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  1. Why Levitation is Real!

    if you study the links I posted - the key about levitation is that it is a localized spacetime vortex. So for example the most famous meditation monk of Thailand, Phra Acharn Mun, relates how his meditation partner levitated. But as soon as the person became aware he was levitating then he fell back down. So he had to develop the prajna to maintain his samadhi Emptiness while levitating - so as to not fall down. In other words with the left brain dominance of awareness this shuts off the spacetime vortex whereas prajna is to maintain nirvikalpa samadhi - in right brain dominance of visualization. So we think a static image is not moving when in fact it is moving the fastest of all - the invariant "rest frame" of the light being turned around is at zero time so that the hidden momentum of relativistic mass or momentum from the future as negentropy is created - what Yan Xin called the "virtual information field." So you can maintain awareness of the levitation but it is not you levitating - it is the Emptiness that is levitating. Or as the boy in the Matrix states - the issue is not to bend the spoon but rather to realize there is no spoon. So levitation happens when we embody the Emptiness to such an extent that our body is filled with "yuan qi" energy. This is video of a Nepali Buddhist monk levitating. Is it real? I can not say - he did not allow "investigation." Certainly there are reasons to think it's fake but there are reasons to think it's real. Now if you consider the "investigation" of levitation by scientists - then you have to read the links I gave. For example the most famous modern case of HOme. Daniel Dougle Home. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Dunglas_Home Of course Wiki is going to be biased against his veracity. And then there is Teresa De Avila - she levitated - but she also advised nuns to stay hidden in the nunneries. Why? Because such advanced spiritual meditation made public appearances to go against the grain of the masses. The bliss and joy of samadhi produced bizarre reactions - like spontaneous stigmata. And then the most famous case of Padre Joseph - the flying monk. The qigong master I took classes from - Chunyi Lin - said he levitated up 3 meters - while in full lotus meditation - spiralling up as he went - next to a pine tree. But he had just been in the deep long cave meditation for 49 days - so his yuan qi energy was very strong, stored up in his body. So he knows that to levitate can not be done on a whim - the energy has to be stored up. And so the Daoists speak of how going up to these sacred mountains is like entering an astral portal - a different spacetime manifestation - like entering a fairy land. If you experience the qigong master's energy - you can feel this spacetime transformation in his presence. https://explore.scimednet.org/index.php/st-joseph-of-copertino-and-the-mystery-of-levitation/
  2. Can We Know Truth?

    http://journals.sfu.ca/seemj/index.php/seemj/article/download/425/386 pdf - explains the details - Claude Swanson article
  3. Can We Know Truth?

    yes you like to claim complex numbers are commutative. That's nice. But I'm talking about noncommutative phase logic. OK if you read my research from 2007 and before - I referred to noncommutative phase logic as "complementary opposite ratios." So this is a Daoist website - the Taiji is NOT commutative. I've already pointed that out. So yes the noncommutative phase logic is "converted" to symmetric commutators using the Poisson Bracket, as math professor Ian Stewart points out in his "Why Beauty is Truth" book - "a history of symmetry." So yes Western logic is based on symmetry. I understand that. But the "measurement problem" of quantum logic arises from "time-frequency uncertainty" which itself arises from noncommutative phase. So math professor Louis Kauffman is stating that complex numbers actually originate from noncommutative phase logic due to time being the original "parameter" that is also the measurement of time - it is both time plus observation of time as logic. So yeah the implications of nonlocality in quantum physics are quite radical - and have yet to be acknowledged even by most quantum physicists, as Professor Basil J. Hiley emphasizes. You can be in DeNile - that's fine - join the club - so is most of Western science. haha. So the concept does not depend on the semantics - you claim I am hiding behind advanced science. No, as I said, I was calling this concept "complementary opposite ratios." I read Connes back around 2003 or so, "Triangle of Thoughts" - so I was familiar with noncommutative phase logic. But it was not until I saw his music lecture online that the logic was really made specific to the same claim that I was making. So I had discovered noncommutative phase logic from studying music theory - only I called it "complementary opposite ratios." You can read my writings from 2003 onwards - I have several articles and even books published on this - all free online. OK consider Dr. Claude Swanson - he is another physics professor who has made this same discovery - the secret truth of Qi energy-information is what he calls "torsion fields" - this is from Russian or Soviet research stating that time is a real factor - not an outside parameter. So you have negentropic time as energy-information, from the future. http://ecoechoinvasives.blogspot.com/2017/09/noncommutative-phase-are-torsion-fields.html Torsion fields are actually noncommutative phase! So there are quite a few scientists who have figured out this secret - the secret truth of reality. Dr. Harold Atmanspacher is another one - noncommutative phase logic and consciousness. http://synchronizeduniverse.com/ Claude Swanson's website. NEW 3RD EDITION... “LIFE FORCE, THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS," THE LONG AWAITED VOLUME II OF THE SYNCHRONIZED UNIVERSE SERIES, IS NOW AVAILABLE! IT IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE HANDBOOK ON TORSION, ANOTHER NAME FOR SUBTLE ENERGY: 720 PAGES, 1,500 REFERENCES, 450 FIGURES. THIS ENERGY WAS STUDIED FOR OVER FORTY YEARS IN SECRET RUSSIAN PROGRAMS, AND WAS CENTRAL TO GERMAN RESEARCH BEFORE THAT. IT IS THE KEY TO ENERGY HEALING AND PARANORMAL PHENOMENA, AS WELL AS BREAKTHROUGHS IN PROPULSION AND ENERGY. IT ESTABLISHES THE SCIENCE AND THE PHYSICS WHICH BACKS UP AND EXPLAINS MANY MYSTERIES, INCLUDING LONG DISTANCE HEALING, THE NATURE OF THE AURA, AND HOW SHAMANISM CREATES INSTANTANEOUS CHANGES, ESP AND PK. IT EXPLAINS THE SCIENTIFIC NATURE OF "SUBTLE ENERGY," ALSO CALLED "CHI," PRANA, "ORGONE" AND TORSION. IT IS TRULY A NEW "FIFTH FORCE."
  4. Can We Know Truth?

