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  1. Serge Augier: Daxuan

    Another flash sale at Udemy so now would be a good time to check out Daxuan Daoism. There is a new course: Stress and Emotions: A Daoist Way
  2. No misunderstanding, but thanks - I'm known for bad dad jokes! Yeah, dipping into a Pali glossary can be fascinating, the terms hint at a precise understanding of mental states and their mapping.
  3. "By ensuring that the Buddha’s teachings were transmitted across millennia, the religion helped develop and spread printing techniques around the world – as a new exhibition reveals." It's like, what culture, innit?
  4. Crises bring out the best and worst in humanity. It’s good too see the wide scale sharing of practices from all traditions in response to the pandemic. You can’t practise them all, but for anyone attracted to Tara there is a live online event this Sunday (22nd March) dedicated to the recitation of the mantra of her 20th form, Tara Ritro Loma Gyonma, Noble Lady of Mountain Retreat, Clothed in Leaves, Who Removes Contagious Diseases. Details and video invite here:
  5. Second Steve's question. Desire provides the drive for fulfilling needs, though a distinction can be made between needs and wants. Arguably one is necessary and healthy while the other ain't necessarily so and can lead to trouble.
  6. Dzogchen Teachers

    It can be difficult for the right circumstances and opportunities to come together to get transmission. A combination of aspiration and altruism may tip the balance in your favour. Perhaps check out the teachings on ‘Calling the Lama from Afar’.
  7. Define ignorance

    What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care.
  8. Merging and guru yoga

    Sorry Jonesboy, I totally misread this question and read it as 'What's Dharmakaya and Sambhogakaya got to do with all this?', hence the slightly exasperated response. Simple answer is I don't know, but will hazard a totally personal, non-authoritative guess. Dharmakaya itself has no will but the Sambhogakaya does. There is a phrase, 'one ground, two paths' where the difference between ordinary beings and buddhas is that of non-recognition of the Dharmakaya. Buddhas recognise the Dharmakaya and see all phenomena as its infinite magical display and will enters with their activity. I remember an exchange we had on this thread where your motivation for studying Buddhism as a non-Buddhist was to connect to sources of wisdom, irrespective of source and traditionalist views, and also teach others how to do this. With your clear interest in Buddhism, does your practice still involve merging with Buddhas? And if so, from your experience of this, where do you find that Buddhism is wrong? Do you have a 'home tradition' or are you more like a honey bee receiving the 'nectar of wisdom' from many different flowers?
  9. Merging and guru yoga

    What an astonishing question for a thread on guru yoga! Have you heard of the Prayer to the Three Kaya Guru? @Apech, not part of your tradition either?
  10. Merging and guru yoga

    Conceptually the answers to these questions are quite straight forward, but I’m no Buddhist scholar. Speaking as one confused man to another, I can’t presume to know what a Buddha perceives and can only extrapolate and speculate from some general principles. At the Dharmakaya level there is no differentiation at all, Buddhas don’t exist. At the Sambhogakaya level the two Buddhas would perceive differentiation and see forms which have spontaneously arisen from the Dharmakaya in response to the specific needs, capacities and collective merit of beings. At the Nirmanakaya level they would perceive what other ordinary beings would perceive, a form of flesh and blood. Logically they would see all three levels simultaneously. When Buddha spoke of previous Buddhas he could have been referring to the spontaneous manifestations of the Dharmakaya as well as the different types of Buddhas who attained Buddhahood in different ways ( A number of factors would determine the ability to benefit others if Buddhahood was achieved in the present form. Firstly the amount of merit accumulated to be able to benefit others and secondly the karmic connections others have with the form and their merit to be able to receive benefit from that specific form. The body would continue to manifest according to the karmic causes and conditions which bought it into interdependent existence and would continue to be subject to that karma and interdependence.
  11. Merging and guru yoga

    Beings who are lost in their own mental projections. Buddhas have pure perception but ordinary samsaric beings do not. As the quote goes: Samsara is mind turned outwardly, lost in its projections. Nirvana is mind turned inwardly, recognizing its nature. - Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
  12. Tantra...

    I have lost my mind. I don’t know In what it is lost, Or why it is in such Bliss. - Baul Song -
  13. Tantra...

    Like what Apech said. This quote goes with this:
  14. Tantra...

    I like her too. Not yet!
  15. Tantra...

    Cheers Pilgrim! A fun but serious account of working with emotions, 09.55 to 16.10: