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  1. on Bigu and Ketosis as jing: 12 pounds lost in 6 days

    yes Chunyi did 49 days of full lotus meditation - no sleep - at same place as http://qigongmaster.com So he says the simplest is the most powerful and that the "small universe" meditation can take you to the highest levels. Kriya Yoga also uses the same as the small universe meditation - I document this in my links in my profile. So you are probably referring to Jim Nance of http://guidingqi.com - he also did direct teaching for me - over a couple years. So I had some great experiences of healing from Jim and he "befriended" me as well. Yes - the Emptiness is considered the most powerful - so the more you go into the Emptiness then the more power manifests. If the spiritual ego is used then that limits the energy and it goes back down to the psychic level as "siddhis" - versus Shakti (to put it in Indian yoga terms). A qigong person with the third eye permanently open - this is a totally different relation to food as the vagus nerve has direct and constant sublimation to the pineal gland. So the blood-brain-barrier gets bypassed via the pineal gland. So Chunyi said that for a "qigong person" if they eat too much then "the food goes to the head." This shocked me when I heard it since that has been the struggle I constantly go through in relation to food. So a qigong person is forced into an acetic diet due to the new hard-wiring of the psychophysiology from the third eye energy. Personally I am currently on the "feast or famine" diet. I don't recommend this but I also do healing of others - so I am not storing up energy for bigu. So my eyeballs pulsate as the qi energy goes out of my eyes via my pineal gland. That's how I currently do free healing - it's just yin qi energy but it originates from the yuan qi. These are ancient "sciences" - so there's alot of detail - if you study the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" - that takes you to the highest level of practice via the small universe meditation, just as Chunyi says is possible. Levitation is real also. So in terms of Western science - yes only the "noncommutative phase" logic explains Daoist neidan or nonwestern alchemy. I first realized this on my own after I took up studying western science to explain my nonwestern meditation experiences. So I figured SOMEONE else must have figured this out also - as I am largely self-taught in science (despite having a master's degree). So then I discovered Eddie Oshins at SLAC had made the same discovery - that noncommutative phase as relativistic quantum physics is the secret of Daoist Neidan. thanks for your interest. Yes celibacy brings great bliss but "controlling" the qi relies on also controlling our subconscious and so requires constant purification and harmonization. So the standing active exercises are actually the key to do this - as I learned the hard way. I had been thinking that full lotus was the best. But actually the trance dancing or standing active exercises is the quickest to convert the jing to qi. This is also not mentioned in the Taoist Yoga book although it states that deep reverse breathing is the key to the small universe meditation being effective. So as for breathing exercises - yes I go into that in the training pdf I have linked in my profile. Wim Hof teaches effective breathing exercises. Eventually when the qi builds up then physical breathing and sleep lessen - along with eating. Or conversely - fasting can be an acceleration to build up the qi.
  2. on Bigu and Ketosis as jing: 12 pounds lost in 6 days

