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  1. Favorite Daoist Quote

    You do know some call beer piss. It's the water
  2. Be Warned Satan is Copyrighted!!!

    A War story. Had a Satanist in my platoon. On his dog tags under religion it said Satanist. His squad leader came to me one day and asked me to come up to his room to look at some things. Black candles, upside-down cross on his wall Locker. It was starting to freak his roommates out. It was reported by his roommates that guy would go up on the roof and do some type of rituals late at night. This guy had blue eyes that kind of radiated as he spoke. Strange Vibe about him. I the platoon Sgt and his squad leader had a meeting with him. We asked him if he could put those things in his wall locker it was disturbing his roommates. He smiled and said yes. He then asked me about if something happened that he would have no way of knowing had happened. It did but I told him no, we both laughed. the guy was pretty strange, not a bad soldier , it would be interesting to know what happened to him after he moved on from our unit. Satanist, seems like it can't be a good ending, who knows.
  3. Favorite Daoist Quote

    "Words are for meaning: when you've got the meaning, you can forget the words. Where can I find someone who's forgotten words so I can have a word with him?..." Well, there are the " the doaist bum's" at lest one of them might have something to say about it.
  4. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    When virtual reality matures and the prices come down. It will be a real problem.
  5. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    Its not a new discovery. Not really correct.... what they talk about is the way they use this in what ever discipline they practice that has yet to be validated out side of the practices they practice. For example in the taiji world, fascia has come to be one of the new buzz words in attempting to explain the how, and why it works..
  6. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    It might be better to draw a distinction between wisdom , understanding and knowledge. With wisdom one gains understanding of what to do with knowledge. It might be fair to say in today's time we have more understanding and knowledge then ancestors of the past. we don't seem to have done much in gaining the wisdom to understand how to best put it to use. Which depending on one's viewpoint might make the ancestors of the past seem more wise or less. There is a fiction that I note about native peoples of the past and their relationship with the world they lived in. In another thread, I attempted to show that what they did was not much different then what are called First World peoples did or do today. The only difference is the technology. The problems of today are tied to those of the past, brought forth into the present.
  7. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    Humans are considered tripartite beings. In most belief systems it's expressed in many different ways. I feel with the Advent of modern technology, the inner parts are able to express themselves in a way that they could only do in the past with a lot of training and discipline. The problem of course being that without this training and discipline there is no real understanding or control. It's not a synergistic whole.
  8. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    The reverse is also true for some feeling those of the past had more wisdom than those of today. They look for answers from the past ignoring the present, trying to understand the future.
  9. Human destruction of nature

    Talks about the models used to predict climate change.
  10. What are you listening to?

    Guy has women problems
  11. What are you listening to?

    Ruby, you going to town, again.