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Found 11 results

  1. I'm writing a book on my neikung findings

    I'm writing a book on neikung and kundalini I have synthesised and unlocked the theory of neikung anatomy through intuitive as well as geometrical correspondences
  2. New member!

    Hello everyone! I'm Ege, Turkish guy who lives in Italy and I started learning from Master Chia last year. I also do Tai Chi which I started about a year ago. From the moment on I learned about the internal work and its possibilities I cannot think anything else. Realized I've been attracted to it whole life. I count myself a dedicated person. I want to master internal work all my life. Studying dentistry in Italy and would like to incorporate chi healing with my line of work so I can integrate eastern and western perspectives. I am still at level one though (need encouragement with it), and the progress is so slow. Hope to connect with people and expand my knowledge all my life on this platform. Thank you 😊
  3. New member, hello to all !

    Hello from Germany / Europe, thank you for granting me access to this forum ! My main intention is learning and asking questions, plus being able to learn from other experienced practitioners. I am coming from the Yang Style Tai Chi form and started out with basic health improvement goals. Nowadays I focus more on topics such as Nei Kung, safe ways to open energy channels and in general similarities and differences in meditation practice ( Taoist / Chan / Zen / Shamatha practice ). I welcome all guidance and once again thank you and my best wishes to all here in the forum.
  4. Looking for a teacher

    Hello im wondering if anyone on the forum knows of any masters or skilled teachers that are in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Im going to be moving down to the city to go to school and would like to immerse myself more in the internal arts. My goal being I want to integrate the old with the new and supplement my boxing/wrestling (mma training) as well as develop healing abilities along the way. Currently I practice Zazen meditation and the spring forest qigong level 1 standing exercises.
  5. Nei Gong Forum?

    I'm thinking about creating a nei gong forum, but first I need to anyone would be interested in participating. If you're wondering why I'm thinking of doing this it's because, for the most part, the only reason I'm on TTB in the first place is to follow nei gong/mo pai related threads and sort of keep an eye on what's going on. However, as it turns out, I think it's quite obvious that TTBs is a good place for these threads. It is my opinion that there needs to be a separate forum for Mo Pai/nei gong related topics. Anyone agree with this? Who all would be interested in participating in a nei kung forum?
  6. Where can I learn neikung

    Where can I learn neikung level one, I have little money.
  7. Hello! I am not one who Is much into greetings, but here I am! Rock me like a hurricane. I've been practicing qigong for 2 years now ever since I've seen, John Chang, just like a lot of other people! lol. I had a spiritual awakening and have been into energy work, martial arts and meditation ever since. All day, everyday. Everything I have learned Is from online seeing as how I live In a small pennsylvania town in a valley. There's no martial arts masters around here. Trust me. So, during a lot of my "qigong" "neikung" how to or technique searches I find myself here and have found a lot of useful information. I'm basicly a monk who loves technology, Perfect mix of east and west. I don't connect to a lot of people but tt doesn't mean I don't desire to, so I decided to join this online community seeing as I am passionate about the interests. I am not affiliated with any religion, but I have become highly spiritaul and get a lot my morals from eastern philosophy. If anything, I am taoist. I love mind, body, spiritual training, harmonizing with nature. I've learned a lot from Bruce Lee and Miyamoto Musashi, my greatest teachers. I've had type 1 diabetes for 21 years and have dealt with severe depression and psychelogical problems, but have changed my life since the awakening, meditation and the discipline of martial arts for the better and now I am on this train untill the end. I hope to meet a lot of great people with wisdom to share. Peace!
  8. Dividing Dragons from the Snakes

