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Found 7 results

  1. This forum is one of the few places with members who are looking for true systems of Taoist cultivation and so I am here to offer a once secret system that is a rare and powerful system of spiritual cultivation. This is an unknown system of nei kung from an unknown master, from a hidden lineage. However, it is the case that the masters that stay in the shadows, the ones that don't commercialize, are frequently the ones that are the more advanced and powerful, partly due to the following, written by Chuang Tzu. The Tower of the Spirit The Spirit has an impregnable tower Which no danger can disturb As long as the tower is guarded By the invisible Protector Who acts unconsciously, and whose actions Go astray when they become deliberate, Reflexive, and intentional. The unconscious And entire sincerity of Tao Are disturbed by any effort At self-conscious demonstration. All such demonstrations Are lies. When one displays himself In this ambiguous way The world storms in and imprisons him. He is no longer protected by the sincerity of Tao. Each new act Is a new failure. If his acts are done in public, In broad daylight, He will be punished by men. If they are done in private And in secret, He will be punished By spirits. Let each one understand The meaning of sincerity and guard against display. He will be at peace with men and spirits and will act rightly, unseen, in his own solitude, in the tower of his spirit.” Thomas Merton, The Way of Chuang Tzu. __________________________ Due to this dilemma I have always been conservative in the claims I've made about Tien Shan Chi Kung, which is actually Nei Kung, as taught to me by a most advanced and powerful Taoist wizard (chi kung master) and kung fu master. This type of training requires a lot of individual attention and therefore the number of students in each practice session must be kept rather small. I'm not doing this for me actually, since I like living like a hermit, alone on a big giant mountain, with just the wife here; I'm doing this because I like to share something amazing and real, and I know there are some people who are willing to learn a demanding Way just for the sake of being part of something advanced. I'm doing it because my master told me to teach. My kung fu brothers who know this system don't teach it because it's demanding to invest the time and chi required, because they are busy doing other things and want to keep their chi power for themselves. If you have any questions feel free to ask =) Here are some links: Home page: My primary teacher, who was also Bruce Lee's primary teacher: Some of my other teachers: Information about the hermitage:
  2. Hello, I was recently reading through Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master by Dr. Glenn Morris. In the book he seems to present the origins of Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu in a chinese style called Spider Kung Fu. He says that some of the Kamae (Basic Postures) in both Bujinkan and Spider Kung Fu are the same. He also says that the style was a secret style used to protect chinese emporers. I have searched google, amazon and youtube and only found a few obscure references to this kung fu style in forums. This was probably the most helpful link i can find. An inspection of the linked site shows no references to spider kung fu. here are another link This speaks of a movie. Does anyone know anything about this style of kung fu. Are there any books, or dvds? Any info about qigong forms or emphasis in training (internal vs external). Most of the links indicate that it is a shaolin form that is only taught to masters. This may suggest that it emphasizes internal kung fu. Heres the fight scene with the spider kung fu guy in challenge of death. You can clearly see him using hira no kamae and shizen no kamae (Taijutsu). Mostly theatrics. Thank you Love and Light *edited to add link.
  3. Dedication and persistence pays off ...
  4. Hi All. Where can I find the needed skills to be tested or shown on each degree of "72 Levels of Mo Pai"? Any resources will be welcomed! Thank you
  5. Hello, You guys are all always saying how good or important a real life teacher is. Does anyone here have any opinions on Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu? A friend of mine teaches Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu. I've gone to them for traditional Chinese medicine before (acupuncture and massage) also. I've always felt great after the sessions and, just being around them, you can tell they have a very calm and calming demeanour. Due to my recent interest in the Neidan/Neigong Taoist/Chinese side of spiritual/energy work, I asked them if what they taught covered any of the following: Neidan, Neigong, Weigong, Qigong, Daoyin, Taoist Magick, Hand Seals, Star Stepping. Their reply was that Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu incorporates all of those things. So, I am thinking of getting involved and starting some lessons. They all seem to work together but I think there are some lessons on Qigong/Daoyin/Meditation and some on external movements/Kung fu. I'm thinking of going with both. Any thoughts on this approach, the Traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu system as a whole, etc, are welcome. Thank you for your time. Satya
  6. Hi everyone just wanted to let everyone know that we just finished a new translation of: The Study of Xing Yi Quan: Xing Yi Quan Xue by Sun Lutang its 200 pages paperback 6x9 to celebrate finishing this project we have it at a special reduced price on our website the book will also be vailable on Amazona nd on Kindle soon I will update this post with links when it is available I know a lot of people here practice the internal styles of kung fu but for people who don't know: Xing Yi Quan translates as Form and Intention Boxing it is one of the internal styles of Kung Fu (the other internal styles are Tai Chi and Bagua) The basics of the boxing is rooted in Wuji, Taiji, Sa Cai (three powers) and the 5 Elements it also contails 12 animal forms the training is straight forward and liveley the book covers the theory, basics, boxing forms, and 2 man application sets (the five elements paired practice and An Shen Pao (advanced paired set)) Sun Lutang was a very famous practitioner he was the first one to publish books on the interal styles of chinese Kung Fu his Xing Yi book was written in 1915 he mastered all 3 of the internal styles - taiji, bagua, xing yi and was well versed in taoist cultivation which is reflected in his books Cheers Franklin
  7. We all know that non-violence is the key... but what if we are put in a situation where we must fight? Is having the knowledge of martial arts beneficiary to our karma when in need or no? Basically what I am saying: Should we fight back if necessary? Namaste, Mateo