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  1. I just read through the posts on this thread and I see it isn't so bad after all. I thank all of those who are awake for the good words and reasonableness. Have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you!
  2. I made a new video today: Tien Shan Chi Kung for Super Athletes and martial artists.
  3. This thread is for public offering of for sale Videos of some of the levels of Tien Shan Chi Kung, as well as some bits and pieces of Tien Shan, which I am calling Black Dragon Chi Kung. Tien Shan Nei Kung, a vanishingly rare prehistoric system of true nei kung for cultivating super health, longevity, chi power, and spiritual growth. This video shows the beginning level of a vast system which contains thousands of techniques, has interminable depth, and takes decades to learn. It can take you all the way to the mountain top. The beginning levels of Tien Shan are excellent for healing. getting rid of sick energy, cultivating healthy energy, and balancing your energy. It has a genius level of focus on being fast and efficient, no time is wasted on useless or low power methods. This is the type of chi kung described in the book "A Lineage of Dragons" and is the cultivation practice that Master Fook Yueng, who was Bruce Lee's uncle and main kung fu teacher, used for himself to become one of the more powerful and advanced chi kung masters in the world. This is the true beginning level of Tien Shan Chi Kung as taught to Steve Gray by Fook Yueng. It contains hundreds of techniques that the astute practitioner will be able to perceive and practice. The video has a voice over explaining how the movements should be done properly. To succeed in this type of cultivation the student must turn the sound off after one or two times and have it on very rarely if at all after that. You should strive to close your eyes more and more until you can do the whole thing without watching. Students who wish to come here to practice must first memorize this form so that they can do it with eyes closed. This type of chi kung is very different than most, which are bits of systems which some teachers have watered down to make easy to learn, this is a practice that has withstood the test of thousands of years and is specifically for producing super men and women, as described in the video at the end of this post. The DVD is thirty minutes long, I would like to see suggestions for a good price for this - thanks. This is the video which describes the goals and results of Real nei kung: I'll be continuing to edit this as I update the description.
  4. It is important to point out one school of cultivation that has drifted far from the original intent of chi kung and that is Mo Pai. Some westerner tourists went to visit an acupuncture doctor in Java for an eye problem and ran across a fellow popularly known as John Chang, although that is not his real name. John had cultivated chi power for many decades and had the ability to give people electric shocks. The travelers were very impressed and made some videos of him giving people shocks, lighting small LED lights, and igniting some paper on fire with his chi energy. A book titled "Magus of Java" was also written about john. The videos and the book were big hits in the West, and made john and his system, Mo Pai, popular. For many people in the West it was their first exposure to the idea that chi power and special abilities actually existed, and of course people wanted to learn to do these things themselves, which is natural for beginners. However there is a big problem with all this: You need to know that John Chang got in big trouble for demonstrating his abilities in public and for teaching Westerners, for which he was fired from his position as headmaster of the school. Westerners are now not allowed into the school for a good reason. There are a couple of short term Western students who were strictly beginners, they were unqualified to teach and did not have permission to teach; yet they have taught the very little that they had learned anyway. Based on these meager and misled teachings an internet forum or two has sprung up in order to promote these teachings of what are called levels one and two, only two levels out of a purported 72 levels. The important thing to note is that each level consist of only one technique. The people who are in the forum are popularly known as Western Mo Pai Students, or WMPS, and pronounced Wimps. Actually the levels do not exist and are a trick that was played on the Western students. Those guys spent years practicing only these two exercises and that is all they learned. John Chang did not speak English and is one of the masters who speaks very little, following the philosophy mentioned in theTao Te Ching, that the sage does not speak. The fact that only two exercises were taught over a period of some years should be a big red flag for anyone interested in cultivation Mo Pai via the Wimps. Chi kung normally consists of systems that contain contain many different techniques for cultivating health and strength and some include methods of cultivating chi power. Nei kung systems are much vaster and contain many hundreds to thousands of techniques. This shows that Mo Pai is actually not a system of nei kung, which it is purported to be, In true nei kung systems the student learns quite a few techniques each month and usually several new techniques each week. When students practice only one or two techniques and the teacher doesn't explain much it is normal to try to figure out what is happening and this leads to arriving at all kinds of ideas as to the principles, many of which one finds are incorrect after they advance further. However these Westerners did not advance further and so they filled in the blank spaces with some wild imaginings, which they passed on to the Wimps. The Wimps, in turn are ruled over by a high pressure asshole dictator type, who made up further things about the practice, and if one doesn't kow tow to the dictator they are banned from the forum. For example, the original stolen teachings mention sitting in full or half lotus but do not mention grounding. In his wild imaginings one of the Western traitor/students, not knowing how grounding really works, decided that grounding was important and so wrote about that. The dictator of the Wimps took it a step further and declared that people who sit indoors need to sit on a bare wire and have the wire go outside and be connected to the ground, they also think its best to sit on the bare ground with a bare bottom while meditating. These things are patently ridiculous, It is possible to cultivate all the power one could imagine by sitting in chairs indoors, and it ignores some basic facts about how to cultivate