    Publishers Marketplace: Dealmaker: Yale University Press (Imprint ... https://www.publishersmarketplace.com/dealmakers/detail.cgi?id=2620...cat... Mathematician and author of FLUKE Joe Mazur's ZENO'S QUIVER: The Story of Time and Its Effects on Our Lives, a cross-disciplinary exploration of time, ...
  5. Can We Know Truth?

    I thought you "self-censored" me? You've created a list of ad hominems, none of which engage with the content of the information I posted from math professors. But there are other people reading this website - so you can't try to censor their ability to read the information from math professor Louis Kauffman. haha. Or Eddie Oshins - both of whom worked at SLAC. Do you really think the STanford Linear Accelerator Center is "playing games"? As I explained - I discovered the secret of Daoist logic from music theory - in high school. I rejected the Pythagorean theorem in 10th grade since from my music theory training I knew the logic was wrong. I then took quantum mechanics my first year of colllege - and so I learned about entanglement and nonlocality and noncommutative phase logic. I also studied the Tao Te Ching and Gregory Bateson's book "Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity." He discusses logical paradoxes - specifically how Western logic lacks a sense of time, thereby creating the paradoxes. So this is what Louis Kauffman is addressing. The issue of time as a supposed outside parameter in physics is the key issue here regarding "what is truth?" Lee Smolin who also took his first quantum mechanics class from the same professor I studied from, Herbert J. Bernstein, now focuses on this issue of time in Western physics. So Alain Connes emphasizes this same truth - that time has to be included as the parameter and that the foundation of reality is based on frequency and time - as noncommutative logic. So noncommutative phase creates spacetime - the noncommutative phase is the 5th dimension. Astrophysics professor Paul S. Wesson figured this out as well - from studying Louis de Broglie. So there is a new discipline in science - noncommutative geometry - and so here are various scientists who have figured this out: Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff (I've corresponded with Hameroff). Basil Hiley (I've corresponded with him) Lawrence Domash (taught at Hampshire College where I attended my first year and took quantum mechanics). Herbert J. Bernstein (my quantum physics professor). Alain Connes (focuses on how music is noncommutative phase logic - just as I also figured out). Eddie Oshins (worked at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and taught Daoist Wing Chun - realized the secret of Neigong was noncommmutative phase logic). Math professor Louis Kauffman (worked with Eddie Oshins at SLAC, and I've corresponded with him). So as I stated - there were a couple Chinese electrical engineers claiming you didn't need noncommutative phase logic to understand complex numbers. I sent this research to Louis Kauffman and asked him what he thought - since that is the focus of his research. He said he would publish a response. So then you posted your "complex numbers" thread and so that inspired me to check up on Kauffman's research. I discovered he indeed had published his response. So I posted it here. It's all pretty straight forward. I've been researching this issue since the late 80s when I did private music training with a former University of Minnesota music professor - while I was in high school. So I tested into third eye music theory level at Hampshire College. It's a small private college based on the Oxford tutorial system - or like Cambridge. So i could have graduated early but instead I wanted a more radical populist education. So I transferred into UW-Madison after living in the wilderness and working in Alaska for 6 months. So I continued my music research - but again I was connecting it to philosophy of science. This became a "monograph" in 1996 called the Fundamental Force - after I experienced qigong master Effie P. Chow. Wandelaar - have you yet sought out and experienced the energy of a qigong master? Why don't you just do so. This is a great way to "test" your model of truth. haha. In China - as I quoted - after the qigong revolution - they realized that there had to be a revolution in science to explain qigong - something that unified and went beyond