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    Fair enough, that was the first thing i found on google when this thread prompted me to do a search, seemed to fit with some other things id heard.
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    edit-never mind
  3. Thanks for posting! This is close to home, I've experienced very similar, although not retreat triggered. Just sitting quietly and getting used to being still naturally is a good state to be used to before anything like that. Otherwise your inner world when wide open is very foreign and very scary. It doesn't say what anti anxiety medicine she was on... when I took paxil/seroxat I'd get ridiculously high from meditation, danger level. That's a variable to take into account. It's possible she touched upon a higher plane briefly and then couldn't remember it but knew it happened, and that's where the psychosis started. Those pharmaceutical meds are strong! Very sad for her and family, meditation definitely isn't one size fits all.
  4. No, i was right! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003AGEYQW/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 But yeah, husks haha
  5. haha maybe i meant husks of buck wheat, or maybe that was in the pre biotic i was looking at haha- oops! Sorry Gerard! haha honest mistake!
  6. I think one of my cushions is filled with buckwheat. Look into it, if it is buckwheat, then I recommend it as a filler. Peace
  7. Gerard, apologies my friend! and to everyone else reading this-i'd never heard of the actress before, and didn't know of her death. Sorry, not a nice to thing to write in the circumstances. Hope i didn't offend anyone!
  8. EDIT-didn't know of the actress or her death. Peace
  9. Thanks Michael80, that's what i thought as well, that the spiritual heart awakens with the classical kundalini as well. Not claiming to be gong through that, but have spoken with those who have. Cheers
  10. Thanks Brian!
  11. Ok, cool, thanks Brian! What i know of the rosy cross school, is that the student activates the hridaya/rose of the heart within them by coming into contact with a forcefield of the same frequency. Then the kundalini of the heart, or what i'd term the signature energy of the hridaya induces a certain energy flow within the energy body, that has certain effects, which is the aim of their school. I'm not a member, but i've spoken to one of them about it. It does sound like stillness movement a lot, in that we come into contact with the energy of the school/light that activates centres and induces energy flows within us at the same frequency as the light. Sounds like any method actually, the deeper one goes within, and the less filtered the lenses become, the more activation will occur at more subtle frequencies. Except that with stillness movement we go straight to a certain frequency in practice. I'm rambling on again... thanks Brian! Peace
  12. It is indeed an awesome move, personal favourite. So, Brian, could you see the video? are you saying it induces the same energy flow, or that is uses the same energy of the inner heart, or both?
  13. One other thing i'll say, an observation, is that in Michael Lomax's Gift of the tao 2 qigong set, there is a move called crossing the heart, I think its called that anyway... and the flow it induces in the energy body seems to be the same as the one that is described in this video when the heart lotus is awakened.
  14. Hi CT, Thanks for the offer, it's not there, it was a live streaming video on their facebook page. The second post i made shows the video in the post-at least for me.... I think only daobums who are logged into facebook will be able to see it, unfortunately! Doesn't seem to be a download option there, or i'd download and upload to youtube myself...its a good video! I'll summarise for those who can't see it.. its saying the usual kundalini path from root to crown goes through and activates the chakra from bottom to top one by one and awakens the siddhis which reinforce the sense of self and ego. He then explains that the heart has a spirit spark atom/the lotus of the heart, that has its own kundalini energy independent of the classical kundalini path, that when awakened activates our true self, and initiates an alternative energetic circutry, that is more spiritual and attuned to our eternal selves. Apologies to those without facebook accounts! Peace