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  1. Nisargardatta's method and Ramana's, are exactly the the SAME. Both give the instruction to seek the source of the I-amness. All you must do is abide as the Self. Once you have the firm knowledge that you are the Self and not the body it isnt long before the knowledge transmutes into non-knowledge (only the Self state). The source of I, is the Heart, pure awareness, pure being. Abiding as that quickly destroys the ego. (i amness).. where there is no I-amness it will be impossible for thoughts to form. You will be like space yet not the space. There is no limit to your Being. You are IT. eternal and ever lasting. You always were. it was the "i am" that was the sole illusion.
  2. The whole thing is you have to have either the highest devotion, to see the Lord in all and surrender everything including your ego to the Feet of the Lord. Or you must search through inquiry what is the source of the ego. In sleep, there was Existence with no ego, now there is Existence, but "whence this ego I-thought". Firm devotion and rigorous inquiry is abidance in the Self. If you practice like this, the Sadguru showers His Grace on you. Then your soul shall forever dissolve in Brahman and you shall drink the nectar of immortality at the Lord's Feet. Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Arunachala Ramanaya!
  3. See the whole thing is you are not the body. The I-thought is the "i am the body" thought which for normal people takes control over their crown, brain and the nadis making them think they are the body. Self inquiry is reversal. So when ur done and the thought goes you truly experience, "you are not the body". So for you no one is participating in anything. Everything becomes your peace and bliss and happiness. Truly theres nothing to complain about and no more questions to be asked. All you can do is help other people to realize their own Happiness as the Self.
  4. Sorry for the confusion. Well when the I-thought dissolves into the Heart, you achieve Sahaj Samadhi. Sahaj Samadhi only means the natural state. Actually you are always in Samadhi is just because people believe they are their minds they think they have to enter samadhi. Also its best to read Ramana for stuff like this. But to realize the Self you don't necessarily have to achieve Nirbikalpa Samadhi, though that definitely can be an experience before or after Realization. Realization just means your ego has been dissolved you the Realization is what was always there Sahaj. Then yes everything you experience is experience within your BEING, so yeah the website is right. Your Heart is universal. That doesn't mean you can read minds or clairvoyance or any of that stuff. You see the Heart is the Self, so when you loose ur ego and BECOME the Heart then that is Sahaj. The no world thing means though the 'world' is seen it has no reality. The only Reality is the Self, so everything you experience is your Self, but since theres no mind you can't say you experience anything so one can only say there is ONLY the Self. This must be felt. You see the I-thought is what creates the feeling of an 'other' and projects out the names and forms. Once the I-thought goes, all name and forms go, and there is only Self. Thats the no world bit. And its Ultimate Peace. Here check out my teacher. He can lead most to the Self in a short time if one is dedicated. http://www.ramaji.org/
  5. No when the i-thought goes its permanent. Your jnana is unsteady and will not check reincarnation. You must preserve until there is no ego left (i-thought). Then you will have realized the Self. All you say are only thoughts. The reality is there is only the Self, All is the Supreme 'I'. Tibetan Ice you have a long way to go, but it can be done in a very short time, if your desire for liberation and your love and devotion to God is strong. You go through many stages before Realization that may seem like enlightenment but they are only stages. First theres the no-self stage people go through. Then the "i am the universe" stage. Then the "I am the divine being (archetype)" stage Then the pure "i am" stage. However the final realization is when the "i am" goes. All there is left is Existence, One without a second. And you were That the whole time. Ramana said seek the source of the ego. When the ego dies in the source, the Heart shines as I-I. There is only 'I'. Only Being-Awareness-Peace
  6. The 'world' so to speak is only a thought. The I-thought is the root thought. Once the I thought dissolves in Brahman all goes and there is ONLY Brahman. In deep sleep there is no world because your I-thought is in hibernation int he causal body. When the I-thought dissolves in the waking state there will be no world for you. And there is also no writing of any post. Nothing is happening. For you it would be to inquire "who sees this" to isolate the I-thought which is the root of mind and all karma ad reincarnation. It'll all come clear in the end Peace Ausar
  7. Okay this is to clear up much confusion: When you realize the Self there is no world to be seen. Realizing the Self means the I-thought has dissolved forever in the Heart, or pure awareness. The object of Self-inquiry is to keep the i-thought in the Heart. To do so when ever the i-thought rises from the Heart, inquire "Where does this I-thought come from" Then the i-thought will immediately sink back into the Heart. One must try to not allow the I-thought to enter the brain, and create thoughts. However if this happens one asks "To whom comes these thoughts" Then the I-thought reveals it to be the one that is having thoughts saying "I am having these thoughts" Then ask it "where do you come from" During Self-inquiry one will experience the lifeforce concentrating within the sushmumna nadi and flowing to the crown and down to the spiritual heart center. Other experiences include seeing Sadguru in the Spiritual Heart center, seeing light there. Other experiences include feelings Peace and bliss. Some may experience the nectar of Bliss coming out the Spiritual Heart pervading through the body. Some may experience being washed by Divine LIGHT from above. Some may enter the cave of atman (2 digits from the right side of chest) in Nirbikalpa Samadhi. However througout all these experiences one must ask "WHO is having this experience" to isolate the I-thought. Liberation only results when there is no more I-thought regardless of these experience. When the I-thought is dissolved there is no more mind. The mind has been destroyed forever, and there is no I-thought rising for you. THen there is only timeless spaceless BEing awareness Bliss of the Reality, and there is no world for you. THis is written from experience. Hope this will help you on your way. MAIN THING IS, you must knock down every thought into the Heart. Also get transmission from a realized one. However GRACE IS ALWAYS THERE. In the Self with Peace., Ausar

