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  1. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    ...My thoughts exactly. Which is why I feel intellectual explanations will never fulfill our real yearning. Hence, the ability to venture into states of mind and develop oneself are almost necessary to be able to understand things at a deeper level than the physical realm... Often I find my mind likes to cling to truths, which is all well and good, but there are so many truths... it's almost as if the mind cannot grasp all of them at only point in time... but it is important to remember the ones that we can truely embrace and that are easy to understand and use, morality, facts of science, etc. etc. The great nature of existence is always kinda on my mind...
  2. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    I agree in asking the same question. I believe different people are more fond of different types of information...hence the piecemeal history of religious and mystical thought throughout time. It's purely an intellectual and historical hobby of mine...I like to be aware up to a point that I feel comfortable with. Studying religions and spiritual traditions is like learning different languages....some express some things in a way that suits me more so than others at different times. Ultimately, none of them really contain a full explanation... the universe is extremely vast and I have experienced things that are quite strange. I think quantum theory and string theory are in the right direction when it comes to formulating a universal theory of existence. But the real question, I believe we all instinctively feel the need to understand, is always lingering there, why? Why existence? Why us? Why are we here ? Everyone kinda goes through the religions at some point to see if any of those answers can be found there... or so it seems...
  3. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    ...here is basically what the influences of the bible are, it's a mix: -judaism belief -egpytian culture and deification of the sun ( amun ) -greek myths and beliefs -apocalyptic cults -astrologic metaphor of the zodiac in the new testament ( the apocalyptic, crucifixon, etc. of the sun ) -- basically the entire new testament is a metaphor to the zodiac and the paths that the sun takes, which is why there are 12 disciples ( 12 signs of the zodiac ) and God's son, or sun... is the one who everyone follows. Due to new knowledge gained by people of course through time and because it was smart to alter the beliefs of people for political reasons... -stories by people -recommendations by people spoken word of mouth of all these cultural traditions prior to being subscribed to written language, ( Jesus did not write anything down, etc. ) ...it's just like any group of teachings outside the realm of science. All religions are an amalgamation of information expressed through the lens of what people could understand and believed to be important. Just like buddhism is basically hinduism without some information, hinduism is basically a celebration of man and existence as taught by seers and ascetics from tribal times, taoism was originally a philosophy and science which was then formed into a religion... Christianity, judaism, and islam are the same in that they are pieces of information. The big difference between the western and eastern religions is perception and myth. Eastern religions tend to be focused on discovering the true essence of ourselves and reality to bring about a certain peace of mind to ourselves and to the world we live in, where as western religions are focused on worship of overlords and seek to control people through fear to bring about an ordered society that does not contend with itself...so that people can live together and happily that way. Western religions tend to be mythical and constantly assert a "deity". Eastern religions perceive life as it is, and suggest each person does the same, without to much emphasis on a "deity"... albeit is existent in them somewhat.
  4. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    ... back to not mis-translating... it's not possible to even do that, because the original messages were mis-translated and re-interpreted from the hellenist jews to the ptomely greeks... the greeks wrote the bible with a large influence from their culture, and from the egyptians...( egypt, and egyptians are greek words...). ...anyway, to reflect a common thought - it's not even important to try to. Much more important to understand things for oneself. I believe in noble character conduct, but damnet sometimes I get really pissed. Society and it's ills are basically the greatest obstacle I have dealt with in refining my character, it's a shame, but it's true. We don't really live in a society, we live much more in a master-slave , master-warrior, death-life dichotomy. ...Which is probably why monks, and convents and all religious orders and movements don't care about the world or what happens in it... it's all too stupid and full of ego's, nonsense, ignobility, greed, and pettiness. ...and this master-slave dichotomy brought largely upon the world by western religions, sadly... praying to the gods and all that bullshit.
  5. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    hmmm. interesting. where is your thread?
  6. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    ...I am somewhat interested in the bible... I have heard that there are many older versions of the Bible, probably lost to history... What is basically agreed upon by a lot of people, is that the bible was altered for political reasons throughout time to control populations, of course as evidenced by the entire roman civilization... As a historical document, I think the bible has some authenticity in leading one to ponder existence, and this is one aspect of being an aware individual. However, it doesn't offer much else besides metaphorical stories and endlessly translated passages that people wrote down because they thought that it was important. ...the only real value the bible ever had to me was the simple assertion that God exists and that our actions matter and determine our life experience, and that considering others and how we treat them does have a tendency to affect our lives... ...But there is no real meditation type of aspect to it, no information to really "develop" oneself with... which is what I was more or less interested in. It's mostly time based stories of the cultures of antiquity, and metaphors for basic conduct, with prophecies that have no basis in our current way of life... the book of revelation etc. etc.
  7. The Transformation of Emotions

    Back onto the transformation ( re-configuration ) idea: Check out this website: http://cymaticsource.com/
  8. The Transformation of Emotions

