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  1. Hello

    Welcome liab qab ape, I hope you find what you need here.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Hot damn! 1:25 is when the awesome hybrid blues lifts its' head. My gratitude to Jeff Lang for seeing the root connection.
  3. Hell, if I had known that sagehood was that easy, I would have started lifting my right elbow higher..
  4. Do What Thou Wilt

    What did you start with to end up with Kitler?😊
  5. Impunity Watch

    Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu! Thathaastu! Amen!
  6. What are you listening to?

    Nungali, yueya and everyone (including all life) down there are on my mind.
  7. INFERNO !

    My heart is truly with you and yours. I will think about you often until this is over.
  8. We need to modify those type of "bigshots" here in the USA. It will be an uphill battle! I have hope.
  9. More true than I would like it to be. But, there are very good people that believe in honor and service. We should surround ourselves with those type of people. We may not be as rich but, honor has its' benefits..
  10. What is your favourite exercise?

    You brought back memories. My first mentor, Hirata Sensei was Koichi Tohei's #1 in North America (in 1973 at Budokan INC., Seattle, wa). A little off-topic but, I could not resist.
  11. What is your favourite exercise?

    Start at 0:45
  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    It is imagination that gives one access to an intermediary world between the unfathomable and hidden and the world of the obvious. It is that which allows you to understand the subtle forms. If you cannot imagine, you cannot forsee.
  13. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    He who reaches Emptiness transcends the wheel of transmigration. In such a being, the Breath symbolises Emptiness; and the body symbolises manifestation. This means having the consciousness in the Emptiness and the body in the Universe. To embrace the principle is to reach the dimension of Emptiness, and to safeguard the unity is to preserve the union, preventing the fragmentation of yin and yang. If the unity is found within Emptiness, the Holy Man's body is found within his consciousness. This is unlike the common man, whose consciousness is within the body. Upon reaching this level of spiritual realization, at which the consciousness becomes greater than the mind, the Immortal attains Consecration because he becomes at one with the Dao."---Si Ma Cheng Zhen