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  1. Black smoke

    Blue sky is good background to see energy. Breathing out black energy sounds like a good thing to me, like sick energy coming out. I suggest not trying to force it too much, but just breath well and meditate well and let it come out ... and don't go jogging in downtown New York during rush hour.
  2. Thanks, as a newbie you wouldn't know about the long history, the many years, of relentless attacks this forum has suffered from John Chang worshippers and Western Mo Pai Students (WIMPS), and as miserable victims of this onslaught many here have a chip on their shoulder, a big giant one, which they hide well. For some reason all those wackos (also known as Grunters) have temporarily gone from the forum and so some of the wise guys are starting to poke their heads out. I try to be civil to newbies who are civil, notice word 'try'. This wacko from FB was also telling me that my system and all systems from that area are evil and he knows because he came from that area ... the Muslim side ... if you catch my drift ... His intention was to show me how evil that these things are (me included of course), no doubt from a perspective of absolute purity. Maybe when he reads the book and gets to the last part, which is titled the Taoist Path of the Immortal, which is actually about the Taoist Path of Ethics, he may think that we are all not so evil after all, but I doubt it. Actually my exposure to forums, like this one, has prepared me for anything and it was hardly a bother. I wasn't too upset really, the main reason I posted is because I wanted to try out some new clever insults for the freaking low grade moron because I knew he would be reading them here. I think that's ok with the rules if that person isn't posting here on the forums.
  3. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    What about the word enlightened, which has the letters 'ed' at the end, which means it's in the past? (this place needs a lil' devil emoticon)
  4. How to become less blind

    This is the picture I made to show the beam of energy I didn't say that much about it. This is something that a psychic person saw on me around 25 years ago, but that's when I was with Mr. Yueng, so I have no idea if it is stronger or weaker now. Probably weaker due to some neglect, but I started working on it again. This kind of energy signature is one of the main goals of our chi kung, and I personally like the idea of it because it should allow me to discern the path more easily. I also simply like the feeling of a lot of energy in my head. I also work on making the aura around my head bigger which is another part of the chi kung. You know, all the paintings of saints and gods and avatars show a big ball of light around their head so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what that's all about. A note to beginners - first you must increase the aura around your body, get rid of blockages, and become well grounded. I'm still looking at your first post in your personal section, It looks like you have the beginning of a good book there. I think it might do the world some good to hear some more about good old down to Earth reality from the far side. I personally am interested in learning about Bon methods and I think it is a good experience for people to try to teach. The problem is the competition and that beginners have difficulty knowing what is quality and what isn't. Now there's a can of worm subject - competition among teachers of the internal arts. Once my daddy, who was one of the top executives at Chrysler International, told me that there is less competition at the top, and I found this to be true. When I made fireplace doors all the other ones were like floppy pieces of folded sheet metal with sharp edges that sounded like rattle traps when you close the door. I made mine out of solid one half inch thick steel that was rounded off and polished so that it looked like jewelry, and it was, jewelry for rich people's living rooms. Many of the doors were plated with brass, nickel, or 24K gold, so they really did look like jewelry, and when you closed the doors they didn't rattle, it sounded like closing a safe. The glass I used was a product of rocket technology and cost around a hundred dollars a square foot ... back when a dollar was worth something. ... and I got to see a lot of amazing houses and found that rich people are more than happy to pay whatever I asked, which wasn't enough. While the dealers selling the cheap shit had to slug it out for ten cents. The thing is, it is easy for a person to see top quality in a fireplace door, and it's easy to prove your martial art is tops by beating all comers, but there is no way to prove quality of a spiritual path to beginners. That is the big catch 22 situation.
  5. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Very good observations. Another person described it as it needs more of what's called 'peng' which is like the solid within the yin, springiness. The whippy word describes very well the principle of power generation in tai chi, particularly Chen tai chi, but for me it's accentuated, because: remember in the description it says it has added black dragon flavor. Well the black dragon is just about the most yin of the beings, the mystic, so whippy it is, very yielding. The whippiness is also how you deliver explosive shocks of the physical kind to people in order to blow up organs and stuff. The black dragon flavor comes from the way we learn to move in Tien Shan Chi Kung, which is a closely linked to the martial art, which is a most soft and yielding art. It's so soft that the attacker feels nothing up until the last 'instant', if you know what I mean; and that instant usually comes a second or less after their attack starts. It is so soft and yielding that the only thing an attacker may feel before that last instant is that the world gets pulled out from under their feet and they have no clue as to which way is up, stealing their balance. I'm not so good at stealing balance because I don't get to practice, but it isn't really needed. It's just a good way to make an attacker look like a complete jackass without hurting them too much. It's like, about the time that the attacker expects his fist to hit your face they find that your face is only two inches from their face, to the side, with your hands around their neck ready for a neck break .. or you could just go ahead and do the neck break with out waiting for the big TaaDaa moment, and then they wouldn't notice you were there by their side. Or you could do a jedi mind fuck and end up right behind them, using bagua methods, with your fingers in their eyes. I'm sure you can be creative and think of all the kinds of wonderful things you can do to someone when you are standing close behind them and they haven't quite figured out where you are yet. Thank you for the video.
  6. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Oh yes, I remember it well. I really admire your knowledge about and ability to connect with dragons. I wish I had more of that ability myself, so a priority lately has been to increase psychic ability.
  7. How to become less blind

