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  1. Why am I not Enlightened?

    I am Chinese and grew up with the culture of Yin and Yang. Hot air and cold air. I-Ching. Fung-Shui. I do not reject my culture rather that I look at it from a different view. To me, it isn't absolute ... the be all or end all. It is as Ram Dass once said, "It is all grist for the mill". If one gets entangled in it then one misses the other things that are available. Of course, my parents and some relatives use to swears by it. And in fact, my marriage was governed by it. No one cared what I thought. Note: Hot air and cold air refers to the kinds foods one eats and it effects upon the body. It is all about balance. Can be better explained in this Youtube video
  2. Why am I not Enlightened?

    Please do not take offense. That is how you see it. Ying and yang. Your opinion. That is fine. Yes, an Eastern concept. It seems that you have adopted it. That is fine too. Heat expands, Yes, and cold contracts. But cold is the lack of heat. Opposite? Without light is darkness?? Gravity attracts as a force and is everywhere a person is. To create a force to push one away from the earth is not a natural force like gravity. So not opposite. Not really yin nor yang there. In magnetism, there is a north pole and a south pole. No real monopoles. There are negative charges by itself and positive charges by them selves. It is however called electro-magnetism. Weird?? However, there is matter but have not found antimatter in the same quantities. See, just examples. Yin and yang is where you wish to see it. No, nothing to believe or dis-believe. These are concepts. Things thought up by a person. Understand them if you wish. Not everyone has to understand them. It isn't a requirement for anything. You are hung up on this concept of Yin and Yang. What do they call that? Being hung up on opposites? Duality?? Light and dark?? Right and wrong?? An object is neither right nor wrong unless I think it so? Again, please take no offense. I am not here to argue. Like the atheist who believes in a sprit or soul. You can believe whatever you wish. But, to force it upon another is cruel and unusual propaganda. I apologize if this upsets you. It is only meant to present a different point of view.
  3. Hello all

    Did not have to go into such detail but thanks. Me, immigrant family. Grew up in NYC. Hung out with wrong crowd and got into a lot of trouble. Long story short, I straightened myself out. Got married and had a daughter. Retired and ready for the old life. Wish I could sit all day but wife has projects for me. Welcome to the conversation/forum
  4. Doesn't Shikantaza carry with it some caveats? Such as without the crutch of watching breath, the mind can wander more easily? That over time, the attention is easily lost in the midst of ideas and thoughts that arises while sitting with no focus? IDK. It is not an easy practice for me. Probably some will find it as good a method as any? Still, there are plenty of methods available. Guess it depends upon the person?
  5. Why am I not Enlightened?

    High to low is system looking for equilibrium. Entropy. Yin and yang are Eastern concepts. Heat expand. There is no cold. Only a lack of heat. Gravity attracts and there is no force that pushes apart. I neither believe in yin and yang nor do I disbelieve. As I said, I like to play in the shallow end. Less headaches.
  6. Why am I not Enlightened?

    Time is a function of memory. Without memory, there is no knowledge of past, present or future. And because we remember, we can see a past and the present and may be what is to be. So, in this perpetual unfolding of the now, we make preparations for the future from our knowledge of the past. Motion is a function of change in distance over the change in time. To say it is an interplay of yin and yang is to say there is something that we do not see or feel but confers change in time and space to our lives. Is it wrong or right? I have no idea. Too deep for me, I like to play in the shallow end.
  7. Doesn't answering this kind of question require one to have experienced Kensho in order to be able to answer it? I have noticed that while doing beginner's breath meditation that the words "In and Out" sometimes drops out and I am just focused on the breath. But, once I noticed that, I am back to saying the words. It is like a reflects from becoming alert to the mind wandering or following thoughts. The attention is switched back to the process of watching the breath and saying the words "In and Out" with the breath. I do not know if it is being done right. But, it is what I have chosen to do until I can become effective in quieting the mind and focus my attention.
  8. Transgender Q&A

    Are you saying that working with the mind of the individual to get it to align with the physical genitalia is currently considered abusive? Is it working with the individual or is it working against the individual? What kind of treatment are you talking about?
  9. Transgender Q&A

    Sorry double post
  10. Transgender Q&A

    Thanks for the reply. So, meditation changed the desire to have family? The Buddha's story is that he had all the luxuries. Wife and son. But, he left them anyway to seek enlightenment. Personally, wife and family have always been a desire and meditation had no affect upon that. It only became a side dish (so to say). Meditation, for me, was just something in addition to life. Well, thanks for the information.
  11. Transgender Q&A

    Q&A? My question, hopefully does not sound insensitive, is ... may be better I just shut up ... did transitioning change any desire to have family? Raising children? Having a partner? Or does this belong in that is too personal category? I apologize for my ignorance in these matters.
  12. What are Buddha 's teaching on householders

    I thought the teachings on house holders is the same for everyone. Be good. Do good. Live a good life. Practice meditation. As to where the house holder goes, I did not know there were different heavens. From what I see here today, the sun shines on everyone, the good, the bad, and the indifferent, everyone. Just like the rain, it falls on who is there. Is there someone at Saint Peter's gate to judge one's merits and atrocities? Can sinners at the last minute repent and find entry to Heaven? Personally, I believe, the place you go to is the same. It is just how you experience it is different. That pretty much depends upon the person.
  13. Why am I not Enlightened?

    Irrelevant. The Universe is bigger than the last Bbang. There is more to the universe than can be seen with light. What caused the last Bbang? The infinite warping of time and space. What exist beyond is what came before. The Bbang did not cover the whole universe. It only covered our space of the universe. 13.8 billion light years across. Sorry, time and space are just aspects of each other. Just like energy and matter are in an equivalent equation. E=m(c squared). The missing factor is the speed of light. Travel at the speed of light and time stands still. Distance becomes meaningless. Motion while traveling at the speed of light is impossible. Time is a function of space. Space is defined by the matter in it. Matter is just energy. Energy gives rise to motion. Motion is time and space. One can not know the speed and vector of a particle if one knows its position. Observing a particle affects its properties. Double slit experiment tells us so. Consciousness matters and affects it to the point of illusion. Yes, now I am just rambling on because I can. Haha.
  14. Use cannabis to build Chi

    Too long, did not want to read all the posts. Drugs? Some are good and some are bad. Some are both good and bad. In the beginning, it may help to experience something else. Slowly it doesn't help and becomes an addiction. The old joke, I am not addicted to pot. I can quit anytime. Addiction, proof is one still smokes it. Addiction can be subtle or an all out blood sweat and tears fight to get off it. Ram Dass used drugs to alter his conscious awareness. This allowed him to experience a different conscious mind or perception. That allowed him to move forward, knowing that there is something else. But, his teacher warned him that it will be come a hindrance if taken too long. It is likened to the story of the hermit, he goes into seclusion and practices. His mind becomes quiet. But when he goes into the city, his concentration is lost. So, the question becomes, what good is your practice if it must be only certain conditions?
  15. Why am I not Enlightened?

    I said it the answer resides with the person asking the question. You have answered your own question. Personally, I doubt that I would ever be with ten thousand women. I have a wife and am satisfied with her. So, in the end, it really is the person who is asking that holds the answer. The mind's true nature is no-thing. You will not find it on or near the body once the life is gone. It did not arrive with life and it does not leave when life leaves. But, one will not find it if life does not exist (Ooops). Of course, you could say life is an illusion. But, then whose illusion must it be? And what is real beyond what one believes? And Self? It does not exist according to the Buddha. Note: These talks can go round and round. I believe this is why Buddha did not like discussing thing like this.