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  1. Does Liuhebafa Exist ?

    There it is.
  2. Psychic Attack

    This is going in the right direction but take it a step further. Bouncing off implies some kind of shield, and there is no shield, no shielding, shielding is a joke, it doesn't exist, people who think shields can select between good and bad are dreaming a new age fairy tale dream. Sluffing-off is a better concept than bouncing off, but what you're looking for here is being transparent. The true way consists of two things. One is being spiritually strong enough, having a pure heart, and the other is being transparent, not having anywhere that the bad stuff can stick to you. Lao Tzu even mentions this in the TTC.
  3. Very interesting encounter! Was there a specific health problem you had that was healed by the removal of that snake or were you thinking that it could have caused a problem in the future? How close did you get to it?

    What is it with women and snakes, anyway?
  5. I guess that is also a potential problem. Maybe the kid I suggested it to got messed up because we had an additional requirement for this exercise. That is to look at the mirror in the dark, with maybe just one candle, somewhere, not too close, under very dim lighting conditions. Then if you stare into the mirror for some time you'll REALLY go for a wild ride. I guess it's just for grownups though, as my young student found out the hard way
  6. Be aware that not everyone is ready for this and it has caused some people to go off their rocker. Possibly youngsters are the least prepared for it.
  7. Hey there

    Hi there Mo Pai Warlord. You probably aren't too well aware of it yet, but this forum has a long history of the mention of Mo Pai causing huge never ending shit storms on this forum. Due to this your screen name may make people afraid to interact with you. Quite a few people who are new to high power cultivation come here singing the praises of Mo Pai because of the way information is presented on the internet. There is also a big debate on how true power is manifest and who is showing off. You may want to consider asking the moderators for a name change, and this information I've put together here will explain it well in great detail. Enjoy: Be aware, there are Wimps sneaking around on this forum and they will try to recruit you into their cult. Another thing to know, the Wimp's Cult are members in the broader Grunter Brothers Circus and the Grunters Appreciation Society, watch out for them too. All this will become clear to you after you spend a little time here. Welcome to the forum!
  8. It could be. My idea was that these pre christian cities had shamanic systems of spirituality which were able to appreciate the spirit realm and had requested that some dragons act guardians for their city. The Church, in it's eagerness to destroy the indigenous spirituality of Europe which it did so well, made people think that dragons are evil. So let me tell you, dragons hate the church and all it stands for and with. Care to share more about the meeting and color of the dragon?
  9. Well there's no such things as giant white snakes so it was probably a dragon, there aren't too many little white snakes either. Thank you for sharing. Quite a few people on this forum have interacted with real dragons. Of course some people who are numb have some beliefs and tell us that the spirit realm is not real. However we usually ignore them because 'I believe' means "I do not know".
  10. I see, so the important thing for you is popularity ... OK, I can see what the problem is now ... backs away slowly ... OK, ya'll have a nice day now. BYE
  11. Celibacy makes things go a little faster but not required. It's all in the details, just like Mr. Feyman explained to you a minute ago.
  12. One of the students of the Magus of Strovolos was able to create and entity, a giant angry borking dog, barking viciously at night that people all around the neighborhood could hear and it scared them quite a lot. The Magus of Strovolos did not require celibacy and the students were not celibate. I'm creating an entity too, one that is pretty much different than a giant vicious barking dog.
  13. Well he was a young feller back then, one with silly ideas. Now he has had a lot of time and a lot of learning and has no doubt learned a lot more. I would wager that he's more fully baked now.