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  1. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    these "indicator species" are rapidly vanishing - and humans will go with it. over 400 nuclear power plants will be melting down and thousands of nuclear weapons. Depleted uranium is already spreading worldwide. People don't want to face what we've done. Instead Rambo and Baywatch are spread around the world - of course everyone wants a piece of that action!! haha. Is that really "development" to want to be like Rambo and Baywatch? I guess so. Bactrian Camels on the Brink | Financial Tribune https://financialtribune.com/articles/.../40702/bactrian-camels-on-the-brink May 2, 2016 - The first animal that pops to mind when people talk about endangered species in Iran is the Asiatic cheetah, followed by the Persian fallow deer, caracal, Siberian crane and maybe Pallas’s cat. However, Iran is home to another threatened species: the Bactrian camel, a large, two ... Just today - announced - species that have been around for over 200 million years! We are wiping out in 200 years.
  2. Sumer: the "black-headed" vs. the "red-faced"

    in case anyone wants to read that link: https://sci-hub.tw/10.1017/9781108567626.006 pdf So the argument here is fascinating. I cite in my 2012 free book the detailed archaeological evidence for the first ecological crisis in Western Asia - from limestone "water proofing" of houses - made by deforestation, that then caused drought. Forcing the first white people to flee into Europe as ecological refugees - the white skin created by lack of vitamin D in the wheat monocultural farm diet. This pdf is arguing that those T huge limestone megaliths are the indication of an anthropocentric religion of ritual sacrifice developed.
  3. It is very ironic. I once - soon after 9/11 - had an Asian-american young lady ask me what I thought of the Feng Shui of Manhattan - I think where she was from. So Manhattan used to be virgin native forest but now it's an epicenter of global trading that is destroying ecology. I don't think the dragon lines as qi energy are very conducive to all the pollution and electromagnetic pollution, etc. as supposed Feng Shui. But now architects are supposedly incorporating Feng Shui as well. So yoga and meditation are things we can do on a superficial level for healing but their deeper philosophy have structural implications that few inquiry about or consider.
  4. Detecting Chi Transmission with MRI !!!

    I would be remiss not to mention that Nobel physicist Brian Josephson is the means by which MRIs work - in his Nobel address he explains that the source of the superconducting no-resistance energy used to create the proton spin resonance is from an "asymmetric" or "symmetry breaking." I have corresponded with Professor Josephson who told me he practices qigong with a college at Cambridge. So also now he is studying acoustics - cymatics - and also the work of math professor Louis Kauffman - specifically on noncommutative phase as asymmetric time, which is the secret of the Yuan Qi as the 5th dimension.
  5. How is Smell Perception tied to the Cosmic Mother healing energy? The secret of WHY microtubules resonate with 3000 times greater amplification at ultrasound while being 6 times larger than tubulin OK thanks. So a "new" smell is perceived in the theta brain wave which is the same as our REM sleeping brain wave. You just reminded me - I need to look up this rare variation of narcolepsy that was on the radio - that puts a person into a catatonic state, activated by happy loving emotions. I'm pretty sure this is the same as yogi samadhi. Anyway so quantum physics now has proven that our perception of smell is based on quantum frequency and phase that is nonlocal, as the 5th dimension. So this means that you can have two chemicals that are the same molecule but the only different is their direction - one is asymmetric going left hand or the other right hand. This is called racemization or chirality - the spiral direction - based on how light is processed by the molecule, like a prism. So for example I think it is lemon and orange - their only difference in smell is due to the racemization. It's also called isomers I think. Anyway you can also have completely different molecules that smell the same because they have the same quantum frequency, which is also measured based on light wavelength as it is processed. This is my understanding. So I could look up links - the research is still being corroborated as most scientists still try to dismiss quantum physics as biology. So then the phase being non-local means that if you smell something of a certain frequency then for your brain to perceive it there HAS to be a "resonance" via the 5th dimension that is faster than the speed of light - as "noncommutative phase" in quantum physics. So the resonance is due the frequency "locking" via complementary opposites with the neuron receptor in the brain - or even possibly via the microtubules which are a higher frequency (smaller wavelength). So what gets really interesting then is you get synethesia due to resonance as harmonics. So for example if you keep resonating the same frequency like a laser this will cause a very strong amplification of the subharmonics. Like a feedback as a positive