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  1. Don't quit Taoism, and do go deeply into the training, so someday you will see the mystery, and be at peace. No, we don't do no steenking visualizations in my system. I was told by people who could see auras, and I can feel it with my hand.
  2. Give up. Examine your motives, they are flawed. If you think being a Taoist priest is about learning philosophical 'facts' and then broadcasting them like the Western BS windbag counterparts then give up. If you don't want to go and personally study with a master for many years in seclusion then give up. If you think it's just about certain knowledge and not psychic ability and awareness of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the spirit world, which you need to correctly cultivate with a lot of certain types of meditation then give up. A true mark of a Taoist priest is that they have a beam of energy going out the top of their heads, like I do, and I aint no steenking priest!. Why do you want to become a Taoist priest?
  3. (Bold for emphasis by me) Well that's poetic, isn't it. Let's study the dirt in our back yards and ignore aliens in the face.
  4. Well that's great, and I understand. Everyone has their beliefs systems to uphold, and beliefs trump common sense every time. In fact, you're in luck, I'm handing out cigars today to everyone that has beliefs. What's your pleasure, a nice Havana cigar, yes? One rolled with tabbaco leaves or one rolled with pot leaves, take your pick. Good man, so please go ahead and tell me more about about your beliefs. I know beliefs are easy when you lack an education or understanding in some subject, it's not a problem, I'm fine with people having beliefs, really. Anyway, you speak of only one point of referrense, which one is it you are referring to which ignores all the sightings and reports and statistics. If you studied statistics or took it at the U then you would know that huge numbers results in huge prbabilities for something to occur. You could consider, but please don't, that there are some planets with oceans of hydrocarbons, which are the building blocks of life, there are gigantic gas and dust clouds in interstellar space which are composed mainly of hydrocarbons, the building blocks of life. It's everywhere, and since a great many stars have planets in the water (life) zone, and if you consider that life adapts to all kinds of outlandish extremes, don't, then you will see that the probability of life starting is rather high actually. But let's assume, for the sake of arguing for your beliefs, that the probability is extremely rare and even though DNA is drifting through space, that life almost never starts on an ideal planet except for ours, because were so special and stuff like that, with beliefs and stuff. Ok so if you assume that only one in each million of these ideal planets in the galaxy has life and that there are a hundred billion to four hundred billion stars in the galaxy, then that means that a hundred thousand to four hundred thousand planets will have life. That's if you make the chance of life super super small, for the sake of beliefs. If you use a slightly higher number, like only one it ten thousand ideal planets develops life, then that means that there are ten million to forty million planets in the galaxy that will have life, but it's probably more than that if you don't ignore how common hydrocarbons and ideal planets are, which you should. You should also ignore now many billions of years head start over the Earth that many of them will have. So, ignoring all the eye witness reports throughout history and also ignoring common sense and mathematics, which is the single fact that exists to extrapolate from which you were referring to?
  5. A little before I left Seattle to move to Ecuador I made some friends who had interesting connections. Due to this we had a few yard parties that we called "Gathering of the Wizards", and some of the people that came were very interesting. One was a winning race car builder and driver who had the amazing ability to heal some minor car mechanical problems by putting his hands on the engine or battery. One of the other interesting fellows was a guy who had been an engineer at Boeing, which was in Seattle, and he had been working on weapon systems so he had a security clearance. He had retired and he was building a real 3/4 scale flying F-16 fighter replica in his back yard behind the garage. He had already bought the jet engine and installed it and had been working on installing the millions of systems needed for the aircraft to operate when advancing age caused him to lose his pilot's license due to health situations. He told me about the homebuilt airplane he was building and then told me about one night he heard a noise outside his garage where the plane was so he went out the back door to take a look. He saw four of the gray aliens standing there in a little group. They all had the gray suits on and three of them had white belts while one had a black belt. the one with the black belt had a metallic silver box on his belt and the box had a rather large button on it. When he saw the aliens one of them with a white belt nudged the one with the black belt with his elbow and said: "Hey he can see us", so the black belt pushed the button on the box and they all disappeared, but he could still hear them and talk to them. Normally aliens won't talk to humans because humans are so dumb, but this guy was a genius and was able to ask some questions that got them interested enough to respond. Some of the things that he found out and told me about are that these were the kinds of aliens called Grays, and that is because they wear these gray suits, possibly they are like space suits but probably more like some kind of environmental suits, probably due to different breathing requirements. The suits were also supercomputers with telepathic abilities and they would automatically translate any language into any other language, which is how he was able to talk with them. The little box on the belt of the leader that made them invisible was a device which was somehow able to move them a quarter of a second into the future of the observer and this somehow was able to make them unseen. They told him that they came to Earth as tourists because they had basically eliminated nature on their home planets and came in order to see some nature and other interesting sights, like an F-16 that someone was building in their back yard. Since he had a security clearance in a weapons manufacturing company they were also interested in what he knew about those kinds of things and he was taken inside their space ship a few times for questioning. During this time he was made to lie down on a table while the others stood around him. The first time he was in the space ship he was able to ask them some questions and one question he asked was to know how long ago they had developed interstellar space travel, to which they did not answer. The next time he was abducted they told him that they had checked their computer records as far a back as it was possible to trace, back to the beginning of their known history, which was some millions of years, and they had no record of when they had begun space traveling. He told me some other things he learned from them but I can't recall what they are now, if I remember I'll add to this. This guy was also abducted by the Men in Black, no doubt because they wanted to know what someone with a security clearance had been doing on an alien vehicle. He found this out because one night it was very hot and so he put his cot outside in his side yard and was sleeping outside under a tree. In the middle of the night he saw two men, dressed in Black suits, come to his front door. They had a gas cylinder with them and it had a hose which they slipped under the front door and then they opened the gas valve. After some minutes of waiting one of them put on a gas mask, opened the front door with a key, and went in the house. A minute later he came out and said "he's not here". Then he saw the engineer lying on the cot in the yard and said "there he is" so they went over and one of them kneeled on his chest with one knee and turned the gas on in his face, making him unconscious and that is all he remembered. He woke up in his bed at home, and had a broken rib where the man in black had kneeled on his chest. Due to this he suspected that they had taken him other times but he couldn't know for sure because he would always have been gassed and made unconscious first.
