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  1.'s such a shame that you don't have a gift for teaching and might be able to create good instructional books otherwise.That book you have linked is a monstrosity of jumbled concepts, of talking about a lot of subjects on the same page without making sure that people reading it are familiar with all the terminology and that the terminology is rigorously and precisely defined from the start. You don't have even a table of contents.
  2. So you only recommend these two as beginners? what you think are the right recommendations for intermediate and advanced stages?
  3. Potent Systems

    whenever I hear this type of bullshit...that you need the "immortal master's" transmission ....or some kind of "Divine Grace" nonsense...and practices won't get you there....that sound more like they want to do some kind of ritual...who knows what they want to attache to your spiritual sounds more like possession...if practices don't work then why the f**k do them at all?I saw your psychic's picture, he looks like shit for his age, his parasite seems to thrive. Jenny Lamb talked about this,how many play with energetic practices and open their third eye and shit and their intention being acquiring power, that attracts lower spirits that posses them, she said people should be more preoccupied on cultivating virtues not play around with energetic manipulations that we honestly don't know what effects they have and what gates they open for some entities that want to feed on you.I always wondered why people try energy manipulation practices when they don't know what effect it will produce on a level that we simply don't have any organ senses to know what we're truly doing...we base our "knowing" on how we feel,even though our feelings most of the times only create more confusion.I heard a story about someone hiring a magician to harm a buddhist monk...i think he was theravada...the magician said that for some reason what he did didn't really work and gave up.unless at an lower physical and energetic level we manage to cultivate as many positive virtues and fix many of our denatured ways to perceive reality how can someone expect to advance to higher real spiritual knowledge? it's like western medicine who don't fix the root causes and imbalances but try to mask the symptoms with bandages...people think for a time they're well...but then the side effects surface themselves and everything gets worse.
  4. Potent Systems

    Tao stillness I don't know if you have considered the thought but why haven't you asked your main clairvoyant to find out specifically for you what is the best stagnation/meridian clearing approach and how to improve your sensitivity?...he keeps testing for you qigongs you keep searching for and can give really accurate readings on how it will affect you but he can't provide ultra individualized advice for you so you can fix your energetic problems?...something doesn't sound right about that.
  5. Potent Systems

    what Russian method? previously you talked about Yigong by Jenny Lamb that tested the most powerful, what video is that?
  6. Potent Systems I recently think that what Golden Path writes here is the most major thing you can pursue, qigong in itself won't bring that much benefit to prolong your life considerably.
  7. Hi guys

    Hello guys...untill now I've only been practicing more realistic martial arts I learned from online courses and now I'm interested in some spiritual aspects that I hope to learn from members here. Wish you an awesome new year!