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  1. The Bible has been translated from various languages, Hebrew, Greek, Latin etc. Some things may get obscured in translation process. For example in Hebrew the word for Spirit is ruach which is feminine - Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God. Spirit translated into Greek is pneuma, which is gender neutral.
  2. Just some thoughts on this: Lineage practices based on experience may use specific visualisations. Here efficacy over the centuries may trump intellectual doubt. The subtle body may be ideoplastic and adapt to the goal of practices, though I'm not saying one can make up any old nonsense. Visualisations may lead to spontaneity, the process and subtle body end up runnning things themselves without mental manipulation.
  3. Reminds me of this from Epictetus: "You become what you give your attention to ... If you yourself don't choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will".
  4. History is full of kick-ass women. Just a small sample: The ancient world was full of warrior women – and men were terrified of them Famous Viking Warrior Was a Woman, DNA Reveals 9 Female Warriors Who Made Their Mark On History
  5. Now here's a coincidence, don't know who wrote the following but it's relevant here:
  6. There a lot of cross-overs and similarities between the different systems - chi/prana - tao yin/hatha yoga - channels etc. Each have their own deeper aspects too. You've got to start somehere, so perhaps go with what you have access to? Work out what you want to achieve - a calm mind and a strong body? You may have to be pragmatic and work with your circumstances. Can't really comment on the spiritual attacks apart from suggesting living a grounded life by exercising, eating and sleeping well and upkeeping any daily resposnibilites you may have by focusing on the here and now for the common good. Watching comedy films and developing a sense of humour also helps. Just don't get all serious and worried. Still there's no harm in buying a protection amulet too ...
  7. This book offers level headed guidance and advice, inviting readers to embark on a series of self clarifications. It’s also a good reference book:
  8. Water above Fire

    This is the basis of the Kan and Li formula. Sorry - just noticed that this has alreay been mentioned further up.
  9. I think there're a number of different reasons for this for different folk. In no particular order, these could be because they're Still searching for a path/way Still learning (aren't we all?) and are genuinely confused Over-emphasing the intellect Procrastinating instead of practising Genuinely seeking clarification and a way through mental blocks Simply enjoy talking about the many facscinating topics that appear on the board Enjoying an environment where they can safely talk about various topics, which may be in stark contrast to their off-line environment. Axe grinding Trying to make sense of and contextualise their experiences Proselytizing Shit stirring Are sorted and genuinely sharing Aren't sorted and genuinely sharing Enjoy debating Are bored Seeking out like minded indivduals Seeking healing and wholness Enjoy trolling etc ...
  10. It certainly has CT! Been doing alright thanks! I trust you have too? May you also have a blessed year and enjoy the causes of great liberation and peace, today and always!
  11. Autobiographical?
  12. One possibility - the Virtuous Circle.