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  1. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    When the OP says "radioactive decay" that just means he has not really studied qigong masters. So he's just imposing the wrong Western science worldview onto qigong and therefore is confused. http://www.highstrangeness.tv/0-7796-yan-xin-qigong-science--practice.html http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/tune/qi-of-qigong/
  2. On Mo Pai

    yes what you state is true - only you are just starting to scratch the surface. When JOhn Chang said he did not recognize the taiji symbol that is because his lineage is apparently very ancient. This is the oldest taiji symbol - from the Tang dynasty: So you can see that indeed John Chang is correct. As for what it means - well that requires more study. But as far as the book on John Chang - what the book states is that for most people the channels are running parallel. So then the more you build up the yang qi then the more yin qi you can store. But the hard part is to condense or fuse the yin and yang qi together - that is the equivalent of beyond chapter six in the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality. So that is the Yuan Qi stage - the author of that book - the Greek student Kosta - he states he was never able to reach this stage since he was not able to maintain celibacy. So you can study the book I mentioned for more details and also the book Foundations of Internal Alchemy - and other books by Pregadio. I actually confronted Pregadio about the very issue you are referring to since Pregadio insists there is a "static hub" at the center. But he's relying on a later Taiji symbol - not the original Taiji symbol. So John Chang's understand is not only more authentic but based on his success in training as well.
  3. Tian Gu

    He calls the Ming Tian Gu - the "heavenly drum" at the base of the skull.
  4. A Science of Wu Wei?

    yes when he said that he can feel the energy of this thoughts darting around in his mind - that is just his LEFT brain - it's a conceptual mind left brain blockage. So he needs to do more standing active exercise to get his thigh muscles sore and his legs shaking 7 to 9 times per second. That will activate his deep right side vagus nerve - the reptilian vagus nerve - that is the kundalini energy - and it goes up to the right brain and then clears out the left brain. The left side vagus nerve does NOT connect to the right side of the brain but the right side vagus nerve DOES connect to the left side of the brain. So just trying to rely on left side conceptual mind yoga is never going to be strong enough to clear out the left brain blockages. He can read my free pdf for details. I would reply to him directly but he chooses instead to "self censor." haha. That is a left-brain attempt to be in denial. I call it the Alchemy of DeNile.
  5. A Science of Wu Wei?

    I have definitely had the experience of the qigong master doing long distance healing on me. It is a shen laser energy. No you can't see it unless you're third eye is also open. When I did the intensive meditation with a 7 day fast in 2000 then I saw the actual "yuan shen" that the qigong master created to heal people and to heal ghosts also. But if you can't see it - then it feels like a laser burning or else like an electromagnetic buzzing sensation that is very strong.
  6. Male Deer Exercise

    you post this in the male cultivation forum - so move the post there.
  7. Generation WuXing

    move it to Men's cultivation.
  8. Semen Retention troubles cultivating.

