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  1. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    Actually I think morality is an extension of the natural order that has preferences based on intelligence assimilating itself and forming opinions based in time and space that coincide with life forms whose existence is perpetuated as self awareness of their own identity and the identity of others perceived Hence; anything that identifies as something permanent or even temporal and seeks to continue itself or it's goal will choose a course of action to that end. Therefore morality is a course of action some choose to take, immorality is another. "natural law"--- what does that even mean? Nature has laws like all the laws of physics, why do you think these things exist? :::::::::::: To give us the means to experience. ...I actually like smartphones and not having to have stupid fake interactions with people who I don't give a shit about... I think it's progress towards a utopia. Utopia to me means life lived on my own terms, without the need to interact with idiots. I'd much rather live in a world dominated by free thinking technological robots than by tyrannical slave driving capitalists ( the past ).
  2. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    I read an interesting concept from a taoist once on morality. The concept was that the more alike we are to something else, the more we relate to that thing and therefore feel connected to it, this relationship was termed "psychodynamics". For instance a human being feels that it is wrong to kill another human being in cold blood or if can be avoided, but he does not feel that same sense of morality towards a bug, a rock, or a tree..... simply because he does not identify as close to them as he does other human beings. If you reflect on it it kind of makes sense everywhere --- animals care more about themselves than you, bacteria and viruses do not care about you at all. I don't know if this concept is absolute, however it does make sense and does create a kind of balance in the larger picture of life itself; each species and variety of life shares a closer connection to it's fellows, therefore each part of life protects itself and therefore the whole of life has the best chance of continuing on...and evolving into higher forms of embodied intelligence, ( Light Instilled Forever Energetically ) aka. L.I.F.E.
  3. Change the world now

    I suppose my little post sparked some good conversations and points of view... That is a start. The nature of how money, or trade of value, has shaped the world is undeniable of course and to a certain extent a system that does reflect some aspect of what it means to be alive and be an individual... everyone values things differently. I just don't like the fact of how large of an influence the shifting and trade in value ( exchange of money ) the world over has and will most likely continue to exude which in effect mostly serves to keep people down and under it's almost tyrannical nature - ( working to be able to trade ) I don't like how if people have no money they are seen as worthless, or if people don't aspire to attain vast sums of money they end up being seen as "losers". The great big game of the world is obviously the attainment of property and means to influence the world around oneself, I'm just tired of having to see through it all the time everywhere, feeling like I'm living in it as a part of a game I hate playing and one that I don't agree with. Wishing that the human species would wake up out of it's own systematized mess of itself... I suppose the real problem to treat is the basic fact that rich people just don't care about normal working people or poor people, rich people treat the rest of us like we are their servants.
  4. Change the world now

    ...just want to clarify. Im not looking to save the world by any means... just to live in it differently free of the ills of civilization.
  5. Change the world now

    Thanks everyone.
  6. Change the world now

    Who else is just tired of the nonsense of the world? By non-sense, I mean the non sensical system that we are slaves to that feeds off of us... the entire global financial system. I'd like to find a way to live outside of it, maybe plant a seed to change it someday. Could it be possible if some of us started to exclusively live off the land? " When the tao is lost, there is goodness. When goodness is lost, there is morality. When morality is lost, there is ritual. Ritual is the husk of true faith, the beginning of chaos."
  7. סמאל IS SUPREME GOD

    I totally have seen that episode! It's hilarious!!!! Hahahaha
  8. Humans Without Souls

    ...I don't know about not having souls... but in Robert monroe's books on out of body experiences he writes about his experiences with beings from different levels of conscious existence, and how some of them choose to be incarnated as humans. He also claims that some people are such incarnated beings and they are living their first life as a human. ... regardless of the terminology from sect to sect and tradition to tradition, what everyone does possess is consciousness in some form. Not all beings may have a similar inner structure as others do, being a mediating body for their spirit (consciousness)... which is what is commonly called the astral body, or transformable spirit... ... but if they are incarnated as a human, how else could they exist in human form?

    Hey - why are you such a hindu? Hey - how come you define experiences as mistakes?... as if there is some perfect way to live life... life itself proves entirely the opposite. There are no mistakes, only choices. Hey - why don't you come off your high horse and stop spreading your beliefs as infallible. Where might I ask did you acquire this information that you so absolutely believe in? ...Sounds to me like all you've done is read a bunch of hindu philosophy and spewn it online.

