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  1. The Three Channels and How to Work with Them

    ^ This is the correct 3 channels path. Ida goes down to the perineum, Pingala to the belly button area. No need to worry about these though, just keep peeling layers. I don't believe in visualizations because it is us creating an illusion. If we experience the channel it is different but creating illusions and imagining these channels is us digging a hole for ourselves in my view.
  2. Sikh tradition

    Sikhism is a spiritual path based on love and sacrifice. There is nothing else. It's a very simple straight-forward path. When you take a look at the history of Sikhism going back 300-500 years, you'll see they had 10 Gurus. All preached on universal love and sacrifice for the benefit of others. They sacrificed themselves for other religions as well. The 10th Guru made their holy book, which is a collection of spiritual poetry of beings who had attained the highest, these were writings of beings outside of the Sikh Gurus as well. Beings with different religious backgrounds. Truth is the Truth, Light is the Light regardless of color, creed or religion. There is only 1 Truth. Sikhism really does not have a set of requirements to be a Sikh, it's teaching are universal because it is all about universal love and connecting with God, you'll see that in the scriptures. Anyone can be a Sikh(open-minded learner), the gurus even taught to study other scriptures and teachings to see what you could get from them. The Tenth Guru created a discipline and mandate for those who wished to be Khalsa(The Purest of the Pure, Image of God) this was so others could know if they ever saw these Khalsa people that they'd be images of God and could be helped by them(it kind of backfired lots of fake ones with outside robes etc. but empty inside). The common theme you will find is universal love and sacrifice in their scriptures, it is spiritual poetry with such a steady rhythm that it can be listened to day and night. This is a path of steadiness, so their scriptures are written with such attention to vibration and sound and meaning to create a steady energy flow that never gets old. It is always new, always refreshing. For their spiritual path they use japa of the mantra Vaheguru, Vahe(Wow) Gu(Darkness) Ru(light) Vahe-Guru Vahe-Guru Vahe-Guru is chanted over and over and over to clean the mind from the veil of darkness that is keeping it from realizing itself. They recite 5 main prayers and listen to Kirtan(Singing of Scriptures) throughout the day, they are always blissed out. They are enveloped in love for their Creator day and night. They have no other support. Vahe-Guru describes the journey from Darkness to the Light, all you can say is Vahe(Wow) when you have that experience. They meditate upon the subtle unstruck sound and the whole holy book is basically praise of this subtle sound which can lead one back to their true home, it can lead one to the highest. Different names for this sound from different traditions such as Amen, Aum, Ong. Sikhs connect with this sound for their path to self-realization. They refer to this sound as Gods' voice and its' calling them home, they listen to it with much 💖, some just call it energy. But to them it is much more, the thing is all this energy has intelligence and it is Gods' voice/consciousness itself in the view of the true Sikhs. In the view of Sikhs from this sound came the 5 elements and the creation, this sound came from the creator so it makes sense that it can lead one back.The whole holy book is praise of this sound. The japa and purpose of mantra is to get closer and deeper to this unstruck sound which is resounding through the whole universe and creating everything. I know this path because I walk it. I am a Sikh 🙏 There is deeper spiritual stuff but I feel this is a nice summary
  3. Hi I am new here

    Thanks I want to form a system to restore the whole body allowing seekers and even non-seekers to recover their health quickly and bring their bodies into alignment to live a good happy healthy holy life. I keep searching for different methods and techniques for the past 5 years. I continue to search and continue to learn. Hopefully one day I can be of great assistance to many as many have been to me.🙏
  4. Hi I am new here

    Without physical health Rumi would not have been able to twirl to enlightenment. For self-realization in my opinion it is very important to have a good balanced physical body that does not bother you so you don't have to worry about it. Then it's all about rinsing the mind daily over and over until it becomes clear so the veil of darkness goes down and we realize ourselves. That is my perspective. 🙏
  5. Hi I am new here

    I came here looking specifically for physical healing tools to help me on the path to self-realization, I hope you guys can all help me accomplish this goal of mines. Blessings to all