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  1. The Importance of Devotion

    Obsession with practice as opposed to the obsession with samsara? Sounds like an irregular verb - they’re obsessed, I’m diligent and they’re complacent.
  2. Shaktism - shakta tantra

    If you can pick up a cheaper copy here's another one. Good on myth, history and social/cultural contexts:
  3. Sounds really positive - especially as it appears to be spontaneous and not contrived.
  4. The heights of satisfaction

    I’d say that if the destructive instinct is still there, then the fullest potential of human existence hasn’t been reached. Though having said this, there is the myth of a perfected being that fell from grace ...
  5. I don’t acknowledge the validity of the scenario. Can’t you have both? It’s not as if they’re mutually exclusive. In fact they form half of the four immeasurables, or since you’re keen on Pali terms, tbe four appamanna.
  6. Have you seen depictions of tantric deities in yab-yum union? Do they make it look that being enlightened is a drag, dull and insipid?
  7. creating karma

    If you fancy delving into Buddhist views of karma and every other opinion - though given the white noise in this thread, perhaps not - then the TB search function will bring up a few interesting posts and threads. For example: and:
  8. creating karma

    To create full karma you must have: 1) someone or something to be the object of your action; 2) the intention to carry out the action; 3) actually carrying out the action; 4) rejoice in having carried out the action.
  9. In that case then, maybe these may be of interest: Ajahn Brahm YouTube Channel
  10. Momentum. There’s many distractions, consider if what you have done today brings you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. No diligence, no progress.
  11. Perhaps start with a basic overview of the essentials of buddhist beliefs: Explore the internet, buy books etc. about whatever traditions you feel drawn too. Then, if you can, visit different practice groups to see what gels. Also look out for introductory retreats/weekend sessions and be prepared to travel if necessary.
  12. Good luck with the online vipassana course, I hope it goes well. Is there any particular tradition of buddhism that you feel drawn too, like Theravadin, Zen, Mahayana or Tibetan etc.?
  13. God and stuff

    I think that honorific comes with the territory.
  14. God and stuff

    Tinkle Bells of demanifestation ... Silence