just quantum and relativity physics. Qigong master Yan Xin calls it a "virtual information field" that does the healing. Qigong master Zhang Hongbao calls it a "superluminal" yin matter as the "golden key." Qigong master Chunyi Lin whom I studied with directly said he read the book the Holographic Universe and that it accurately portrays what a qigong master experiences. Michael Talbot's popular book The HOlographic Universe was based on Karl Pribram and the collaborator of Einstein and Basil J. Hiley - David Bohm. But as Eddie Oshins points out - Pribram did not understand the noncommutative phase logic. Oshins tried to explain it to Pribram but Oshins had to leave Pribram since Pribram could not understand it. In fact Oshins was pissed that his "quantum psychology" field got co-opted by the New Age Freemason types who are indoctrinated into symmetric logistic equations. So this really is about different worldviews - the Western worldview goes back to Plato and is based on symmetric math. I have also corresponded with math professor Ian Stewart, author of "Why Beauty is Truth: A HIstory of Symmetry." So there you go - Truth - right in the title! He surveys the whole of Western mathematical logic as based on symmetric logic. Only problem is that it is not! The Pre-Socratic logic was noncommutative (just as Daoist logic is noncommutative) and the relativistic quantum logic is noncommutative. Western math originates from music theory - as math professor Luigi Borzacchini has detailed. I first corresonded with Borzacchini in 2000. I mailed him a music math equation that I had scribbled down after a dream. He responded - in snail mail - from Italy - yes my math was good but I had no historical proof that it had been used. Fair enough. So we continued corresponding over the years - a few times. But he is retired now. So some human cultures do not even count past "several" - WEstern mathematics is an artificial construct that ignores the vast ecological destruction from "entropy." So when math professor Joe Mazur published his "Euclid in the Rainforest" book - back around 2000 - I also contacted him, explaining I had studied conservation biology in Costa Rica, where the book takes place, and I did not think Western math was saving the rainforest, but rather destroying it. Professor Mazur's brother is a famous "number theory" math professor - Barry Mazur. Anyway I mentioned my music-math research. Mazur asked me to follow up on a lead that I had mentioned - David Fowler. Sure enough I discovered David Fowler's math book stating that music theory should be able to solve the mystery of how continued proportions were converted into incommensurability - or irrational magnitude real numbers. So this is then exactly what Professor Borzacchini had researched and he discussed this issue with Fowler - in an online math forum. So then math professor Mazur asked me to submit my research for publication because he said he thought it was very important. I mentioned quantum physics and I was challenging the whole "symmetric logic" paradigm of Western math, from the perspective of music theory - so of course my article was rejected without comment. Now Professor Emeritus Mazur is having a new book published on the perception of time and the logical paradoxes of time. So he told me he was going to include a chapter on music perception. I asked him to include precognition as well since I know precognition is real. So I will now look to see if his book got published. https://www.bgagency.it/images/pdf/editoria-anglosassone/en-2017-agenzie-rights-list-andrew-stuart-literary-agency-frankfurt.pdf Yes - it is 2018 - so should be out soon - called Zeno's Quiver - and the description is in that pdf. I copied it to my blog. http://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2018/09/no-really-complex-numbers-are-from.html No really... Complex numbers are from noncommutative phase logic, as is Reality
  6. Can We Know Truth?

    A Proof for Poisson Bracket in Non-commutative Algebra of Quantum Mechanics by Sina Khorasani, University of Vienna, 2014 pdf http://ecoechoinvasives.blogspot.com/2018/01/lawrnence-domash-former-professor-where.html So listening is proven to be on the "sub-angstrom" wavelength, when in a quiet room - we can hear wavelengths smaller than the diameter of an atom. So this is logical inference as noncommutative phase.
  7. Can We Know Truth?

