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  1. I just read through the posts on this thread and I see it isn't so bad after all. I thank all of those who are awake for the good words and reasonableness. Have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you!
  2. I made a new video today: Tien Shan Chi Kung for Super Athletes and martial artists.
  3. Yang Tai Chi - Section 1. Playing with Yang style according to grandmaster Tchoung Ta Tchen, with black dragon flavoring added. Body by Tien Shan Chi Kung. I wanted to try something different here, and that is showing some repetitions of movements, along with variations.
  4. Taoist Sites, Blogs and Links

    Website - YouTube - Facebook - Vimeo - Instagram - Amazon London - Paris - New York
  5. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    I made an announcement video
  6. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    The message is at the end
  7. Thank you for sharing. Love your teacher, I like the way he explains things, and we seem to have similar ways of evolving. Similar to my chi kung. He has a Spanish name, does he speak Spanish?
  8. Favorite Daoist Quote

    "Look for what is hidden"
  9. Well, to be more precise. We know that religions or philosophies have a spectrum of adherents, which goes from mystic at one end, to fundamentalist at the other end. Except for Taoism, which is neither just religion nor philosophy. Problem solved! No, it's not that simple. We also know that fundamentalists are such fragile little things, that they need the support of their family and neighbors, in order to feel justified in their idiotic beliefs. Therefore they become evangelists to spread the 'message' and get recruits. Also, since misery loves company, they want everyone else to join them as slaves. Well, the Taoists saw these fundamentalist morons coming a mile away, so they named their fundamentalists Confucians, after the mental person (see, I didn't say mental jerkoff) named Confused Tzu, who was all brains but had no heart. That's also why there is no art of philosophy in Taoism, the philosophers are Confucians, although they imagine they are Laoists, after the person named Lao Tze (sounds like "Lousy"). So Taoists have an attitude like: If someone sez they want to become Taoist, it's like "yeah right, entertain yourself ... over there, far away". If someone sez they don't want to be a Taoist, it's like "Great, don't let the door slam against your posterior on the way out."
  10. Taoism is for smart fellers - the others are for fart smellers.
  11. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Chakras are all good. Still i have mucho focus above my head but I added some other 'directions' to it. I had created a big giant empty vessel and it just took a bit of persuading to get it filling nicely. Remembering, forgetting, remembering. When there are 'ten thousand' techniques it's common to wander afield at times. It's all good, and much is learned. It's also why the path is littered with burnt out crispy critters.
  12. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    So, anyway, I had kind of weaned myself off of forums, but came back to market the book. For an old hermit, it's kind of fun and addicting, having the chance to raise hell on forums, so I got sucked into it again. I think we are all too aware that I'm not forum material, and the high energy head meditations I was focussing on (mentioned in the martial arts thread) made me quite emotional and energized and made it worse. All the mental work I had previously done with writing and editing contributed to it. Now that I've been balancing out some of the head energy and feeling real calm and quiet I hardly feel like writing anything anywhere anymore, and I think maybe somebody upstairs is messin' with me again, as I wished.
  13. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Good question. No, I look at them as equals, and don't use those names. But when the big guy shits on the front patio I wave my arms, yell at him, and call him 'god damn duck' to chase him off. Today spirit ate our best small avocado tree in spite of the fence I put around it, so I punched him hard a few times and started yelling at him, calling him god damn horse, fucking horse, and then told the german shepherds to chase him off into the distance. Something they enjoy quite a lot. Spirit gets to stay around the house these days cuz he's so damn sneaky, and you don't need to know the rest of the details. I don't call them names like weenies, morons, immature idiots etc because they neither think with words nor write on forums. Oh yes, and I do talk to the duckies, say Hi first thing in the morning and during the day, as we pass each other by, same thing with the three cats, three dogs, and house horse. They all vocalize their morning hellos.