    I believe all that you need is a TRUE guru/sage to lead you... then all is well
  9. Yes the spiritual heart is the gateway! When resting in I AM, the lifeforce travels to brain then descends to the right side of the heart. Once i sank into it, and it was pure love, not-knowing state. One feels that he has been in that pure love state before when an infant!

    Dorian you might want to check out Siddha yoga and kriya yoga if you are looking for what you were saying in the above. Get the book autobiography of a yogi by Yogananda. The siddhis and abilities described in that book with kriya yoga absolutely outshine all the stuff ive heard with daoist stuff. Things include materializing a palace out of thin air etc... and the 'immortal' powers like bi-location, levitation, living for thousands of years etc etc But in kriya yoga and siddha yoga there is alot more love and devotion to God realization. Siddha yoga is like kriya except the shakti is transmitted from the guru's grace instead of mental effort by means of the student. It is my knowledge that you have to be initiated into these yogas. For siddha yoga check out Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. For my knowledge most of these guys who've had kundalini awakening have not had it at all... the shakti has to be transmitted. This is just what ive read and heard from others... other than that i have not had much experience with the kundalini except for seeing a red at my third eye when listening to certain indian chants and feeling a blissful energy up the spine
  11. No creator in Buddhism?

    When he refers to "I", he refers to the Absolute or the SELF, not to any individual. Beyond time and space, being and non-being, ultimate state to which no words can be attached.. see sri nisargadatta maharaj, ramana maharishi, Robert Adams, . without long inner exploration of your true nature and a sage to guide one is hard to grasp. Robert Adams - "I-am that. I-am that absolute reality. That was never born and will never cease to exist. I-am pure intelligence. The same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I-am empty space. Nirvana. I-am sat-chit-ananda — being, existence, bliss. I-am bliss consciousness. Water cannot drown me. Fire cannot burn me. I have always been and will always be. This is the truth it is unchanging. Like the chalkboard. No matter what pictures appear it has abso- lutely nothing to do with me. I abide in the Self. The Self is my protection. The Self is my Self. I may appear to have a body, a mind, but this is an untruth. This is hypnosis, mesmerism, illusion, maya. In reality I am not the body or mind. I am not the doer. I am pure con- sciousness, absolute reality, parabrahman. That is the truth."