    Bertrand Russell stated that I have corresponded with math professors - like Luigi Borzacchini - and I quote: Luigi Borzacchini, THE SOPHIST. GENESIS OF FORMAL THINKING IN GREEK PHILOSOPHY AND MATHEMATICS. (Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Bari). So you don't need quaternions to establish noncommutative phase logic. As Alain Connes points out - music theory is noncommutative phase logic. Daoist logic is also based on music theory that is noncommutative phase. it's important not to just accept rote theorems - but rather to think on our own. So again consider what Alain Connes has to say on this subject. So quantum physics is based on time-frequency uncertainty and this is also from noncommutative phase logic. 2011 - Journal of Physics, Kurt Jung, Uncertainty principle and music tuning: This is the secret of Daoist logic. 2012 pdf link So to be dependent on axioms means to try to contain time into a geometric boundary - this is why Western logic can not "solve" truth - except as Socrates taught: Know Thyself. It is an open iteration of time that is noncommutative, as the source of the I-thought, the One that is noncommutative, as plus 1, minus 1. I already posted math professor Louis Kauffman proving that complex numbers are from noncommutative phase logic. So people have denied considering the evidence. I can only repost it - but what can you do about psychological denial? We are talking about deep hard-wired mass mind control. Again as Connes states: You are not convinced yet because you refuse to consider Connes. I have posted the links to his lectures. I have posted the links to math professor Louis Kauffman. I have posted Eddie Oshins. I have posted Basil J. Hiley, another quantum physics professor I have corresponded with. What can I say? If people are mass-mind controlled by Western symmetric logic - that's their problem. But if you are willing to consider the evidence then there you go. Professor Louis Kauffman proves that complex numbers are noncommutative (as the secret of real Neigong training, as per Oshins) http://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2018/08/professor-louis-kauffman-proves-that.html Why did I post this? Because I had contacted Professor Kauffman about this - before anyone brought it up on this website. So this is also what Alain Connes states: Fields Medal math professor Alain Connes, This isn't "remedial" pop science vids - it's a Fields Medal math professor vid. Thi
  8. Can We Know Truth?

    yeah you made a typo - thanks for that clarification. This is the problem with capitalism as well - bosses, managers, etc. give "orders" and yet are not articulate enough to put their concepts into words. Then refuse to have any kind of discussion as equals when it's the workers who are doing the job, and therefore know the details of the job the best. Communism was worse - with it's top down committees. But science does require a level of understanding to "play the game" so to speak. So yes I did take your words at face value - an assumption that I had no reason to question. You wrote external so I figured you meant external. For example people have their ears on the OUTSIDE of their head - so most people would probably think listening is an "external" perception. Another example - when people first began reading written texts, it was common to read out loud and so the internal voice was not yet identified as the person's "own" voice based on what they were reading "externally."
  9. Can We Know Truth?

    I never wrote the word "external" - you must have just skimmed what I wrote. Or should I say you did not really "listen" to what I wrote. If you want to discuss vichara - Ramana Maharshi called it the "Three in one unity" - so it is based on the three gunas of no guna. This is the same as Daoism - only the three gunas got misrepresented by Brahmin philosophy as a symmetric logic. This is why Westerners are easily confused by nonwestern shamanic meditation. It gets dismissed as "woo woo" when in fact it is the highest level of logic. For example consider the Fields Medal math professor Alain Connes: So Westerners promote the wrong logic! They do not understand noncommutative logic - unless they study very high level esoteric science. A Fields Medal is much harder to get than a Nobel Prize in science. Daoist logic is noncommutative logic. But a typical Westerner has been brainwashed since 10th grade school with algebraic geometry logic as "objective" truth. Nope - that was wrong. I knew this in 10th grade so I secretly rejected the Pythagorean Theorem. I knew this because I had studied music logic deeply and so I had intuitively discovered noncommutative phase logic. So when you say "external listening" - I can demonstrate to you that listening is not "external" or at least not limited as such. But the point here is to just focus on the logic - so who is asking these questions? That is the real issue. The West thinks it understands sound but listening has eluded science - unless of course you get into esoteric noncommutative phase.
  10. Can We Know Truth?