  6. I have an Indian (Native American) friend in Seattle, named Mink Fire, that I shared a house with and he was the kind of guy that would sometimes live in remote locations far from civilization. He often prayed to the aliens, he called them space people, to take him away from the evil Earth. At one point he was living in a very remote cave in a high cliff in Northern Arizona and he went outside to take a piss when he found himself slowly levitating up the face of the cliff. He thought in his mind "what's going on?" and a voice came into his head that said "we have come to give you the ride you asked for". So Mink asked "can I bring a friend?" because he had a new girlfriend in the cave that he didn't want to leave behind. The voice in his head answered "no, just you", and so Mink said "well I'm not ready yet". So then he was gently lowered back down the cliff till he was back on solid ground, and that was that. Later I told this story to my super psychic chi kung teacher and he said "Ya, they only take people with pure hearts". So he knew all about it, but would never have told me if I hadn't told him first about my friend. So if anyone out there has a pure heart, extremely rare, and wants to escape now you know what to do. It has also occurred to me that it's possible, if the world goes to nuclear hell, that the biblical prediction of the 'chosen ones' being taken to salvation could be referring to this scenario of aliens rescuing a few people off of a dying planet.
  7. Yes, it was right from the start.
  8. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Napoleon Bonaparte.
  9. There were several Air Force inquiries into all the UFO sightings, and the last one was called 'Project Blue Book' and while it's main purpose was to gather information it also served as a line of official denial. It becomes obvious that when the government tries so hard to cover something up, that that 'something' must in fact be real. The first book written about Project Blue Book was written by someone who was a member of the Project Blue Book team, who didn't like the cover up, so when he retired from the Air Force he presented hundreds of cases where he explained eyewitness accounts in great detail and then how the officials either hid the information, or explained it away, which included threats to some of the witnesses to keep quiet. I think this is that book here: It looks like it's out of print now and is a bit expensive. You can also read about Project Blue Book here: I've seen a UFO myself, when I was in Argentina, and me being an amateur aircraft designer and all around sensible engineering oriented person, I know damn well that it wasn't an aircraft. Here are a few examples from the book about Project Blue Book. A pilot flying a commercial airliner on the transatlantic route saw a group of small UFOs enter a very large UFO and then the large one went underwater. When he reported this he was visited by some 'Men in Black' (yes they do exist and I have other first hand accounts of them) went to see him and showed him glossy black and white photographs of different kinds of UFOs and had him point out which ones he saw. Then they told him that if he made the information public that they would destroy his carrer. There is the report about the jet fighter that went to intercept a UFO that was seen on radar and when the fighter got close to the UFO it disappeared. There are many reports of single or groups of UFOs seen on radar and then seen by eye from interceptor aircraft. Then there's the other type of report, for example when someone sees an egg shaped UFO which glowed yellow land in a field and then take off the Air Force tells the news that it was a spotlight shining on a barn, and everyone believes it. However when other investigators went to check it out they find there never was a barn there and that there are marks on the ground. These are just a few examples of hundreds of cases reported on in the book onProject Blue Book.
  10. Well if you read my story in the preceding pages you'll see that it appears that I'm a reincarnation of a dragon, so hopefully when I die I'll once again return to being a dragon. Whether emperors were or were not reincarnations of dragons I can't say, but it appears that my teacher was one.
  11. That's true, but the development of technology requires hands and that requires two legged beings.
  12. Evidently they came close to it but managed to survive. I have it from a very good source that they destroyed the environment on their home planets and Earth is like a kind of national park to them, where they come as tourists. I'll write about it in more detail in a while.
  13. There are many types of shaking exercises in chi kung and there is also good spontaneous chi kung, but spastic flopping around on the floor like someone possessed by evil spirits is not one of them.