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  1. Connecting with Deities

    OK, On reviewing the opening post we find this line at the end: So since I don't know much of anything about no steenking deities I can't really comment on that, but we could compare some associated things, like how they are viewed or dealt with in different traditions. I recall you writing that your background is Buddhist and Christian, while I'm a Taoist. So I find a lot of words being used that I don't ever associate with and am unfamiliar with. I mean, I've heard the words but don't use them or think about them. So the words I'm referring to are words like: local mind, oneness, grace, and divine, and another one that I don't think was mentioned, worship Those just don't really apply to my world view. I'll explain how I look at it as a Taoist on the spiritual side rather than the religious side of Taoism, and I do know there is plenty of crossover in these. So my view of deities (if we are talking about real entities in the spirit world rather than imaginary ones) is kind of unformed and goes kind of like this: There are all kinds of entities in the spirit world and I'm referring to ones with some power, which excludes the ones like the hungry ghosts, but it does include demons. These beings were once alive, flesh and bone humans or non humans, that have cultivated enough power to maintain their identities after death. I don't see anything as divine, they are just some beings who feel they have some kind of 'job' and they want to stick around in the realm of manifestations for whatever reason, they have not yet or will not "blend with the light" so to speak, and essentially loose their identities. We are all equal, I don't think of any being as above or below me, there is only more ability or less ability. Since I don't see anything as divine then that also excludes grace from the equation; we already excluded local mind and oneness =) . I myself have no wish to 'blend with the light' like my teacher did, I want to stick around and keep messing with stuff and exploring. What is most important to these beings is the game of ethics, they are incredibly aware of and excellent at navigating the path of ethics, even the demons. Even the 'good' deities or spirits, who are masters of ethics, aren't necessarily nice to people, because all things are good or bad depending only on the point of view of the victim. I feel that these beings have unconditional love in general, but it can be tough love. The demons are similar in their appreciation of ethics, but they have a problem, they want control over people as a form of power, whereas the more enlightened of the denizens of the spirit world have no desire to control others, although they may snuff them if they interfere with their personal goals. So my contact with Babaji could be said to be contacting the divine and that therefore I'm in grace or something like that, but since I reject notions of superiority or inferiority I saw it as me being psychic enough to hear them and to get their attention. Also I feel that I've been going around and around for many lifetimes, that I'm probably a dragon when I snuff it, (you know, immortal) and so I've dealt with some of these guys before. So thanks for the mental exercise, some of what I wrote is knowing and some is guessing, but since my crown point is highly energized, which results in people knowing things without knowing why they know them, then maybe some of what I think is guessing is knowing. Anyway, that's sort of along the lines of a Taoist wizard's point of view, but kind of unformed and uncaring. OK, now it's your turn - to explain how divine and grace and oneness works from the point of view of your traditions.
  2. The Cool Picture Thread

    Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taiwan
  3. I could project chi that ordinary people could feel after doing my chi kung for a couple of months. Now I've been doing it for thirty years and can do stuff you don't need to know about and never will know about or be able to do. Also, my practice had NONE of that insane BS that Drew promotes, and I do mean insane. My teacher has passed beyond immortal, his vibration is so high that he can no longer communicate with this level, and he probably can't even be seen by gods, Your teacher is a young inexperienced 'interesting' person who sits in McDonalds all day, clenching his anus and playing imaginary sex games with unsuspecting underage girls. My teacher was a saint and a wizard who I was with in person for eight years. You, who learned some crazy egomaniac type stuff on the internet for a few months on the other hand from a ... Go play with your dolls somewhere else. I'm putting you on ignore now so your spit and spray won't get to me.
  4. For those new to the forum who aren't aware of this guy, here is some background you should check out before getting involved: Here's some poop on his favorite subject, Orgasm at a Distance: You can search for orgasm at a distance, or O at a D and find it mentioned in other places. He has also vehemently asserted that anyone who makes love is a terrible pervert, as if what he does isn't perverted.
  5. Absolute bullshit, promoted by people who want to make it seem like they know something special. I'm putting this fruitcake on ignore and I suggest that anyone else who values their sanity do the same.
  6. Anyone getting an idea yet on why this stuff is kept from dorks, hobbyists, and egomaniacs? I admit this looks like it was staged, but it's real as far as the way these things work on untrained individuals.
  7. @ #zonesboy , it looks like she really got butt hurt at 1:03
  8. Connecting with Deities

