words because this N/om or Qi or Prana energy is based on our deep reptilian right-side vagus nerve to the 2nd brain (the gut). So with strong music training on an instrument - before the age of 7 - science has proven that this is the only Western practice that dramatically increases the corpus callosum that integrates the right and left brain. So the right side vagus nerve connects to the left side of the brain and music as frequency melody is right brain dominant. But the left side language brain vagus nerve does NOT connect to the right side of the brain!! So when we listen to music - especially with the eyes closed as visualization (our "attention" is also right brain dominant) - then this "empties" out the left brain via a deep right side vagus nerve activation of the left side of the brain. So the syllogism, "I am what I am" is a circular tautology - that defines God or Brahman - and think of the "I" as the ONE and the AM as the 2:3:4 of music harmonics. The "that" is the 5th dimension that can not be seen - a Klein Bottle demonstrates this. So this is an ancient reference to the Bull as the last wild animal to be domesticated as a work animal. The wild bull that was NOT used as the work animal to pull the plow - was then ritually sacrificed in honor of the Solar calendar. But originally the wild Bull was the oldest religious training on Earth by humans - the Eland Bull trance dance at the first menstruation during the New Moon. So the female is Yang internally since the female via the vagus nerve orgasm, then naturally sublimates her male "yin qi" (yang jing) energy. Whereas the male has to be "initiated" into this secret of the female psychic lunar pineal gland energy via the deep right side vagus nerve activation. So in the original human culture ALL males were required to train in trance dance as "staying power" - with a month of fasting during the height of puberty - so that the life force energy was reunited back with the spirit to access the N/om of the Universe or Cosmic Ostrich Egg cracking open - the Tai Chi. So Western science is actually not a "bias" but a structural drive of the elements on Earth - of fire as the Solar calendar taking over the Lunar psychic energy. The illusion of male patriarchy is then "hard-wired" as a lower back blockage - the inability to sit in full lotus yoga position then manifests this lower back blockage as a 2nd brain blockage. So the modern male is thereby controlled by their lower emotional drives as a subconscious drive of Science itself. This means that the technology as Machine is taking over - as Metal via Fire tries to wipe out Earth and Wood. But the WATER is macroquantum and governs life on Earth. So in the end the secret of the Single Perfect Yang is hidden within the Water energy as alchemy - to create new matter as the "golden key" - or from virtual photons from the future.
  7. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    No - there are several human cultures that do not count about the number five - instead just using "several" or as in the case of Daoism - "10,000 things" - and again ALL human cultures use the octave, Perfect Fifth, Perfect Fourth that has infinite resonance as the empirical truth of reality. So the Western math based on the continuum assumes a materialistic foundation of reality - called "idealistic materialism" in philosophy. So in other words the "infinity" is considered a measuring process directly tied to technology. Math professor Abraham Seidenberg researched the ritual origins of Western math - in the Brahmin and Zoroastrian and Egyptian religious solar calendar rituals. And so at first there was a symmetric logic based on "divide and average" logic. I corresponded with math professor Luigi Borzacchini who also researched this comparative math issue, and the music origins of Western math. So at first there was a "negative paradox judgment" - which is what is being debated between Brahmins and Buddhists about what Sunyata means as "zero." And Aristotle was also against zero as "negative infinity." So in the West, the zero is tied to the geometric continuum also containing logistics or logarithms - irrational magnitude. What happened, as Professor Richard McKirahan documents, is that the mathematical term for geometric magnitude was transferred into music theory that uses continued proportions as ratios. So then it could be argued that there is a reduction to absurdity about rational number ratios and therefore an Alogon geometric ratio music exist in the music ratios. So the mathematical term "surd" in Arabic is a direct translation from Alogon. The west normally considers Logos to mean ratio as in logical geometric reasoning but actually Logos is from music theory with Alogon meaning no musical rational ratio. But to say that there is no geometric rational ratio is NOT the