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  1. Weather Magick

    I would like to know what makes you think that occult / magic stuff was such an important element in Daoism? In my opinion, at least texts like the Tao Te Ching or Zhuangzi indicate the opposite, since many references to qigong / meditation can be found and it's all about self-realization (so that the strength comes from yourself, without needing any magic) and aligning with the Dao, which I always saw as quite the opposite to summon spirits.
  2. This really sounds like the exact same problem I went thru. I would remain at the tips given in my first response, that working on posture should really improve your situation (which can be a very tedious process as you have to learn to correct your posture countless times a day so that the correct posture becomes a habit) , because it also helped me immensely. But I would also go with Jeff, calling at a blockage at the throat. When I experienced the states you are describing - slow mental capacity, pressure in the head, brighter colors, involuntary movements of the head when "letting go" - my neck/cervical area was blocked, but also the front-body area, being the throat, which led to energy accumulating in the head. Imo it could also be an emotional and physical problem, that can be approached at both sides. The reason I advise to work on posture is, that it should be a good way to help the energy move out of the head which then would automatically help you to become aware of the emotional and underlying reason for your problem if there is one, which can then be resolved. Qigong, or energy-work in general may not be a good idea, especially if doing it on your own / without a teacher. Nevertheless, there is a Ba Duan Jin Qigong-lesson on YouTube from Shaolin Temple Europe, which I found extremely helpful in moving those stuck energies in the head and neck-area. ( This should not lead to Qi-buildup in the head and it's the only form I would suggest you to do if you want to address your problem with Qigong. But if you try it and it leads to more pressure, stop doing it. Edit: by the way.. @-_sometimes Did you have any accidents where your head was tilted backwards? Or being born by Caesearean?Because I assume that my problems arose from various accidents where I damaged my neck.
  3. Damaged lower dantian

    I would strongly advise against mixing Flying Phoenix Qigong with those walking / sitting meditations and energy movements. Just moving energy for it's own without proper foundation can create big imbalances if you don't move it where it needs and wants to go.. and especially when doing something like Flying Phoenix which moves the energy on it's own in certain pathways depending on the exercise, even hours after practiting, it's not very wise to move your chi in any other way. The stronger ones own energy get's, the more dangerous it is to mix different incompatible practices, and that's why I would really advise you to concentrate on one closed system with exercise that build on each other and and a competent teacher who can energetically intervene if something is not going right.
  4. Seems to me like your energy is stuck at your neck/back of the head, somewhere at Du-16/17 acupuncture points. I know this from myself, along with those symptoms like feeling mentally tired, vocabulary difficulties, "brainfog". I would advise to work on your posture. Pay attention to your head: Keep it up, chin slighty inwards, stretch your neck/cervicular area slighty whilst moving the back of your head a bit back- and upwards.. Deep breathing is important as it helps to relax and realign your neck-area automatically. Zhang Zhuan should be a very fitting practice but only if you find a good teacher who can correct your posture. Buying those can also be of good help: Edit: Massaging your KI-1 point on the soles of the feet is a useful way to free your head of stuck energy.
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I just watched a few of the Long-Form Videos on Youtube, this one I liked the most, because it seems like he feels the energy and moves in accordance to it.
  6. Boddhidharma & Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands They can be seen here taught by Wonk Kiew Kit
  7. Who is Loneman Pai?

    @vonkrankenhaus If chi is movement, what is it that is moving? For example, when my teacher emits chi to a certain point on my body to help dissolve a blockage - how would you explain it without seeing chi as some kind of substance or energy?
  8. Best Demonstration of WujiGong I have seen on Youtube is anyone still practicing it?
  9. Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts) also spoke about how to move such heavy objects in terms of pyramids "All of this was done in one way or another through the use of, a knowledge of, both coordination points in space (described by Seth in his own book) and the use of sound. (Also described to some degree.) There were instruments that released sound, and directed it in the same way, say, that a laser beam does with light. Drawings of some of these exist in primitive Sumerian cave renditions, but the drawings are misinterpreted, the instrument is taken for another. No one knows how to use the instruments. There are a few in existence, in your terms. “You could move very heavy objects with it. The objects were levitated - raised up in the air, no matter how heavy. They only needed to be guided by people to some degree. Many men were used to guiding them but not to lift or carry them. The sound instrument had a fantastic cohesive effect that bound atoms and molecules together.”
  10. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Does anyone else doing FP feel a connection to Kuan Yin / Tara? First time this happened when I stood in front of an antique trade and a saw a statue of her and the energy felt was very similar to that of FPCK.. very compassionate, loving, and somehow light.
  11. Helpful things are also found here:
  12. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    To your pressure issue.. that's a good sign my teacher would say. But don't focus on any sensations, no matter if they feel comfortable, bad or neutral, because it's important that your mind stays out of the Chi's way (as energy always follows the mind/focus) .. just take them as they are: sensations, probably caused by energy opening some channels, you will probably get a lot more of those following the Flying Phoenix
  13. Wish I could answer in another way , but the only thing that came to mind is - although I know what you mean with _falling back_ - that there is nothing like that even though a chakra might close again. But then this closing gives new input for new realizations and new experiences and in a broader view something like going backwards in ones spiritual development is not possible - although it may seem like that in this space/time reality, but if this seems to happen I think its important to not judge and accept it and know it happens for a reasons..
  14. Wolf Messing - a Jedi by all standards.

    Here is an article by William Bodri explaining psychic powers / 3rd eye opening and the importance of not clinging to them: "[...]That's why only advanced meditators who have practiced meditation for years, and whose Chi channels or acupuncture meridians are thereby somewhat cleansed because of the prior groundwork, or people who are naturally gifted with emptiness achievement to some extent, accomplish any of the psychic abilities that are often reported to occur from this practice. Remember that the point is not to develop superpowers and go down that route, for the line between mental illness and superpowers is thin indeed. This is why true saints never emphasize them for you end up clinging to them and playing with them without even knowing it.[...]"
  15. New to the Dao

    Welcome I see those circular moving waves/holes in the sky, too. Along with tingling 3rd eye.. always wondered what it might be, cool to find someone who sees them too