    wrong section. MOve it to the "men's cultivation" section
  9. Dr. Beverly Rubik, et. al., published 2017 in Cosmos and History, a philosophy of science journal out of Australia. I corresponded with the journal's editor about a year ago, encouraging this type of research. Glad to see it is now published!! https://www.cosmosandhistory.org/index.php/journal/article/viewFile/608/1027 effects of intention, energy healing, and mind-body states on ... https://www.cosmosandhistory.org/index.php/journal/article/view/608/1027 by B Rubik - ‎2017 - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles healing; (2) biophoton emission during energy healing showed a unique pattern for each ... and altered mind-body states. KEYWORDS: Biophoton; Ultraweak light emission; Biofield; ..... [3] Rubik B. The biofield: bridge between mind and body. I just did a new blog post giving the biophoton secrets of qigong meditation with standing active exercise - based on quantum resonance. https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2018/12/how-spirulina-diet-enables-mammals-to.html So the diet like Milarepa of just stinging nettles - the chlorophyll has red light absorbed that directly energizes the mitochondria via the antioxidants also in the chlorophyll rich diet. Spirulina, a 1 billion year old cyanobacteria, also is 5 to 10% blue-green pigment that is an MAO-B, so it naturally spikes the internal serotonin levels for psychedelic third eye activation. https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2018/11/spirulina-is-natural-psychedelic-as-mao.html So then Dr. David Muesham discussed this research. https://www.chi.is/energy-heals-part-ii-biophoton-emissions-body-light/ Ironically he supervised my first year music composition of a fugue on a Moog synthesizer with traditional Mayan flute whistle - and I did not realize he actually majored in physics with an emphasis on studying music in India and yoga healing also. So when I discovered, last year, his research on resonance and healing energy - music harmonics of acupuncture meridians, etc. - then I contacted him. He remembered my music composition - from 1989-90. That was at Hampshire College where I also took quantum mechanics from physics professor Herbert J. Bernstein.
  10. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    https://moscow.sci-hub.tw/1279/36e06ca93edf42c252f151c229517625/kashiwagi1989.pdf#view=FitH Hemispheric asymmetry of processing temporal aspects of repetitive movement in two patients with infraction involving the corpus callosum☆ Author links open overlay panelAsakoKashiwagi †ToshihiroKashiwagi‡TakashiNishikawa§Jun-IchiroOkuda||
  11. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    yes science has proven that hearing is the last perception to go before final death - that's how scientists prove if someone is dead. And of course the Tibetan book of the dead is read outloud to the dead. But science can now use MRIs to prove a person who is in a coma without any external perceptions (apparently) STILL is responding internally in their brain to external sounds! So this has caused people to not get the plug pulled on them. Also if we constantly empty out the left brain source of thoughts - as the source of the I-thought - then our dreams become lucid. While we are dreaming suddenly we will empty out our visual dream realm into the source of the I-thought. Whereas if we rely on external vision as sound - (i.e. written language) this is very difficult while dreaming because written language is such a superficial level of perception. This is similar to keeping "time" with your hands. Try keeping a steady beat with your left hand while the right hand does a syncopated rhythm. No problem. Now try reversing that - the right hand can not keep a steady beat. Why? Our sense of time is actually a deeper perception of rhythm via the vagus nerve and the cerebellum. So while vision crosses the brain wiring via the cerebellum - hearing is the opposite. This is why in Daoist alchemy the left ear is Yuan Qi as the tiger's roar (or yang qi) while the right ear is the yin qi as the dragon's humming. But the left eye is the yin qi as the dragon and the right eye is the yang qi. So the eyes are reversed because when we CLOSE the eyes then we "turn the light around" and listen to the source of the Light. So if you read notes on Daoist alchemy this secret is given - to SEE with the EARS and the hear with the eyes. It sounds very mysterious but actually if we understand the vagus nerve connection to the right side of the brain with the ear as being vagus nerve dominant then it makes sense. For example when we get the chills or tingles from listening to music - that means the vagus nerve has been activated that increases dopamine levels. that's the limit of Western music unless you get slower BPM as trance music that synchronizes the heart - so like 60 beats per minute - that increases the alpha serotonin (the secret of right brain memorization). I will quote a Tibetan medical doctor that emphasizes this secret. Tibetan medical doctor listening secret
  12. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    You can be deaf but still listen and you can be blind but still see - because you listen to the sounds inside your brain and see what you imagine. It is proven that the images we perceive are first influenced by the sounds we hear. So written language is universal guided by the "sounds" of the words. certain words "sound" round or "sound" other visual forms. It's proven that our subconscious values sounds FIRST to then imagine the visual form. Imagine you are in the forest and blind - you hear a sound. You're brain will translate that into an image based on the sound BEFORE you actually see it (or even if you never see it). And again you're reaction to sound is much faster than your reaction to vision. So to define perception as external is silly. It's well known that what we perceive as external reality actually happens in the PAST. So with our eyes open - it's well known that our subconscious is in control and our vision is controlled by our lower emotions. This is why if a male sees an evocative