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  1. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    since you asked. ": "Show me your original face before you were born." When one can understand this then one can talk about death.... most spiritual disciplines / studies address this by preparing for death one understands how to live life. With this understanding its always about choice, and choices made.
  2. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    some might say different
  3. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    It's quite simple really. The world is messed up because one is in it. All are free to leave. The question then becomes one of timing. If one doesn't choose to leave, it must mean the world is not so messed up. Eventually we all have to leave. The question is whether it's a conscious choice one makes , or a forgotten unconscious one, just as one made the choice to be in the world, One can also make the choice to leave. Or wait until one finishes whatever one has come to do.
  4. Temple style Taiji Quan

    What markers do you use to know if your correct or not. asked out of curiosity Anything can be learned depending on ones level before starting which only means that they'er already close with out the addition of the new knowledge.
  5. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    "I was once a man trapped in a woman's body - then my mother gave birth!"
  6. What are you listening to?

    one of the greats, life pass by, like a samba "and when she passes he smiles but she doesn't see"
  7. "The word used by military people to describe the unique structure of military culture is "camaraderie." " It's called es·prit de corps This is built by destroying all past ties with society, instilled by sharing hardships, enduring shared pain, sacrificing for the greater whole of the group. Which is antithetical to what is called multiculturalism, that many seem to want to go back to. The French foreign legion is a good example. Where people all over once accepted become part of the legionnaires, in mind body and spirit.
  8. Interesting, while I can relate as someone who's adopted another culture, born and raised in SF. I never hung out with the expats in the places I lived overseas. Peferring to blend in with the locals if not physically, more spiritually ,mentally, resonating with the same vibe. Becoming invisible. Yes the city SF has changed a lot , so much so I no longer feel a desire to go back except to visit family. In the places I lived overseas they control who lives there very strictly. Either through family or job one must have the right Visa in order to stay there. In this sense it's very temporary as is life. For many expats they may feel where they live is home, until it comes time when it is not . Unlike the US there are no sanctuary cities. Or sympathetic people willing to break the law so that one may remain. One is and will always be a foreigner. Of course in places like China, Iran, and maybe a few others one's ethnicity is the deciding factor. In China all ethnic Chinese are considered to be part of China no matter where they live.
  9. Problems most might not understand!

    Try this For martial art training this book is very good, practical, with clear explanations for the what,how and why
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    comment posted on another site..
  11. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Maybe we'er all beta testers being tested....or testing
  12. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    A passive approach might be one that uses meditation as it's approach indirectly releasing tension from the body as the mind becomes more quiet. There is a book many years back called the relaxation response. One could say this is an active approach or direct. One lies down and starts from the top of the head actively focusing awareness on different parts of the body tensing them holding and then releasing. This is done to the whole body and overtime will promote a relaxation response. " Heart and Soul Healing Dr. Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Response"