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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

    I guess I had to go to that place to get to this place made a promise to myself when I was young, now I am old not afraid, waiting.
  2. A good philosopher, interesting ideas For those into MA, a major influence on Bruce Lee, reflected in his writings.
  3. listen to the echo......good read if one has time
  4. Not asian but seems like what the OP is looking for. The OP would probably benefit a lot from meeting him. good advice.... "stay thirsty my friends"
  5. Tai Chi ball - Mark Rasmus A very interesting teacher with a good history and long period of study, introspection.
  6. Tai Chi ball - Mark Rasmus

    A physical ball as used by some stylist tends to lock the intention at the point of contact with an inanimate object. To be able to interact with the qi chong, field of qi. One must be able to first feel it. This is what gets moved. Fore most it's very hard to understand how to move something that they are not physically pressing or touching. One of the hallmarks of internal work is the lack of sensation of physically being moved and yet being moved. when people start to be able to do this themselves they often don't believe it even though they feel their own reactions of what others are doing to them using the same methods. The feedback systems of the body are tuned to a physical reality. Lots of work needed to get past this. Henry Wang, mentioned here, among the other teachers has very good insight to the processes and development for doing this.
  7. Tai Chi ball - Mark Rasmus

    In China, we called this field "qi chong" a " qi field" or " qi ball" field seems more apt to describe it. The clip an everyday training session with my teacher in his 90s at the time of the clip now 99 this yr. What is shown is how Zhang Shifu, interacts with and can manipulate the field.
  8. A tornado hit my neighborhood

    Good to hear that you're okay. Yep wind, can be very strong at times. While in the military was stationed in Oklahoma and Alabama. They have a region that's called tornado Alley. Interesting watching the storms develop.
  9. Whose thoughts do I think? Whose food do I eat?

    Some thoughts from a different perspective
  10. What are you watching on Youtube?

    try and catch the wind,,,