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  1. LoneMan Pai

  2. Here's an effective simple rite to summon entities from my forum: This will be an invocation because it is easier for a beginner due to the fact that you need more internal flux (juice) and the ability to allow it to leave the body to evoke. First figure out which entity you want to summon- learn as much about it as possible. Use your meditation technique to get into a trance (Alpha / Theta Level) Circulate the flow of energy. Using it's sigil (power of attraction) Allow the Qi to saturate your LaoGong point and using Sword Fingers draw the sigil in the air in front of you (Qi is a vapor)- allowing your inner eye to see the astral imprint/tracing/mist in the aethyrs. While doing the tracing, chant the entity's name (power of vibration) Allow the sigil to grow brighter (Qi can be a plasma too) like an electric blue neon sign (think LBRP) Keep your eyes closed, and scry this behind your eye lids. This is the Qi conversation in Shen. Now greet the entity when you see/feel it. Make sure when you are finished you use a trigger for dismissal so you are grounded (banished) upon completion. Read more:
  3. Yang/Electric Yin/Magnetic Is Electric Chi, really electric? Is Magnetic Chi, really magnetic? Some may say that the feeling of electricity, as well as some practitioners having the ability to light up a small red LED lamp- constitutes it "really is electric" If this is the case, then magnetic chi should provide the practitioner with the ability to have iron stick to them. Or repel them/levitate over a magnetic area. If magnetic chi can attract, then it should repel. (not as WeiQi, but in the literal sense) If an individual displays the ability to produce electric (Yang) then that same individual should also have at least some advanced ability to also harness magnetism (Yin). [and vice versa] If a practitioner can move objects at a distance- is this combined electric/magnetic chi? If it is, then he/she should be able to attract it and repel it [if it is Telekinesis, then it is Shen]