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  1. Please delete-apologies!

    Thanks for replies - I came to solution, its not an issue, thanks for replying all of you!
  2. Please delete-apologies!

    Edit - apologies!
  3. Please delete-apologies!

    Apologies, I came to the solution - please delete this topic - thanks!
  4. I know someone who has been visited by Jesus, and he told me that he had a voice that was of a kindness not of this world. In the New Testament Jesus states very clearly that he has come to take away our shame and guilt. Jesus also quotes scripture and says that it is written that we are all God's. I Havent read this topic properly, and dont go on computer much these days, so may not be able to reply soon, if anyone quotes me
  5. amazing topic, very inspiring, thanks for original post and replies to it peace
  6. John Chang - Jesus

    I just want to come. back and say, that regarding secret sayings of Jesus, we should be firm in ethics/morals first, and know the New Testament well, and follow Ten Commandments, before going onto secret sayings. This echoes Buddha talking about ethics/morals before embarking on meditation journey. The secret sayings were reserved for Jesus inner door disciples. Lewis Keizer talks about this a lot in his book on the gospel of thomas. My other part of intention in starting this topic, was that a lot of people here are already far on the path, and that knowing Jesus cold further their progression and also introduce mo pai fans to Jesus, I'm sorry I made a bad attempt at this. I'm leaving this topic now, I ask please that no one post on here anymore, I dont want to embarrass Christ anymore. Peace
  7. John Chang - Jesus

    I didn't read the link to gospel of thomas, but I'm guessing its out of date... Lewis Keizer in his book on the gospel of thomas said an Aramaic copy had been found that dated to very early on. Jesus does say very clearly that God is spirit, and this together with him saying the kingdom of God is within, most certainly points to a direction of going inwards though contemplation, meditation and also prayer. Ok, so I'm out of this topic now,.... like I said I'm just a beginner, I'm not ready to talk about Jesus clearly on the internet, so please forgive my attempt to do so... I actually really wanted to find out if DJ had met him in a vision... no worries.. I wish you all the best, and I hope you attain full enlightenment in this lifetime. peace
  8. John Chang - Jesus

    Ok, im being honest when I say I've never read the book of revelations properly. I'll read it and see what comes up. Thanks, I was't aware of that. I just know that having a personal relationship with Allaha and Jesus has done me a great deal of good, and I know in my heart Jesus is Lord, it feels so right and helps inspire me. The gospel of Thomas predates the new t gospels. The book of thomas says the passages if understood fully would give eternal life. in the g of t oe passage states that to know god we must know the nature of the present moment. I think before we go to these teachings we should work on moral ethics, loving neighbour as self and putting what buddha called silla into practice. Thanks again for posting that out, I had never heard that before. OK, so back on again, it came to me that the eternal realm of damnation is only for those souls that get in the way of the divine plan as ordained from the first cause, so much, that they have to be put there for the sake of the rest of us. But also, the realm is eternal, but perhaps not the occupants of the realm if they are able to turn back towards God and repent. Again I haven't read its properly, but that al just came to me. peace
  9. John Chang - Jesus

    Jesus brought a new covenant, "a time is coming where the true worshipers will worship in spirit and in truth, God is spirit" Peace
  10. John Chang - Jesus

    Hi, thanks for responses. There was a reason I put ask the hoy spirit to lead you when you read the New Testament, as not everyone in the church has the right interpretation. If the whole of the new testament is not put into consideration as well, it can cause misunderstandings. That one passage about taking away our shame and guilt along with watch for an hour before praying, should show some people that they are misinterpreting the gospel. It is Jesus that is assigned to judge us, and look how he forgave them whilst on the cross, his teaching has been misrepresented so much. So, I just put this topic up to show that accomplished masters all the see the truth of Jesus and his teachings. Peace
  11. John Chang - Jesus

    Hi Dao Bums, Don't worry, I'm not wanting to talk about mo pai, or to claim John Chang was Jesus. Am I correct in remembering John Chang saw Jesus and accepted him as lord? I'm sure I heard this somewhere, and it makes perfect sense. When you come into contact with the vibration of Jesus, it just feels so right, and you know in your heart he is Lord, and same vibration as the source, that is also sentient. How can that which is sentient come forth from that which is not? In the book of John, Jesus states both that he is lord, (You say I am lord and master, and I agree I am these things) and he also states God the father is one in the same book of John, the first John section in the Gideon New Testament. I can tell you, that when you accept in your hearts, as conscious adults, that Jesus is Lord, it invokes something within you, that if held firmly to and accepted fully, will guide you to the light body/Holy Spirit baptism. Jesus says in the new testament, to watch for an hour, before praying,. This together with him seeing all the worlds sins before him in the desert, but not reacting to them, shows us he is recommending and teaching that we develop this quality of mindfulness/vipassana that he had naturally in the desert. I'm just a beginner, but from what I've experienced, prayer is just as important when it comes to spiritual development, as meditation. It can activate higher faculties, plus you create a genuine personal connection and relationships with both father and christ. So, all those who want to do mo pai, take note, accept Jesus and you will be guided down the correct path for you towards the true light. Also remember, Jesus says in the New Testament that he came to take away our shame and guilt. Please read the new testament and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your understanding of its contents. Ok, take care bums, I'm not on here much often., I just felt inspired to talk about DJ and Jesus. Peace
  12. extremely sorry

    please delete,... very sorry for doing over and over
  13. unsure what is happening?

    sorry, I dont know if Im having black magic done on me or not. if anyone is able to sense if its so.. would you if you have the capacity please break spells etc... no need to tell me, you cant know who it is until after spell is broken.. peace
  14. unsure what is happening?

    no problem, I can deal with it,, no worries
  15. sorry second thoughts, too serious to mess with, dont want further trouble..... sorry, please delete Peace, Edward