feedback. But in neuroscience there is the phrase, "Neurons that fire together wire together." So you then create a lower threshold to trigger the neuron because you have more of them wired together working at a stronger amplitude. So then what happens is that all matter is actually made of light and quantum biology has proven that we all communicate via biophotons - that are constantly leaving our eyes when the eyes are open. When we close our eyes and meditate by visualizing light - this is called "turning the light around" so that a self-amplifying laser energy of coherent biophotons then will amplify and reset the stored holographic information in our "soul" - the 5th dimension. So this way we can heal matter via the future - as reversed light of virtual photons. The photons get their energy from spacetime itself as the ether - called "Yuan qi" or original qi - also called N/om or kundalini, etc. So this means that the right side of the brain relies on visualization but also relies on LISTENING that is phase coherent with the left side of the brain. So the two ears will be activated at the microsecond wavelength which has an inverse frequency of ultrasound. The highest pitch we hear externally, when then LISTENED to internally actually then resonates the whole brain as ultrasound. This in turn, as ultrasound, is the strongest amplification of the microtubules of the neurons, with 3000 times greater electromagnetic amplification than any other frequency. So then the microtubules are 6 times larger than the tubulins - so this amplification is actually being caused by the tubulins resonating in phase from the 5th dimension as quantum entanglement. I have corresponded directly with the Japanese scientist who runs a Nanoengineering lab in Japan - actually he's from India. So he believes this enables a direct resonance with the source of reality to create an AI nano-engineering as a self-amplifying feedback. He calls it "musiceuticals." Anyway we do this naturally - as I also corresponded with a German physicist who studies how the ears are really a quantum "double slit" experiment. In other words - the phase coherence is like an interferometer. OK so the right ear then activates the right side vagus nerve which is then resonated by the ultrasound. This was first discovered in science by Dr. Andrija Puharich, the CIA mind control scientist - he was working on microchip implants and also hearing aids. So then when the vagus nerve on the right side is activated - this resonates the neurotransmitters - serotonin and acetcylcholine. So the serotonin is the bliss that is also activated by blue light (hence the blue screen effect). So then the ultrasound causes a nonlinear positive feedback as a strong subharmonic amplification - as ELF subharmonics. This is the secret of the OM sound that emanates from the heart via the right side vagus nerve connecting the life force neurohormones - as kundalini. And so Puharich realized that the ELF subharmonics, which, as Tesla discovered, are also the Earth's natural harmonics and our brain's natural Alpha-Theta brain waves - as the Schumann Resonance - then also - these ELF waves - they are also a superluminal phase from the future - as phase coherence, what Puharich called "Psi-Plasma." So it's based on the magnetic moment as the relativistic quantum spin from the future. So the virtual photons are resonating the energy-information from the future that is stored in the 5th dimension as a holographic white hole-black hole. So Puharich realized this explained spiritual and supernatural abilities. Also Astrophysics professor Paul S. Wesson made this same realization completely on his own - from studying Louis de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony (this was around 2015 - in the last year or so of his life). So then with a mind-body transformation via this ELF resonance or OM energy - then a person is able to smell Non-locally via the 5th dimension. I had this experience in 2000 when I did my intensive qigong training. So there was one man in the front of a big room - and I could not believe that anyone could stay in the same room with him - as he emitted a stench of death, of rotting flesh. But no one else seemed to notice! I had been fasting for 8 days while meditating the whole time at age 29 and so my qi energy was very very strong. I was resonating with the Cosmic Mother. The qigong master Chunyi Lin then said that qigong masters can smell cancer, as rotting flesh. So I never told him I could smell this - he just knew I could smell it. So he shared that info. So then in full lotus meditation the qigong master healed this man and his rotting flesh smell went away. I told this story before. I felt much better but then back in my room during the break - at this Christian retreat center with 1950s cabins - I heard this lady and man "getting down" and suddenly the rotting flesh smell came back! They were in the room next door and all I could think was HOW could that lady STAND to be in the same room with him!! But she had been attracted to the Qi energy - since the qi energy activates the right side vagus nerve then it is naturally blissful and orgasmic as love energy. So neither of them had any idea that when he ejaculated he lost the healing qi and so his cancer came back.
