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  1. It could be. My idea was that these pre christian cities had shamanic systems of spirituality which were able to appreciate the spirit realm and had requested that some dragons act guardians for their city. The Church, in it's eagerness to destroy the indigenous spirituality of Europe which it did so well, made people think that dragons are evil. So let me tell you, dragons hate the church and all it stands for and with. Care to share more about the meeting and color of the dragon?
  2. Well there's no such things as giant white snakes so it was probably a dragon, there aren't too many little white snakes either. Thank you for sharing. Quite a few people on this forum have interacted with real dragons. Of course some people who are numb have some beliefs and tell us that the spirit realm is not real. However we usually ignore them because 'I believe' means "I do not know".
  3. I see, so the important thing for you is popularity ... OK, I can see what the problem is now ... backs away slowly ... OK, ya'll have a nice day now. BYE
  4. Celibacy makes things go a little faster but not required. It's all in the details, just like Mr. Feyman explained to you a minute ago.
  5. One of the students of the Magus of Strovolos was able to create and entity, a giant angry borking dog, barking viciously at night that people all around the neighborhood could hear and it scared them quite a lot. The Magus of Strovolos did not require celibacy and the students were not celibate. I'm creating an entity too, one that is pretty much different than a giant vicious barking dog.
  6. Well he was a young feller back then, one with silly ideas. Now he has had a lot of time and a lot of learning and has no doubt learned a lot more. I would wager that he's more fully baked now.
  7. Dragons are beings, not alchemical jargon. He's plain wrong about celibacy being required in order to see spirits. How do I know? Because I exist. Remember John Chang was only half baked. --------------------------- The Magus of Strovolos is a nice read. He wasn't just a Christian mystic, he was at home as well as a Sufi mystic. Actually he was beyond those petty divisions created by small minded people.
  8. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    Real nei kung ... masters? How much the concept of nei kung master has been cheapened! Like this? A real nei kung master is someone who has evolved far beyond greed and the need for grunting. End of story!
  9. Sadhguru can blow your brain off physically?!

    I see you changed the thread title to add 'physically' but that is not what Sad Guru was talking about.
  10. Sadhguru can blow your brain off physically?!

    Well it sounds like a bunch of hot air to me.
  11. Sadhguru can blow your brain off physically?!

    You know, we could play this game for a long time. I'll give you a hint. Instead of saying can I explain you could say something like: explain, or please explain. Anyway, the game's over. Let's wait till my internet allows Utube to arrive here in the wilderness then I'll explain. Ah, it just arrived.
  12. Sadhguru can blow your brain off physically?!

    My internet is slow here and I can't see the video