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  1. Question about breath retention

    Well let’s see I forget what color pill does what but after taking a nap and in the dream eating ribs like a wolf and waking up chewing in my sleep I am avoiding the asshole with the pill that leads to slop in a can. Gotta get ribs tonight looking at pictures of meat has awakened the inner cave man!!
  2. What happens to suicides?

    Well what happens? For one thing you loose the opportunity to experience things that are wonderful you never imagined or believed were possible and as long as you keep living the chance for the unexpected and wonderful can change your life. Just allow yourself to think and feel “What if?” Secondly I regret to inform you that wherever you go you can not escape yourself. If not on this plane then another you will still need to sort this. There is no easy way out best get comfortable and stick it out that is your best solution even if you can’t see it now. You were born here for a reason I don’t know whose or why that is for you to discover even as it has been for each and everyone of us. That you took human birth is proof positive it is in your best interest to see it out, it does not really last that long anyway and as you get older time goes faster and your moods change become more mellow. It is truly a win win to stick it out. As for meaning well this is where you need to put in some effort and decide what you want your life to mean and just get off your ass and do it. Decide! you know what it is important get off my ass and clean my home today and throw everything you are into doing your work. When a negative mood bugs you just say not now I’m busy deal with you after I am done working. You can do this with anything start small with the things that we all know are common and need done like brushing your teeth, moping the floor, cleaning the toilet. Then apply it to work or school and every facet in your life and soon as you learn to make things important, things will matter to you and life will have great worth and you will look at this as a phase you went through. This is how I dealt with it around 30 years ago. Sure I could have checked out but that option is always available so might as well stay and discover why I came here. Not gonna lie to you have had plenty of ups and downs but they have all been worth it and I am fulfilling the purpose of being born here to the best of my ability by discovering it day by day. My advice to you is choose to stick it out because one day the choice to be here is getting taken away from you anyway why rush it? If you think there is some place better for people who do not fulfill the obligation of getting a human birth to see it out I seriously doubt you will be welcome there if it exists. In my 50 years of human life I have observed their Ain’t no such thing as a free ride, ain’t no such thing as an easy way out or a quick fix. Karma is a bitch, Don’t piss her off by killing yourself.
  3. Haiku Chain

    first tentative steps these are the voyages of bums in inner space
  4. Question about breath retention

    If you say so but I ain’t wearing any of it!
  5. Question about breath retention

    I prefer mostly bag of water filled with piss and shit or meat body if you must, but must confess the nasty crap receptacle is kind of funny too.
  6. Question about breath retention

    Well said and nicely explained.
  7. Question about breath retention

    The reason why fasting helps is less Prana and nerve energy is being used for digestion. Right now you are working with a more body type energy that comes from food, air, water not the raw source but that which has already been processed and modified for body life use. This is good. In time you will learn by working your way backwards to entertain the raw source. Later it becomes less about the body and more about real stillness, but that takes a while for most, you are on the right track.
  8. Question about breath retention

    Neti Neti gave a great experiential answer. It all depends on the practice and the tradition. I also think allot of instruction has been misinterpreted as holding the breath. Here are some examples. In Kriya which is a Vedic and Tantric system of techniques and technologies of light and energy combined we take brief pauses but that is not the same as holding the breath eventually when the mind gets still enough as it were, then the energy flows and takes over then there is no need to breathe for whatever period of time it lasts. Even in the Tibetan practices of Tummo there is one thing that holds sway above all else. The mind must become of a certain quality of stillness for the energies to flow then the breathe suspension required for it to be effective does so on its own. One of the simplest most effective means of stilling the mind is zazen sitting Zen. Overall though you are coming to it in your way which is more mechanical and is a great realization on its own. My advice is to follow the more mechanical way that DWAI has generously given. I also seriously advice you to practice the 9 breaths of purification otherwise the energetics that will develop one day might harm you. What you are experiencing now is the tip of an iceberg. You can still the mind by stilling the breath but when the energy stills the mind a whole new reservoir of energy opens and floods in And is the time when more advanced techniques become alive not mere exercises.
  9. Haiku Chain

    Wringing out my socks Zounds but mine feet doth stinkith Got to soap the toes
  10. So are you asking if ecstasy as introduced by teachers a gateway to the rainbow body experience? If so I do not know but would like to.
  11. What is your take on this topic? What are your thoughts about body of light and the whole direction towards it? and what is to follow? I am sure you comprehend the mechanics of it, that is to say how it all works. Thanks.
  12. It would not be surprising Sufi practices also found its way into the higher Kriyas.
  13. Guru Yoga is a great practice. In simple terms you connect energetically with an advanced being. Tapihritsa is a favorite of mine. Mantra and energetic connections are used. The 1st purpose is to purify the body speech and mind. The 2nd purpose it receive essentially what is a firmware and software upgrade from an advanced being who has already arrived. You can learn here https://www.ligminchalearning.com/starting-a-meditation-practice/ and here is a video of Guru Yoga a guided practice you may enjoy.
  14. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Good job bro, I am happy you are getting through this just remember all the Chakras are how our awareness expresses. Crown should purify the lower ones so the expression improves. 🤗
  15. Haiku Chain

    Smile upon my face Sharing a moment of grace Light up others face
  16. Blah, Blah Blah. Steve upset your Apple cart. You let him get your goat. Your problem now. Grow up and deal with it.
  17. simplify

  18. ADD or ADHD

    I agree, and it is wise not to put others in special situations they do not deal with well. The trick is knowing what they are. For example I have a brother whose wife talks sex at me and hits on me and lacks boundaries and self control. This does not go well with me, so I avoid any thing and everything having to do with situations where she will be present.
  19. simplify

    Intergalactic, planetary, planetary, intergalactic
  20. You are too generous. But nice.
  21. Looks beautiful to me like artwork caught in motion. Thanks for sharing, the picture has a very nice feel about it.