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  1. Earl Grey is suspended for 60 days. This is the remainder of the initial 90 day suspension issued by Trunk (and mentioned in the opening post of this thread) for the personal takedown of members - a behavior he again engaged in, in two separate threads. This is the final warning. Another suspension will not be issued to Earl Grey for this behavior. If he returns from this suspension and again engages in a personal takedown of any member of this community he will be permanently banned. 1 steve responded to this We must be careful not to store up the teachings as only conceptual understanding lest that conceptual understanding becomes a block to wisdom. The teachings are not ideas to be collected, but a path to be followed. - TWR The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep PREV 1 2 3 4 Page 4 of 4 This topic is now closed to further replies. NOT TRUE HERE!!
  2. Locking threads, discuss it here

    That is funny, good try though. Golden Elixir is the combination of saliva, hormonal fluids, and external essences that when mixed together become the Elixir. Saliva has long been considered by Taoists as a key component of the elixir. Some Taoist texts recommend swallowing the saliva up to 1,000 times a day to promote physical healing. Many hundreds of years ago Taoists became aware of changes in consistency of saliva that accompanied certain meditative practices. They learned that by combining saliva with the hormonal fluids and essences released during non-ejaculative intercourse a powerful elixir is formed. Taoists believe that this Golden Elixir is not only a physical healing agent, but also is a major transformative agent in preparing for higher spiritual work. But, again, we are just touching the surface here. Please tell me more than just using arbitrary terms pulled out of a book or some hearsay. Please teach me how you opened your shit up?
  3. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I love it! Quoting Wuzhen Pian to me, wow! Please tell me what it means. But, please no surface stuff going on here. After you have opened the channels necessary, tell me how long you need to hold the essence before you permeate your saliva with it and how long you need to hold that saliva, before you swallow it, oh and by the way, please tell how you need to direct it and over how many years( on average) Heres' a hint--- many thousands of times and you have to have the proper focus and attention to certain details. or---- Of course you know all of that or you would not have given me that quote, so, please I am your student, please instruct.
  4. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Okay, got to play fetch with my dog. I use a headlamp in the dark, my dog "Apollo" loves it. His eyes glow in the dark like a cats'. He still manages to track the ball better, boy, is it fun! Be back, whenever.
  5. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Stop pattiing yourself on the back, you haven't figure anything out. Though, you are trying to, and I give kudos for that! No one is talking about one-sided, that is a projection of linear thinkers. Figured many of us out here, hey! I bet you heard that one before in the bad old days! Eh!
  6. Locking threads, discuss it here

    This was way to easy with challengers so far. I need to attend to other things now. But I will be back in a day or so. Warriors are needed here too! Try not to lose the balance! It is hard, I know! Take care and be well all!
  7. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I have always believed your sincerety, you are a good guy who is trying.
  8. Locking threads, discuss it here

    BTW, welkin, since I believe you are a prolific reporter, that has even got some mods into believing you are benign, please report me!
  9. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I love it, when you talk about how you knew it all in advance, please do more, just to establish your ironclad credibility.
  10. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Welkin, I expected something escapist from you, thank you for not disappointing!
  11. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Aw, your observational powers have hooked me, please quote me something appropriately Taoist now, please.
  12. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Now! Moderators! I was well within all of the rules. But, how did it feel to you? I have been showing Earl Grey the road of better diplomacy, and it has been showing over the last month( as anyone can clearly see if they actually have been following events instead of just reacting). Now, you guys are saying we will wrap EG up for sixty days and if you do not toe the line, the next one is a permanent ban! For one thing-- permanent bans are BS. We the mods will banish you! Think about that in reference to history. It was often equated with greater than death (sure I am getting into hyperbole here with online stuff, but like most philosophical thought has tried to teach us, it is the baseine/reality/consistency/logic/standard/essence/principle that matters.
  13. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Try not to expand your personal subjectiveness out to infinity, --I know; it is like a nice fuzzy, warm, security blanket.
  14. Locking threads, discuss it here

    I agree with you it would be foolish, but I am hoping!
  15. Locking threads, discuss it here

    And he was much more diplomatic as opposed to the past. Of course you know that---right?
  16. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Oh yes, I am so interested in this theater of which you speak. Please, help me out with your view of what reality is, and also theatre of the mind. You talk with such assuredness, that I just can't wait!
  17. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Welkin, you post here like Earl is your friend, or that you actually like him, please explain how and when that happened or at least explain your view of fairness. Mind you now, this is just a friendly examination of current events and where you actually are at?
  18. Locking threads, discuss it here

    How far out of your comfort zone have you truly gotten, Lim?
  19. Locking threads, discuss it here

    You are vey clever and funny. I enjoy you even though you have become so predictable. If a moderator shot someone on fifth avenue, (New York City) would you say anything negative about it?
  20. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Some of the worst sujective extrapolation I have ever seen! You must have an agenda, please explain it to us!
  21. simplify

    Dark Side
  22. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Yet; very taoistic! Let us not stretch here, because we have a distaste for the confrontational, there must be a balance.
  23. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Comparing EG supporters to Trump supporters? BTW, I see the possibilities just fine! You are not dense, so I have to believe you are leading me on, so why would you do that? Oh well, it is about time to move on.
  24. Locking threads, discuss it here

    "If you can’t see the problem with Earl here for yourself my words won’t help. Maybe a little like the Trump problem in the US, some see him as a problem, some as a friend, some as a leader. No one can help the other to see a different possibility." What a cheap shot!
  25. Locking threads, discuss it here

    Wow! Within minutes, of this thread going up! I know the average age of regulars is fairly old, but it is starting to feel like an old people's place now. This being said by an old man! LOL