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  1. 72 hours facts and fiction

    I'm sorry, it appears you have been badly misled by money grubbing amateurs.
  2. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Let's take a little closer look and analyze this anal horse shit for a microsecond or two. First of all, there is no such thing as yang chi or yin chi as explained in this video Secondly, energy does NOT harden, energy is not matter. Energy can transmute to matter via the formula E = MC2 but that requires a nuclear reaction. It is possible to have mass turn to energy in nuclear bombs or nuclear reactors, which is where an ounce of matter turns in to the power of a hundred tons of TNT, but it has not gone the other way (energy converting to matter). All that can be done, with huge particle accelerators requiring millions of watts (terawatts) of power, is collide photons and produce an electron, and the electron evaporates in a millionth of a second. Thirdly, the Bozo mentions X-ray diffraction. X-ray diffraction has nothing to do with X-ray photographs, it is a method for exploring the inside of atoms and molecules, and no doctors have or can afford the machinery, not to mention, it would be meaningless to use it on a human unless you wanted to kill them. Fourth, The idea of creating a hard lump in the belly with chi kung is an immense bastardization of cultivation even if it is true, and it is meaningless. It is impossible to condense energy, so since it is obviously not the product of condensing energy it is probably due to some kind of internal muscular attainment resulting from their perverted exercises. Doing such stupid things will not get a person any closer to enlightenment or immortality. It's a perversion, I think such things are called a "left hand path". You can be absolutely certain that the most advanced Taoist masters and sages have no such thing in their bellies. Like Lao Tzu said, no one wants the straight path and everyone wants detours, so the idioticity reported in the book will no doubt appeal to a lot of idiots. Fifth, at one point he says that it is a solid lump like a ball (spherical), and in another place he says it is like a flat disk, which do not feel like lumps or balls. All this forces me to conclude that the author of the book doesn't know what he is writing about, and is using sensationalist bullshit to sell books. When I met him he seemed reasonable because he left Mo Pai to find similar powers in his homeland of Greece, but now we can see he is like the Wimps, whom he spawned; impressed by and desiring power for egotistical reasons, but sans any spiritual or emotional growth.
  3. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    You could be right about that, they need to do stupid parlor tricks which have nothing to do with energy, in order to keep the student motivated. Keep in mind this is because the cultivation is pathetically slow and weak. In a real system a student frequently makes many little discernable steps which keep them interested and involved, and there are many little test that go along with it, these happen in many of the classes. In order to give you something to compare it too I'll list some of the abilities my students have acquired in two years or less of practice. Seeing auras, premonition abilities, healing abilities, sensing energy left in objects by other people, feeling energy from my hand from fifteen feet away, and pushing people without touching. In comparison the Wimps show videos of breaking a glass bottle, which anyone can do, no energy cultivation required. To keep them motivated? How shallow. After two years, if it isn't a trick, Jim made a delicate little narrow cardboard box tip over, and that's supposed to be from one of the most successful students.
  4. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Make sure to share it here when you get the information.
  5. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Aww, aint you a cute little scammer. You implied it, if you aren't a shyster lawyer then you missed your calling. More of your shyster bullshit, Coca Cola does not come in glass bottles in this country. So you'll use that to imply no one could meet your challenge, right? When I find a suitable glass bottle I'll do the demonstration and video it, but I'll wait past seven days. I don't want your money, it has shit stains on it. I urge others to do the same, to break a closed bottle on video. If you're going to do it PM me and I'll explain the 'trick' to it.
  6. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    MegaMind is clearly the hugest pain in the ass in the universe here, and he should be banned.
  7. Black Dragon & Tien Shan videos

    I posted this before in another thread, but am putting it here with it's neighbors.
  8. Black Dragon & Tien Shan videos

    This is another one I just made, this is a first draft for practice. I'm sharing it here just for the hell of it. My master, Mr. Yueng, told me to never teach for free, but there are so many people, both friggin clueless amateurs, and advanced practitioners, who are making free videos that I'm not sure. Actually I think the ideas in this video are quite valuable training tips for tai chi people and I should charge a couple of bucks for it, but would anyone pay? Who cares, Anyway, I can see lots of places that need more explanation and corrections, so, the good news is you get to see the information for free. Feedback is good. Includes a cameo appearance of our Muskovy Ducks, which aren't real ducks, they are like half way between ducks and geese. The big boy has big claws, and he's sassy. I think the final version will be without ducks.
  9. Black Dragon & Tien Shan videos

    Here's another one of the Bullshit series. This one is about the internal arts. This is a quick'n'dirty first attempt, for practice, to explain the concepts here, and I'll be replacing it with a cleaned up version later. I'll bet a lot of the fundamentalists will disagree with this one. If you think you aren't a fundamentalist, and disagree, go ahead and debate it. Yin and Yang energy is Bullshit.
  10. Black Dragon & Tien Shan videos

    This is a little quick'n'dirty video I just made. It isn't about Internal arts, but it is one of the Bullshit series. I coud have explained in more detail, but the people who need it most have the shortest attention span.
  11. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    No, actually you are blind, you believe that John spoke to dragons and that proves how advanced he is ... and with no medical doctors present, even. You think speaking to dragon spirits is special, but a beginner student of mine could do it. My spirit is a dragon (I'm an incarnation of a dragon) and you're 'talking' to me, yet you're clearly deranged. Thanks, it doesn't matter to me what others think about my association with dragons or whether they laugh or not. I myself used to believe that dragons did not exist and would have laughed too. I think he posted that stuff about me to get me to hide the thread, but I won't do that, I rolled with it instead.
  12. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    The real difference is that the pictures of Jim show his pathetically poor understanding of the principles, and the Wimps must have learned about the corrected methods, which are common knowledge. The only reason this claim requiring grounding by sitting on the ground is made is because the methods are so deficient and have no grounding built in to them, which most methods of real chi kung do have.
  13. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    What's this constant moronic comment of yours about requiring medical doctors, do you have some kind of medical problem? What's a medical doctor going to do in a case like that? Anyway, that Wolf guy is clearly more advanced than John Chang.
  14. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    This is an absolute bullshit demonstration, and if Wimps think that proves anything about Mo Pai it proves they are full of bullshit. Too bad there aren't any scientists here to tell everyone what a fraud you are. Wait, I'm a scientist, and anyone with knowledge of physics and/or an ounce of brains will know that it makes absolutely no difference if the bottle is unopened or not. What is required is that the bottle be mostly full of liquid, but it must have an air space on top. The person doing the demonstration clearly explains the physics of how it works, and clearly, such simple things are beyond the abilities of a fundamentalist cult member to understand. Actually it would be easier with a closed bottle, and most people who are not morons will realize that the reason most bottles are opened and have water is because the people didn't want to waste the friggin contents and drank them first.