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  1. Forget about practices that involve directing energies with your mind.. You could do some Zhan Zuang for example, this should ground and balance your energies.. or simply quiet your mind and forget about leaks and chakras and chi-routes and let your system balance itself, if your mind gets out of the way, chi does what it needs to do.. just let it do its thing
  2. After doing the meditations for more than a year now it has become quite easy to know intuitively which meditations to choose for a session. The energetic pattern of each meditation become more and more obvious. I start each session with around 15 minutes of BTB. Every session the energy gets a little more intense and instead of me doing the movements it's the energy moving my body - in the speed of a shifting sand dune. I am looking forward to get this effect with every meditation.. but the important point I think is to train your intuition and to feel which meditation is the right one at a given time
  3. One example would be Shaolin nei jin yi zhi chan I think.
  4. I am not really sure about my own concept of the so called void, but I am pretty sure that there is some kind of blueprint reality, influenced by our individual and mass-consciousness that works as some kind of pre-manifest reality. Then, if the energy exceeds a certain threshold this energy manifests as events and experiences we are able to perceive. There are no closed systems imo and what we perceive as sensual outer-experiences are rather our inner-thoughts and emotions manifesting with the sensual world working as a kind of mirror of our inner state. What I just want to say is that there is a constant interaction between different layers of reality and that we most likely are not as separated from those as we think we are. But still, I am unsure of the definition of the void , but intuitively I think that there are some kind of interactions happening
  5. Welcome :-) There you can start regarding information on FPCK ;-)
  6. @Phoenix3And please don't underestimate the power of your mind. Especially the power of your expectations. Your body reacts to every single thought and adapts to those underlying believes. If you think Alcohol and Sex is bad for you per se your body / subsystems (like endocrine- / nervous- / immune-system) will do everything to help you in supporting those thoughts.. My advice would be to let go of those fears and worries and concentrate on the other side, like focus on those unbelievable self-healing and regenerating powers your systems have if you let them. Know that there is an inexhaustible energy-source availabe the entire time for you, only in need of your allowance to let it flow through your system. Doesn't mean to overdo things, but seek for balance, harmony and trust in yourself and the power of your mind. It is mind over matter, and some glasses of Alcohol or losses of semen won't negatively influence you if you are able to do it in a natural, un-worrying way. First way is always to find a peaceful state, harmony with yourself. Then, if you are in that state, your actions will be productive/balancing/enriching. But first, seek that state, as actions coming from a troubled place can't carry you out of it.
  7. With dyspraxia maybe Zhan Zuang would be a suitable practice?
  8. Any info/sources for reichian bodywork you would recommend?
  9. Would be interested in the connection between MCO and saliva.. For those who opened MCO, did your saliva-production increase before you opened it? Was is still increasing when it opened? And did your saliva taste sweet then? Just wanna get clear about some of this points..
  10. I don't know if that's what Jeff wanted to say. I wouldn't value being open as good or bad, instead simply be aware that you attract what resonates with you. Thinking that being open to energies will attract beings that steal your energies can and probably will work like a self-fulfilling prophecy. As being said, I would direct the focus on yourself, your issues and fears. Solving those issues will then automatically remove the basis for those seemingly attacks by others.
  11. Pretty intense heart-opening-stuff going on for me in the last 2-3 days. The people/friends I interacted with in the last days also seemed very "insecure" in a way, like not that "stable" as they used to be.. From the friends I met in the last days at least 3 of them seemed to be in a big shifting process with much unconscious stuff coming to the surface.
  12. "Accepting" your pain and situation may not be a bad idea at all. Any blockage is built on the resistance of your energy-flows and accepting the situation and letting go will let your energy flow naturally. I just read an interesting paragraph.. "If you have physical problems, concentrate instead upon the healthy portions of your body and the unimpeded functions that you have. In the healthy areas, your beliefs are working for you. As I mentioned, inner sounds are extremely important. Each of the atoms and molecules that compose your body has its own reality in sound values that you do not hear physically." The Nature of Personal Reality, Jane Roberts Inner sounds do not mean acoustic-physical sounds, but a kind of energy that can be translated as sound, mostly originating from thoughts and emotions. However, meditation and chanting "OM"(can be silently, with inner intent) has also a direct healing effect on cells/meridians. This ain't no physical approach in that sense, but the inner attitude is at least equal important imo. But I guess you are on the right way anyway still wishing the best
  13. The Finger-Bending exercises stimulate the organs and open those associated meridians so I don't think there is a need for a special bladder-meridian posture. By the way, I just read the Finger Bending-Description in the PDF and I found it not that comprehensible.. I learnt it this way: Bend Thumbs 1x, Bend Middle Finger 3x, Bend Pinky 5x, Bend Index Finger 7x and then Bend Ring Finger 9x. This is done after like 20minutes of just standing still, when you feel the chi in your hands. After some time you will sense where the energy flows when you bend a certain finger. Afaik Ring-Finger bending should work on bladder-meridian, but you will find out ;-) But don't change the bending-counts if you want to work with the method I learnt ;-)
  14. One exercise you could try is from Shaloin Nei Jing Yi. The Standing posture pretty quickly opens blockages. It is quite exhausting at the beginning and you will most probably only be able to stand some minutes and sweat a lot but it's worth the effort. After some weeks or months you will be able to hold the position for like an hour.. And it's highly important, even though you have pain, to stand as relaxed as possible. But it's always good to have a teacher that is able to help with clearing obstructions, the posture I mentioned above creates a lot of energy and it could be quite painful when it clears your blockages edit: Against the advice in the PDF I would not recommend to watch TV or hear radio, I think it's better to make sure that your muscles are as relaxed as possible, especially at the beginning.