    When I first did intensive training - I did organic broccoli - it promotes testosterone - and then tofu (it negates testosterone) and then organic brown rice and then organic corn chips with no salt. I used Bragg's soy sodium as a salt substitute. The thing about fruit is that potassium does increase yin qi since it's a more positive ion that activates the vagus nerve. But Fructose activates the left front vagus nerve as a brain glucose energy (so the yin qi goes UP the front). So you want to store up the qi - and a ketose energy source does this the best. So for advanced qigong training - what Chunyi did is switch from a few apples a day to then Chinese dates - a few a day - to then ONE chinese date a day. Something like that - then only water. Then you fast a few days. Then the next time you fast 7 days. Then the next time you fast 14 days. And eventually they do the 49 day cave meditation fast as with http://qigongmaster.com But if you consider the Shaolin diet - if you do "standing active" qigong to fully open the third eye - I think the Shaolin diet is mainly tofu and rice and veggies. And if you just do one meal or two small meals a day before noon - then you clear out the colon pretty soon - before the end of the day. Shaolin actually trains till late at night - and has minimal sleep. So most of that time the colon is gonna be empty. then I think you fast one day a week. That is the "modified bigu" diet. This is also what Wim Hof follows - he says his favorite food is noodles. Noodles are a low glycemic type of wheat - in contrast to bread. So for me - if I have ANY sugar - including even sugar in green plants - then I get an internal tingling as the yin qi or yuan qi is neutralizing the free radicals in the body (produced by the sugar). This tingling is also called Earthing from the yin qi of walking Barefoot outside. So you get yin qi from the Earth also. So that is a KEY secret of the Shaolin training - Barefeet - Chunyi would bury his feet into the earth while doing standing exercise - to make sure to get a full Yin Qi connection. So also sun gazing as Shen - as the Bigu energy feast kicks in - you are getting the "food" from higher frequency "rainbow" energy. So for me if I do sungazing then when I close my eyes I see bright blue in the center with bigger GREEN around the blue and then red-orange-yellow around the green. So it's a rainbow diet quite literally as the Third Eye literally feeds off the photons - converting the photons into electrochemical energy. So in India a famous tested Breatharian says his sun gazing then produces a sticky fluid that he swallows and that has all the nutrients he needs. I call this "reverse electrolysis" - as what I experienced during my Yuan Qi "immortal breathing" experience. So the top of the skull gets soft and pulsates and the Fontanelle opens up like a baby - hence the term Foetus Breathing. So this literally converts the spacetime quantum (relativistic quantum) energy into matter. This is called the Golden Key in Zhong Gong - the yin matter created is Superluminal - from virtual photon energy from the future. So it has all the nutrients your body needs. That advanced state is hard to maintain unless you're in a culture that promotes it - which obviously the West is not. Although it might be soon as civilization is collapsing fast due to abrupt global warming. I should add that in Daoist Neidan (neigong) alchemy - the Black Tiger as the Po soul lung energy metal - Lead - is the deep reverse breathing that then sublimates the Red Dragon into the Green Dragon (when the red dragon is lowered as internal yang energy via meditation). So that is the secret of the Spring Forest Qigong "logo" - and so the Green is the Yuan Qi energy of the Universe as the Wisdom female energy that is the Female Dragon (that is in the yang part of the body turned internally).
  3. Gut Bacteria and "I"

    I realize spirulina is MARKETED IN THE WEST as a supplement but let's not confuse marketing with reality shall we? It's a big world out there. In Africa Spirulina is eaten as a staple food. Spirulina was also a staple food in Mexico. People are claiming here the taste is bad - well I guess that is subjective. A lot of kids thinks green veggies taste bag, no matter what. Spirulina turns my eyes dark green - as they are normally hazel. I consider that to be a very good sign. Also spirulina gives me psychedelic dreams. Turns out that Spirulina is a natural MAOI. Spirulina is definitely NOT a supplement if you can grow your own or are from a culture that harvests spirulina in the wild. Certainly the stuff is too expensive to eat on more than a supplement level otherwise. But I am growing Shiitake mushrooms - normally they would be considered too expensive also. I will probably go spirulina also. Just use "stock tanks" from the farm store - like I do to soak the mushroom logs. http://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/news/2010/06/30/highly-nutritious-green-cakes-could-save-lives http://elixirfield.blogspot.com for my Shiitake mushroom forest cultivation updates thanks - new photos posted in a 5 part series
  4. Gut Bacteria and "I"

