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  1. extremely sorry

    please delete,... very sorry for doing over and over
  2. unsure what is happening?

    sorry, I dont know if Im having black magic done on me or not. if anyone is able to sense if its so.. would you if you have the capacity please break spells etc... no need to tell me, you cant know who it is until after spell is broken.. peace
  3. unsure what is happening?

    no problem, I can deal with it,, no worries
  4. sorry second thoughts, too serious to mess with, dont want further trouble..... sorry, please delete Peace, Edward
  5. please delete

    Thanks to all who posted here, its made me feel a lot better. Have many out of the ordinary experiences at the moment, and because its all very new and uncharted territory, I'm still getting to grips with handling it well. Many thanks for all your kind and meaning full words. Peace to you all,
  6. please delete

    sorry for deleting second time in a week, I thought better of posting this..... should deal with problems myself.. Peace
  7. society and self realisation

    Sorry too paranoid to post what I put there, getting barrage of spiritual abuse, not sure how sane I am these days..no mind left from dark influence.
  8. Sons of Reflected Light - where they Druids?

    Brilliant topic, especially the flow of Awen bit! Love the talk of ancient beings of light Cheers, Edward
  9. society and self realisation

    Agreed, thanks!
  10. "I have said ye are all God's' 'the Holy Spirit was poured out even on the gentiles, who were then allowed to be baptised in the name of Jesus' Couple of quotes to ponder above from the new testament. They show the universality of Jesus's teaching and mission, and that no one system can claim ownership of the truth. How do you think society is set up in this regard? to me, it seems like we have people that have declared parts of the earth to be owned by them, and have control over who can live where which is dictated by how much money one has earned. The land owns itself, how can someone own land? The use of money in place of trade, means we are slaves to the system, because someone claims ownership of the land and since the system covered the earth in concrete, we can no longer set up camp and forage for food. The fact that the system is money based means whoever controls the money controls the world. "be in the world but not of it' How can this teaching applied now? Rome is still here, that is what Jesus was against, the system that is dictated by the greed of man. 'I am in the father and the father in me. I am in you'. 'The kingdom of God is within' Where is God if not in in his kingdom? Under that stone is where you will find me, is what christ said about himself. Jesus points out the presence of God is everywhere. I'm trying to show how society is set up so that we are slaves to the money earners/tax collectors, and that it is against realisation of the true self and presence of God. We live in a world where we cannot move freely or live where we want because of money and land ownership, as well as vast amounts of the earth being covered in concrete. This system is unsustainable, Mother Earth will fight back. Its a synthetic system cast upon the natural system. I'm not saying we should all live in forests or woodland, I'm just saying that balance must be taken care of, and harmony with the natural order. permaculture is one idea that springs to mind in terms of balance. We go to work at nine in the morning, and come out at five in the afternoon with only enough time to have dinner and try to relax in prep for the next day at work. Seeing as human life on earth is said to be rare occurrence and our only shot at realisation, we should not be getting enslaved by this system. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will come to you'. Seek kingdom of God and you will have all the freedom you need. Most people look for freedom in land and money based things, but true freedom is within, as taught by all the masters. Jesus taught that we need no middle men, the truth is within, and that as the rain falls on both sinner and saint, we are all equal in the eyes of God. Hope you are able to see the truth in what I say, and I obviously I hope I'm not talking rubbish. I've been under some kind of occult attack for the past 14 months, and got the message to let people know what I see this morning from someone I have great respect for. Money and land owner ship are the causes of todays ills, IMHO. I dont claim to have truth, I'm just a regular person, but I felt I should make public my opinions. Its up to us to decide how we want to live, based on our own higher guidance. Emptiness and dependent origination teachings shows us the state is nothing without its subjects/citizens, its all one big illusion. The power is in everyones hands to change. I'm not trying to invoke any big movement or anything like that, rather just to help empower people to live in truth. Like I said, I'm just a regular person, so ponder for yourselves what I've said and come to your own conclusions. Move this to different forum is needed, hope this is the right place to post. I hope that no one has a go at me for expressing opinion of my own. Ive had 14 months of people doing magic on me already. Magic in my opinion is getting in the way of the flow of Tao, or of the first cause. The first cause explains how prayer works. If we are praying to the first impulse of creation/emanation, then the first cause can deliver to us now the outcome of our prayer. Thats one way, some people talk of casting intent as prayer. I can see truth in both explanations. I mean no harm, I just want peace and harmony for us all, and I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, just trying to introduce ideas that may be helpful to both humanity and the rest of life on earth. I'm not on computer much these days, so probably won't be reading this much. Apologies for jumbled up way of writing, I'm felling under great pressure and lost all sense privacy for a long time, I hope its just my imagination that I'm being watched and messed with occultly, but a lot of the time it feels that way. Peace. Edward
  11. interrupted meditation session

    Thanks for your replies! I can see the truth in what all of you say, its just hard to see it that way in the midst of meditation when usually the spoken words are threatening, or abusive towards myself. Ive also had this happen when praying, I was praying and another voice cut straight through my own and said something completely irrelevant to what I was saying. Sub conscious mind is a powerful thing, I guess I've brought all this on my self by the way I lived before. Cheers!
  12. interrupted meditation session

    Thanks Marblehead, makes sense apart from that I can't stop saying them out loud. I hope you are right, time will tell. Thanks, Edward
  13. Hi There, whenever I meditate at home, I keep talking involuntarily things that are not from my self. The general theme is that of conditioning me not to meditate. I can't fully tell if this is disconnected aspects of the psyche, spirits being channeled involuntarily, or the occult trying to stop me. Anyone able to tell what is happening? Peace
  14. Central channel or Heart Field?

    Good topic, I'd be interested in hearing more about the heart field and how one goes about working with it? Thanks, Edward
  15. is this energy or mental formation or both?

    Hi Oak, Thanks may give that a go... sorry feeling very low right now, take care. Edward