    ...I would never call myself a master... but I have affected the physical plane through thoughts. If you would like to discuss please message me... just wanted you to know that it is possible. Thinking things does carry energy, and when it is paired with visualization it carries even more.... it is an exact science, it is not a superstition.
  11. Mystical Christian Thread

    Ezekiel 25:17- " The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyrannies of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and goodwill sheperd's the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truely his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." " Let him seek, until he finds." - JC " It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of god." - JC " As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. " _ Proverbs
  12. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    ...My thoughts exactly. Which is why I feel intellectual explanations will never fulfill our real yearning. Hence, the ability to venture into states of mind and develop oneself are almost necessary to be able to understand things at a deeper level than the physical realm... Often I find my mind likes to cling to truths, which is all well and good, but there are so many truths... it's almost as if the mind cannot grasp all of them at only point in time... but it is important to remember the ones that we can truely embrace and that are easy to understand and use, morality, facts of science, etc. etc. The great nature of existence is always kinda on my mind...
  13. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    I agree in asking the same question. I believe different people are more fond of different types of information...hence the piecemeal history of religious and mystical thought throughout time. It's purely an intellectual and historical hobby of mine...I like to be aware up to a point that I feel comfortable with. Studying religions and spiritual traditions is like learning different languages....some express some things in a way that suits me more so than others at different times. Ultimately, none of them really contain a full explanation... the universe is extremely vast and I have experienced things that are quite strange. I think quantum theory and string theory are in the right direction when it comes to formulating a universal theory of existence. But the real question, I believe we all instinctively feel the need to understand, is always lingering there, why? Why existence? Why us? Why are we here ? Everyone kinda goes through the religions at some point to see if any of those answers can be found there... or so it seems...
  14. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    ...here is basically what the influences of the bible are, it's a mix: -judaism belief -egpytian culture and deification of the sun ( amun ) -greek myths and beliefs -apocalyptic cults -astrologic metaphor of the zodiac in the new testament ( the apocalyptic, crucifixon, etc. of the sun ) -- basically the entire new testament is a metaphor to the zodiac and the paths that the sun takes, which is why there are 12 disciples ( 12 signs of the zodiac ) and God's son, or sun... is the one who everyone follows. Due to new knowledge gained by people of course through time and because it was smart to alter the beliefs of people for political reasons... -stories by people -recommendations by people spoken word of mouth of all these cultural traditions prior to being subscribed to written language, ( Jesus did not write anything down, etc. ) ...it's just like any group of teachings outside the realm of science. All religions are an amalgamation of information expressed through the lens of what people could understand and believed to be important. Just like buddhism is basically hinduism without some information, hinduism is basically a celebration of man and existence as taught by seers and ascetics from tribal times, taoism was originally a philosophy and science which was then formed into a religion... Christianity, judaism, and islam are the same in that they are pieces of information. The big difference between the western and eastern religions is perception and myth. Eastern religions tend to be focused on discovering the true essence of ourselves and reality to bring about a certain peace of mind to ourselves and to the world we live in, where as western religions are focused on worship of overlords and seek to control people through fear to bring about an ordered society that does not contend with itself...so that people can live together and happily that way. Western religions tend to be mythical and constantly assert a "deity". Eastern religions perceive life as it is, and suggest each person does the same, without to much emphasis on a "deity"... albeit is existent in them somewhat.
  15. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    ... back to not mis-translating... it's not possible to even do that, because the original messages were mis-translated and re-interpreted from the hellenist jews to the ptomely greeks... the greeks wrote the bible with a large influence from their culture, and from the egyptians...( egypt, and egyptians are greek words...). ...anyway, to reflect a common thought - it's not even important to try to. Much more important to understand things for oneself. I believe in noble character conduct, but damnet sometimes I get really pissed. Society and it's ills are basically the greatest obstacle I have dealt with in refining my character, it's a shame, but it's true. We don't really live in a society, we live much more in a master-slave , master-warrior, death-life dichotomy. ...Which is probably why monks, and convents and all religious orders and movements don't care about the world or what happens in it... it's all too stupid and full of ego's, nonsense, ignobility, greed, and pettiness. ...and this master-slave dichotomy brought largely upon the world by western religions, sadly... praying to the gods and all that bullshit.