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  1. Experienced views on Wim Hof method

    A wonderful young lady came here to work as a volunteer, and she is an amazingly healthy massage therapist who is also a shaman. She taught me the Wim Hof breathing method and it's very interesting. No way in hell I'm going to get in ice water though! She told me about some powerful healings that she had due to the breathing method, and it looks like a good thing. I'm going to do this some more, and I just realized that we do something similar in my chi kung, but we only do a few repetitions. Anyway, after the breathing you're supposed to breath out and then not breath for two minutes if possible. I found that even after two minutes I still don't feel like breathing, but then I decided to breath anyway, just so I don't scare the volunteers. I think maybe this is tapping into something that some yogis do, where they can stop breathing for exteneded periods, so I'm going to try that again whilst lying down.
  2. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I did the MCO once, and it was like a big patch of heat, bigger than a foot, that slowly went around the circle, took about an hour. Inside this big sphere of hotness, I could feel that a lot of energy was flowing within it. It felt quite nice. Then for a couple of days after that I felt weaker and I realized that doin' the MCO via mental jerking off is like throwing energy down the toilet and is fundamentalist bullshit. At least for those on the path of real nei kung, the Taoist path of the wizard. At this point I'll say that anyone who thinks they feel a lot of energy by doin' the MCO all the time actually is clueless as to what a"lot of energy" can possibly mean. So ya: Mental jerking off, check. Feels nice, check. Feel weaker later, check. Same as the physical way, check. Bunch of jerk offs! I hope ya'll don't feel to insulted if I call 98% of you a bunch of loooosers
  3. Who is Loneman Pai?

    While these concepts do apply in some slight ways, it misses 98% of the real thing. I say it is 'fundamentalist'.
  4. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Hot waterfall?
  5. On a quest to make sense of things

    There's one way that helps some. It's so common and obvious we neglect it, but that is the common brush down at the end of all tai chi forms and most chi kung forms (at least ones that don't do just the brush down ) It's an energetic brush down, push down from throat level to belly and you can also breath out with the "hahhhh" sound, the heart sound, while you brush down. Best not to raise your hands above neck level, and you can fold your hands over your lower belly. Make sure to use belly breathing and not chest breathing.
  6. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    That link of yours goes to Amazon.UK This is the link for Amazon.US A Lineage of Dragons
  7. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Wow, that was fast! Yes that's it. Enjoy.
  8. On a quest to make sense of things

    Hi Enkidu, this quest of yours, to abandon a combative nature, is very difficult. We all have attachments to things, the mind works that way and it's unavoidable. This attachment to things naturally makes people combative. Men have more testosterone, some more than others, and some are warriors. There's nothing wrong with having a warrior mentality + testosterone because it's natural. The problem is finding a useful outlet, or shall we say, something noble worth defending. So, how do you get it under control? Well you don't really, completely, but it becomes possible to weather the storm with inner peace ... most of the time. The only thing that really helps stop a combative nature, which I am very familiar with, is to just get real sick of it. Realize it is a waste of energy (in most cases). Just say "fuck it" No fucks given. The requirement for progress is meditation. No-mind, non thinking meditation plus a big giant dose of self honesty. Without self honesty there's no hope of progress. Then after some decades of meditation you get what's called clarity, which helps. Wait, I just got a brilliant idea! It's an age old, time tested cure for combative nature, castration. Simple.
  9. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    I just sent it to Amazon for publishing. When it comes online I'll put a link to it here. Those who got the previous version can send them to me and I will send them an autographed copy of the edited version. Or maybe you can hold on to your unedited versions and they'll be collectors items later. particularly if someone finds out I had accidentally revealed a secret Jedi cultivation technique which i edited out of this last version.
  10. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    OK, I just finished the editing I used my logical thinking mind more in the last week than I have for years and feel like a damn zombie. Next I have to format it for kindle, I should get it uploaded tonight, before too long.
  11. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Yes, "Message to Seekers" sounds like an all around good one, but I think what I'll do is just forget that last chapter for now. In a way the whole book is about that subject already. I'll insert a little more 'advice' along those lines if I see a good spot for it. I'm on page 300 and should get to the 405 by this afternoon. I'll also leave out the glossary for now so I can republish it this evening - then it takes Amazon a day or three to get it printed.
  12. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    I guess I should put something like that in the new last chapter, which isn't named yet, but without the yahahas. Last chapter naming contest. What I want, what you want. Message to Seekers The last word What's next? To prospective seekers, The Path, for Jedi wannabees. any ideas?
  13. Seeking Info

    I have no idea how to relate to that statement. Like I said last time, beliefs are crutches for weaklings and sickies. You've been using crutches for so long you are getting crippled. Forget beliefs, fuck beliefs, reject beliefs, grow up ... or not. "Believe" means "Don't know", see if you can take it from there. If you need some assistance then put 'don't know' where you wrote 'believe'
  14. Contradiction ?

    Hi Anand, I don't want to try to guess what a woman will say, those guesses are always wrong. But I know what a women's libber would say , "Tao doesn't give a shit about men, but she loves meee." Steve