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  1. Funny, I was about to note that in a book about Hakuin, he wrote that one should investigate their koan at the dan tian.
  2. Ahh, saying exactly what you're thinking. However, remain respectful at the same time. That way one doesn't cause the being to seek revenge in the future.
  3. Can you do an episode on speech? What I found in myself is that I have worries on my mind and when I speak, it sometimes comes off as mean. Although the original intention was out of compassion, I just utter crap out of my mouth and you can see the other person's face react with surprise. I have noticed this in other males as well, they don't intend to be mean but when they speak, you don't want to help them anymore.
  4. That's what I'm saying. the word "Alien" kinda brings a strange vibe to it. If you believe in gods, angels, demons,spirits, ghosts ect. then it's not much of a surprise really. Just the word alien reminds me of scifi films. That's what people expect too.
  5. Listening to this and contemplating it in meditation makes you realize that there is a whole lot of beings obstructing you. About every single moment, a demon obstructs through many means. That's why there is no reason to get mad during meditation when you realized that you got thrown off.
  6. One of the best episodes for those who have a family. Really answers the question that many have about having a family. It is a choice and people shouldn't take it lightly. I enjoyed it and really allowed me to evaluate the belief that everyone must marry or be in a relationship.
  7. A suggestion: an episode on emptiness, what it means in the Buddhadharma, and the various types of emptiness that occurs during meditation. There are many who talk about experiencing emptiness but I'm sure if that's merely a first step in the way of cultivation.
  8. Did you get a chance to redo this one. I remember you said it sucked and you could have added more to it.
  9. Haha it reminds me of Tai Chi class when the students are talking about tai chi and I'm like wtf? I never heard all this stuff before. I learned it's best to listen then to burst out stuff that isn't relevant.
  10. Lol my mike was so damn loud. I am using a laptop although. I thought it'll be edited up a little and the sound lower but whatevs.
  11. Damn the new podcast is excellent! Some good notes can be made of it. One note from this lecture is: "Karma is the innevitable outcome of things you cause. Merit is the outcome from the things you apply yourself in." Lin, you didn't really explain the definition of virtue or I may have missed it.