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  1. The way you all act in this forum

    products and consumers? The Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality "school" doesn't sell anything. So do you consider "dragon" and "tiger" to be part of a school? I consider them to be principles that transcend even China - the dragon was most likely originally the crocodile from ancient China and so connects to India and even Egypt. Only the Octave, Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth are found in ALL human cultures. So the Octave is the Emptiness and Yang is the Perfect Fifth and Yin is the Perfect Fourth. Those are the basic principles of the oldest philosophy of India as well - the "three gunas" - and also from Pythagorean teaching. These principles go back to the original human culture, the San Bushmen, from even before human language had spread to different dialects!! So the San Bushmen intentionally use gibberish words in their healing songs just as qigong master Yan Xin did mass healings in many parts of China where they could not understand his dialect!! So then we can understand the principles without even needing to understand the language. That is the beauty of music as meditation.
  2. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    yeah western science is dependent on external technology that has to be a standardized reproduction. This is why "quantum biology" is still dismissed as woo woo by many standard physicists despite the subject of "quantum biology" making the cover of SciAm in 2011 and then "quantum biology" being the science award winning book in 2016: "Life on the Edge." As for "chaos" and "fractals" and "power laws" and "exponential" - those are all still Western symmetric logic. I made that error in my 2000 master's thesis - that the Taiji could be equated with a logistic equation from chaos science. Nope. As my reviewer (who initially wanted to publish my master's thesis as a book) Charles Madden points out - the Taiji can NOT be a fractal since the Taiji does not use symmetric logic. So actually hardly anyone knows about Eddie Oshins as he worked at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center but he only had a master's degree and Oshins was very pissed that the New Age had co-opted his research and then twisted its meaning around. But Oshins did collaborate with math professor Louis Kauffman (whom I think maybe even reads this forum and my blog). I have corresponded with quite a few quantum physicists on this matter - so for example David Bohm's model is being continued by his collaborator Professor Basil J. Hiley whom also now relies on a "noncommutative phase" logic. So I would recommend studying Alain Connes if you want to understand noncommutative phase science - as it sounds like maybe it is new to you. It DOES require a total "re-write" of Western science - for example "noncommutative calculus"!! For me - I realized in 10th grade that Western science was based on faulty logic and so I secretly rejected the Pythagorean Theorem! This still raises snorts from the couple friends I have. haha. Because of course anyone doing anything "practical" like construction relies on the Pythagorean Theorem! But maybe what we think of as "practical" really isn't such! So yes Western science is very limited but there have been some interesting attempts to "convert" Daoist training and Eddie Oshins is the only one to have cracked the secret of the logic of Neigong - in my view at least. I mean as I posted here - I figured this out on my own and then I SEARCHED the interwebs - since I am largely self-taught (after my master's degree) then I figured SOMEONE must have figured out this secret. Sure enough - it was Eddie Oshins! But he actually died young and I guess he was ridiculed or something as someone posted online that he was insane or something. Oh well. I asked Kauffman about this and he never said anything about it. On the contrary Kauffman has corroborated the important work of Oshins. Oh also Nobel Physicist Brian Josephson told me he practices qigong and NOW he is studying Louis Kauffman's noncommutative phase logic as well!! So no one can use an MRI without the Josephson Effect and it's also the basis for the origin of the VOLT at NIST. But if you read Josephson's Nobel Laureate address he states that the origin of the effect is "symmetric breaking" aka that the origin of reality is ASYMMETRIC (not the symmetry that Western science is obsessed with). oops.
  3. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    This missing brain yet functioning normally case situation is discussed in the Holographic Universe book by Michael Talbot - an oldie book but Spring Forest Qigong master read it and said that the book is an accurate portrayal of reality. The book features the work of Karl Pribram (neuroscientist) and David Bohm (quantum physicist) and so argues they had a similar view of reality. But Eddie Oshins worked with Pribram and Oshins unsuccessfully tried to explain to Pribram that he did not properly understand quantum phsyics. Oshins also taught Wing Chun and Oshins realized the secret of Neigong is the noncommutative phase logic of quantum physics. So this is a kind of dialectical reversal of extreme Westernization since otherwise ALL of Westernization is based on symmetric logic from the commutative principle (qp - pq = 0).
  4. Mixing systems

