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  1. Help with reversing effects of visualization

    I don’t know how my headaches got like this, all of did was meditate daily for 15 minutes a day for two years. I didn’t do anything advanced. 🥲
  2. Help with reversing effects of visualization

    I don’t have a teacher I was just meditating everyday for 15 minutes with celibacy. Who is Gerard?
  3. Help with reversing effects of visualization

    Hi, If I visualized chi coming into my head with every inhale, how would you suggest training my body to the opposite ?
  4. Where do ascended people go ?

    Those links were interesting thank you. Are you suggesting there are humans incarnated on different planets of the solar system ? I have to check that out.
  5. Where do ascended people go ?

    Hi, Where do qigong practitioners go when they ascend ? Is it a different realm ? A different place in the universe ? I haven’t found anything online that says where they might go.
  6. Help with reversing effects of visualization

    I’ll try what you recommended I’m 24, have been doing meditation/qigong for two years and this started 3-4 months ago. I’m curious why would fasting cure this ?
  7. Hi, Every now and then I see a post somewhere on the internet about advanced Galactic beings such as pleiadians, helping humanity ascend by blasting higher vibrations to the earth. What is your take on this? Do these beings exist, and if they do are they helping humanity ascend as so many people claim they are ? It's said earth is raising in vibration and that they are part of the beings helping this happen.
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to know how to reverse the effects of this visualization I did. I did this visuazliation where I would visualize chi entering my head on inhales. Now chi enters my head on inhales automatically. It's pretty uncomfortable, My eyes have started to get strained I think because of it because they have light red lines now. How would I reverse the effects of this visualizaiton so that when I breathe chi doesn't enter my head, and I breathe normally ? It also gives me headaches, I'm 24 if that matters. Thank you.
  9. Hey I saw a post where you said you can emit chi. How long have you been on the energetic cultivation path for?

    1. -ꦥꦏ꧀ ꦱꦠꦿꦶꦪꦺꦴ-

      -ꦥꦏ꧀ ꦱꦠꦿꦶꦪꦺꦴ-

      Hey @Cultivation1, check out this post from 小梦想, he can emit qi


  10. Newcomer

    Just zhang zhuang static poses. 5 poses for 3 mins each.
  11. Microcosmic orbit transmission

    Hi everyone, I’ve been meditating for two years, I for the first time went to a qigong school a few days ago. The person in charge who’s a member of a Taoist lineage said he could give me a microcosmic orbit transmission and that it would take 1 week to open. Is there any potential downside to doing this ? By that I mean is it risky to open it in 1 week? Could a transmission give me energy with bad intention ? I don’t know anything about transmissions aside from that it’s sort of like pre programmed energy. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  12. When a master dies, sometimes their students say their master is still visiting them and teaching them... Does that mean the master ascended from his light body ?

    1. dwai


      It will take more than a few paras to explain what happens. I’ll make a post and tag you on it when I have some time. :) 

    2. Cultivation1


      Thanks I would absolutely love that. 

  13. Newcomer

    Hi everyone, I’m 24, have been meditating /doing qigong for 2 years now, and my motivation for making an account here is to learn to go further with my cultivation.