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  1. Lot of writing not saying much. Someone seems to have been triggered.
  2. Some more for you to chew on. "A white woman who stopped in a Bronx deli for a sandwich was accused of being a supporter of President Donald Trump, then attacked and robbed by two teenagers, a report says." "A roommate told the media that the victim is not a Trump supporter. Police have not arrested anyone for the attack and have no suspects. But the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the crime. The suspects are Hispanic, both around 17 years old. One suspect stands 5-foot-8 and weighs about 160 pounds and has short hair. The second is 5-foot-9 and weighs about 160 pounds, according to police." In many major cites there are neighborhoods where if one is the other "white" they should not be....more so for cities who claim diversity is their strength. When I lived in HI they have a day called "Kill Haole Day" I was considered hapa haole,,half white due to my ancestry this allowed me to interface in a way that would not have been possible if I was considered haole.. HI the islands of aloha yep unless " Kill Haole Day is an event that has occurred in some Hawaiian schools, when non-white students are said to harass and sometimes attack White Hawaiian students.[1]"
  3. Yes you are , you need to give up your car your house and all your money to atone for your sins of being born white. Many of the cultures that you mention also had slavery maybe you're right the West should have left them alone so they could still practice slavery almost forgot some still do. What you site is called natural law the law that everybody seems to appreciate it until it's really applied. Only the Strong Survive this is natural law. Western values have allowed more people to survive due to rule of law instead of natural law
  4. It's not just the system the people there have a totally different view about health and actively participate in maintaining their own. In the u.s. it seems like a lot of people are waiting for the government to maintain something that they should be doing on their own. Taiwan has a national health care system that everyone pays into. Everyone. In the US everybody always had access to health services for emergency treatment. The key problem is one of controlling cost. Not access.
  5. an old movie, thought some might find it interesting here
  6. not to derail the thread you might want to explain what "jin" means and why is it different from force. Kong jin, is one of many different types of "jin" the clip is pretty good...the taiji teacher at the end has since passed awhile back...
  7. hardly, by all means no....didnt see any questions maybe I missed them. It would have been better to start with asking how by what it is said to work. or maybe some thoughts on it.... There is a good clip that kind of goes into some of the theory of it. But of course most here already "know" because ? they know... good clip showing a way to approach something..actually might be more important then to to know and understand something.
  8. back to your normally scheduled programming
  9. # 2 one left didn't take long
  10. Good kind of points the way the thread will go not un-expected this is one when it reaches three those asking can ask by PM if there are any real "questions " not interested in either validating or in validating.. only share my own experiences and some thoughts. Thats not been my experience nor of those there. All or most have practiced other arts before meeting Zhang Shifu. as I have before meeting him...also note I knew nothing of this aspect nor had traveled to meet him expecting this.. Lets look at the logic of the comment considering its posted on this site with all the other topics you choose to question this? why?
  11. What seems to work How does it work what is the theory by which its said to work Why would or should it work. Asked out of curiosity considering you know that it only works on his students it would be good to know why you or how did you arrive at that conclusion.
  12. edited: To the OP sincere apologess I thought by sharing some of my own background considering the subject matter. It might help to clarify things from a first hand experience. If you have any questions you can always PM me... Normally I don't post on these types of threads they tend to de evolve quickly Lets see how this works.out
  13. You might try reading history of my previous post and make your own conclusions. What happened, why and how it happened is pretty well documented. "Cultural performance" read the link I posted. ".. Over the course of eighteen days, he defeated over one hundred and fifty challengers. "Either the challenger was maimed or killed," noted Chin. "He never let one challenger leave his school without injury. He was a master of using the technique of cruelty." There are four principles for Hop Gar: cruelty, evasion, penetration and interception. When asked about cruelty, Chin stoically quotes the Lama White Crane kung fu classics: "When hunting a tiger, destroy it. Otherwise, a wounded tiger will return to harm you. When weeding a garden, pull up the roots. Otherwise, the weeds will grow back. Whether the lion is hunting an elephant or a rabbit, the lion always uses full force." "Are they really making anything that much different compared to other old styles? Maybe not. Kung fu, after all, is just two hands, two feet and the body. That's it. Different styles specialize on different techniques and usually these people don't pick them up. They don't know how to use them. For example, tongbei is different than regular kung fu. It's the way they use the power, the way they deliver momentum and striking force. That's what makes it outstanding. the style itself is thought to confer a unique advantage that other methods do not have. I don't say that these new styles are bad kung fu or anything like that. I always say 'Whatever you do, I don't want. Whatever I do and you don't know - that's how we win.'" another article that gives an overview given from the perspective of one of the few modern day teachers adapting their art to the ring. David Chin. As to being defensive I thought we were sharing views, just sharing a little of what I found not defending no promoting anything. no need for it. walked my own path seeking my own answers for many yrs always welcome new and different view points.