  6. Does the soul know the difference?

    There are studies showing that political views can be predicted based on a person's instinctual or "imprinted" reaction to smells - this is called the yuck factor - or what is considered disgusting. So this determines the level of vagus nerve energy activation. So for example acupuncture has been shown to improve racial bias that is imprinted as an implicit racism. So these imprints work through subtle energy - I just did a blog post that I'll post as a thread - that goes into how this works. thanks
  7. Proposed simplification of forums

    How about - Daoist discussion and then "Postmodern Hodge-Podge of all other esoteric traditions" section. Or wait - I forgot - we're supposed to be now claiming that Western esoteric views are equivalent as Daoist ones! haha. Of course Westerners "want" to think this as it is much more convenient - as a Westerner - to not want to change as much. And who wants to admit that Western civilization has been wrong all along? Anyone? So we have here a dualistic logical paradox. We want a syntactical merger without wanting to recognize an inherent difference. This can happen although a destructive process will be inevitable along the way. In other words Western "spiritual materialism" - based on the Golden Ratio, Freemasonry, etc. - is going the opposite direction as the traditional nonwestern spiritual training based on ecology. The Western Greek Miracle is based on a materialistic "containment of infinity" using geometry. Oops. That leads you into a discussion about how the West is creating the worst ecological crisis in Earth's history of life. I did my master's thesis on this but even that was not radical enough - it was too Western since I erroneously equated logistic equations with the Taiji. haha. And we've had this discussion before on this website - debate even. But guess what? Words really don't change what is hard-wired into Western culture. And the world is being Westernized - not the other way around. In fact Daoism in China has become just another late capitalist commodity fetish - with the Daoist priests demanding credit cards. haha. Sure there's some exceptions but for example qigong master Yan Xin is in hiding - whether by personal choice or by force of the Regime - it's a mix I'm sure. David Palmer has done an excellent analysis of this dynamic in his book "Qigong Fever." So essentially the qigong master craze of the 1980s acted as a "vanishing mediator" to enable China to Westernize! (ironically). In other words it created a catalyst to increase the brain power but once the qigong got too powerful as a mass movement, then the regime put the big crack down on qigong - it had served its purpose. Now it was to be relegated to a simple, less powerful "home improvement" model for consumerism. So you know how to best Feng Shui your car and house by purchasing mirrors and jade or whatever. No more long cave meditation full lotus no sleep bigu fasting for advanced students. haha.
  8. Proposed simplification of forums

    I would be careful not to romanticize and simplify "this ancient worldview." http://www.brownpundits.com/2018/06/07/genetical-observations-on-caste/
  9. Proposed simplification of forums

    are the moderators "paid"? I'm not interested in being one. I just wonder how they are "picked" - I'm sure it's in some fine print technical link somewhere. But looking at your new collapsing of previous subforums. Yes after posting for what - ? 15 years on this site - and doing my own research of course - I have discovered that the "three gunas" - the oldest philosophy of India - are equivalent to yin-yang-Emptiness of Daoism - and in turn these are from music theory going back to the original human culture, the San Bushmen. So what I've discovered transcends the supposed sub-forums while also going beyond them. People tend to get too close-minded due to categorizations like Leftist or rightist or Buddhist or Daoist (taoist) or Hindu or Vedic. Modern biological humans are from 70,000 years ago and so we neglect the 90% of the ice berg below the water - to our own disadvantage. The truth is quite simple yet also very radical. I have SAIC regularly reading my blog - that contractor for the CIA on paranormal research. Also a lot of professors read my blog and I have corresponded with a lot of quantum physicists, etc. So I'm not trying to brag - I'm just saying that this website was more like a "peanut gallery" for me. There really is no excuse for not just doing the meditation or qigong training (standing or sitting exercises). The website to me seems to be controlled by a certain group of people ACROSS the spectrum of ideologies, a group that are essentially addicted to left brain conceptual reality. This is, of course, hard-wired to the medium of writing itself. So to just collapse the sub-forums may not solve any organization problems - I composed a music piece called "Eclectic Soup" and then my next music composition was a Fugue called "Troll Dance" - that was in 1991. You can have that reality or you can choose to look deeper at a simpler more radical reality.
