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  1. What is Taoism

    That's the idea, and why it's called an explosive strike. This is one way: you put your fingertips on their body - softly - so they can't feel it, and send them a Jedi mind fuck to make them go soft, then the palm strike starts at the surface of the body and penetrates inwards an inch or two, with explosive force, to explode the organ of choice. Here's a story - Once upon a time some young men were at a fair and were punching watermelons and smashing them. A tai chi master walked up (old school, not new modern type), gave one of the watermelons a little slap, and it didn't break. All the younger gentlemen started snickering and making little snide remarks. Then tai chi master got out his pocket knife and cut a hole in the side of the watermelon, and the insides poured out like juice. For some reason all the snickering suddenly stopped.
  2. I've sold quite a few books, and I have couple of serious local students here (just the right amount), although at this time there is no traveling due to the virus.. There also would be a couple of new live in students here by now, due to the book, but I closed the doors before they were destined to arrive, due to the virus. Maybe they will come later. I'm going to edit my Spanish translation of the book to possibly interest some here in Souse America. Numb Nuts is jealous because people who can see energy are amazed by my aura, while he only has a turd eye. Now shove your head back up your ass, Dip Shit.
  3. Putting it out into the Universe

    Interesting, my buddy was 100% all American. His last name is Fire, and he has a daughter named Emerald Fire, what an exotic name, yes? Maybe you thought of India because I used the word Indian. I hung out with quite a few Indians for a while there, and they always used the word Indian rather than Native American. I think they wouldn't associate with the 'political correctness' of the term Native American because it was too sissy like for them What is your experience with that? Possibly my buddy lived in India in a past life, he was one of those crazy/joyous shaman types. I got along with the Indians a lot better than white people, they just seemed to be so much more natural and down to Earth, with a bit of a Hell's Angel flavor, while in comparison so many white men seem kind of sissy like. What is your experience with that One guy lived with us for awhile, he was a bodyguard of the Lacota Chief and the Indian 'pope', Arvol Lookinghorse. His name was Xatud Firestarter, because he was in charge of lighting all the ceremonial fires. He also acted as an unofficial policeman, caring for the woes of the natives, and there were a lot of woes. He was also in charge of enforcing proper ceremonial procedures among the aforementioned sissy like imitators of their traditions. Here is his ceremonial mask. I got to meet and talk with the Lacota Chief, Arvol Looking Horse, since he was buddies with Xatud. Here's a picture of Arvol surveying some of the results of interaction with the 'authorities' during one of the pipeline protests.
  4. You're clearly an idiot, Lard Ass. Go back to bragging about your turd eye. Nungali, the greasy fat boy:
  5. What is Taoism

    Definitely, but if done very slowly and mindfully, with variations. The slower you do it the more it makes it like zhan zhuang, and in the more advanced levels my chi kung is done very slowly. One difference is that it should all be open hand, any chi kung done while making a fist is just some crude calisthenics.
  6. What is Taoism

    Yes, I've thought of this as well. You could say that the underlying operating instructions for the universe existed at the time of the big bang and that the big bang then represents the one. When it cooled down it slowly evolved into the two, matter being yin and energy being yang. After that those two interacted to form the ten thousand things. Ten thousand means everything, or too much to count.
  7. What is Taoism

    That was before I came along. i can define it for you. Tao is the way the universe works. Kind of like the laws of physics, but it goes beyond just physics. Tao is the way the universe works. Way also means path, like the path that you take to get 'there'.
  8. The perfect weapon

    Excellent find!
  9. It is used for that, yes, but it also is simply logic used to explain how things work, to make predictions, and to design machinery kinds of things. Everything has its good and it's bad side ... when it comes to human interpretation.
  10. I is just copying you, dip shit, but without incorporating outright lies, like you do. You know, you're beginning to smell more and more like an energy vampire. I christen thee: Pathetic Worm. Get lost Pathetic Worm. You still have a chance to save your soul if you make amends and pray to GSmaster.
  11. Ah, ok, it's because you are so anal retentive. I get it. PS, you still are really, really dumb. Also, taking your previous posts into consideration, a liar. Anal retentive stupid liar. Did I miss something?
  12. Wow, Numb Nuts, you sure are dumb. I was actually shocked at your failure to apply simple scientific principles. I guess your ego makes you a functional retard, and it explains a lot. Since everything is a fight with you, just look up Fata Morgana on wikipedia, maybe that will help. Here dimwit, let me help: Fata Morgana (mirage) - Wikipedia Your incredible stupidity, when it comes to physics, explains why you think people with copper chisels moved the giant stones at the base of this temple, note person standing there for scale: Or that people with ropes were going to move this: It also explains why you have no appreciation for the sophistication embedded in the Taoist internal martial arts and are only able to play MMA patty cake games with your fellow Lumbering Lummoxes. It also explains why (getting back on topic) you are able to ignore the tens to hundreds of thousands of credible accounts of aliens. It's because your head is so far up your ass. I guess I shouldn't tease people who are so stupid, but ... we like it, don't we, dip shit. Bye now.
  13. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    The captain is a flawed observer of life. Life is like an elevator, sometimes, on your way up, you have to stop and let some people off, and the further up you go, the more people have to be let off. This is a bitter pill to swallow, mostly for those on their way up. There is the other side of this coin, of course, and that is those who have awakened, or think they have, or have partially seen something, who do try to teach and improve humanity. There are many of them already, there are thousands of gurus like Sad Guru and other kinds of teachers doing it all the time, and maybe it does help some people in some ways, but it seems to me that it's like putting a band aid on a broken bone. Even some fundamentalist type mentalities are truly helped and become better people by joining fundamentalist religions. The thing is, there already are thousands of those types, probably millions. It takes a certain kind of talent to do that, and some cultivators who have gone far do not have the patience nor the attitude for it. It is why we see that the highest level masters have the fewest number of students, at very least few inner door students. it is also common that a lot of the truly powerful masters like to keep real low profiles and tend to be secretive. There are some, like some avatars, that are able to play both sides of the fence, good for them.