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  1. God and stuff

    I think that honorific comes with the territory.
  2. God and stuff

    Tinkle Bells of demanifestation ... Silence
  3. The pessimistic and beaten down bit was my creative interpretation of your bit about dukkha resulting from taking the negative view of dukkha to heart. Buddhist sources are heavy on pleasure for its own sake, and as an end in itself, as this will lead to grasping and attachment and further embroil one in samsara. With impermanence comes the uncertainty of the time of death - 'will tomorrow bring this life or the next?' - so using what time you have well and not getting distracted is emphasized strongly.
  4. People are free to discuss any topic they like - their posts soon reveal if they're qualified commentators or not and as such can be regarded accordingly.
  5. For sure there is much pleasure, happiness and joy in life, this is acknowledged. What is being counselled is not basing one's happiness on things that are impermanent and to find a wisdom and consequent stability that is unaffected by decay, dissolution, old age and death. Buddha and his followers took dukkha to heart and they were far from being pessimistic and beaten down. If accounts of early Indian Buddhism are to be believed they exuded, vitality, sexuality and enthusiasm.
  6. Yes that’s one form of grasping. There are other forms of grasping too. Then there’s the big one, grasping at a sense of self. There are three types of suffering, though fear and other mental states that can lead to suffering are called kleshas.
  7. Seems more like the interplay of fear and desire with suffering resulting from an inability to act. Say you acted and got a date with one of them but it didn't progress to a second. Grasping would be being unable to move on gracefully and pining while non-grasping would be saying 'Well that was a nice date, pity it didn't work out, I wish her well for the future'.
  8. Shaktism - shakta tantra

    Oh and these two too:
  9. Shaktism - shakta tantra

    Perhaps you've already seen these?
  10. I think they're designed to evoke renunciation, compassion and sadness at the same time which is balanced by teachings on not becoming discouraged or depressed - there is a way out. I find the news and the nihilistic view of life as 'work, consume, die' depressing.
  11. A practitioner's responsibility

    With your Socratic questioning inviting clarification it’s been a good exchange! Unless either of us come up with anything else this has run its natural course for now. Until the next time then : )
  12. Experiences with Brahmacharya

    Irrespective of where one is, this must be the overiding key.
  13. A practitioner's responsibility

    For now Daemon ; )
  14. Experiences with Brahmacharya

    Are there certain protocols to follow like getting consent from the desired goddess first? I don’t imagine they’re bliss vending machines to be on call to be the object of desire for the frustrated. Wouldn’t any connection involve formal practise where transmutation of energy would follow as part of a wider process of devotion and practise within the context of a spiritual praxis compatible with their nature? I think it may be bad form to connect with a goddess where the only motive is to perv at them. Sorry if I’m being too cynical here ...
  15. A practitioner's responsibility

    Sure, there’s no liberation in bondage. In terms of personal power there may well be a marked difference. There’s equal intrinsic human rights, so as long the teacher student relationship respects these all’s well.