  10. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Science says that energy-information is not lost but just transformed. So in science this is considered a random lost with a 180 degree shift in spacetime into a white hole. But science is an "external measurement" system inherently limited by "time-frequency uncertainty" or Fourier Uncertainty. Meditation instead is the "highest technology of all technologies" (qigong master Yan Xin) because instead of time-frequency uncertainty there is the Law of Phase Harmony in control (Louis de Broglie's most famous discovery - most important discovery I mean, as he stated). So yes there is a LITERAL spacetime vortex. This is described in chapter 11 of the book Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality. So I had this happen to me and I stopped my meditation and turned to a quest to discover the true meaning - unfortunately I did not read the book in detail - and that answer eluded me for 10 years!! So essentially when the Shen spirit leaves the body it HAS to be "covered" by Yuan Qi (a spacetime bubble). Even qigong master Chunyi Lin said that one time he did too much healing and so he experienced this same dizziness and so he had to have his advanced students teach Level 3 while he recharged his qi through meditation. So I call this the difference between General Relativity and Special Relativity - again using science as an analogy. So with special relativity you maintain a constant speed without acceleration - I think that's the basics of it. So this is the same as the spiritual ego maintaining Samadhi as Pranja or Wisdom awareness as is required in Mahayana Buddhism. So for example Poonjaji described creating multiple Yang Shen bodies - bilocation - read his memoir, "Nothing Ever Happened." He appeared at his birthday parties - multiple of his bodies - since his different students wanted him at their birthday parties. But Poonjaji was not consciously aware that he did this! He found out later. So in Mahayana Buddhism they require that the yogi remains consciously aware via the spiritual ego - so there has to be a constant "upgrading" of the light - like a strobe light - the light has to be turned around. This is called the Quantum Zeno Effect in western science. So you can then prevent the "collapse" of the wavefunction back into a linear spacetime direction with gravity. Instead you maintain the 5th dimension as nonlocal awareness being merged with the Light as spiritual awareness. So qigong master Jim Nance http://guidingqi.com described this ability well. So he said - I have his direct quote on my blog - but I'll just paraphrase - it is like maintaining a stable photograph. But while that stable photograph is maintained then the Emptiness as Energy does the Healing on its own. So you are relying on the Emptiness as the Yuan Qi spacetime vortex to do the perfect healing for you. So for example if you have a precognitive vision - this is a dream that is MORE REAL than being awake. But you still have to go "out of samadhi" back into left-brain dominant consciousness to then analyze what it means - in relation to your "current" time frame. Maybe you will do this - or maybe not. Or there is the example of the most famous Buddhist master of Thailand - Phra Acharn Mun. So in his free biography - it is described how his meditation buddy was levitating. But as soon as he realized he was meditation (his left brain consciousness becoming dominant) then his body fell back down. So he had to train to maintain his samadhi as awareness in right-brain dominance - by turning the light around. So like a strobe light - he recharged the light as a coherent frequency resonance - and so he was awareness as Wisdom prajna that he was levitating. But as Master Nan, Huai-chin points out - these spiritual abilities are all still tricks while the Emptiness remains the only eternal awareness - as Ramana Maharshi also points out. So the end of the Taoist Yoga book states that the Yang Shen then dissolves or dissipates back into the formless awareness - the cosmic Yuan Qi. So it is the Emptiness itself that DECIDES when a Yang Shen will appear or not. So the more a person meditates then the more their body EMBODIES the Emptiness - or as qigong master Chunyi Lin http://springforestqigong.com has stated - his body is just an Empty Vessel for the Qi energy. So as Jim Nance told me - he had to train to let the Emptiness do the healing - instead of his conscious mind doing the healing. This is the difference between Siddhis and Shakti as India yogis recognize. Or the difference between psychic energy (yin qi) and spiritual healing (Yuan Qi).
  11. Climate Change

    There was a climatologist on a youtube channel - 8 months ago - he is a professor who COINED the term "global warming." He stated how we would need a huge amount of carbon capture machines just to negate our current emissions level - not counting growth. Something like 100 million machines a year. And of course how much emissions would be created to Produce those machines? Meanwhile.... https://www.patreon.com/posts/28765160 The arctic Methane Bomb is definitely starting to go off. This is it folks - for the first time in 3 million years - the arctic is going ice-free - very very soon. If not this fall then soon after. So even the corporate-state mass mind control media has covered how the arctic now is melting so fast - but STILL neglects to mention the ESAS methane bomb (much less the Global Dimming Effect).
