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  1. How to become less blind

    PPD is updated tomorrow I will bring in some Kriya practices for now two powerful Bon Practices May be found next I will give basic ZaZen instruction. @Starjumper please send me the links or post them here to your Aura picture and Any other post having to do with it. I believe I may have your answers and practices you want.
  2. How to become less blind

    Please wait need to add some stuff.
  3. How to become less blind

    PPD has just been updated, I am working my way forward the first section is complete. I am now going to start with some practices.
  4. How to become less blind

    Ok then if it only helps 1 person it will be worth while. I am going to start with techniques that are not Kriya because I want people to be able to do Kriya for themselves. To do so they are going to need a common starting point. I think the best way to approach Kriya is with some Bon techniques. Kriya without the ability to feel energy is like kicking a motorcycle down the road and then jumping on it until it runs out of momentum. Lets see if what is described can bring people to the point of feeling...
  5. How to become less blind

    In reading this I am becoming very soft heated towards seekers all over again. It seems to me people just need a few simple practices that are safe and effective and I have a great desire to share some. Perhaps I will rework my PPD and give some practices that I have found worthwhile minus the fluff. Anyone think this is worthwhile or just a waste of time and effort?
  6. How to become less blind

    You have experienced true Yoni Mudra. Congratulations.
  7. How to become less blind

    You have experienced true Yoni Mudra. Congratulations.
  8. How to become less blind

    With true Kriya there is no chance of harm. Why? The reasons are several. #1.You are not pulling prana in from external sources, nor attempting to build it up. #2. You do not compress or purposely build Prana in any one point where it becomes like a soda pop can shaken ready to blow. #3. You only work within the central channel which is not the same as in other systems it is deep inside the core of the spine if one were to give it a location and it is very fine and small in diameter. #4. The chakras are energized and by the energization are purified. There is no circulating Prana any where else not the side channels nor the limbs nor the countless Nadis elsewhere. If energy flows elsewhere accept it enjoy it and watch it and it will go where needed then dissipate. There is more but I am out of time. Feel free to ask I can recommend only 1 teacher though. His Name is Donald Abrams.
  9. How to become less blind

    That is the problem. there are many but they are not masters. You absolutely will not, PAY ATTENTION PLEASE, will not meet a master of the caliber of either Yogananda or Paramahamsa Hariharananda today. Why? Because their mission is fulfilled and learning can be received by those they left behind. I do not mean SRF Just to be clear that is now a church. You most certainly will not purchase a guru. I and others became entrapped in the snare of seeking original Kriya Yoga have been used and were lied to. Do not trust the spiritual marketplace. One way you can be sure is those who denounce the spiritual marketplace do so with hand out and are collecting money saying I am not part of the market place. If a teacher says these are my fees up front and you can vet his lineage like Don Abrams then you can trust them. You can decide in a reasonable manner what the exchange is worth it to you or not.
  10. How to become less blind

    From what I have seen the ones claiming direct contact with Babaji are often like in SriM’s case not referencing the one in Autobiography of a Yogi. Those that claim to be reincarnations of Yuktesar are clearly frauds anyone with 1/4 of a brain can sniff that out. I seriously doubt the Babaji from the book which is not entirely a work of fiction has any need or desire to go around churning out more would be teachers. I have known monks former SRF Monks and those that have edited the book and the lessons. The majority of the story is factual but professional editors were hired to take the supernormal events and write them in such a way that they were better received. Now is Babaji of that book real? Does he exist? I would say yes but not based on that book. Shibendu Lahiri whom I learned from in person not in a crowd, the great grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya confirmed his existence. To know why what he says is important you really have to spend time with him in private like I did. He is heavily influenced by Krishnamurti and is not a teller of grand stories. He is rough, rude and over the top no punches held. He is irreverent to the extreme. When it came to discussing Babaji he becomes very careful and very quiet and very, very serious the look in his eyes changes becomes reverential. When he describes the meeting with his great grandfather it is vague he does not go into all the fluff and pageantry that is the norm every since the ABOY book. When addressing crowds he likes to stay on the surface with this stuff saying this meeting happened and inexplicable this and that and some thing occurred and he gives a vague outline so as not to misrepresent anything. In private he is even more cautious and serious and reverential. Those things told in private I will not share. Let it rest with Babaji is real. Real and what works have been done through the Family lineage of Lahiri and Yogananda and his student Hariharananda are more than sufficient and there is no need to mint crusaders to set anything right or create more organizations and churches or cults.
  11. How to become less blind

