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Found 7 results

  1. Cell theroy of Immortality

    I've always searched for a way to not die of old age and make my time on this planet unlimited unless I die by other means(ie. Someone kills me or I sustain an injury that kills me), and I recently learned of HeLa, the immortal woman who although body is gone her cells are still alive and reproducing 70 years later, so I wished to know if anyone here knows or at least heard of someone controlling cell reproduction and making them fast enough to extend they're life, if I manage to find that I don't truly plan on living forever just to extend my life long enough to finish learning all the knowledge I can before passing it on to someone else and dying peacefully
  2. Types of immortals

    Please explain difference between human, earth, spirit,and golden immortals. I think jade emperor is higher than golden immortal. Please explain which type of immortal jade emperor
  3. Taoist master John Chang has passed away. 5 Feb 2020 My condolences. Some say he fell off his bed. Let us, and those mopai practicitioners, if you are bow with sincere respect.
  4. Hi everyone, I want to become immortal. Is there enough information on the Internet that would allow me to attain immortality? And what are the best resources that would allow me to do that? Thanks. EDIT: Obviously I am not talking about physical immortality but spiritual immorality where one doesn't have to reincarnate again.
  5. Golden Immortal Any opinions or thoughts on Gold immortals?
  6. Hello, An initiation in London is coming up for Xiao Yao Pai and I am thinking about attending. It sounds interesting. I just wanted to ask anyone who has been initiated and done the practices what there experiences have been with Xiao Yao Pai. So, what are your experiences? Both 'normal' (improved mood, health, etc), and mystical (seeing auras, communicating with deities when you didn't before, increased intensity of energy in practices, healing abilities, OOBE, etc), and, whatever else (like improvement in practices)? If you can (concisely) describe the practices involved that would be appreciated too. Would the practices involved be called Neidan? Neigong? Qigong? Any (concise) relevant information would be appreciated). I'm still quite new to Chinese and Taoist terminology.
  7. All right guys and gals, I have to ask you this: Do we have "taoist immortal lovers" on board, a loving couple which practices taoist alchemy together with the goal to raise up together and exist forever in happiness as immortal lovers in the realm of the taoist immortals? of my not so obvious traits is that I'm pretty romantic, haha! And I think this would be a pretty awesome goal to achieve.