same as to say there is no infinite resonance through pure number as harmonics, that can be logically inferred. Stephen Hawking makes this point about Indian mathematics in his book "God Created the Integers." So in India there was the divide and average math, just as in Babylonia, but the geometry was not reducible to a numerical arithmetic - rather the irrational ratios were considered to be "transcendent" to an immaterial reality, as "sacred" geometry. But with Archytas and Philolaus - the music ratios lended themselves to an emphasis on "logistics" or pure ratios without the need for a visual geometric proof. China adopted the 10-based rod system of counting from India - because try to subtract the lunar calendar from the solar calendar using ideogram language numbers! Since the musical proof was a "Negative judgement paradox" then that which could not be demonstrated physically through geometry must therefore not be talked about - it can only be logically inferred through silence as meditation. But once this proof was demonstrated in music then it could be transferred into geometry by simply covering up the inherent noncommutative ratios embedded into the irrational continuum. In other words - when we LISTEN to music, our ear does not distinguish between the noncommutative ratios - they are both heard as the Perfect Fifth even though the geometric ratio to the "one" or root tonic is not the same. So the Perfect Fifth is the Single Perfect Yang but it contains within it both yin and yang at the same time - as a nondual or noncommutative phase. So the ratio 2/3 as C to F subharmonic was NOT allowed in Greek music mathematics in order to cover up this noncommutative or complementary opposite yin-yang resonance, as the empirical truth of reality. OK so for Archytas relying on Philolaus using the "double octave" or "Greater Perfect System" - then what was called the Subcontrary Mean (the Perfect Fourth as Yin) was then changed into the Harmonic Mean with only 4/3 allowed. So for Archtyas, the equation in music theory was then (Arithmetic Mean x Harmonic Mean = Geometric Mean Squared). This was the FIRST logarithmic equation and thereby launched the Greek Miracle as the continuum. This is discussed in math professor Luigi Borzacchini's 2007 publication but he was discussing it on a math forum with mathematicians in 1999. So he notes in his published paper that Plato's dialogs about irrational numbers then refer to 16, 17, 18 from Egyptian math (based on Isis, Osiris and Horus, cited by Plutarch). But, as Borzacchini points out, this is the same ratio attempt to divide 9/8 evenly - although it is obviously not an even ratio. This was the basis for Archytas' proof against the ability to divide the Octave or the 2 into even rational ratios. So in every human culture around the world - it is just accepted that music is based on intuitive listening as harmonics - and this inherently contains 1:2:3:4 as complementary opposites, the empirical truth of reality. But for Plato he argued that a "unit" is an inherent geometry symmetry that pre-exists BEFORE counting numbers - as a Platonic Ideal. So therefore, Plato argued, that this is obvious if we consider our 2 eyes or our 2 hands or 2 feet - these are all first considered as an "empty set" or geometric ideal of 2 that is not differentiated as a cardinal or ordinal number. Rather it is simply just a "symmetric empty set" as 2. But anyone who studies Daoist alchemy knows that Plato's claim was a total lie!! We know that the left eye for males is yin qi and yang shen and the right eye is yang qi and yin shen and the left hand for males is yang and the right hand is yin and the left foot for males is yang and the right foot is yin. We know that for males the lower body is yin and upper body is yang and the outside external body is yang and the internal body is yin and the back of the body is yang and the front of the body is yin. In contrast to the Left eye being Yin qi, the Left ear is Yang qi. This is the exception to listening perception - and the secret in Daoist alchemy referred to as seeing with the Ears or listening with the eyes. So Plato, Archytas and Eudoxus and Philolaus - they contrived a very sophisticated "bait and switch" system - something that math professor Luigi Borzacchini calls a "deep pre-established disharmony." Why? Because inherent to this materialistic idealism geometric continuum is a left-brain cognitive bias that assumes a linear ordering of time. This is why science has proven that humans can hear FASTER than Fourier Uncertainty (the technical and mathematical limit of technological measurement of time as a linear operator). So our human hearing is inherently noncommutative and nondual (and at the subangstrom wavelength - smaller than light waves). And the phase coherence between the right and left ear