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Found 2 results

  1. New guy says hi!

    Hello, I was referred here by a redditor after making this post: I copied and pasted it below. I have high levels of energy which I meditate on and run through different circuits frequently. Some days I try to "burn" with my whole body at once all day long. I am familiar with rotating major and minor chakras on two axis of rotation, and the stimulating effects that has on the energy meridian pathways. I can feel where the meridians go and identify where acupressure and acupuncture points will stimulate. I can warm myself when cold and heal myself. During intense energy meditations, my point of awareness isn't at the third eye, it's wherever I'm focusing, and I can look around and see the energy fields of my body, the chakras, the meridians, the physical anatomy as well, and it's all dancing in all colors of the rainbow, and is accompanied by beautifully harmonious astral music. I don't believe I've had a full Kundalini experience, but when I do connect the tail of the snake through my root to the earth, or the "below", and run the head of the snake through my crown to the "above", it feels like going super saiyan, especially if I'm cycling with the whole universe, fully open, sending and receiving to infinity. Am I right in thinking that I should be putting more energy into the environment now? Feeling my surroundings and working energy with other people? So far I can put up a strong shield, I can "feel" people, whether they're close or far, and send them energy, having beginners identify the areas I send energy to and whether I'm sending energy or pulling energy. All information on energy work I've found thus far teaches how to do these things I've become familiar with, but on my own I've started to find things I haven't heard about before, like seeing the energy and hearing music. Does anyone know where I can progress from here? Any high-level books I could read? What else is possible?
  2. Note: The Bible- Also the Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, Nag Hammadi scrolls, etc Koran- Howard P Lovecraft- his works Aleister Crowley- Book of the Law Helena P. Blavatsky- her works Scientology Christian Science Mormonism- Joseph Smith New Age Channelers: Ramtha (I don't know any others) We can add other works, infamous or not. Tibetan, Egyptian, Sanskrit, -Afterlife journeys, etc What does it come down to? What individuals are emotionally/spiritually/physically/mentally aligned to, at that current period. Cultural, National, Financial etc., Politics, and/or Agenda, behind the credibility? Who controls History? Those who invest the most. Who "pushes" what becomes popular? The Mainstream Media can either make or break it. First, new material is ignored (especially if it goes against mainstream) Then the author is attacked to lose credibility Once the majority places interest, it is Acceptable. Rinse (literally) & Repeat