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  1. What is in our power to do?

    He already made his mistake.
  2. Increase chi by eating as a Yogi

    That was the wrong video, I switched it. Ya, 8 hours a day is only 33.3333% of your life not 40. This is the video I deleted because it has almost nothing about food, however it has some commentary which some may find interesting.
  3. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    Karatgold Coin is going to come out with a debit card so that should help.
  4. What is in our power to do?

    Demon shows his true colors.
  5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    The one cent initial coin offering has ended, they are all sold out, and unlike bitcoin, they aren't making any more coins. Last night I was surprised to find out that there are 4338 cryptocurrencies available in the world so that makes it seem like the prognosis for any one of them is not so good. However, those that are backed by some gold do seem like a better deal.
  6. What is in our power to do?

    The sage teaches without speaking. So if you go to a 'teacher' who majors in speaking then he usually isn't a sage. I wonder where you got the idea that there is nothing you can do about it and nothing you can do to understand you cant do anything about it? There IS something you can do to 'wake up', as you say, and it seems to me that any good teacher will offer that solution, and it should be the main reason that they are speaking, to get people to practice the solution.
  7. Tien Shan Taoist Hermitage - Southern Ecuador

    This is a quote from Superfaz29 taken from an earlier thread on this same subject: This is how I would like to edit it: The mystical movements embody a primordial beauty and induce heaven and earth energy to flow and unite in your body. The why and how of their connection to the mysterious flow of chi are explained by the movements themselves. Like the form itself is the knowing of how it all works.
  8. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    You know, I've thought a bit and meditated a bit on this line. In my Qigong exercises I've seldom used my hands (consciously) to guide qi... HOWEVER, I've realized last night that even when you're not physically moving your hands, your hands are energetically guiding Qi We use our hands somewhat like a dish type radar antenna or phased array radar antenna. When used like a dish antenna it can send out a beam or fan of energy perpendicular to the palm, when used like phased array antenna it affects energy flows up to 180 degrees from the palm. This works the same either with moving or non moving techniques. In general non moving uses the hands more like a dish type antenna and the moving methods use it both ways but a bit more as a phased array antenna.
  9. No. However our rulers think we need more of them in order to further their own purposes, which runs along the lines of divide and conquer. People are being trained, at schools mostly I think, to be immature, to be judgmental whiney crybabies, violently so like toddlers who have violent temper tantrums. Another piece of this is they are being mal-educated, particularly in the sciences it seems. Combine these things with the tendency humans have, which is identical to that of rats, to become crazy when they are forced to live in overcrowded conditions like in the big shitties of the world. All the above makes people more fundamentalist in every aspect of life, and more fundamentalism equals more cannon fodder for one thing. More easily manipulated.
  10. The Cool Picture Thread

    Interesting, Stosh, synchronized posting. When I started this post yours wasn't there yet. Shen Nong, the Divine Farmer
  11. Probability of Change

    You aint never going to see proof for anything in an online forum, but I can share my experience. My experience is related to the book translated by Alfred Huang, who is an ancient Chinese guy who suffered great hardship at the hands of the communists, being tortured and imprisoned for a couple of decades simply for being a tai chi master. The other choices are translations by overweight university professors from Europe. I didn't get much out of I-Ching readings when reading some of the quickneasy interpretations of translations by Westerners. However, along the Way, thanks to doing lots of high energy meditations and a high power chi kung for a couple of decades, I became somewhat psychic, which included a lot of magical synchronicity, much more than 'normal', in fact synchronicity became so common for me that i started to hardly notice it. Plus stuff like premonitions and 'knowings'. Really, the word for it is plain old magic, of seeing the mystery; and I was told by a local retired chi kung master that the true schools of Taoist cultivation will lead you to experience magic. Contrasting here with the fake schools of Taoist cultivation, which dominate the scene. I bring this up, because after arriving at this condition,then I got Alfred Huang's book, and even just the cover inspired affection and admiration in me, and I loved the picture of the author on the back cover. I say this as a lead in to explaining that it appears I have a magical connection to Alfred Huang and/or his book. Now the 'proof' you asked for: When I first used the book I used the coin method. On my first throw I got all yang lines with no changing lines, which is chapter one, which really should be read first as it explains a lot about the whole book. One my second throw, shortly after that, I got all yin lines with no changing lines, which is chapter two. This chapter also is good for a first reading to learn more about the I-Ching and how it works, not to mention the advice it contains. So why don't you math wizards calculate the chance of getting six yang lines and then six yin lines. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking it's just a coinkidink, but by my calculation the chances are one in 4096, or 0.0002441. So I'll accept that as more of my boringly common synchronicity. Then other times, and I don't often use the book, maybe just a couple or a few times a year, when I have a question in mind the title of the chapter will actually have the same primary word as is in my question or a laser like pinpoint into my question. If I don't have a question in mind, and I'm not a question asking kind of guy, and I throw the coins just for the hell of it, it often exactly targets my current situation. So the answer is, if you do a lot of meditation and start to become more psychic and have lots of synchronicity, and get a book which resonates with you, then you too may experience the magic of the oracle. ... and so, if you aint psychic or synchronistic then it's just random + projection.
  12. Favorite Daoist Quote

    The observer To the antelope the lion is evil The brain
  13. Favorite Daoist Quote

    "When someone threatens to attack a Taoist master, he just smiles. It makes him very happy, it's like a gift from heaven. He hopes that the attacker is very powerful, so he can test his skills. He hopes that the attacker is very evil, so when he destroys him he will have helped rid the world of some evil."
  14. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies You know, with stuff like cryptocurrency it's all a popularity contest, and the above article shows something about this. The initial coin offering at one cent is still going on but will stop at midnight Saturday Germany time, so don't be thtupid, get your Karatgold Coins now. From me.