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  1. Haiku Chain

    Lights without shadows here They appear from nowhere found Where is that spot found?
  2. The Perils of Meditation

    If there's struggles that come up in daily life, it can come up during meditation and outside of meditation. It's kind of nondual in a sense. It's a way to yourself understanding and not understanding how things are. Walking that fine line helps one tremendously. I have read above that standing meditation helps and it does but remember what are you doing during these moments, are you thinking or focusing on something? Maybe the trouble comes from not doing it correctly.
  3. The Perils of Meditation

    How is it dangerous?
  4. simplify

  5. That thing about patience ... again...

    That's good. Keep it up. Now the thing is to apply that sense of waiting elsewhere which I think you are already doing.
  6. That thing about patience ... again...

    But a watched pot can boil. There's where patience relies. Wait long enough and then tea is ready to be served. That's why patience can be called forbearance. I call it waiting quietly or not making a fuss too much.
  7. Using sexual energy to open the heart ?

    Just let it go. Not the energy keep that.
  8. That thing about patience ... again...

    I like this one. Very funny. As to what the original poster was asking, start by being patient with small things. Maybe you had to wait for the microwave to stop and got frustrated when it takes too long to heat up the food. That's when you start being patient. Small things matter.
  9. Translation

    Hey, this may not be the best place to post this. I apologize in advance but does anyone know someone who can translate a diagram for me? It's in chinese, possibly traditional chinese characters. I'll show the diagram in private messages.
  10. If you get used to the feeling and know how to still perform your tasks while it's happening, then it will be just a sensation.
  11. Focus on your lower dan tian. Wherever your mind goes, the chi follows. Honestly, if you just sit in meditation, and bring up the thought that makes you angry or sexually aroused, over time, you will realize how to not be moved by those emotions so much. It's more like you're aware of the emotions and letting it be rather than suppressing it. Or you can replace the emotion with another one. Anger to understanding and compassion, sadness to happiness.
  12. My intentions are not to cause more bickering but I did find TI's argument interesting and it reminded me of this fact: The Buddha has been poisoned several times. Each time he lived. This is why some scholars say that he chose to enter nirvana at that time.
  13. Why keep the mind clear?

    Oh, I haven't, Mandrake. I will give them a look.
  14. Why keep the mind clear?

    Mandrake, you're right. It doesn't say nimitta in the sutra but rather it explains the method of focusing at the tip of the nose until a bright light appears. I will have to find the section when I have a chance and then post it here. I apologize for any confusion. I did not realize that you guys were literally looking for the word nimitta in the text.
  15. I like this thread. It reminds you to take non-discrimination as the foundation of your practice.