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  1. Hello and a Lost Page

    Thanks, @Nintendao, i did find it again the other day, and got the pdfs. Thank you very much for your link, I know it was a stab in the dark, but in fact your link touches upon a question I have had over the last few days over 'lost' spiritual powers after practicing qigong again. Funny how these coincidences seem to happen quite a bit, don't they? I'll read around this area and observe the situation a bit longer and ask a proper question after. Thanks again.
  2. Yi Jin Jing Recommended Training

    Hi, i'm new here too. Just popped in because I saw Yi Jin Jing. I just restarted, oldish and many injuries and really out of practice, and from the descriptions i thought YJJ might be a good fit. I'm doing the exercises led by the Europe Shaolin temple monks on Youtube. I can't commit to any course right now, but please update if you do take it up, would love to hear about it.
  3. Hello and a Lost Page

    Hi folks, I was planning to lurk here, just enjoying the vibe and soaking in the knowledge, but then I lost the page with some pdfs I was planning to download. Feeling peevish because I can't remember what the topic was, and the browser doesn't keep history. But the poster put up 3 recommended readings, two are free PDFs, and a website on a Chinese qigong master. If it is any clue, I was reading various beginner qigong stuff today, including Mantak Chia, recommended qigong teachers/lineages, and the book Secret of the Golden Flower. Got pretty far down the rabbit hole so there could be more. So, a little bit of intro now that I have asked the above. I had a little history involving the microcosmic orbit via Glenn Morris of the Path Notes almost twenty years ago. Prior to that, since early teens and for many years after I was doing wushu, taichi and a couple other martial arts. At some point I dabbled with KAP practice. Ten years and half a dozen broken bones later, after years without practice (adulting sucks), I started meditating seriously in the Theravada tradition and had some breakthroughs. Yesterday the universe was calling me to settle some unfinished business with the orbit. Excited to be here, though frankly the amount of information is overwhelming and I'd appreciate some guidance too on where to start!