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  1. I enjoyed the way Jim had a way of seeing the positive side of things, and how he helped Anand get started in the forum.
  2. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    Here is something you might be able to help me with. Microphone noise. To do voice overs I was using an ultra cheap computer clip on camera, which didn't have a pop filter and made 'S' sounds like a snake hissing. So I got this high quality professional Shure SM48 directional mic that has a pop filter, but it adds a steenking background noise. I made a short video of just the background noise so you can check it out, and maybe advise me as to the cause. I tried unplugging the LED light, the keyboard and the power strip and none of that made any difference. I'm using a USB connector cable to plug it directly into the computer.
  3. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    That makes sense, but I'll just stick to my area of expertise, which is chi kung, and someone else can make those videos. I appreciate the suggestions.
  4. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    Making videos of"Nei Kung, Mo Pai, MCO, etc are Bullshit", are primarily aimed at being educational, with racy titles, so that people can know when they are being lied to; plus of course, poking a sharp stick in the eyes of the fundamentalists, one of my favorite things. I don't see how doing it to new age (rhymes with sewage) would be of much help to anyone. In fact we are in a new astrological age, and some of the things pertaining to it have value. Some free Utube videos of chi kung are good stuff. And pirated PDFs, what can be said that anyone cares about? My book has been pirated and is available on PDF, for the really crude unedited version, and it costs more than a new book costs.
  5. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    I do appreciate the offer, but I'm happy with it looking unprofessional. It's a good hobby you have. My hobby has been aircraft concept/stability design. Since this subject came up I'm now thinking of doing some blah blah videos without the talking head, but with a photo, maybe of me and/or of something else, and some of the Charles Bukowski videos are a good example of that.
  6. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Yes there are, for the fundamentalists, but all easy paths lead to hell. Also Floating down the river feet first because you think you are already 'there' is not on a path, it's a cop out.
  7. Theory by Bruce Lee

    Since Mr. Yueng had in depth exposure to many dozens of kinds of kung fu, and since he was smart, he naturally used the best for fighting, and it was very important, because he was sometimes the 'champion' of the opera, so he had to fight in many deadly duels. When the Red Boat Opera got to a new city to perform they were required to have a match with the champion of the city. If the city won then the opera had to pay txes, if the boat won then they didn't have to pay. This was in addition to the opera being a cover for a troupe of assassins. So you see, the testing was real, and practicality and survival depended on being clear as to what was most effective. This is the philosophy that Mr. Yueng taught Bruce. The opposite of this is some egomaniac who learns one competition/sporting art at the strip mall dojo, and believes it when he's told it's the best. This concept of testing and using what is best also applied to our chi kung, and Mr. Yueng worked his way up to wizard/immortal, so he should know. I find that no one here is looking for such things, when some 'seeker' comes aboard and asks for what is powerful the 'regulars' refer him to someone who is 'popular', being clueless as to the fact that what is best in the internal arts is usually hidden from the public. Of course, in kung fu you can prove what's 'best' by beating people up, but it gets more complicated when it comes to spiritual paths. I've seen popular wisdom quotes from Bruce, and they are all things that I heard from Mr. Yueng, so it is clear that Bruce's job was being Mr. Yueng's mouthpiece, not only of Taoist philosophy, but of kung fu, later it would also have been of chi kung, but he didn't make it to that so it's my job now ... to keep it hidden ... in a way.
  8. Theory by Bruce Lee

    Bruce was very smart, and wise in a way, however wisdom usually comes with age and experience, which he didn't get to experience. It takes a pure heart to discern wisdom and he did have that. I was just saying that those who repeat wisdom are not necessarily wise, although it does take some wisdom for people to appreciate the truth of what they hear. Definitely agree on the testing aspects, it is the only way to discover what is useful or not, in addition, like you said, it requires much experience to know what is useful. It takes an open mind to test one's methods, and a pure heart to accept the results of the tests. Both seem quite rare around here.
  9. Theory by Bruce Lee

    (quote edited slightly for clarity) This is correct. Bruce got his philosophical wisdoms from Mr. Yueng, which he was parroting, which is not wisdom. Mr. Yueng told me several times: "Take the best from each system and leave the rest"
  10. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    i found this interesting, it turns out the North pole was aimed at Draco (Thuban) around the time my system, a lineage of dragons, was born. Plus, the dragon is in the center of the circle.
  11. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    Thanks for the offer, but I'm too computer illiterate to do that kind of thinkg, and don't have any of the equipment for it. I just used the mic on the camera. The important thing is that i don't want it to appear professional so it's good the way it is. I have seen advice that a person should practice making a video many times, but that there is a first shot. I may redo it at some point. Since you don't like talking heads, just turn your screen off and listen to the words, as if it was on radio or something. I could always make a talk video showing just a still picture. Other videos coming up are as follows. "The MCO is Bullshit". Mo Pai is Bullshit", "Reiki is Bullshit", "Grunters are Bullshit", and "MMA is Bullshit". Let me know if you can think of any others.
  12. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    I mentioned this in the video, inner work is a literal translation, and the money grubbers use that to sell wimpy chi kung. I was referring to the original, historical, meaning of nei kung which is what you describe. In any case, what is the term or name that you are referring to that describes the secret staged exercises that lead to the real Way? My teacher, in cantonese, said it like hei kung or hay kung. I'm sure you've seen this video before, but this is how I define nei kung. It's what is said that counts, just overlook the fakers and grunters used to provide the demos.
  13. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    Sounds just like me.
  14. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    Earl Grey sent me this, you need to click it a couple of times to see it normal size.
  15. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    Well now that's good for my ego! Clint: "Do you feel lucky, punk? Make my day!" I had to look up Charles Bukowski and this was the first thing I saw. A little synchronicity and it seems to align with my video in some ways.