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  1. Flying Phoenix Qigong is great in balancing ones energies. You can easily learn it from DVD and there's a huge thread here on daobums.. I can really recommend it, as to me it seems like it's specifically designed to harmonize the whole energy system, quieting the mind, grounding and healing in general
  2. Had the same experience some years ago when I started feeling energy. Shaking, erection, eyes rolling backwards, tongue moving upwards, heat and sweat.. Don't be scared of it, I had some serious fears of energy getting stuck etc. which _then_ resulted in it being blocked in some parts of the body.. The trick is to not force anything, as Jeff said simply reside in it, be quiet and let everything go it's natural way..
  3. A practitioner's responsibility

    Great thread responsibility / response ability..
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Does anyone know this guy? Lots of differences to Terrys Version.. but I like the phoenix in the background Especially last 3rd totally different.. but FPCHCK was only taught by Doo Wai or am I wrong? How can this version be so different
  5. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Are there practices in Cajun similar to those in daoism or what is generally done to build up/restore energy? And do they work/treat with their own energies or are they using "universal" energy, like in reiki for example or both?
  6. What happens to suicides may be helpful
  7. Tree Pose aka Vrikshasana

    I never practiced this pose, but in my experience every pose I did that involves the fingertips pointing upwards somehow stimulates 6th/7th chakra
  8. Solid Qigong videos/youtubes

    Seems very powerful to me, I just did it twice because I am doing other practices in my daily routine and prefer to have a real life teacher, but this and his other stuff seems very powerful and heart opening
  9. throat issues

    Everything that needs healing will come to the surface, including believes, thoughts and illnesses that just don't suit your new energy. You will have to let let some old stuff go and open up for new one. True self love needs to be discovered. The easiest way to get through this is probably to just let it happen and to trust in the process, knowing that there are invisible forces helping you everytime you need support, just waiting for your call. Wishing you the best
  10. zhan zhuang feedback

    I am practicing something similar to Yi-zi-chan (probably the same roots and same basic-stances) and my teacher told me if the shaking gets too heavy one should suppress the movements to some extent, but not entirely (as it will stop by itself after some time). In my experience, I would say that it is also important in which body-area the shaking occurs. Usually I like to suppress the shaking and just relax as this seems to allow the Chi to accumulate and penetrate deeper in the body/cells - which also results in increased stillness of mind - , this was a good way to go for me, except when shaking of my whole head/neck area started and my head began to move left/right/forward/backward in a very vigorous way. When I suppress (I am still at that stage) this movements Chi easily stagnates at head-area, which results in very unpleasent states.. I´m gonna ask my teacher for advice, but till now it feels more safe for me to (fully) allow this shaking.
  11. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    On happiness
  12. Forget about practices that involve directing energies with your mind.. You could do some Zhan Zuang for example, this should ground and balance your energies.. or simply quiet your mind and forget about leaks and chakras and chi-routes and let your system balance itself, if your mind gets out of the way, chi does what it needs to do.. just let it do its thing
  13. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    After doing the meditations for more than a year now it has become quite easy to know intuitively which meditations to choose for a session. The energetic pattern of each meditation become more and more obvious. I start each session with around 15 minutes of BTB. Every session the energy gets a little more intense and instead of me doing the movements it's the energy moving my body - in the speed of a shifting sand dune. I am looking forward to get this effect with every meditation.. but the important point I think is to train your intuition and to feel which meditation is the right one at a given time