    As for the "founder" of Spring Forest Qigong coughing? well I first met him personally when he spoke to my graduate University class on spiritual healing, in 1999, and actually my housemate had meditated with him personally when he started out teaching at a local community college. He then had gone back to China for more advanced training. So yes sometimes he does cough to clear his throat but he does NOT "bounce back negativity" toward people. I personally saw this qigong master making Yuan Shen out of the top of his skull to send out to heal people when I took his Level 3 retreat in 2000 - and I was at an advanced level then. So he is constantly healing people but when he clears out blockages the energy goes back to the Yuan Qi Emptiness level beyond the Yuan Shen. So when I told his assistant - qigong master Jim Nance about what I saw http://guidingqi.com then Jim said yes that Chunyi was sending out "individualized spirits" to heal each person in the room and that was a very advanced level of healing that Jim could not do yet. So for example the "founder" of Spring Forest Qigong (his name actually means Spring Forest) stated that when he returned from China that the air pollution had been SO BAD in China that it took him a while to clear out that blockage. But that may have been before he had his experience of his heart stopping for 2 hours. So he said after that experience of his heart stopping for 2 hours - when he was still walking around fine - then he said that his healing level increased more. So essentially my point is that when he clears out blockages this is as a "beyond death" experience beyond the heart. And yes the "founder" also shared how he read the "Autobiography of a Yogi" book - that was back around 2001 or so when he was still fairly new to the "west." So he later shared how he doesn't have time to read books anymore as he's too busy doing healing.
  5. Opportunity to cross paths to meet with Livia Kohn

    my guess is she got that from qigong master Effie P. Chow - check out her vids on youtube. Chow was doing that muscle testing based on positive thinking as her qi demonstration for probably since I saw her in person in 1995!! Also there is a Gallant qi machine that relies on voltage testing using a pendulum. I did a blog post on it and my farm friends have relied on it. So the pendulum response is supposed to measure whether a person's voltage is strong enough and somehow this correlates to certain diseases that the machine measures based on the voltage rating. I'm not sure on the details - it's used more in Germany I guess - some kind of Biosensor qi machine... then the condition is treated with homeopathy.
  6. Proposed simplification of forums

    you seem to be implying you're interested in learning about the subject? Or are you a priori cutting off any interest in researching the topic? If it is not the later you can start studying quantum biology and Sir Roger Penrose - oh I know you mentioned and dismissed their work before I think. But they are not alone - Hameroff and Penrose I mean. Plenty of researchers are corroborating their model. https://arxiv.org/abs/1708.08887 Cell vibron polariton in the myelin sheath of nerve Bo Song, Yousheng Shu (Submitted on 10 Jun 2019) https://arxiv.org/abs/1906.03795 Yes I am speaking from experience also. I did my serious training in 2000 at age 29 and since then I have "reverse-engineered" my experiences back into science.
  7. Dr. Nisha Manek talks about her qigong research at the Mayo Clinic and that leading her to work for Dr. Tiller.
  8. So Dr. William Tiller has relied on Louis de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony to analysis qi energy - and when you read his "white paper" https://www.tillerinstitute.com/pdf/White Paper VII.pdf He goes into how the Photon fits the requirement for the "symmetry breaking" at the origin of reality - or what he calls infinite "absolute phase." This is precisely the same analysis as what other scientists call "noncommutative phase." So I guess his website doesn't have an email contact and I doubt he knows about Eddie Oshins - too bad! For example Oshins critiques the Fourier Analysis that Tiller still relies on. But anyway - it's a fascinating science model to explain qigong. It's probably the "closest" yet to really capture the secret!! So then in the book TAoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality - the Yuan Qi is from yang qi and is considered fundamentally yang while the Yuan Shen is considered fundamentally yin. So then after the Yang Shen is created - then finally the golden light is purified of its "yin qi" (red light as yin shen) blockages in the body. The physical body is then pulverized and the Yang Shen vaporizes into pure Yuan Qi of the universe. But the Yuan Shen as the photon remains part of the Absolute Void of the Yuan Qi also - meaning that the Yuan Qi is always emanating light. In relativistic quantum physics this is explained by the fact that white light shining on gold then only absorbs blue light due to the nonlocal (and non-commutative) phase shift between relativity and quantum physics. This is explained by de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony. I did a blog post on this also. So again just as in real science, in TAoist Yoga you absorb the blue light of the yang qi as a "spacetime shift" of the Yuan Qi which then converts the red light of the yin qi blockages (yin shen) into the yang shen - but my point is that this process occurs via the "Shen of No Shen" or the Yuan Shen. So the "white light" can also be considered to be "clear light" as the Tibetan yogis call it (or the "light of no light" as it is called in the Taoist Yoga book - because the white light still needs to be "turned around" and so phase-shifted back to an infinite "absolute phase" from the FUTURE - as an absorption of blue light to create the yang shen golden light immortal new matter (yuan jing). So in the 5th dimension this process is happening eternally and impersonally as a universal Law of Phase Harmony (as de Broglie considered this his most famous discovery). So for example Astrophysicist prof. Paul S. WEsson, in the last couple years of his life, realized that de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony explains his 5D black hole model of reality that ALSO explains (he emphasized) spiritual phenomenon!! If you want to see quotes from Tiller's white page with further explanation - I just did a blog post on it - just scroll way down at http://elixirfield.blogspot.com So to get back to the de Broglie Law of Phase Harmony analysis - if you read my 77 quotes from scientists on the Law of Phase Harmony - you learn that the photon IS the reciprocal space to the electron as a noncommutative phase dynamic. So what I'm trying to get at is that this nondual non-local and noncommutative origin of reality is yin-yang at the same time! It is yang shen (yin qi) and yin shen (yang qi) that is cross-resonated or how ever you want to call it - through the rotation of the eyes and turning the light around via the small universe meditation. This is also explained through music theory as well, as I have done. So that 2/3 yang qi but it is also a subharmonic that turns into yin qi - and so the yin qi is turned back into the yang qi - via the phonons that are not restricted by the Pauli Exclusion principle. That's how you get the alchemical transformation of matter via photons and virtual photons.
  9. Proposed simplification of forums

