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  1. I have a specific movement in my Tenaga dalam practice that allows you to store or Lock the energies and also a advance movement to Lock energies in specific parts of your body.
  2. Closing of chakras or falling back?

    profound but i totally agree.
  3. Closing of chakras or falling back?

    Thanks I used to do visualization and physical exercises too to keep my chakras in perfect balance but then a master told me that is just a beginners way to balancing your chakras because remember your mental body or mind is connected to all of your chakras meaning when your mind is in perfect balance your chakras are too.
  4. .

    Maybe. But I do wish you find the answer that you are looking for though.
  5. .

    Maybe it's because I've been there so many times that I can't seem to pinpoint the exact date as to when he told me. But to give you an estimation its in between 2015 t0 2017.
  6. .

    Sorry i didn't. If you really want to investigate I suggest you can go to Surabaya, Indonesia. But I will be back in Indonesia this month to train again from another master about immunity to acid and fire. I will try to ask around if they know any details.
  7. .

    That I failed to ask since I was never interested of the details anyway.
  8. .

    Since 3 to 4 times a year I am in Indonesia I also heard this from my teacher in Surabaya Indonesia where John is from. That he is dead and was published in the local paper.
  9. Juicing

    I do blend and juice from time to time since i'm a vegan but recently i found out that most masters eat their fruits thru chewing for the purpose that when you chew certain chemical changes happens in the mouth and after i tried it out the difference was really great. But juicing or blending can be a good starting point.
  10. Closing of chakras or falling back?

    To put it simply an optimistic attitude opens up chakras because each chakra correspond to a certain virtue and the opposite happens when a person is negative.
  11. Most Powerful Blockage Clearance Technique ?

    In my experience and with some of my students, more or less, the blockages goes away instantly after a week of dry fasting or a month of fruit diet.
  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    To think is to create.
  13. wei wu wei

    This can be both a blessing and a trap with people who lacks the experience and common sense.
  14. .

    I studied Tenaga Dalam in indonesia for 10 years already and quarterly I go back and I know a lot of powerful healer at par or more powerful than John who are off the radar.