    Hello Everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself, give some background, and explain my goals for utilizing these forums. Hopefully someone might be able to point me in an appropriate direction after reading. Soon I will be leaving on a sustainable agriculture initiative to work with some tribal peoples in South America. I will essentially be spending two years in a very remote place without running water or electricity with a decent amount of free time. This to me seems like the perfect opportunity to get some real work/practice done in qigong/yoga/neigong/neidan/weidan/etc and/or the other techniques discussed in these forums without the usual distractions of daily life. So, I've been digging around in the forums for a few weeks, as I wanted to do my due diligence before posting. After hours reading through with seemingly hundreds of tabs open on my browser, I feel I haven't made much progress in finding truth. Threads tend to devolve into arguments and heresay. So I'm hoping those with a little more experience can help me discern the Dragons from the Snakes. Who is legitimate? Who are the frauds? Wang Liping, Dr. Jiang Feng, and John Chang appear to be authentic in achieving a high level of mastery in their various lineages. David Verdesi is a controversial figure to say the least. Can anyone say with confidence who has real attainment and is worth pursuing as a teacher and mentor? I would love to hear your recommendations about where to start my journey. I hear one can injure themselves pretty severely if they train incorrectly. I'd like to eliminate that option from the get-go. Here are the books I own so far: -Opening the Dragon Gate - The Making of an Authentic Taoist Immortal trans by Thomas Cleary -Ling Boa tong Zhi Neng Nei gong Shu - Wang Liping and Richard Liao -Daoist Neigong - The Philosophical Art of Change by Damo Mitchell -Both of Kostas Dervenis books The Magus of Java and Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages -2 of Bruce Frantzis' books on the water method of Meditation: Relaxing Into Your Being and The Great Stillness I would certainly also appreciate your recommendations as far as resources and books. So far all of the complex metaphors and translation issues has been fairly confusing to me. Does anyone have a preference for a translation of the Dao De Ching? I'm also beginning work with a yoga instructor so that hopefully I will be able to sit in Full lotus position by the time I leave for South America. Lastly, I wanted to share my motivations for pursuing this path. Obviously they are multifactorial, but ultimately it boils down to simply a yearning to understand the nature of existence itself. Who and what am I? Why do I or any of us exist? How much potential do I have, and how can maximize my ability to make a positive impact on the world? Don't get me wrong, of course I'm psyched about the abilities that supposedly come along with that understanding, but to me those are just awesome side effects and great tools for helping people. Anyway, I wish everyone the best and look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you soon!
  9. Ok this text will be about building channels in the body. These channels serve no other purpose then to either pull in or push out massive amounts of energy. This has to be done so that the organ and other channels do not get destroyed ( this method can later on be used to help improve said channels so you can have better health and such. Like improving a car or house you are simply adding to the original structure) or cause you burn out. This information people do not want out but since I am not affiliated with any school that taught me this I am going to put it out anyway. First like I said this was given to me in meditation or what ever you want to call it gnostic trance communion with the Divine. It was alluded to being called a system of RODS but I call it the opening of eyes. This opening of eyes technique can be used on almost any point. But be prepared for certain results to happen ( specifically when I opened the spleen charkra with this for about 3 days I felt intense worry although my over all health improved). I do not recommend this on the main charkras bc it can be intense. If you choose to do it on them and run into problems let me know I will help you. The meditation is very simple and you can do it in minutes however the lower the meditative state the better the result. If your having trouble staying awake there are ways to keep you up that force you to stay awake but they can be unpleasant and damaging if your not carefully. One way which I learned how to do meditation on is to drink something with caffeine in it and go through and relax the body from head to toe deeper and deeper. But we warned it will be hard. A easier way and one that is not as detrimental or the need of outside sources is to use all 5 senses when you meditate. This is what I currently do and it works great. So sight sound touch taste smell and feel like you feel energy. If you can just have these happen fake it til you make it. If you can look at a table or a wall and feel how it felt on your hand with out touching it then you can feel energy. Ok this is my personal run down of the energy system and charkras. If you disagree thats fine you dont need to do this. If you disagree or want to flame ok also I do not have all the answers so if there is a question I can not answer I will let you know. Charkras : these are vortexes that funnel energy into the body. They are much like black holes they have a event horizon and PULL FROM ALL DIRECTIONS not just from the top or bottom. Ever point on your body has a charkra and a dantien ( ie accupoint pressure point). The lead into the next portion. Dantiens: The charkras lead to this singular infinitely dense point. This point can dry up or be blocked. ( just like the charkras) they are surrounded by 6 gates in essence a cube., The dantien starts out as nothing and opens into a sphere. With all the sound and sensation you expect from such a