    So if someone posts a "male" topic in the general discussion but they don't have access to the male grotto forum - yet their thread belongs there - then what happens to their thread? Maybe that should initiate a mod "invitation" to such person to join the male forum while their thread is disappeared or move there in the meantime. I'm just saying that seems to be the MOST COMMON mod "violation" on this site. thanks
  10. Proposed simplification of forums

    u just reminded me of my extended relatives discussing their body cavity searches as their jobs at the jail. Just saying the gender section shouldn't be a similar test (although I could get into female mammals and oxytocin neuroreceptors).
  11. Proposed simplification of forums

    If you're a 7th Day Adventist that's gonna be an interesting Forum!
  12. Proposed simplification of forums

    well they're not being quick to accept the HARD DNA science that the Vedic chariot culture invaded India after 2000 BCE. Meanwhile the "three gunas" in India is much older by thousands of years if not tens of thousands. oops!!
  13. Proposed simplification of forums

    The etymology of the word "God" is BULL just as Brahman also originates as Bull etymologically. Fascinating tidbit - Professor Karen Armstrong's book "A History of God" NEVER gives the etymology of the word! Hilarious!!! So also read math professor Abraham SEidenberg's essays on the ritual origins of Geometry in India. A good claim can be made that Vedic philosophy is WESTERN.
  14. Proposed simplification of forums

    yeah the "structural" definition of the New Age is therefore the promotion of Golden Ratio foundation "materialistic idealism" or Platonic philosophy - it's actually also called the "religion of technology" - a good book on this is Professor David F. Noble's "The Religion of Technology" that proves how the Freemasons also created modern Western science (which most people don't consider fringe). As for the last claim - yeah - this is SUPPOSED to be "walled off" into the Men's cultivation section - but I guess we lack MODS now so the new posters tend to put this stuff in "general discussion" without knowing better and then nobody moves it. As for the "physical fluids don't materialize" - that is a nice way of putting it! I would say, if you have not done so yet, then study the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" for how this process goes from material to immaterial, etc. In terms of science we are talking about ionized lecithin that myelinates the neurons of the body and also stores electromagnetic energy - or electrogravitic energy (if you study certain scientists). Is the practice dangerous? Sure - there can be all sorts of kooky strangeness but Nature is both dangerous and strange as well. But we could say the same about say depleted uranium weapons or mass light rail transit or whatever Western concoctions we get to deal with today - plastic or the electromagnetic pollution of cell phones, etc. Too bad we can't "wall" that stuff off. haha.