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  1. Anything that can be said about God, can only be true in a situation of duality, because it has to relate to something other than God. To know God, is to know beyond duality. The beginning, in relation to now, is the infinite potential of what is now/to come. Before now, there was what can not be spoken of. Didn't read all of this topic, sorry if been pointed out already. Peace
  2. Its important to have a strong moral foundation before attempting all this. Its possible to go far and have subtle body generated, only to lose it again through falling backwards in ones ways. The reality will not allow the sacred things to be misused. ps, i'm not referring to loving sex as being immoral.
  3. Hi Jeff, Wasn't aware he was a self appointed bishop, I know he has all known lines of apostolic succession. Yes, the reason he was excommunicated, was because of his attitude towards women. Controversial thing to do for sure. Thanks, its important to take it all into consideration, like you say. Peace
  4. According to scholar bishop Lewis keizer, the original aramaic version of the gospel of Thomas, predates the new testament gospels. He wrote a big scholarly book on the original teachings in the gospel of Thomas. Most of his work is available on Amazon. Peace
  5. Hi Gerard, Thanks for sensing into it, That's very helpful. I have a couple of questions about something you said, but i'll pm about it sometime soon. Thanks again,
  6. A friend who used to be my tcm practitioner, he found inner lines, and opens them in other people, supposed to be lines of youth. They have actually grounded me significantly, i'm really here on earth now. **ill let you know the new circuit by pm if you want, don't think he will want me revealing it on here)**
  7. RainbowVein, Thanks! no not aiming for openings. its just a deep pain in the outside of the ankle for past few days, and coincides wiht lots of heat and a spasmodic pain movement.. its like there is a circulation issue there. Think prob a medical issue!
  8. Thanks you three! Spotless, thanks, no, i've not been practicing enough to know for sure, but i guess i'm just hoping for it being an energetic issue, as since the right ankle is pretty much numb to the touch, and gets severe pain deep inside, it could be serious. I have been doing more stretching than usual... it is worse at night when im lying still, and first thing in the morning. IdQuest, this started when i did a lot more stretching than usual, just forward bend, so maybe it has caused an opening of some sort, plus someone opened up a new channel in the leg that grounded spirit into body more. Thank you for the ideas! Dwai, Thanks! used to do that a lot a long time ago, spent a good year doing 3 standing posts sessions a day. great practice! Thanks
  9. What is everyones experience of leg channels opening? One member on here told me his experience of it involved a lot of pain in the legs. Did it feel like possible circulation/deep vein issues for anyone? Do you have to be at a certain level of development for the leg channels to start opening, or can someone like myself, a novice, go through this? Just trying to get a handle on some pain ive got, and start an interesting topic for the forum. Cheers
  10. Very much so, also feels clear blue in colour.. both stronger and clearer
  11. Yes, i've felt much more murky inside, but yesterday change started, and today apart from crushing headache, i'm having good realisations, practical ones. Hope this is the kind of answer you were looking for! Thanks
  12. I'm going to leave this topic now, because the original realisation contained a lesson for me personally to learn, and ive gone and done the wrong thing, and pursued it theoretically instead of putting the lesson into practice and experiencing and finally learning for myself... over and out!
  13. Can't speak from experience, but i imagine so.
  14. Oh wait, now i really see, this just came to me: if we think in terms of destiny and evolution, and a plan that started from the first cause, there is a frequency we are trying to ultimately get to, and we have to go through so many different frequencies to get there. Some groups of frequencies depend upon others. When someone has aligned to a frequency faithfully and completely, and frequency is the highest currently in expression, then they are potentially in a position to express and in dna terms switch on the next frequency an express and introduce it. And so on it goes, we must get through and learn the lessons of these high frequencies before we can evolve. edit- we must learn the lessons of all the frequencies, as the higher depend upon the earlier lessons
  15. That makes a lot of sense. Michael Lomax talks about higher self dna in his system, so i assume its to do with the biological aspect of energetic expression. Further pondering on it, our behaviour effects our dna expression, so yes, i totally get what you mean Jeff.