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  1. Spiritual value Bagua.vs Tajiquan?

    Interesting thread, while I have some familiarity with bagua practitioners its not something I've practiced, worked with directly. Looking at the image posted what would be your interpretation of it as it relates to foot work or stepping. looking for some gen thoughts to confirm my own... thanks david
  2. What are you watching on Youtube?

    How many times has anyone asked this or had it asked to them... On a hot summer night " I bet you say that to all the boys," yessssssssssss
  3. I don't quite understand the logic of asking about something that one has not yet achieved. The question it self an indicator of level. Seems like reaching a true level the perspective from that level would be quite different negating the question itself
  4. What are you watching on Youtube?

    old tunes speaking of old times,,,, old men... Time just slips away
  5. Observations from observing Real Fights

    Shouldn't that be "your" view and maybe some others...who share it. Its not mine. You didn't mention as others whether you've had any real experience beyond being voyeurs having to watch video clips and reading articles, talking about conscious choices. Maybe feeling they'll have the time to make one should the need arise. . I bet these people still dont understand feeling they made a conscious choice but didn't seem to understand that not all people make the same choices. It left them unaware kinda funny,,,,excuse me, did you just throw that rock or did it slip out of your hand...yep that must be it,,it slipped right?
  6. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Funny wasn't thinking of an old movie when I picked my name. "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao; The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. ~ Laozi" I call myself " no name" reflecting that which is me, but is not me. That which is not me finite, a vessel for that which is infinite
  7. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Oftentimes in meeting people here I introduce myself with my Chinese name. They in turn introduce themselves useing there English name followed by their Chinese name. My Chinese name means " no name" most of the time brings a smile as they consider it.
  8. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Can't you see,,,,gonna take a jet plane, dont care where it goes
  9. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Well I never been to heaven,,, but I've been to San Francisco They tell me I was born there what does it matter
  10. Kong jin

    a part of my practice something that I've experienced and directly studied in China for a while...Happened to come across a link that echoes a lot of the things I experienced or part of the training there thought some might find the reading interesting here.
  11. This clip explains a little of whats going on although its in Chinese He talks and shows some of the physiological changes to the dantain, and some dietary recommendations.
  12. Does Calisthenics Build Qi?

    depends on the art...For those practicing a martial art this would be a part of what they might achieve but not the not the point of the practice as with practices like "qi" gong... Problems arise when some feeling what they are practicing is "martial" are actually practicing something that has been turned into a qi gong practice when called to use as a martial art. this has been noted by past masters.
  13. Does Calisthenics Build Qi?

    Not in the way as you've explained. What Dr Yang, is talking about is improving ones intent of action with out action...This is different then intent of action with action and develops different processes that can be used in different ways....All CMA are internal..The distinction between Internal or external Is basically how the qi Is manifested and used. what are called external reinforces the body/mind To operate In a normal enhanced way . The qi is used to enhance normal body functions and activities. What is called internal develops an excess of energy "qi" that can be used directly if its not trapped within the body by doing external work that promotes this like "push ups" translation by one of my students. One can not do what he demos by doing push ups or practicing whats called external work. Which often becomes the subject of much confusion on the net by those who dont do this type of work expecting it be the same as what they practice or do... Its not. Time stamp: 0..1:0: Need to know what "TaiChi" means in order to learn it well. TaiChi means: "no pole" (Field/Circle/Empty) which generates "poles" (YingYang/In & out/Body). The core of TaiChi Quan is to interchange the act of Field affecting body and body reacting to field. the question one might ask is what is the field he talks about..Im sure some of the native speakers can fill in the details of what the field is... .. Ying & Yang are two faces of one thing, cannot be separated. 1:0 ..1:25: When we contact, we consist of the "no pole" (combine our fields?), if he is Yang, then I will be the Ying; vice versa. I can hit him by breaking his own Ying & Yang. 1:26..1:36 I can hit him by my internal as outside is hard, expand my internal out. 1:37..1:53 I can hit him by my outside, go to my inside then hit him by my outside. When he came in, I am Ying, then become Yang. I am Yang, then become Ying. It is all about the ying/yang change. 1:54..2:20 When he touch me, I can use my circle to hit him; use my center to hit him; my center expanded to hit him. 2:21..2:55 I can also hit him by changing curve to straight, by my knee, by my hip by expansion, by my Dantian, by my waist due to loosing my shoulder and back to my waist, 2:56..3:30 I can hit him by my shoulder, shoulder sinks to my YongQuan (on my foot). I can hit him by one finger softly. When I touch him, I grab his foot root and hit his foot. The change of Ying/Yang is layer by layer with angle. 3:31..4:11 I do my form to have my field first, then follow the field, change my shape to bring in my field, I move within my field. 4:12..4:39 My single foot is not only support my weight, also can farjin. This is due to expansion/compressing; i.e. ying/yang.
  14. "you can not judge me" "Its judgment that defeats us"