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  1. One possibility - the Virtuous Circle.
  2. Some pureland approaches are purely devotional, though there are some which rely on applying specific esoteric techniques. Irrespective of sophistication of approach from blind faith to confident faith, the exoteric to the esoteric, devotion is a key theme that runs throughout the Mahayana.
  3. The aspiration is one lifetime, though in practice many lifetimes are mentioned. There are Pure Land approaches where practitioners pray to be reborn in a buddha's pure realm to continue their path quickly free from the ravages of samsara.
  4. Haven’t read the quotes or followed the links but In Mahayana Buddhism there is the Path of the Cause and the Path of the Result. The Path of the Cause takes as its base and starting point the ordinary deluded mind which trains in aspirational and actional bodhichitta, developing virtues and generating merit which provides the cause and lays the path to eventual enlightenment. The Path of the Result takes the inherently enlightened nature as its base and works on stabilising its embodied expression.
  5. Tarot Card for Each Year

    An email list I'm subscribed to has mentioned an interesting approach of assigning a Tarot card from the major arcana to the current year which represents the overall collective theme of the year. 2019 is represented by The Hanged Man (Card 12) : 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12. Think of the stanadard divinitatory assocations but extrapolate it to the collective. Not an easy card, and see how it accords with this 2019 forecast:
  6. Moon Phase

    This is the modern world so naturally many will argue this point. There are older ideas relating to the Macrocosm and Microcosm. Esoterically, Buddha taught the Kalachakra which gives a detailed account of the relationship between the two. It’ll be interesting to compare the news with the forcast on a month by month basis as the year unfolds.
  7. Moon Phase

    Is it ok to consider planets too? Here’s one forecast for 2019:
  8. Red

  9. Could never get on with this book or feel enthused enough to persevere with it. There is the view that it is a 20th Century fraud: In fairness this view is one particular person's view and I don't know how widely accepted it is.
  10. The Importance of Devotion

    Obsession with practice as opposed to the obsession with samsara? Sounds like an irregular verb - they’re obsessed, I’m diligent and they’re complacent.
  11. Shaktism - shakta tantra

    If you can pick up a cheaper copy here's another one. Good on myth, history and social/cultural contexts:
  12. Sounds really positive - especially as it appears to be spontaneous and not contrived.
  13. The heights of satisfaction

    I’d say that if the destructive instinct is still there, then the fullest potential of human existence hasn’t been reached. Though having said this, there is the myth of a perfected being that fell from grace ...