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  1. The reason there are so many fake teachers is because there are so many fake students.
  2. !
  3. South American Jaguars are a lot more powerful that North American panther.
  4. According to his story he was 'joined' to a lost? lineage by an immortal that came to see him, which is entirely possible. It's also possible that he can see the intense amateurism among so many teachers and fight against it, which is a natural thing to do. He does know some effective Taoist talismanic magic and probably some other types as well; guns could be brandished or fired to scare off ghosts by the way. He has good psychic knowing and character reading. Like when he was giving me crap about my tai chi I posted a picture of myself and as soon as he saw it he instantly STFU and it was yes sir, no sir, and he's outa there. Typical reaction of middle management. So there's some chance that he's pretty authentic and he has a bad temper/bedside manner with the weenies and bozos, which, let me tell you, is easy to acquire, I now return you to your regular program, may the shit slinging continue. He probably had plans to get rich quick in the West and when that didn't pan out he got irritable =)
  5. He said my tai chi isn't real tai chi, but that's because he'd never seen real tai chi, till then.
  6. Yes No. According to some theories of reincarnation, yes.
  7. I wasn't referring to extinction of humans. What is happening now is that more animal and plant species are becoming extinct at a faster rate now than occurred during the several past great extinction events; these 'events' commonly take many years, up to hundreds maybe thousands of years. This last one is being caused by human overpopulation, so there's a choice to make, are you for the animals or the humans?
  8. That's good, maybe the rooster can take a look at world population levels and how it's causing an extinction level event.
  9. Pretty much everything. Buddha fully embraced the philosophical idea of "rebirth", which is -in nature- not different from believing that we're going to ride rainbow-unicorns in the sky. It's a matter of faith. From a theoretical explanation of the afterlife (rebirth) which has no empirical evidence, he derived a philosophical problem, the problem of never-ending suffering in samsara. To solve a philosophical problem (never-ending suffering) which is based on an unverified dogma (rebirth), he devised a monastic way of life based on ... abandon and suppress all of human's nature: don't have children, don't have a wife, don't work, etc.
  10. You can edit titles.
  11. Humans! Notice! Like Water? It came from the Void. Black Dragon, the Mystic. Black Dragon, the Alchemist. Known for it's Power and Revenge. What are you Doing? Guardian of the Pearl! Guardian is the White Dragon. White Dragon, AKA Impending Death.
  12. I think the idea put forth, that while individuals can glow in their own light humanity taken as a whole is screwed up. Those who can see further can see a doomsday of sorts coming for the masses who are racing each other to be first to the slaughterhouse. It's mainly due to society and population overcrowding. Even rats get crazy and violent when forced into overcrowded conditions. It's society, modern society. If we look instead at small groups of very primitive people we don't see that kind of insanity, we see more of what is called 'real people'. Closer to nature. If the Earth's population were reduced by 99.9%, enough to make technology unsustainable and drive people back to the stone age of bronze age that then would change the sage's view of humanity. To put it another way - my teacher was so psychic that he said it was like being tuned into a news radio station 24 hours a day ... and 99% of the news was bad. They can clearly see how fucked up things are. Wishing it was better but knowing there's no hope. So when the sage looks out across a big city and sees and endless sea of toilets he realizes things are screwed up, however when the sage gets to know an individual he can see a being like himself. Nothing special, with some talents and some stupidities, with good and bad bitching at each other inside their heads, everyone's got some problems of some kind, including the sage, maybe he has a bad knee and takes a half hour to pee. The sage knows that he was a messed up weirdo before, just like his buddy there, Joe Blow, and yet for the grace of his master he can see clearly now, that he's still a messed up weirdo, he just has a certain attitude of carelessness about it and accepts himself as is. This maybe explains how a sage can act humbly while seeing how screwed up people are.
  13. The 'believers' are the ones who think that UFOs and aliens visitors do not exist. Whole title would be 'Uninformed, Inexperienced Believers', otherwise known as fundamentalists.
  14. 1. Therefore, when the Way is lost there is virtue. 2. When virtue is lost there is benevolence. 3. When benevolence is lost there is righteousness. 4. When righteousness is lost there are rituals. Rituals are the end of fidelity and honesty, And the beginning of confusion. So this puts Confucianism down around level three and four, where you get righteousness and ritual.
  15. Oink, oink.