    It's also proven that before a person takes a crap the person has MORE anaerobic gut bacteria in their body than human cells. So then after the crap then the number of anaerobic bacteria cells are less than the number of human cells. But when you say DNA - I think the interesting question is mitochondrial DNA being more numerous than our cell-line gamete DNA. So when we eat food - like if we eat Spirulina that is the oldest food on the planet. So the spirulina directly powers our mitochondria. The mitochondria run on a "proton" pump. The proton is the yang qi energy. The spirulina gets its power from stored up biophoton energy - hence it's blue-green name. the Cyanin pigment has stored biophoton energy then is a SHEN transmission into the mitochondria DNA as ancient life on Earth powering our human cells.
  5. on Bigu and Ketosis as jing: 12 pounds lost in 6 days

    yes Chunyi says this is why he likes the practice of prayer before eating so much. For example "Lord" means Annointed one - and of course that is the secret of celibacy as qi energy - what in the ancient Pre-Socratic Pythagorean training is called Aion as eternal time kundalini energy. Bless us oh Lord for these Thy Gifts which we are about to receive from Thy Bounty. Amen. So as Chunyi points out the emotional energy that food is prepared with is then just as and even more important than the actual substance of the food. This is why alcohol causes anger and caffeine causes fear - and smoking causes sadness. So the key to a Ketosis Bigu diet is to drink lots of water. And we know that water also stores up the energy-information as well. So this is why Chunyi encourages people to have a big container of water next to the phone when people get phone healings. Then they should just keep that water in the frig and keep drinking the water off and on. That will continue the healing energy from the water. There was just a science study showing that we get a big dopamine blast from not the water but the physiology of GULPING the water.
  6. on Bigu and Ketosis as jing: 12 pounds lost in 6 days

    thank you for sharing. I think the Po Soul of life that is not sentient is the biophoton quantum relativistic energy of plants and fungi for example. So Gabriel Cousens of fasting and "rainbow diet" fame wrote how the secret to his yoga samadhi training in INdia was to not even eat fruit! I worked in an organic fruit job for two years and I realized I could not eat fruit without activating a sick qi reaction. Why? Fruit is mainly fructose - which is inherently toxic to our bodies and so fruit then activates the front vagus nerve - as it reverses the small universe or microcosmic heavenly orbit direction (due to the wrong chirality of the light since fructose is a left-handed sugar). Dr. Robert Lustig is the expert on fructose as a toxic. So the yin qi is activated as an internal tinging to neutralize the free radicals created by the fructose. Also Daoism is based on this deeper truth of asymmetric time-frequency energy while the fractals that you refer to still rely on symmetric Western math or commutative math systems. So that is more of a Western New Age Freemason esotericism. A lot of posters on this site do not realize this error as it is the wrong foundation of Western civilization - what I called the "rotten root" back in 2001 - based on my recent qigong enlightenment experience. The "original qigong master" as I call http://springforestqigong.com states that for qigong persons - we can only eat till 75% full otherwise the "food goes to the head." What this means is that after the third eye is open then it is permanently magnetized and so the right side vagus nerve is always pulling up kundalini energy (or N/om as the original human culture calls it) - from the 2nd brain. This means that anaerobic bacteria as sick qi will then get leached out of the skull and gums. For example Sri Dhyanyogi in his book "This House on Fire" describes how he was not able to find any food in the US that was purified enough. And so the sick qi for me, from food, is always leaching out of the gums. So I always use essential oils as antiseptics and purifying antioxidants - or use ginger. Yes right now I am on the "feast or famine" diet as I did too much free tantric psychic healing after opening my third eye - so I burned out my jing energy that is from the yang qi. So I have to rely on food as a yin qi source. But just as Milarepa's skin was green from living off stinging nettles while not fasting in meditation - then we can also rely on the biophoton quality of food as the most purest food sources. I have planted stinging nettles on the EcoEcho forest up north as a potential future food source that will be a perennial and spread naturally. Stinging nettles is a complete protein with lots of minerals and vitamins and healing properties. So to store up the qi requires that the qi be "hidden" and in fact one of the top Yan Xin students told me to keep the meditation secret to store up the qi. So then I try to keep the location of the ecoecho forest secret so I can practice meditation there privately. Thanks again for your interest.
  7. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    green light is also the Yuan Qi light of the Universe - you can see this in the logo of http://springforestqigong.com So the circumference of the Taiji is green as the light of the Universe. Why is this? The Green Dragon is created alchemically only after the red dragon descends and combines with the black tiger to sublimate as the white tiger and creates the green dragon as wisdom energy. So then the silver is the combination with the blue light and white tiger and green dragon - this is swallowed as the ambrosia or alchemical pill - to store up the Yuan Qi energy via the third eye, down past the heart, into the lower tan tien. So when the qi is stored up then eventually you see light externally as the "absolute void" manifesting. Seeing light just internally is still the "relative void." It is good for healing energy but it has not transcended death yet back to the taiji of the Universe. So again the Wuji can not be seen as it is both external and internal at the same time and always from the future, secretly guiding us. There is a saying about this - the "Yuan Shen" as the yellow light that harmonizes the other light is also then the "light of no light." So first we have to turn the light around with the eyes closed - that turns the red dragon into the green dragon. The red dragon is yin but when the eyes are closed and the yin qi that normally leaves the eyes when open, that yin qi is then turned back internally - then alchemically it exchanges the fire under the water to create Heaven as yang qi. You can study the book "Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality" for details - it's free online.
  8. on Bigu and Ketosis as jing: 12 pounds lost in 6 days

