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  1. Why LonemanPai is just another fake alchemy website

    There's quite a few, new people, signing up on my forum, mentioning this thread. Here is the (now perm-pinned) 2 year old thread in question- examine it and draw your own conclusions. Drew, I have- Personally- invited you, Twice, to my forum, over the past 3 years. It is a Forum, like TaoBums- with rules and Admin- there is no collecting of private information.. everything is for Free. Most sign up on proxies with fake throwaway emails. I do not participate with any banners/click for dollars, such as Google Adsense, Amazon etc I do desire member participation, so if someone signs up- I want them to pull their weight since I am taking my personal time to help them, for Free. This is also told to new members via email confirmation upon approval. There are scores of member logs to confirm what I said, repeatedly, for the last 3+ years. Thank you for your time, everyone
  2. LoneMan Pai

    Still alive, still free- happy to aid anyone who has a problem and/or needs help... just stop by This July, I will be a TaoBum member for 4 years... time flies
  3. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    Full Lotus- No Hands...
  4. Natural Jing Boosters - D-Aspartic acid and Testosterone

    Cold showers constrict your vessels, but Arginine will help with that
  5. Natural Jing Boosters - D-Aspartic acid and Testosterone

    L-Arginine/Nitric Oxide is natural Viagra I would recommend cycling off the Pine Pollen SLOWLY so you don't crash... then supplement with D-Aspartic acid
  6. Natural Jing Boosters - D-Aspartic acid and Testosterone

    That was on my might want to cycle it though I make my own Use 70% + grain alcohol and make a tincture with bulk powder Pine Pollen $40 will last a year
  7. Pine Pollen
  8. Natural Jing Boosters - D-Aspartic acid and Testosterone
  9. I posted on Tao Bums about Pine Pollen, awhile back, and some of you said it worked for you Here is another natural Jing Booster for those who are "older" I have discussed this on my forum also: _____________ _____________ If you are 30ish years old .. this might help you Use at your own risk, as with all the other Jing Boosters I have discussed,.... such as Pine Pollen and Arginine/Nitric Oxide Also Knox Gelatin.. or any unflavoured gelatin.............*collagen, helps with joint discomfort from WeiGong and/or old age lol... *this is the active ingredient I have also discussed here - per Ox Tail Broth Read more:
  10. Happy Holidays

    I think I know some of you I hope this thread finds everyone well. Happy holidays, across the board
  11. Energy Center Above the Crown

    LoneManPai has many, many techniques working with the multi energy conduits above the head (and below the feet) If interested PM me (everything is free)
  12. Life after Awakening

    The Journey is NOT the Path. Seek a different Path but continue the Journey > The Cross Roads
  13. Any new year's resolutions?

    YouTube that please
  14. Dim Mak

    Knowledge of Dim Mak can be used for healing too. This should be understood right along with the martial application
  15. Emitting light in Shaolin practices

    The Body, Electric. Photons.