occasion. This is the "EYE". These dantien and charkras are all over the body the main ones we are concerned with will be the joints, hands, feet, .taiji pole, and the eye between the knees and below the feet ( BE WARNED THE CHARKRAS BELOW THE FEET LEAD INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOUR READY) and above the head ( THE CHARKRAS ABOVE THE HEAD LEAD TO THE MORE "HEAVENLY" ASPECT AND WHEN YOU OPEN THEM YOU WILL BE OPEN TO INFLUENCE SO YOU MUST PUT FILTERS ON THEM DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOUR READY) also the eyes of the temples ears fingers and toes, and lesser 3rd eyes. When you open these centers up you will start to hear things you will start to see things it can be unpleasant and scary... ABANDON ALL HOPE YEE WHO ENTER THIS PLACE.... The Gates: these are filters to these energy systems many things can happen with them and they can be built into other more complex shapes. I say this because even though a cube has many directions it still has areas it is not pulling from. A octagon or more complex shape eliminates these areas of no pull and allows the sphere ie the eye to get more energy. So its a work in progress. RODS: These are criss crossed HALLOW TUBES that are constructed in the body they NEED TO BE TEMPERED AND MADE TO BE ABLE TO CARRY DIFFERENT ENERGIES.These connect to the gates and can only be constructed in a straight line. One final warning this is not a game this is not to be taken lightly there is serious risk involved with doing this. With bringing this energy into your body and opening these points... RISK ALL GAIN ALL 1 Face East close your eyes state I am breathing in omnipotence outloud. Feel the Divine white light enter you body on all levels. Imagion your body as a shell that has this warm healing Divine energy comming into it. When your full move on to step 2. 2 Your nothing when this starts your body mind and soul is nothing in the blackness you will be brought to light by this technique. All visualizations are in a dark glowing red. The first eye is in the center of the hand. If you dont know where the center is take your thumb and push inside down into your hand and do the same with the index finger. Dead center of the hand between the middle and ring finger bones. When this and all other eyes are opened they extend out on a sphere so it will be like a ball in the center of the hand. Breathing in brings energy into this point so you going to breath into the HIPS DEEP AND FAST while imagining this point opening up. You want to hear it reeving up like a engine or a scream what ever you associate with power. Once that is done your going to build the Gates THESE HAVE TO BE BUILT IN PAIRS. So front back, left right, top bottom. They start from nothing open into a square this square is just a outline and you can still see the eye inside it. It keep them open imagine a drawing of a eye on the square with 6 rays on the top and a I like a pillar in where the pupil is or a Pyramid. This will keep them open until u change the shape. this also acts as a filter to stop certain things from entering. 3. The rod to the wrist is very short but very important ( side note do not do the fingers until you connect the rods to the Taiji pole and Dantiens inside the body It might just cause alot of energy to gather in the hand and thats the way I did it so if you do it another way its on you) your going to breath in fast and deep same as before. fill the ROD extend to the wrist. Take another breath in and see lines criss crossing on the ROD this leads to the Gate way of the Wrist. 4 There is not much more to type the process repeats and keeps repeating. You will always find more places to connect and to open. The ROD follow the bones for the most part you can make them bigger or wider or slimmer in different parts like the forearm. That breathing technique can be adapted to use on other systems do what you want with it. Incase your unsure here is the layout Wrist Eye and Gate the ROD to Elbow Eye Gate and ROD to Shoulder Eye Gate ROD to Tiji Pole and also go DOWN from the shoulder to the HIP GATE EYE ROD to Thigh to Knee Gate Eye ROD to Ankle Gate Eye to The 3 centers on the foot in the heel center and ball all same procedure Gate Eye Roded to the next. The eyes on the outside of the toes and fingers are opened and ROD to the the tips Then the first joint then the Gate Eye ROD to the next and so forth until you get to the eye in the hands or feet. Alot can be done with this take it and do what you want with it figure out how to use it. Black Pheonix
  10. Can anyone recommend this system of 72 levels, can you please share any experience with the system -
  11. After watching John Chang on YouTube recently and then reading the Magus Of Java I decided to do some research about him and send sms to my Chinese Indonesian wife's family in Indo to see if they had heard of him. I received 2 replys that said they have never heard of him But I did not give up, I sent the YouTube video to one of my wife's uncle's who watched da video and sent me an sms back saying he knows John Chang but he is known by another name. Chinese Indonesians have their Indo names but also go by their Chinese names when with other Chinese. The uncle advised me that John Chang had been to his place on a number of occasions to work on my wife's Grandfather, (Kungkung) and da uncle I was in touch with. It turns out that my wife is related to John Chang by marriage and John Chang's niece staying with me in Melbourne last year and will be coming again to visit at the end of this year. I was married in Indo, lived and worked their for more than a year and I can speak Indo. As I visit Indonesia once a year and have stayed in John Chang's city on numerous occasions staying with the uncle, my next visit I will set up a consultation with the man known to the west as The Magus Of Java ; Dynamo Jack ; John Chang... BTW my mother is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and I have been studying Philosophy for the last 13 years. My favourite though is Taoism.