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  1. what exactly is "God"?

    As we know him in this Universe, he is collectively every photon of light that ever was or ever will be.
  2. Yin & Yang Foods

    Everything changed once I began meditating. My personality, my habits and diet changed drastically. I can no longer eat pork for instance, not because I don't care for it, but because it gives me heartburn so intensely, I cannot function until I have a shot of apple cider vinegar. Artificial sweeteners, soda, high calorie desserts, pizza, and everything that is not simple or natural food has the same effect. Think it has a lot to do with pH levels in the body and it seems like whenever I intake naturally alkaline foods or that produce an alkaline reaction in the body has very energizing and rejuvenating effects on the body. Seems that from what I have researched pH levels in foods determines their yin/yang qualities. A man by the name of Otto Warburg, won the Nobel prize in 1931 for discovering that keeping the body in an alkaline state gives cancer an environment that it cannot metastasize in. He actually cured various types of cancer by raising the alkalinity in patient's blood to a healthy alkaline level. Meditation and seeking enlightenment to return to the creator while here on Earth forces our bodies to eradicate all harmful intake and habits so that a yogi can enrich their bodily temples to live long enough to achieve higher levels of immortality. I stopped drinking alcohol 5 years ago, don't take any medications, try to eat as healthy as possible, and go to the gym 7 days a week. I have not been sick in as long and have no issues exposing myself to viral or bacterial infected friends or family since I know we can cure ourselves with a simple thought and faith in God.
  3. Magnetic Mat to improve meditation results

    I use magnets during every meditation and have researched this technique for years and different arrangements of north south on the body and have found that the effects are very physically noticeable. I use 2 2" x 2" neodymium magnet cylinders that I bought off of amazon for $40 each. Be careful not to get your fingers in between the magnets at close proximity or you'll lose the fingers. For a stronger Yin field which is the psychic, telekinesis outward dark field place a magnet south face up beneath you either at your feet for seated or under the anus for seated and north face down above your head. For a stronger Yang field do the reverse of both magnets. I have tried many arrangements with sometimes as many as 12 magnets around me in different formations and these 2 arrangements although simple produce the most recognizable effects. Meaning the chi will be felt circulating through your body whether you try to or not. This simple addition of using magnets has profoundly changed and empowered my meditation sessions with some very obvious supernatural side effects. I could go into the why and theory of it all but it would bore anybody and we're all after the results anyways right? Good luck with your training!
  4. Path to enlightenment

    I posted an article under Tian Shen Monastry section explaining my stance on compassion. I believe that compassion is the ultimate goal yet also obstacle in the lifelong process of enlightenment. While training with Steve Gray at his monastery we used the I Ching to ask the Universe a question with the coin tossing technique. I asked universe if I would ever be pure enough while here on Earth to speak directly with God. The answer I received from the book translation was River over River, a very clear Cut message that I must serve all others and love all others before I can achieve this state. I believe that once a practitioner can achieve a certain level of enlightenment, that the compassion and love for all people on Earth is something that one can't help but feel and you can see not only our visible dimension but all dimensions including the visual beauty that love emits. Hopefully one day we could all achieve this.
  5. Path to enlightenment

  6. Path to enlightenment

    Nearly four years ago, my best friend came across a Daoist master while backpacking across South America. He demonstrated his power by throwing him to the ground without even touching him and even saw a glowing green and blue energy substance emanating from his fingers during evening Tai Chi practice. His stories of this man ignited a flame that has consumed my entire life. After vigorous training and continuous research of the origins, roots and different sects of qigong I finally managed to fly out and train with the legend if a man that ignited my passion in the first place. My life is now completely entwined with the path of the Tao and training to achieve the highest level of power I can achieve in this lifetime. Humans were meant to be so much more than we are today, I hope to rediscover what we once were and be an example of what we can actually become if we dedicate the effort in training and meditation.