    Yes this is it exactly. I have seen this in Kriya as well. A big problem in Kriya is too many false teachers and too many false exercise manual books. $$$$$$$$ lots of greedy people. The other problem is a lack or really qualified students. Those who are not ready get taught for dollars. In a way it is okay, as Kriya does nothing to set up the conditions or prepare those who are not ready so no harm is really done. A few dollars spent on some entertainment and that is all. When a person can feel the energy, when it is moving on it’s own already that is when a person is ripe for Kriya. So many become fascinated with so much stuff like the “breathless state” “Kechari Mudra” and do not realize it is the Chi or Prana that alone causes these things to occur. The things these teachers never tell anyone is that absorption is impossible without Prana, Chi, energy flowing. Until it is all one is doing is conditioning ones mind for the event of this happening. This is good because when and if it does the correct guidance into the correct channels is needed. What should be taught to all is to become still, become, silent, become spacious then the force will flow. Here is a little practice focus in the lower abdomen navel and below is good no need to be specific to a point just let it be a field of stillness, a field of silence, a field of spaciousness be there now and in each moment that passes. Experience what comes. This can be done anywhere and in any point in the body as well as without but stay there for safety. My advice: If you perceive energy good, now discover what suits your temperament and learn from a teacher.
  12. A question about the “Power Seekers” in these Daoist traditions. Are these the people who perceive very little to nothing of Chi, I ask this because I have observed this in Kriya. Those who can not feel prana = Chi can not effectively practice Kriya yet believing practice for decades to no avail and jump to things like Wim Hoff to get a quick junk food fix. Is this the same character that is being discussed here?
  13. How to become less blind

    Depends on your audience, yours is different. Truthfully most who bite on the Kriya worm and swallow the hook which is so easily obtained are not ready. Back in the 1920’s when Yogananda came to the West he taught in person and cherry picked those ready and taught them more like Real Kechari Mudra because without the energy being known the outer form alone is a pantomime at best and an excuse for zealots to maim themselves. Before long the tail wound up wagging the dog and he became food for an organization. Teachings are self protected. For most you are secluded quit enough.
  14. How to become less blind

    Well Kriya Yoga was never what Babaji taught. Lahiri Mahasaya a student of Babaji Naga Raj asked for permission to teach common folks some practice they could do as otherwise they had no hope for advancement. Lahiri coined the phrase Kriya Yoga. And they are a few very simple practices for every day people to get a leg up. later it got commercialized and all kinds of wild bullshit promises and statements were bolted into it. ”Jet Plane route to God” Shit Sells! If your mission in the 1920’s was to bring some good medicine to the ignorant west you had better wrap it up in a sweet pastry and blend it with the dominant religion otherwise you will not sell enough to benefit anyone let alone keep a roof over your head. This is what Yogananda was taught by Western Capitalists when he left India. Sincerity and value do not often sell well on their own or as the old timers in Pittsburgh used to say. Kid it ain’ the steak that sells no matter how good it is! It’s the sizzle that sells the steak!
  15. I subscribe to the notion all teachings are self protected. This means that even with the best teacher in person if it is not for you or you are not ready you will get nothing from it. That also means for those it is for, even a hint may be sufficient to gain great insight and the practice will be fruitful. For those that it is for both the teacher and the student would be a blessing for each other no? Is reincarnation a part of Daoism? I tend to think not or else there would not be such emphasis on immortals being a thing.
  16. What are you watching on Youtube?

    A very old video.
  17. Stillness is very important. It is in stillness silence and spaciousness where answers are explained for one thing. The Steps are like this. Become still Become silent Become spacious There are practices for this and the only way to understand the importance is to become these three things then you will get it. Connections are. They exist as you theorize. human ego mind is a tool, without it you can not express in this lifetime, it is only a problem when ignorant of this and even then for those that are truly ignorant it is a non issue they just Push their "I" daily through life. The people it is a problem for are the ones waking up to the facts of the matter, then you have a problem. Spiritual practices come from this realization. Many if not most practices help indirectly solve this as they lead to absorption and the Samadhi states where transformation takes place and answers become intuited. As far as trusting your instincts goes it always a good idea. Just be aware opening up the heart is not all a bed of roses most carry significant pain there as well it is a warriors undertaking the heart is no easy thing, it is one of the major Granthis or Knots in yoga to release. Is it worth it? I'll let you know when mine has finished maturing but it is not easy. So far I would say yes it is worth it in all seriousness but I swear it is awful confusing when you feel great joy and cry.
  18. How to become less blind

    The site has been hacked it needs to be taken down and the host needs to likely upgrade / update PHP. Then re-upload the site. If it appears to be working for you then it is likely you are seeing cached pages what I am seeing is most certainly not your site.
  19. simplify

