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Found 3 results

  1. Wuxia drama story idea

    I read something a few years ago that gave me an idea for a Wuxia drama. Chinese emperors often referred to themselves as the "lonely man" (guaren, 寡人; sometimes rendered as gujia guaren, 孤家寡人), i.e. "it's lonely at the top". "The Lonely Man" would be a great title for an undefeated martial artist, one who reigns supreme over a fighting competition for so long he is bestowed the title. The story would revolve around other martial artists competing in order to move up the ranks and finally face him in the hopes of taking the title for themselves. Thoughts?
  2. Martial Peak

    In the last few years i've been having a lot of fun reading Wuxia Novels (Chinese Martial Arts Fantasy). My favorite novel is Martial Peak, it's basically about Martial Arts, Cultivation and navigating a ruthless, bloody and tyrannical social system (only the strong survive kind of atmosphere). It's a fun read and also has taught me a bit about Chinese culture (Scheming, Face, Societal roles....etc). Highly recommend for those whom enjoy cultivation and the warrior path. Cheers.
  3. Very good series definitely for the kung fu internal power enthusiast Think not....check out episode 11 when he learns and master's the 9 yang skill this was of course after learning from the divine healer of butterfly valley and training with Chang Zhang Feng his God father was also the 5th hero of wudang. I also like the Golden Flower Granny her aura was awesome and I also like the head of the kunlun sect this series kicks ass from beginning to end. I mostly liked when Chang Zheng Feng tried to go back to shaolin to learn the 9 yang skill the jiuyangshengong to heal his god son Zhang Wuji because the supreme yang palm of wudang was not working to heal him of the jinx yin palm. and the monks at shaolin wouldnt even let him enter the temple. Have to love the Jiang Hu!