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  1. Very much so, also feels clear blue in colour.. both stronger and clearer
  2. Yes, i've felt much more murky inside, but yesterday change started, and today apart from crushing headache, i'm having good realisations, practical ones. Hope this is the kind of answer you were looking for! Thanks
  3. I'm going to leave this topic now, because the original realisation contained a lesson for me personally to learn, and ive gone and done the wrong thing, and pursued it theoretically instead of putting the lesson into practice and experiencing and finally learning for myself... over and out!
  4. Can't speak from experience, but i imagine so.
  5. Oh wait, now i really see, this just came to me: if we think in terms of destiny and evolution, and a plan that started from the first cause, there is a frequency we are trying to ultimately get to, and we have to go through so many different frequencies to get there. Some groups of frequencies depend upon others. When someone has aligned to a frequency faithfully and completely, and frequency is the highest currently in expression, then they are potentially in a position to express and in dna terms switch on the next frequency an express and introduce it. And so on it goes, we must get through and learn the lessons of these high frequencies before we can evolve. edit- we must learn the lessons of all the frequencies, as the higher depend upon the earlier lessons
  6. That makes a lot of sense. Michael Lomax talks about higher self dna in his system, so i assume its to do with the biological aspect of energetic expression. Further pondering on it, our behaviour effects our dna expression, so yes, i totally get what you mean Jeff.
  7. Following on, i dont that much about the lives of prophets, avatars etc apart from Jesus. But in terms of energetic frequency, he brought in the opposite frequency of selfish sacrifice/sacrificing others for ones own personal gain. He brought in selfless sacrifice/sacrifice of oneself for the benefit of others. He did this in the evolutionary sense of bringing in fully expressing and introducing this frequency into this plane//earth for subsequent expression and utilisation of others to further us towards our destiny of the new humanity, or enlightened society.
  8. It just came to me, that as humanity, we contain all frequencies of energy within us. These energies are not all being expressed, and are not all presently operating/being utilised in this world. When a great prophet, or avatar appears, it is to introduce a new energetic frequency into this world via its full expression through them, for the benefit of the evolution of Earth and all her inhabitants. Just thought i'd share......
  9. Good points 3bob, well they do say that when things get really bad, an avatar will appear. It's happened before, might well happen again, and soon... sorry i haven't got much insight into this to add anything worthwhile... Cheers
  10. It's all about choices, i think. We are here on Earth lo learn about the power of choice, and the consequences of our choices teach us about the power of choice. If god's came down and bailed us out, we would never learn....
  11. I have to say, after trying the twin hearts meditation very recently, i don't think its a fraud, and i'm really glad to see this topic and that YaMu says he is the real deal. Wasn't sure at first because the meditation set something off that caused deep depression for a week or two, but now out the other side, its clear it was a clearing/healing, feeling much much better than before doing the meditation. Peace
  12. Thanks again Michael! Sounds about right, i'll pm you about the bach remedies, thanks again for your help/input
  13. Thanks 9th! Brilliant post
  14. Thanks Moment!
  15. Thanks Michael! Are you just stating the a logical fact, or can you feel it? its got something to do with awareness of the skull, the more complete the awareness, the less dense it feels, almost as if its going to release and disappear... Cheers mate!