is inherently noncommutative. I have corresponded with physics professor Manfred Euler about this - who considers the right and left ear to be the analog of a quantum "double slit" experiment, thereby proving the nondual nonlocal and noncommutative foundation of reality through time-frequency harmonics. So what appears to be very simple intuitive cultures based on music (non-literate and no math) is actually a very precise "quantum biology" resonance culture using quantum relativistic math (modeled by noncommutative phase logic or de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony). Science can not "unify" relativity and quantum physics because of what is called the "measurement problem" in quantum physics - which is the inherent noncommutative phase of time with frequency. But this is because science assumes a visual measurement of time as a linear operator. And also this visual measurement inherently creates Entropy - whereas the empirical reality of life is from Negentropy - as Schroedinger realized in the 1930s when he published his book, "What is Life?" So to say that other cultures just have a different type of math, does not acknowledge that Western mathematics has a deep preestablished disharmonic bias - a "cognitive bias" as math prof. Luigi Borzacchini calls it - that is the "guiding evoltive principle" of science as Borzacchini calls is. So Western science tries to argue, as you have done, with your Western bias, that math is "inherent" to reality - but does not realize that Western math has an inherent "externality" due to the Western materialistic idealism bias that has covered up the inherent noncommutative phase or nonlocal nondual foundation of reality. Science debates which is "first" in reality - mathematics or physics. Philosophy of Science professor Oliver L. Reiser called this the "Music logarithmic spiral" - a term from Esther Watson (daughter of famed inventor Thomas Watson). Esther corresponded with Einstein about this "music logarithmic spiral" as Einstein supported their research - on what I dubbed the Actual Matrix Plan. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_matrix43.htm But now even "biology" has been considered to be first, as physics professor Brian Josephson has realized and he practices qigong regularly - he also is the basis for the origin of the Volt, and for the creation of MRI machines, etc. - he got the Nobel prize for his Josephson Effect. But I have corresponded with Nobel physicist Josephson also - about music theory. So now Professor emeritus Josephson is studying math professor Louis Kauffman who worked with Eddie Oshins on this noncommutative phase secret of Daoist Neigong alchemy training. Professor Josephson now argues that this acoustic alchemy is the secret of reality as well - through cymatics but again with this secret noncommutative phase foundation. And as I have pointed out - Fields Medal math professor Alain Connes makes this same argument about music theory - that music provides the "formal language" to explain noncommutative phase logic that enables a unification of relativity and quantum physics. The only problem with this new Western science insight (that is just realizing the secret truth of the ancients) is that Western science and its originators in Brahmin-Vedic-Egyptian math - this is created an inherent entropy on Earth as the destruction of ecology. Avshalom C. Elitzur, Shahar Dolev Black-Hole Uncertainty Entails An Intrinsic Time Arrow, Dec. 2000 So this is the "cognitive bias" that math professor Luigi Borzacchini is referring to, whereas in the PreSocratic greek culture, as in nonwestern cultures, the music plays a much stronger cognitive bias. The musical training is considered the foundation of the culture for spiritual healing - and this musical training is a different type of biological time process than the Western bias of "observation" as a left brain measurement using technology. I have also discussed this paradox with math professor Joe Mazur who had asked me to submit my music research for publication in a math journal. He is now finishing a new book on time perception - and he said he was going to include a chapter on music. I asked him to consider Precognition - since I know that precognition is real but almost all of Western science precludes such a possibility. For examples of the music - go to Dr. Victor Grauer's website, "Sounding the Depths" - his old blog. I have corresponded with him as well. He gives links to audio-visual examples of the original human culture music as it spread around the world (and became the basis for Daoism). http://soundingthedepths.blogspot.com/p/audio-visual-examples.html But you would have to study the San Bushmen culture to find the secrets of this music. It is similar to mantra meditation. to quote the San Bushmen original human culture.
