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  1. Nei Kung Benefits

    Thank you man frfr imma check these out
  2. Nei Kung Benefits

    Thank you so much
  3. Nei Kung Benefits

    Should one open up their pineal glad first b4 delving into these kind of things or can one just dive right into this ?
  4. Nei Kung Benefits

    I had surgery on my left knee almost 8 years ago (I'm 24 now) from having a big tear in my meniscus so they just took out more than half of my meniscus so that I could recover faster as I had a very stressful high demand collegiate basketball career at the time & I felt I couldn't afford to sit out for too long . I'm new to Tao & I'm wandering if Nei Kung & Qi Gong can aid in restoring my meniscus cartilage . Also is using Mantak Chia books & DVD's a good option to go to ? Or should I wait until I can afford a teacher ? Thoughts & opinions would be much appreciated . Wholeness & Balance Vibrations yall