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  1. Hi I want to know to to delete my entire discussion. I started a topic last year and want it removed thanks.
  2. Salaam and peace be with you my spirit friends. I'm new here so go easy on me haha. I come from a sufi cultivation background and would like to mention something we call rabita (spiritual connection to spirit world's. Every person has different experiences due to our links or connections to the spirit side, therefore all experiences maybe similar or completely different. I don't want to discuss techniques or anything, but want to kind of open a door to the other side, every person may have a different experience of this physical world even if we travel to the same country or maybe to the same place to get food etc, our experiences will be different. All spirit tracks will lead somewhere all taverns within spirit world's are full with beings and humans gathered for different reasons with different life purposes, many masters gather from different backgrounds, religions, spiritual ways, wanderers, those in love with the divine, people with masters or no masters. When we open that spiritual doorway it all changes. So I ask you through yourself my brother lataif what's your purpose in opening this door, what's your story and who do you want to become. We are all unique in our own ways.
  3. Hello

    Hi I'm a new member on tdb. I'm a sufi cultivator, was just wondering how do I send private messages??