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  1. Temple style Taiji Quan

    did anyone every get the name of the temple that master Liao trained in in Taiwan? just curious.. (i live in taiwan) Franklin
  2. Hi everyone just wanted to let everyone know that we just finished a new translation of: The Study of Xing Yi Quan: Xing Yi Quan Xue by Sun Lutang its 200 pages paperback 6x9 to celebrate finishing this project we have it at a special reduced price on our website the book will also be vailable on Amazona nd on Kindle soon I will update this post with links when it is available I know a lot of people here practice the internal styles of kung fu but for people who don't know: Xing Yi Quan translates as Form and Intention Boxing it is one of the internal styles of Kung Fu (the other internal styles are Tai Chi and Bagua) The basics of the boxing is rooted in Wuji, Taiji, Sa Cai (three powers) and the 5 Elements it also contails 12 animal forms the training is straight forward and liveley the book covers the theory, basics, boxing forms, and 2 man application sets (the five elements paired practice and An Shen Pao (advanced paired set)) Sun Lutang was a very famous practitioner he was the first one to publish books on the interal styles of chinese Kung Fu his Xing Yi book was written in 1915 he mastered all 3 of the internal styles - taiji, bagua, xing yi and was well versed in taoist cultivation which is reflected in his books Cheers Franklin
  3. Just A Heads Up!

    Just wanted to let you guys (and girls) know- I am running a special on some of my books through Amazon Kindle- So if you are interested you can get a copy at a big discount- but it is time sensitive- (so don't wait) Check them out HERE 3 of my Qigong Books and The Study of Bagua Quan by Sun Lu Tang (translation by me) if you decide to take advantage of the low price- please leave a review on Amazon and let other people know what you thought- Thanks Franklin
  4. not really silly at all commonly styles of bagau are called bagua zhang- bagua palm but there are several styles of bagua that are called/named bagua quan- litterally bagua fist but means bagua boxing it is just a naming convention and really the two are the same thing... as to why Sun titled his book Bagua Quan Xue- The Study of Eight Trigram Boxing we can only guess as to why it was titled quan instead of zhang maybe that is what his teacher called it? maybe that is what he (Sun) called it? maybe it was marketing- other boxing styles are named Quan so maybe he used quan so that people would know what he was writiing about? and it could go on..... but in reality- i don't think there is too much to read into him using quan instead of zhang both in the context of the name of the style bagua- mostly mean just that it is a system of boxing Franklin
  5. Hi Baiqi hope you enjoy my translation thanks Franklin
  6. Just an update- The translation of Sun Lutang's The Study of Bagua Quan is now available on Click Here Thanks Franklin
  7. The translation is of Sun Lutang's book- Baguaquan Xue- The Study of Bagua Quan he does go into a bit of i ching theory and there are some chapters on what and how to train the shen to go back to void in bagua quan as well as borrowing the conditions of heaven and earth also how bagua practice is related to bagua and the i ching but the book is about bagua quan the core oft he book is describing the forms of the system single change, double change, and the eight animal changes Franklin
  8. Today I am happy to let you know that I have just finished a translation of Sun Lutang's Bagua Quan Xue- The Study of Bagua Quan To celebrate- it is on special discount for the first week! After that it is regular price. click here: The Study of Bagua Quan by Sun Lutang In about a week or so it should be available through amazon in the US and in Europe as well as through Amazon's Kindle I am sure most people have heard of Sun Lutang- but for those that have not- here is a bit from the back cover: Again- To celebrate- it is on special discount for the first week! After that it is regular price. click here: The Study of Bagua Quan by Sun Lutang when its available through amazon and kindle i will post the links cheers Franklin
  9. San Ti Shi

    There are lots of great resources for San Ti- and there are also different ways to train the stance depending on what line of Xing Yi someone is practicing a lot of the subtleties of the stance will only come with time and corrections (either from a teacher or self correction) I have some instructional material up on the web (you can try the first month of training for $1) http://onlineschool....=416&Itemid=346 so this is another resource that people could use if they wanted to and its not that expensive either. San Ti is really about building the body and the connections for further Xing Yi practice of course it also builds the energy but it takes a while to be able to do the stance coirrectly to be able to get to that level traditionally xing yi practice was 6 months of santi and then the 5 elements 1 year of pi quan (metal) 6 months of zuan quan (water) 6 months of beng quan (wood) 6 months of pao quan (fire) 6 months of heng quan (earth) and each of the five element forms can be used to strengthen the internal organs related to the element and each conditions the body in a slightly different way and brings the power out.. Franklin ps- San Ti doesn't translated as 3 treasures stance (that would be san bao shi) it translates as 3 body posture but is does refer to the 3 treasures , the three divisions of the body, etc, etc....
  10. Some people might find this interesting I was interviewed by talking about my background- differences between styles - Tai Chi- Qigong its not too long Franklin
  11. Opening the Energy Gates

    Thanks for sharing Jess Sounds like some good stuff and good luck with your classes From reading his books I have always wondered how his system worked as a whole. Thanks for giving a little perspective to it. Franklin
  12. Opening the Energy Gates

    Thanks for sharing Jess so the first set is opening the energy gates (wang shu jin) then spiraling energy body (Hk taoist training) then heaven and earth (mostly influenced from ??) then?? which one is the fourth? (from ??) then gods play clouds (his last teacher Liu) Franklin
  13. Opening the Energy Gates

    Hi Jess Very interesting. Would you care to talk more about the other 4 sets the origin and what they develop? Franklin
  14. Dainan The Xing Yi DVDs cover another lineage of xingyi that I learned from the Tang Shou Tao line coming out of Taiwan Li Cun Yi Zhang Zhongfeng Hung I Xiang Hsu Hong Chi James McNeil Me This line emphasizes a larger and more overt method of using the body in training. It is very good for training and conditioning the body and a little easier to see the body method (shenfa). Then later you can make the body movements smaller but still have the method and the power. It is this body method that makes Xingyi an internal style and is the essence of the practice- otherwise you are just stuck on the external forms. My teacher Gong's method emphasizes a smaller and tighter structure. Once you learn to relax in the smaller, tighter, twisted, and stretched structure- then the body method starts to manifest. This is the progression from ming jin (obvious force) to an jin (hidden force). (My teacher Gong's lineage: Li Cun Yi - Chu Gui Ting - Teacher Gong) Franklin
  15. It is only available through (us site) it is also available through my site directly and the shipping to the UK is very reasonable (plus you can take 10% off your order too) check it out franklin