    ...I would love to read your research into this field. Tonality may be defined differently, but it is quite undeniable that rhythm is always felt the same. ...would also love to understand why you describe western music as being based on a materialistic definiton.... I suppose you are saying that mathematical ratios and proportions are "materialistic".... because that is what I understand it to be based on. ...all organized music ( not random sounds ), is based on mathematical ratios... so I don't see how one is materialistic more so than any other...
  9. ... i would love to hear anyone try to argue against the laws of physics. All I would have to do would be to prove that by doing so they are simply proving my point. Just because existence can be influenced through one's intent, doesn't mean that "reality" is unreal or even "presented" to oneself. The cause and effect law of karma is what is the force that governs the entire created universe. It does not work or operate in a way that one can avoid or bypass. If you are alive and thinking and speaking and existing, then you are subject to the laws of existence to exist. Ancient arguments as translated through time lose their meaning through subjective interpretation... it is quite hard to translate conceptual and literal meaning from ancient cultures. ...doesn't matter to me though, as the language of science supercedes all of them and does not depend on interpretation.
  10. The world is not presented to me... the world of the actual physical existence is an objective one. It is impossible to argue this any other way; the laws of physics and nature do not depend on your own point of view to operate. Colors are not a fabrication of my sight mechanism, colors exist on the physical level as colors due to the nature of what they are and how they come to be, red is red, green is green. " consider whether it matters if your experience of life is not real..." ? WTF are you trying to say... this is obviously a dumb question. Of course my experience of life is real, it's just like the fact that it is real that you asked such a dumb reflective question. "Unreal world"... what are you even talking about... ALL these words and mental mind games about how to describe what is, serve the only purpose of sharpening one's real perception, which can only be validated by the past or the present. If something happened, it did, you can't change it - that's real. What is happening now, is in flux - that's real. What will happen in the future is unknown - that's real.
  11. funny how the concept of real has to do with so many things, but that in the end everyone is talking about subjectivity. The eternal tao is real and constant The created world is real and changes Existence is perceived through flows of consciousness states of mind and open choice-less impersonal awareness One's experience of all these aforementioned things in real The whole illusion concept is actually misleading and stupid, perhaps our western lexicon misses the root meaning of where this concept came from... but from my point of view trying to recognize illusion from reality is pretty easy... things that people believe that are not in line with what is actually real - are illusions, falsehoods, and wrong knowledge. Such as statements like " the earth is flat ". No - it only appears that way from a certain point of view, hence that statement is an illusion. Obviously the world is spherical. So, stating that the entire world is an illusion is also wrong and stupid... at least from my point of view. Where does one go with this statement? What could ever be learned from beginning with this mindset? If you believe nothing is actually real, then you are actually a nihilist - someone who believes in nothing, stands for nothing, and is absolutely nothing. Then you become nothing, your existence means nothing, simply because you have bought into the stupid idea of " illusion "....
  12. Ching Chin Ching, "The Classic of Purity"

    Ok. Thank you. That whole way of juxtaposing opposite words to express a paradoxical meaning is a zen buddhist type of prose, isn't it? It's not a classic taoist way of writing in my understanding... too often buddhist ideals mix with taoist ones...
  13. Has anyone read or given thought to the prose of the Ching Chin Ching? ... I find the Legge translation quite inspiring and factual... especially this part - "In that condition of rest independently of place how can any desire arise? And when no desire any longer arises, there is the True stillness and rest. That True (stillness) becomes (a) constant quality, and responds to external things (without error); yea, that True and Constant quality holds possession of the nature." "In such constant response and constant stillness there is constant Purity and Rest. He who has this absolute Purity enters gradually into the (inspiration of ) True Tao. And having entered thereinto, he is styled Possessor of the Tao." "Although he is styled Possessor of the Tao, in reality he does not think he has becomed possessed of anything. It is as accomplishing the transformation of all living things, that he is styled Possessor of the Tao."
  14. Just seeking my path

    While every spirit is its own, and has freewill, there is an end to understanding the nature of that. Rules as you speak of seem to sound like tradition and hierarchical formulation. Those are not the conditions of existence I speak of. I agree that some rules of society and even personal conceptual thought are to be transcended. But, Taoism is not about disharmony with immutable universal law and principle. It is about the exact opposite. While endless intellectual debate is entertaining, it also has an end. Taoism is rooted in the understanding of the Tao and the embracing of the truth of what that is. If you think going against “the heavens” is a wise idea... than go ahead and do that and see how far you go. What you will eventually discover is that you really can’t , unless you choose the path of abnormality and ridiculous ego driven insanity, as do all rebellious spirits that forsake the true Tao. That path is long, sad, and hard and based in blatant ignorance. Ignorance as in ignoring truth in light of what you like to believe. “ the will of heaven cannot be overturned” - Liao Sifu- “ magus of Java.
  15. Just seeking my path

    ...a will, is an aspect of a consciousness. Consciousness is continually in flux... impermanent. It does not matter what you think you can achieve or hope to dream..... you are like all of us; subject to conditions of existence. A far greater goal for you would be to inquire into what existence actually is, how it behaves, and how your being relates to it, that way you may be able to understand if you could ever exist with your "will" outside of it. As to aspects of what a "will" is - I have only found two types, my own and everyone else's, and the will of the universe....