    So what is called "direct perception" or "direct knowledge" in nonwestern philosophy is discovered through the process of logical inference, aka the source of the I-thought, as the source of all thoughts, as an eternal listening process. Westerners assume that logic as axioms have circular causality - hence the paradoxes of the Cretin's Liar, and Zeno, etc. but through logical inference we realize that listening is actually a noncommutative algebra that is multiplicative as a natural resonance. So the Ether as formless awareness-energy is not a "thing" that is "perceived" but rather the process of listening as logical inference is resonating with time itself that is the future and the past both overlapping asymmetrically, as complementary opposites of yang (future) and yin (past) - such that light is not the fastest signal to measure. There is therefore no universal preferred rest frame, but rather light is our unique soul subjectivity as the rest frame that is "turned around" and since light has no zero mass, then it has an inherent energy that is momentum from the future - the momentum phase is a higher frequency, from the future, with negative time due to quantum noncommutative logic. The older language is in modern human history, the more musical and sophisticated the language is, with the San Bushmen language as our original human language - and so music is universal to all human cultures, based on 1:2:3:4 as noncommutative logic of eternal listening. This was mapped by the Daoists (and in India as the three gunas, their oldest philosophy) as a mind-body transformation training process of natural resonance. He Yan was one of the leading intellectual figures of the early third century https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/neo-daoism/ I have new quotes on my blog about how science is struggling to realize there is no universal preferred rest frame. We want to cling to our spiritual ego of light but instead light has a secret source in the Yuan Qi - the formless-awareness vibration that is the 5th dimension. This is known as the truth of logical inference, called "vichara" - and is perceived directly through the process of vichara or rather eternal listening.
  11. Book Recommendations

    You can read Jim and the Ants at http://guidingqi.com Jim did an amazing long distance healing on my mom while he talked to me on the phone for 2 hours. My mom was asleep upstairs - in 2013 - and Jim was telling me how he can see in 4 directions at the same time - out of his skull. And he goes - "you can train to do this!" And then after 2 hours he goes, "I've been having a conversation with your mom while we've been talking." I never noticed him making any breaks in our conversation or anything but I knew he was healing my mom while she was asleep. So I didn't say anything to him or her about it. Then the next morning - my sister was shocked to find my mom cooking her own breakfast for the first time in months. Then the next morning my mom walked a half mile to get the mail - just cuz she wanted to. Before this - my mom had barely been able to walk - and with great difficult could barely go up the stairs. So now she had so much energy she didn't know what to do with it - and so then her friends began asking her what had happened. My mom said she had no idea but now she had so much energy! So after a week went by and my mom was still completely healed then I told her what happened and she said, "I don't know what else it could have been, it must have been Jim!" Then when I talked to Jim again at the end of the week he confirmed he had to send energy to my mom several times (more than his previous "free" practice healings at the Free Fridays my mom had gone to twice). So also Jim said it was much easier to heal my mom while she was asleep so her mind would not get in the way.
  12. Yin and yang: the Taoist harmony of opposites

    http://www.studiesincomparativereligion.com/Public/articles/search.aspx?AuthorID=30 So she was a regular contributor to this Perennialist journal - following Rene Guenon. Have you read his Ph.D. thesis on calculus? I've read his Ph.D. thesis on Calculus. The Perennialists were "close" but not quite yet there to figuring out the secret.
  13. Yin and yang: the Taoist harmony of opposites

    https://books.google.com/books?id=C8MZl9VR4-IC&pg=PA159&lpg=PA159&dq="jean+campbell+cooper"+yin+%26+yang&source=bl&ots=K-TsEIX0xi&sig=cPMt-wBVtzi6M41wl29MpEQYqd4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiB7-fghsPdAhXL24MKHRSnBDw4ChDoATAAegQIAhAB#v=onepage&q="jean campbell cooper" yin %26 yang&f=true Here is Jean Campbell Cooper - google book preview of her Illustrated Introduction to Taoism - so covers her take on things. Maybe you can't read this since you practice self-censorship? haha. Hilarious.
  14. Why Levitation is Real!

    I was PM'd this question and so will post my response: https://ecoechoinvasives.blogspot.com/2017/09/levitation-is-real-st-joseph-book-by.html There is a PH.d. thesis on levitation I cite - Chunyi Lin did levitate. I believe him just because of everything I've experienced from him. Also I had telekinesis that levitated a quarter up against gravity. Also you can feel the yuan qi pull up the skull - it is antigravity energy. Report reply voidisyinyang Replied: 3 minutes ago https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2018/06/human-levitation-2005-academic-thesis.html Quote Edit Report reply voidisyinyang Replied: 1 minute ago also read the biography of Phra Acharn Mun, the most famous Thai Buddhist meditation monk - his meditation partner levitated - it's free online. https://www.buddhanet.net/pdf_file/acariya-mun.pdf
  15. Into the void..

    You can get long distance phone healings to "feel" the non-local energy - try http://springforestqigong.com or http://guidingqi.com