    https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2019/06/going-into-emptiness-via-lower-tan-tien.html I just completed another EcoEcho Forest Cultivation Bigu 6 day fast meditation intensive - while doing mushroom inoculation - just scroll down for photos. This is part of a 3 part blog post. Thanks again for those who donated to support this community forest cultivation endeavor.
  9. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    the qi energy is based on frequency. So the blue light is a symptom that the future has been listened to. We can listen to the Universe while it listens to us - so it is a non-local phase wave from the future that we inherently can't see. This is the crux of philosophy as otherwise science and civilization are based on visual external measurements. In science this is called "time-frequency uncertainty." So visualizing light is the means of stabilizing the Emptiness or samadhi - the light gets brighter and more coherent as it is inherently a biophoton laser that self-amplifies from the 5th dimension (that can not be seen). So with the chakras then we visualize fire but the ancient Chinese fire system uses pyrolysis as a biogas - meaning there are "three chambers" inherently. So the fire takes in the Qi from below - this is the lower chakra - the perineum. That is your lower magpie Bridge as it is called in alchemy - so it is the alchemical Pump that regulates the bellows. So to store up the energy then the anus sphincter has to be flexed and this is quite strange to do all the time consciously. But after the energy builds up then the perineum is activated directly also. So the dark black energy (Lead) is life force but when it is sublimated it turns red and then green as the wisdom energy of the liver. That is the wood that is undergoing pyrolysis. So the wood actually burns down into the fire (unlike most stoves where the oxygen source is from above). The biogas as sickness qi is then cleared out of the body by going up and it is then burned off as "composted" or tertiary burn - in the third upper dan tien (creating Silver from the blue mercury). So that is the blue light of the third eye - it is the methane being burned off (metaphorically and also biologically). So you have red, green and blue light. The yellow light is then the spiritual ego as the intention that is harmonizing the whole process. So the yellow light keeps getting brighter and just as in relativity quantum science - the Gold light is from absorbing the blue light from the future. So the spiritual ego is based on light that we can see but the virtual photons can not be seen as they are guided by the virtual phonons that are non-local - and then matter is created from the virtual photons. The virtual phonons are inherently the 5th dimension that are instantly in two places at the same time - as eternal motion as the Emptiness.
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Qigong has a bidirectional intention. So qigong master Yan Xin states how, in the book link I gave, a car he was in then had the battery go dead. So then he decided to transfer the electricity from a nearby powerline to restart the car. But he transferred too much electricity so the battery started smoking. So then he reversed his intention and then the car started. Qigong master Chunyi Lin shared how he was driving and his tire went flat but instead of pulling over to fix it instead he used his qi to reinflate the wheel and keep driving. Then when he got home in the driveway the tire went flat again. So I am not sure qigong has the intention to power mechanical devices although it can be used that way. There are healers who use electricity as part of their healing but as qigong master Yan Xin says - he proved that even though the household current went through him and the person he was touching was the ground - they felt not shock. Yan Xin said he is able to change is internal resistance and voltage levels to reduce the charge going into the person. So I am not sure why a qigong master would want to operate "electrical items" because that is not the intention of qigong. Rather the intention of qigong is for healing energy that is done by the Emptiness or Universe. For example qigong master Chunyi Lin said when he got angry then light bulbs would explode in his house or his lawn mower would start smoking as he was mowing the lawn. But he said now from deeper meditation he doesn't get angry long enough to develop that type of intention. So in other words the intention in qigong is from the Emptiness itself and the "bidirection" is based on the future/past dynamic. So there can be no personal intention for true power in qigong. If there is a personal intention then it has to be reversed as a bidirectional energy. Western electrical power devices assume a symmetric form of power - the mathematics is symmetrical power and the Emptiness is actually from asymmetric time. I have had this discussion with Nobel physicist Brian Josephson who practices qigong with a colleague at Cambridge. If you look up how National Institute for Standards and Technology or NIST tests the origin of the Volt, the NIST test relies on the Josephson Junction. He received the Nobel Prize for discovering his Josephson Effect which originates from asymmetric power. So the Josephson Junction has to convert that asymmetric power to a symmetric system. But now Nobel physicist Josephson realizes that the truth of the universe is based on asymmetric power or complementary opposites - this is also called noncommutative phase in relativistic quantum science. So this is what Eddie Oshins at SAIC realized is the secret of Daoist Neigong alchemy training. It's the basic principle underlying all the internal martial arts and the neidan meditation training. For example h-bar means Planck's Constant based on a closed symmetric time phase cycle of h/2 pi aka ħ = h/(2π). But in fact spin 1/2 quanta are noncommutative to one phase cycle of 2 pi and so are converted to 720 degree spin that is symmetric math as the Poisson Bracket, circulating along a closed loop in a given time that is noncommutative! This is the secret cause of the Josephson Junction effect that converts phase into voltage as superconducting energy. In other words time is normally hidden in Planck's Constant as an outside parameter that has instead been converted to symmetric density as phase. And so due to noncommutative phase, de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony discovered there is a 2nd time operator that is from the future and superluminal, and nonlocal, as a guiding phase wave ether.
  11. Who is Loneman Pai?