  8. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    music theory is actually about UNlearning and instead listening. For example Jonathan Goldman, a "sound healer," has a new book called the "Humming Effect." I have not read it - just the free googlebook preview sections. But he has a quantum section in there. I sent him my research and his assistant/collaborator responded - an "overtone" singer. So humming is pretty natural or whistling - just not even real whistling. When people are younger - they sing naturally from Motherese. It's proven the mother talks in "sing-eese" or sing-song - to the baby. So the voice is naturally based on octaves. There is a biologist or neuroscientist - has a book on "the biology of music" or something. So it's proven that "sad" music and "happy" music and "scary" music are universal emotions in music - understood even if a culture has never heard "western" music (happy is major, sad is minor and scary is tritone or diminished). So EVERY human culture uses the octave as 1:2 and the Perfect Fifth (yang) as 3:2 and the Perfect Fourth as 4:3 (yin) to create the 10,000 things. But when we get a Westernized education we are learning math and logic based on symmetry due to the WRONG music theory! Of course we are not told that Western math (like the Pythagorean theorem) is from the WRONG music theory! So someone comes along and talks about music theory and you say - "I don't know music theory" - but you do! The square root of two is from 9/8 as the major 2nd tone that is cubed as the tritone (scary sound). Of course we don't learn the Pythagorean theorem this way but in fact that is the true origin of the square root of two, from the major 2nd music interval. So in fact 9/8 is from 3/2 (squared) and then "halved" back into the same "octave." So in Daoist harmonics that "operation" or algorithm DOES NOT TAKE PLACE. So that algorithm already assumes a geometric continuum based on symmetric logic of ratios. So this is a DEEP "pre-established disharmony - to quote math prof. Luigi Borzacchini. So we don't even realize we were taught the WRONG music theory - and yet that's why we don't understand Daoist yin-yang-Emptiness harmonics. So with music as complementary opposites - then the Single Perfect Yang is the Perfect Fifth as pitch but it is also 2/3 and 3/2 at the SAME TIME as subharmonic and overtone harmonic at the same time. So this is what the West tries to call nonlinear systems theory - but again "systems theory" ALREADY assumes the logarithmic symmetric math - commutative logic. So in fact what is required is a lot of UNlearning. You already know music theory without realizing it and it's the WRONG music theory. haha. Just study the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality - and that is the music theory of the body-mind-spirit-Emptiness. Or the book Foundations of Internal Alchemy - Wang Mu - Pregadio explicitly states that the microcosmic orbit/Small universe meditation IS FROM MUSIC THEORY!! haha. So back to the synergy example - in Chinese Daoist harmonics the "octave" does not equal 2 as the "same" doubling. So you create the scale from the Perfect Fifth as yang and then the PErfect Fourth as yin. You keep alternating - yang-yin-yang-yin, etc. But you STOP before reaching the next octave at the 12th note. Why? Well there is no NEED for Western harmonics because there is no NEED to "contain" the octave as a geometric symmetry!! So the numbers keep expanding and contracting as a spiral that is actually formless, that can only be listened to. So the "music" scale is just a modal scale without the need nor desire for harmonic chords that are all equalized and interchangeable as standardized PARTS. On the contrary -
  9. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    the 1 expands - so the 2 is the same "pitch" as the octave but the frequency is more than double. So the numbers are actually from music theory. That's why it's called the Single Perfect Fifth - it's a different frequency but the ear hears the same pitch relative to the "one." The reason it is not the same as Western systems thinking is because systems theory science assumes a symmetric logistics equation math. The nonwestern Daoist harmonics is asymmetric or complementary opposites. So this is not Western tuning but rather Daoist harmonics tuning or Pythagorean tuning - notice the Pitch is the Same - consider "C" as the One. But as it expands then there are suffix symbols added - asterix and X and Flat and Sharp... But they are all C from the One. So the "two" is actually expanded or contracted as the same pitch of the one.
  10. diet is pretty personal since it's tied to emotions and seasons and your age and jing levels and the people you interact with, etc. Also how you train - how much energy you lose or build up, etc. How much you meditate, etc. Sounds like a good plan though - a sattvic diet. Should be good for meditation.
  11. Belly breathing and energy question

  12. yep - study the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" - it's free online. The lineage does all their teaching for free. The book takes a while to understand and then to practice it requires even more fortitude. And then you'll find a lot of people trying to hold your back in your practice (for whatever reasons)....