    OK, I can accept that, it does help. I just don't see what help it is to even mention it though ... with respect to contacting others.
  9. Connecting with Deities

    How would you know who to contact for me, is it by name, or by reading me? What if it's a dragon and the name is unknown? Is a dragon a deity? What good would it be for me if you channel something for me when you are over there and I'm over here?
  10. Connecting with Deities

    I guess I better read some of the other pages in this thread. Don't you guys think it might be kind of dangerous to connect with some of these entities? Some of them are killers with bad tempers.
  11. I think it's cute how the Venerable Mr. Lama Dork Drop got all his dorks to wear dresses just like him. Maybe next his title will be Most Highest.
  12. Connecting with Deities

    I went and reviewed the OP so I could keep more on track here. I don't know if anyone else has shared experiences of communication but I'll start with one. I had an online lady friend on the old AOL, the original forum, who I thought was sexy (my mistake). Later she writes and says she has a boyfriend and that he was in the hospital because he had acid thrown in his face and asked that we pray for him. So I started thinking about what it could take to heal something so serious and I realized that it would take a real miracle. The only being that I had read about with real powerful miraculous abilities was the immortal Babaji Nagaraj, the 1800 year old immortal. So I decided to ask him for help, and be advised that I had never tried to talk to a spirit or entity before and had never prayed because I thought it was stupid and useless, but I decided to give it a whirl anyway. I had read that the best way to pray or send a request was to be very demanding and insistent. So it went like this: Me: "Babaji, I want you to heal this guy (name), and I want you to do it now, just DO it!" And the answer came back instantly: " Do it yourself!" Notice the strong accent on yourself, which had kind of a sarcastic or at least a strong tone. So, mind blown. Then, what does it mean? Is he just blowing me off or does he mean I actually could do it? I seriously doubted I could do something like that so I figured he was just blowing me off. It appeared that he knew the situation of the guy I was talking about. It also raised questions about ethics, like, maybe he isn't the healer type and doesn't give a damn and it's stupid to go around asking favors from the big guys, even if it is for someone else. Later I found out the guy was a punk drug dealer and was trying to weasel in on the Mafias territory (In Las Vegas) and that is why he got acid thrown in his face. So then that brought up more questions and realizations about ethics and karma. Maybe Babaji didn't want to stain himself by helping someone who 'asked' for it. Maybe it was that guy's karma and as I know now, those who are healers are like blind people screwing with other people's karma, and he wasn't going to do that. I learned that most healers are simply egomaniacs, it is only good to teach ways of self healing. It brought a couple of other realizations but I'm running out of steam now and can't recall.
  13. Connecting with Deities

    OK, not really sure what your intent is, but I do not accept oneness, there is no such thing and it is not in my vocabulary. The universe is populated with myriad spirits of all kinds and they are their own entities with their own agenda. One simply has to have the ability to communicate with them. Maybe I'm off track on this thread and deities are considered some kind of energy rather than actual beings, which is OK with me because I can't say what a deity is if it isn't some kind of spirit. Someone here wrote that an avatar is an incarnation of a deity, and I spoke with an avatar psychically before so I suppose you could say I connected with a deity. Yes it sure is, in addition to it being an unexpected surprise at first, each of the very few interactions I've had with these beings has been highly educational to the point of being kind of mind blowing. One of the mind blowing things is how they can tell you so much with so few words, it kind of opens up a door of realizations.
  14. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    The horizontal lines on the neck indicate sickness at a deep level.
  15. Let's all play a guessing game and see if we can figure out why the real thing will not teach the real thing to interested people like vrihlea or like the fuckhead Lama Doordrop.