    The international certification standard for qigong in China is to have household electricity through your body while you change the light on a 40 watt bulb. That is the training that Chunyi Lin did. I've already posted what Lonemanpai said about Chunyi Lin. thanks
  12. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    yes all energy-information is bidirectional from the future. So any sensations or perceptions you have are a symptom of a future healing. So the highest pitch we hear externally then when listened to with the eyes closed and an internal focus will then resonate the whole brain as ultrasound. This ultrasound then activates the deep brain regions via the microtubules as quantum non-local energy or cosmic qi from the Emptiness. The phase difference between the right and left ear then creates a subharmonic with much stronger amplitude - creating the strong heat and bliss in the lower body. The lower dan tien will expand from practice - in reality this is the central channel. The reason the ears are tied to the kidney energy is from the vagus nerve activation as the vagus nerve is closely tied to the ear. This is also the secret of auricular acupunture. So then the right side vagus nerve goes to the lower tan tien and lower body - via the dorsal back side. So you then visualize light and fire below the water as this light-fire is your coherent biophoton spirit inside your body and it will then ionize the hormones based on frequency creating this subharmonic. So this is actually faster than the speed of light - it is phase harmony from the future. So you go into the Emptiness via the lower tan tien.
  13. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Before vectors and before tensors are noncommutative phase. So you can read Eddie Oshins for the details - from SAIC.
  14. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Qigong master Yan Xin:
  15. Who is Loneman Pai?

    How come Lonemanpai is wrong about electricity and qigong? https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2018/08/why-lonemanpai-is-wrong-about-john.html