    Haha, if you guys say this about yourselves you make me hopeful about my case I want to assure you that all it takes is certain* movements and postures and anyone who is physically able can do it. ANYONE. (* certain does not mean few.. it means many, but arranged in a certain way.) Taoist Texts wrote a post saying something like: if even the most common person is given the elixir? that they will become like a sage but I guess it isn't in this thread. The main way that meditation enters the picture is the requirement to focus on the movement or posture rather than thinking about something else.
  8. OK, I got my coffee, I realized I made a big mistake with that line. What it should say is amazing psychic awareness, not psychic abilities. Abilities are for the ego, awareness is for the spirit (you know, in general). Think about it, awareness is really where it's at, isn't it?. Super awareness is a great reward, and omniscience is possible. Lao Tzu was referencing this when he wrote that the sage can sit in his room and know what is going on in the world.
  9. Another thing I was thinking about power which Ilumaren's post pointed to is that there are both good and bad reasons for wanting power, of course. I guess the simplest way to divide the good from the bad is to ask ourselves: do I want this power for my ego or for my spirit? For example someone who wants to be powerful but they only care about having it as a bright aura then that's fine. If someone wants power to control innocent bystanders like that kid that posted here, then that is not a good reason. If someone wants power of awareness (which is actually the highest power) then that is a good reason to cultivate power. If someone want to cultivate power so that they can be healers then they are actually sitting on the middle of the ego/spiritual fence and it can go either way. The best reason for chi power, really, is simply that it makes you feel real good, but people find out about that later and so it's not a motivator to get started but to keep going. It also has to do with what is presented to the public. Some people read about the amazing psychic abilities of some masters and want that, which is fine. Others read about some joker who lights a cigarette with a fart and they think that is the coolest thing they ever heard of. This then implies that it is the maturity of the seeker that determines ... Duhh, I think I'm going off topic ... and it's coffee time.
  10. How to become less blind

    I think yes. After my experiences I will not say that any particular thing can not exist in the spirit realm, in fact it looks like every damn thing you can imagine exists in the spirit realm. So the question becomes: is it really there if it isn't physical? Which brings up the next question: if some of these avatars and saints can incarnate then they can chose to be physical or not, are they then more real? Concerning Babaji Nagaraj, there appears to be more solid support for his existence than any other. In addition I feel that those who reported stories of Babaji were being sincere and were not being tricked. I spoke to him once and got an answer right back, but I realize that one can't be sure who answered back. I mean, it could have been my teacher who couldn't help butting in, or it could have been any other trickster spirit. For example Sai Baba would some times appear to people as Jesus, because they believed in Jesus BUT, the spirit world works with a high appreciation of ethics and so I don't think some smart ass would butt in and speak for one of the big guys because they could get into trouble.
  11. I had some thoughts about the subject in the OP. It seems that these days there is a great focus in the public mind about superpowers. What I mean is, consider all the movies and TV shows that have all these indestructible super heroes running around saving the planet. Star wars was one of the earlier good ones and the Jedi are actually based on real people, although most assumed it was all make believe. I think a big part of this is the technology that allows all the special effects to look so real. That kind of thing is very appealing to people. Then add to that the increase in public awareness of avatars and saints with special abilities. Then blend that with all the clever magic tricks that people get to see these days. It could be there is a great increase in consciousness about these things in the West, and the West has been starving for it because the church did such an outstanding job of destroying the indigenous spirituality in Europe ... and North America ... and South America ... and Africa ... and and and; but it's the Europeans that have had it the worst for the longest time. So maybe I was wrong when I said earlier that knowing what they are getting in to ahead of time will scare all the good people away because they will think it's fake? Or something.
  12. What are you watching on Youtube?

    To get the effect I'm getting play the first one full screen but turn the sound off. Play the music in the second one but have the video hidden. I used to fly around those places myself in my flight simulator, flew around here too, but left the simulator in the US. Temporarily.
  13. Well not the only way, but it beats whatever is in second place.
  14. Power seekers are turned away or forced out so that paradox doesn't really come into play I think. and that is exactly why it is best if they don't know. It is because the good people have been brainwashed into thinking such things don't exist and would shy away from it. Instead they get to discover them the hard way, that is the only way. So you can see the problem I'm creating for myself by writing that book.