image then when he dreams at night his vision will become "real" and he will lose his life force while he is "seeing" what he imagines in his mind. But if you learn to focus on the source of the vision then it is from proprioception through internal listening. This is why it is required to do standing active exercises (trance dancing) to empty out the conceptual mind of what a person perceived externally - and instead LISTEN to the source of external perceptions. This occurs through both ultrasound and infrasound - the ELF schumann resonance as the alpha-theta brain waves of the right side vagus nerve (that connects to the right side of the heart). So perception is actually from formless awareness that is the 5th dimension and so stores the future perceptions as overlapping with the past - through the magnetic moment or nonlocal quantum spin between the electron and proton. The electron is much much smaller than the photon but ultrasound resonates proteins and neurons through the collagen of microtubules. So ultrasound as I said has 3000 times greater electromagnetic energy than any other frequency because of quantum coherence since the microtubules are only 6 times bigger than the tubulin. I'll post you an image so you can understand this easier - this is the secret of complementary opposites as non-local formless awareness. So this is activated by ultrasound with the greatest electromagnetic energy. From this process of superluminal phase waves (aka acoustic phonon oscillations) then a holographic reality is created.
  13. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    I empathize with you're goal of "repourpsoing the tool" but you have it turned around. 25 reasons why listening is more primary than vision. 1) Primates in the forest - we actually originate with sound as our dominant perception not vision. Chimpanzees for example are no proven to vocalize language to each other. 2) So for example 3D perception is not dominant in the forest but instead listening it. 3) The shrew - that mammals are from - the tree shrew has its jaw bone as what is now our inner ear. 4) This means our third eye or pineal gland "smiles" via our inner ears. 5) The two ears are phase coherent as quantum coherence just as smell is proven to be quantum nonlocal perception. 6) So for example a runner starts a race with a sound, not a visual signal - because as primates our auditory cortex is much closer to the motor cortex - the same as found in birds (that also can do synchronized dancing). 7) So actually the cerebellum has a larger cortex in ratio to the total size versus the cortex size of the cerebrum. 8) The cerebellum controls both our motions and our emotions through synchronized sound perception as phase coherence. 9) It's proven that humans hear faster than time-frequency or Fourier Uncertainty. 10) Science defines time as a visual measurement but humans actually hear faster than the technology that is created that measures time since such technology uses a linear operator with a geometric definition of time. 11) So reality, as defined by music theory through listening, relies on complementary opposites that overlap in time - the future guides the past and this can be listened to through perception. 12) So the highest pitch we hear externally then resonates the brain internally as ultrasound which creates electromagnetic amplification of the neurons made of microtubules, 3000 times greater than any other frequency. So indeed listening to sound activates the quantum nonlocal coherence of formless awareness. 13) In a quiet room we can hear at the sub-angstrom wavelength - we can hear smaller than the diameter of an atom. 14) A light wavelength that we see is much larger than our ability to listen and therefore listening perception is more primary than vision. 15) But since we left the forest - then with agriculture, archaeologists discovered what they call "The symbolic revolution." This "symbolic revolution" put visual perception as considered to be primary with visual forms then created that were anthropocentric for the first time in human biological history and an emphasis on rectilinear geometry that could "contain" infinity. 16) So instead of infinity being defined as formless awareness from listening to time, it became defined as a materialistic idealism with time transferred to a visual measurement as ritual geometry. 17) So this then became a bias of science that originated from religion of sacred geometry - starting with the "squaring of the circle" to center the wheels for chariots and to convert the circular Lunar altars into the same area as the solar square altars. 18) Music training on an instrument - from before the age of 7, is the only human training that significantly increases the corpus callosum to then connect the right and left sides of the brain. 19) Now we realize music listening activates the deep parts of the brain so that deep memories are activated along with the ability to synchronize body-mind movements. 20) So for example if a person has a stroke, they can still sing their words even though they can't speak - showing that the linguistic cognition abilities are not dependent on the physical ability to talk. 21) The right brain dominance of music perception - listening to frequency - with the right ear - is proven to then synchronize the left side of the brain. 22) The right side vagus nerve connects to the left side of the brain whereas the left side of the brain vagus nerve does NOT connect to the right side of the brain. 23) Therefore the left brain bias of visual perception cuts off humans from their lower body emotional blockages that are healed by the right side vagus nerve. 24) So the visual bias of left brain dominance and right hand dominance inherently goes against the ecological balance of right brain dominance of acoustic ecology. 25) Ultrasound is the highest pitch heard externally but ultrasound internally activates proprioception, the "sixth sense" that coordinates and transposes the other senses. For example Special forces uses "The Brainport" based on ultrasound to be able to see with the tongue (taste), etc.
  14. True Yin and True Yang