  13. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Seife is wrongly conflating Western math with Daoism - why? Because he does not understand noncommutative phase logic. It's about his paygrade probably. I read his book on "Zero" - but that was over 10 years ago. So zero is actually "negative infinity" but it does depend how the "one" is defined. It's actually defined as an "X" assuming a logarithmic squared origin. This is from the wrong music theory. So that is how the Greek Continuum was created - and we are all taught this in Western math - so it's hard-wired into people. So they have no idea what noncommutative phase logic could even be - nor that noncommutative phase logic is the secret of Daoist harmonics (and the three gunas), etc. There are a few scientists who have figured this out. I've corresponded with several. There's a couple scientists in the Netherlands - and then Nobel physicist Brian Josephson, and math professor Louis Kauffman (and the originator was Martial artist Wing Chun teacher Eddie Oshins as Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). So what is funny is that the materialist skeptics get mad about New Agers conflating "quantum" with Daoism - when in fact the materialist skeptics don't know quantum physics well enough to know better! I had to figure this out after 10 years of reading one scholarly book a day! Pretty fascinating journey actually. First I figured out the noncommutative phase secret on my own - from Alain Connes - but I realized SOMEBODY must have connected it to Daoism - not just me. Then I discovered Eddie Oshins - he was the only other one. I discovered him in 2015 - and posted it on this website.
  14. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    So there's been posted two translations of nei ye - stating either "tune" or "harmonize" the heart. I recommend studying the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality. We are talking about literal music theory to understand the secret of the 1:2:3:10,000 things as harmonics as complementary opposites. So the Single Perfect Yang is 2/3 but is also C to F as 2/3 and C to G as 3/2 - at the SAME time. So it is Non-dual or the One as a 3 in 1 harmonics. And to "apply" this harmonics to the heart via the body-mind is then the secret of the training. As for the heart role - this goes back to the San Bushmen culture that also relied on music harmonics with exercises, etc. And the "three gunas" is from this same music theory secret. Why do Westerners not understand this? Because the logic of the music theory was lied about by Archytas, Plato and Philolaus - as the "Greek Miracle." So when every one learns Western mathematical logic - it's before their brains are hard-wired - so then they get HARD-wired to be brainwashed by the irrational magnitude continuum logic based on symmetry. So you can find a LIVING qigong master - http://springforestqigong.com is good or http://qigongmaster.com and then feel the energy of the heart get activated (try getting a phone healing). And then the books can be tools that are very helpful but the training itself is physiological - we have the SAME biology as from 100,000 years ago (with a few minor adaptations). And also the same is true about music - all human cultures rely on the 1:2:3:10,000 things harmonics. I have more details on my blog links - , etc.
  15. you are correct: No ONE is listening. Philosophy is a word attributed to Pythagoras, as the Love of Wisdom. Yet if you study Pythagoreans, the real Orthodox Pythagoreans required FIVE YEARS OF SILENCE in meditation before a student could physically SEE the teacher Pythagoras. And the name "Pythagoras" actually means "snake master" and this "snake" was also called Aion by the ancients - meaning Time as life-force energy or literally time as the spinal marrow from the reproductive energy that feeds the brain. this is the same as Daoist alchemy training. So Legal logic is unfortunately flawed. Obviously you seem to rely on legal logic for your career. So you'll just have to accept that your "career" is not the same as the truth of reality. To realize that No ONE is listening (or rather no one has your individual views) is to realize that what you think are "your" views in fact are also not even your "own" views - and so as the Pythagoreans taught, ONE is NOT a number. This is essentially "logical inference" as Socrates taught but there is a deeper meaning of the One as "not-two" or a "three in one unity" from the Pythagorean Tetraktys (or Tetrad). That is also the same as Daoist alchemy meditation. So unfortunately Western logic can not be "integrated" with Daoist philosophy because there was a foundational "lie" about the One - due to the wrong music theory used to define what Number as the geometric continuum based on irrational magnitude. Math professor Luigi Borzacchini calls this the "deep pre-established disharmony" that is the "guiding evolutive principle" of Western science. So these Western logical paradoxes can not be solved within the context of Western logic - and yet Orthodox Pythagorean philosophy does provide the secret truth to Daoist alchemy. As for how the "lie" at the foundation of Western logic was established? I call this the "Liar of the Lyre." It was from Philolaus flipping his Lyre around and the Plato and Archytas promoting this Liar of the Lyre. Anyway such is the "hoary" origins of Western civilization. You can try reading http://peterkingsley.org for another take on this - he did his Ph.D. on Pythagorean philosophy at the origin of Western civilization (and the lies of Plato and Aristotle).