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  1. Truth has to be experienced first-hand for whatever it is. Your adding 'whatever it is' was also perceptive. It seems to me at this point, after only one morning coffee, that truth is going to be somewhat relative. Well, except for some truths in the nature of 'gravity sucks', or 'the sun shines'.
  2. I prefer peace over happiness. That is a much more reasonable goal.
  3. If Will's concept of 'enlightenment' is way off, then will his question not point to 'peace' but fragmented pieces of argument as is subsequently evident. Yes. that was evident
  4. Hell/heaven, crazy/sane... are Taoist conceptual dualities. If a person cannot embrace such dualities, can he/she be a budding Taoist? Will it be better for him/her to nip his/her brand of Taoism in the bud? Sowing wild oats... The brain works via duality. The brain is always making good/bad decisions, which is something that was needed for survival and still is, it is unavoidable. I would say that even all animals with brains do it, even the most rudimentary brains, they just don't think about what they are thinking about =) . Therefore it is proper to discuss these things by looking at the duality aspects. It is wise that Taoism recognizes this fundamental aspect of being human and works with it. I agree about what you say, that if a person can not embrace the concept of dualities then they can't be Taoists. Perceptive of you to see it that way.
  5. Well that could be a lot of work, but if you would like to do that then I will like to see what you come up with. Have a nice day. It was good evening here, Bedtime for Bonzo.
  6. Since the enlightenment experience is emotional bliss and rapture then it would include contentment. After the enlightenment experience, when one has been 'enlightened' then it is possible to be quite discontent. This later normally resolves into a state of general peacefulness, which is a type of contentment, but there are ups and downs, goods and bads, ins and outs; you know, yin and yang =) Meaning is mental/verbal fabrication, which doesn't belong. What happens is you have faith in the void, it does not scare you the way it does most people.
  7. Chi Kung isn't supposed to teach you about yin and yang, it is a mental concept and applies to all things and processes. Tai chi has strong elements of yin and yang that would apply much better than chi kung.
  8. It seems to me that the dragon was CGI added to the video and was not seen in the actual ceremony.
  9. Starting at 3:06
  10. Good stuff in those posts. Ya, road rage! When I wrote that: getting mad about getting mad I was thinking of the process I went through in meditation. Earlier on I wold get mad because I caught myself thinking, then later on down the road I would get mad at myself for having gotten mad at myself It didn't happen too much before I realized how silly that was, then it just kind of dissipated. Road rage, one of my specialties, it happened a lot in Dodo Land up North. Here not so much, but impatience sometimes still rears it's ugly head. When I start cussing at the other person I kind of enjoy it now, much to my wife's dismay, partly because she imagines that I'm angry ... which makes me angry ... something like that =)
  11. Then there's also getting mad about getting mad. What do the shrinks call that? Getting pissed off about getting pissed off. Getting angry about getting angry. All same.
  12. Right, my comment was a little short sighted. It can also be caused by a 'chemical imbalance'. Recently I read a report that presented a new insight into depression, and that is that it is caused by a vitamin D deficiency, no kidding. Aaaand, vitamin D deficiency is rampant, so much so it looks like a conspiracy Also, people telling people that they can get enough vitamin D from the sun is wrong. Theoretically yes, people could get enough vitamin D from the sun ... if they work out enough to sweat and then do NOT wash the oils off their skin, which is the common thing to do; and THEN they need to run around nearly naked in the sun for a few hours a day. Otherwise people will have a vitamin D deficiency. Another symptom that isn't mentioned in the following report is that with insufficient vitamin D people's jaws don't grow big enough to fit all their teeth, which is why wisdom teeth need to be removed. Normally, with semi naked 'savages', all their teeth fit in their jaws. Depression - #5 in the following list.
  13. Nope, that kind of masochism never appealed to me, but why do you say that? I aint no expert on depression but it seems to me that people could take their lumps like adults and not self crucify over them, and most do. I prefer a different kind of masochism.
  14. Same thing with depression, the feeling sad about feeling sad.
  15. Well it must be comforting to know that there is someone here who is an expert on the condition of everyone else, not to mention his expert advice!