  20. So yes and no. You are completely correct and completely wrong at the same time. Allot of the way you perceive the world is correct but it is colored tinted as well. The world, The world you know that is a mighty big place. How about we narrow it down to your world instead. Even that is pretty big. Here is how you make the world a better place. Make your inner world a better place, then when you meet a stranger that smile will be a real smile and you will induce loving kindness and joy in others if you can do this just by bringing this out sincerely in yourself then you are worth a million princes. This is how the world improves. For instance I was doing some grocery shopping the other day and I was up in the high heavens of the 7th Chakra and above. My heart Chakra was flooded with divine joy and I was evidently glowing and grinning like an idiot. A rough looking guy accustomed to scowling saw me and said hey try not to be so happy! I laughed and he broke up laughing like it was the best joke ever and said just kidding. You know in that moment his soul was free of decades of earth life and he was a beautiful being again. The world is huge with Billions upon Billions of souls coming here in this time in history when Earth is abundant and strong, young enough to take the strain of so many and so many are getting the lessons they need from earth life and earth realm and they are varied and many and so many fine striations as to defy counting. it is all very beautiful when the enormity of it all does not overwhelm. For all the Billions present there are far, far more that are not incarnate. We are small yet oh so very important. Remember that. Everyone is precious and matters. Earth has not always been like this it will not always be like this. Allot of what you see is overpopulation and with it comes a lack of room and space for your fellows. Many evils follow this. So you are here now and questioning and this is good out of all the many who come here and other places it is less than a thimble full of all of humanity and that is okay. Everything in its time and place everyone in there’s. Work on developing a kind and gentle heart, one that melts rapidly and angers slowly and you will have achieved much. This Earth this life is very special being here now with the ability to communicate with others is a tremendous blessing. This was not always so for many of us, we suffered isolation and uncertainty, welcome, welcome. Don't worry so much about the world make you a better world then the outer will follow.
  21. Interesting that you wrote this I had to keep coming back to write and then post and find such similar words. OP you have the start of a good thread here. Keep your questions short and direct.
  22. Do you have a practice? if so please share. For instance my practices have their root in the ability to feel energy vibration / electrical / magnetic, hear the sound of the life current and to see it as well. To do these practices requires an affinity for them and they have to suit your temperament and your ability to grow from rapid changes they induce as side effects. All these practices have one function to lead to one pointed absorption and samadhi of differing degrees. It is during the absorption changes happen, the practices are the vehicle.
  23. I will answer in the other category. Other Category: Personal Evolution: Fulfilling your potential and discovering just what that means in the doing. There are many ways and you have to figure out which one suites your individual temperament best.
  24. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    The siddhis or Psychic Senses are nothing more than extensions of the senses and ones that are different that are normal yet not needed to be activated in any high degree while incarnate on earth. Some believe they are nothing more than a distraction and a hindrance on the way to some imagined something which they can not even describe. If we follow these assertions then people should be blinding themselves as sight is a distraction as well or at the very least take your glasses off so you may see less and therefore be less distracted. For a near sighted person this means you are now at a severe disadvantage of even being able to survive in the world as you will not be able to drive your vehicle or ever go anywhere that is less than very familiar to you without the crutch of another person to tell you what you cannot see and guide you in your blindness. Furthermore in your blindness of seeing less you will draw false conclusions concerning people and the world around you as well. So when in Rome....... What develops on it's own in time or via practices is fine just fine. When the need is present the ability develops until the need is present it does not. So you may ask how this need becomes a need. When I was young no one knew I needed glasses, I used to run up to the eye chart memorize it and repeat it mentally in my head desperately to fool the School nurse so I would not be forced to wear glasses. It was not until my eyes became so nearsighted that there was no hiding it that I got glasses from that day forward my perceptions of the world were forever changed. When either through just plain living and inner growth find yourself aware of inner space, silence, stillness, spaciousness then you will need to be able to operate there, in order to do so physical eyes alone are not enough, neither are any of your regular senses so the senses that are needed come on line the body for this also develops and there is carry over into the realm of flesh and bone and blood and feather and fur. This is the natural unfolding un-contrived unhurried way. Then there are the ways of contrived practices which lead one to the same stillness, the same spaciousness, the same silence. Practices however tend to take one deeper into these realms at a more accelerated rate. The body for these grows at an accelerated rate as do the senses. I think the rest should be rather easy to work out.
  25. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Ah yes I know but there are several versions and was interested in which version by which translating author you found useful. Could you share the ISBN? Will take a look at it on Amazon. Thank you.