    Your question is basically the question of where is the "Mysterious Valley" that is referred to - and it is still "debated" in Neidan literature, etc. Actually the "Mysterious Valley" is the eternal process of the future guiding the past. The future is the blue light as a spacetime shift - so it is yang qi that is absorbed. The past is the red light. In terms of breathing - oxygen is blue light and red light is CO2. This training is from the original human culture, the San Bushmen teach to visualize fire at the base of the spine so a boiling steam rises up to the brain. This creates N/om which is an electromagnetic light energy. Now to return back to the Neidan literature of the Reverted Elixir we can just revisit the thread I posted. Oh I see now the OP question refers to the quote in that thread: So what does this tell us? The True Yang is only created AFTER the "yin principle returns" - by going back down the front. So Yang qi "has substance" - which is to say it is ionized lecithin with cerebrospinal fluid and blood. The pineal gland converts blood into cerebrospinal fluid - and in that process it ionizes the cerebrospinal fluid, while combining with the photons since the pineal gland is also a photoreceptor. The serotonin captures the photons. This is all standard science I'm telling you. So as the cerebrospinal fluid builds up as pressure in the skull it then overflows out of the sinus cavity into the mouth - facilitated by the tongue against the roof of the mouth, to activate the vagus nerve which causes the sinus cavity to flow and also creates saliva. For example the reason you sneeze from eating cayenne is because the vagus nerve is activated by the cayenne. OK so then this saliva is swallowed and it causes great heat in the pit of the stomach - and is then absorbed back into the small intestines for storage. As you continue this "small universe" meditation (river chariot or heavenly circuit) - or microcosmic orbit - then you "convert jing to qi" - which is to say the food turns into yin qi (as the lecithin is ionized) - and you increase the serotonin levels which then capture MORE photons (cosmic energy). This works through the vagus nerve so you increase the bliss. the vagus nerve inhibits the heart - so the heart beat slows down as you build up the energy. Then once the lower tan t'ien is filled with yin qi - this can take 3 months - then the yuan qi is activated - and this is Non-local as Nirvikalpa Samadhi or the Emptiness - aka Immortal Breathing or Fetal Breathing. So the Mysterious Valley actually means the Light is both matter as a particle photon but since it is zero rest mass it is also a non-local phase that is from the future - superluminal relativistic mass energy. That is the Emptiness as the spacetime vortex. So the energy has to be stored in the lower tan t'ien or else when the spirit leaves the body - if it does not have enough Yuan Qi surrounding it - then the light creates a dizziness spacetime vortex. So then you Embody the Emptiness as a local spacetime vortex through the Heart. The Heart is then the Big Accumulator as Gurdjieff calls it - or Large Accumulator. The right side vagus nerve goes to the right side of the heart - which is the source of the Yuan Qi. So this is called Shen-Qi or Cosmic Qi or Yuan Qi. So it's also called Yin Matter that is the "golden key" that is superluminal. So our body has each cell and neuron made of collagen and the collagen has microtubules - and tubulin. So this "captures" water and the water then has increased density with increased pressure. So the water the "splits" into proton energy that is delocalized. This delocalized proton energy is the "yang qi" and it has a magnetic moment with the electrons as yin qi. So the magnetic moment is actually superluminal - it is the "spin" that is non-local quantum energy or the "virtual information field" as qigong master Yan Xin calls it. So this "virtual information field" is the quantum spin between the yang qi and the yin qi - or the blue light and the red light. So then you create "yuan jing" that also creates a "yang shen" as golden light by absorbing more spin energy from the future - and "embodying the Emptiness." For example when we dream then the spirit can leave our body. We experience the dream as if it is in our body - but it is possible we could "wake up" during our dream and realize we our out of our body. So then the photon as light is like the astral cord that connects the body's soul as the Emptiness Embodied - to the spirits being created that can leave the body. So this means that the Formless Awareness is a zero/infinite time that is eternal and at the speed of light. Light experiences no time and no space since it has zero rest mass. But at that zero rest mass the experience of the "particle" of light is infinite awareness. but the light still has relativistic mass that then creates new matter from virtual radiation - from the future. So from the perspective of the qigong master then multiple people can be healed instantaneously - at the same time - since the qigong master is "resting" at the zero/infinite speed of light that is "clear light" but this particle of light at the same time has relativistic mass as the Emptiness that "does the work" for the qigong master. So the Emptiness (cosmic yuan qi or the Mysterious Valley) then creates new matter that heals people from the light. So in the body of the qigong master - again the serotonin captures the light and re-emits the light. The serotonin does this working with the microtubules - but the microtubules are activated by Ultrasound (the highest pitch we hear externally, when listened to internally then resonates the body at ultrasound). The ultrasound then creates quantum coherence via a ELF subharmonic. This is the spontaneous OM sound of the Universe that the qigong master hears through the heart. The OM sound is the yang qi coming in from the future - and then creating blue light that heals the red light yin qi blockages of the past. So then physical reality is a type of dreaming of light but we experience the Waking physical reality in the PAST with our eyes open. So only by closing the eyes - can we activate the Sun and Moon harmonized with the Earth as the Yuan qi energy - the left eye is yin qi (yang shen) and the right eye is yang qi (yin shen). So then the Central channel is the Yuan Qi "gateway" but when it is activated then reality that is "external" is then experienced "internally" inside the body of the qigong master - through the light that is holographic. That is the Mysterious Valley of the Wuji - the Soil is this yellow light (the yin shen).
  15. True Yin and True Yang

    This is the whole point of my "Reverted Elixir" thread. the water and fire merge at the third eye and the water then has to descend down the front. The fire has to ascend up the back after it merges with the water via the perineum. So that is the harmonization process. For some reason the Westernization of alchemy just has this simplistic view that it's just water ascending and fire descending. Must be from all the Mantak Chia books just stating that. Also this "Reverted Elixir" is more difficult to glean from the alchemical language. I've documented it in detail.