  12. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    I go into that history of the word qi - in my training manual. The oldest meaning is "fire under water" to create "steam." this meaning is actually from the San Bushmen, the original human culture, going back from before human language crystallized - so around 70,000 years ago. So the fire is Shen and the water is Jing - and the Steam if the Qi. That's probably the simplest meaning - that PROCESS of putting shen under jing then CREATES the Qi. And the process is eternal.
  13. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Yes so the Red Dragon is male but has the yin internally as water and for alchemy - the yang spirit which is our external spacetime experience with the eyes open - this must be reversed - so that the yin qi of the red dragon (that powers the spirit) is then descended into Earth - and so the yin qi then feeds the yang qi of the water. So then the Red Dragon then becomes the female Green Dragon as wisdom energy of the Yuan Qi of the universe - after it has been sublimated up via the white tiger (which is the yang qi from the black tiger). Then the third eye and heart purify this energy so that the green dragon now has substance due to the red dragon blending with the white tiger - as their copulation in the third eye. So yes that is the reversal you speak of. But when the energy leaves the body, as John Chang points out, then it is as the yin qi without substance. So the Yang Shen relies on absorbing blue light of the yin qi energy - and this means that the yin qi blockages of the red light (the red dragon) and then being purified via the green light. So then just as in relativistic quantum physics - once the blue light (from the virtual photons of the future) are absorbed this then creates Golden Light via the green and red light. So then the Golden immortal body is the yang shen created from virtual photons of the future that are then absorbed back into the body and stored as PHONONS - or Yuan Qi ether energy. Phonons can not be seen but can be listened to - and so this is the paradox of the 5th dimension as the Emptiness. In science Phonons are not limited by the Pauli Exclusion Principle - but Photons ARE limited. So the PHonons are a kind of antigravity pressure - and this is what enables levitation also. So this is why the Golden immortal Yang Shen body always has to return back to the Yuan Qi source as infinite time-frequency energy or phonon energy of the 5th dimension that is in eternal motion but can not be seen. So science calls this "noncommutative phase" logic - is it the logic of the Taiji as explained by music theory. So the Void inherently has infinite yin-yang energy to it, embedded within it - for eternal creation of matter from spacetime itself - just as a black hole turns into a white hole.
  14. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    The inferior virtue - if you study Pregadio - is actually for the immortal body training. So with Superior Virtue you get faster results but with inferior virtue you are working against the mundane ways of the world - after enlightenment is already achieved. So the time is bidirectional intention and can not be separated. As I have mentioned - a dude was dying from cancer and I could smell his rotting flesh - since I had fasted for 7 days while meditating the whole time at age 29. So then Chunyi Lin healed him while Chunyi was in full lotus and so the rotting flesh death smell went away. But then we took a break and the dude had brought his female who then sucked off his energy. The energy was from the Emptiness and sent as a Shen healing but since the dude ejaculated - I could hear them through the thin walls - then I could also smell his rotting flesh death smell come back. So in that case the Superior virtue healing of the Emptiness was changed back into yin jing and the rotting flesh cancer death came back. I was shocked that the lady could even be in the same room with him but of course as WEsterners they were totally oblivious as to what was going on. So as the book Taoist Yoga explains - the left eye is Yang Shen but it is also Yin Qi. and the Right eye is Yin shen but is also Yang Qi. So then you have to rotate the eyes to make the Yuan Qi and the yuan qi emanates out of the third eye pineal gland. But the Yuan Qi is created via the right side of the heart. So the right side vagus nerve goes to the right side of the heart via the right eye as the yang qi. So that is the descending down of the yang qi but it has to be purified by the Emptiness via the yin qi and Yang Shen - which is actually from the virtual photons of the Future. So a Yang shen healing is to create multiple shen bodies - but you are doing so at different slices of Emptiness spacetime. Since the spiritual master is turning the light around of their Shen - then for them they experience it all happening at the SAME time due to light not experiencing time nor space. But the Emptiness is spacetime directly and so even "zero and infinity" are relative to spacetime itself.