and also ignores some commonly known scientific facts which are that both people's skin and the soil on the ground are good insulators and not electrical conductors.. -------------------------------- Warning about the second exercise: So while the first exercise, called level one is fine as plain old meditation, the re are some serious problems with the second exercise, called level two. It is concerning level two and the requirement to create a lot of tension. Lao Tsu wrote in the TTC that rigidity, which is the same as the tension used, is the way of death, while softness and flexibility is the way of the vibrant and living. It has similarities to Iron Shirt, and Iron Shirt is for creating resistance to blows and is not for health or longevity. This is what I have to say about chi kung that uses tension, and you can quote me on this: "Most of them are going to die young", which echoes the sentiments of Lao Tzu, who appears to have been a nei kung master. In my system we aim for maximum softness at all times, while at the same time doing some strenuous physical activity. The physical strain is only in the muscles being used for he movement and so is natural. All muscles not involved in the movement must be soft and relaxed, which is one very beneficial thing as it trains you to relax maximally in the face of stress. There is another thing, if I want to push someone or myself with energy I will use some tension in the muscles involved int he push, which does include the shoulders, chest, stomach and back in a way similar to the level two practice. This is something I do instinctively, I wasn't instructed to do this. the important points is that it is natural to tense these muscles when pushing something and breathing out, plus a push is only for a couple of seconds. To create a lot of tension while breathing in slowly and then holding the breath and tension for as long as possible is very unnatural and is 'backwards'. My friendly Taoist wizard/immortal/teacher and mentor who was uber advanced put it this way: "Never hold your breath!" It is safe to say that doing level two is unsafe and will hurt you, not maybe, and not if you do it a lot. It will hurt you for sure, and every time. Every single time chips another little bit off the longevity measuring stick of your life, and it isn't worth it to be able to give people little electric shocks or light a piece of paper on fire. There are other ways to gain magical healing abilities that do not involve creating tension. In fact all legitimate schools of Taoist nei kung will lead a person to experience magic, real magic, and they are done softly. It's different for the Western Mo Pai psychophants though, they only know about level two and so they will be continually doing this tension creating practice, which is shortening their lives and creating not only physical tension which stays with them when they aren't practicing but a lot of emotional tension which blends with their egotistical desire for power in ugly ways. As we can all very easily see. ----------------------------------- Warning: What is happening now is that since the information is now available to the public, the Western Mo Pai student's self proclaimed leader, who is insane, is claiming to know more than just the first two exercises which were smuggled out of the orient. He and his followers, who are either also insane or power hungry, are claiming this because it furthers their power and makes them feel special. They imagine themselves being the only ones in the West who are so exalted, because there is a video of John giving people little electric shocks. They now claim to know exercise #3 and to have figured out all 72 levels. BEWARE of this. They do not have this information because the Asian Mo Pai students find them very annoying and will not help them in any way. In fact they complain about them and insist that they stop hurting people.
  5. The Doomsday Scenario

    What do you see coming next ? I'll start this off with a really weird video I just ran across on FB. Part of what is discussed in the video and is of interest to me is the level of involvement of aliens. I know many people who are uneducated, unintelligent, immature, and uninformed prefer to believe that there are no aliens. Well that's fine, but you can just take you fuckin' silly ass beliefs down the hall, because we don't want to hear that drivel here. I tried to run a similar thread here last year but the unbelievers defecated all over it and ruined it. Some crazy wisdom here for you to sort through. The guy doesn't even turn the sound on until 2:15 so you can skip ahead to that. More later, it is a giant subject.
  6. Yang Tai Chi - Section 1. Playing with Yang style according to grandmaster Tchoung Ta Tchen, with black dragon flavoring added. Body by Tien Shan Chi Kung. I wanted to try something different here, and that is showing some repetitions of movements, along with variations.
  7. The book has been well edited and polished, and has been republished on Amazon. A Lineage of Dragons A Lineage of Dragons A story of a life journey from the mundane to the supra normal. A true story of Masters and Students of the Mystical Life Force Martial arts and beyond. THE MAGUS OF SEATTLE This book is about the mysterious chi kung master in Seattle who was Bruce Lee’s uncle and main kung fu teacher. It tells of the kind of qigong that this master used to become one of the most powerful, and of the amazing things experienced by the author, who was his long time apprentice. In China a powerful chi kung master is sometimes called a wizard. In addition there are a couple of prehistoric systems of chi kung in which the body of the master is animated by the spirit of a dragon, a real one from the spirit realm. This then makes them a wizard and a dragon at the same time. This book describes one of these systems, a most rare and most powerful kind of physical, emotional, and spiritual cultivation system. May the force be with you, Steve Gray Contents 1 - The Andes Mountains 2 - The Art of Flying 3 - The Bruce Lee connection 4 - “We are Dragons” 5 - Early Adulthood 6 - Sai Baba 7 - Meeting the Master 8 - Practicing the Path of Power 9 - Enlightenment Experience 10 - My teaching 11 - The Star Wars Connection 12 - The Path of the Warrior Wizard 13 - The Taoist Path of the Immortal 14 - Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung 15 - Masters of the Way
  8. Taoist Sites, Blogs and Links

    Website - YouTube - Facebook - Vimeo - Instagram - Amazon London - Paris - New York
  9. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    I made an announcement video
  10. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    The message is at the end
  11. Thank you for sharing. Love your teacher, I like the way he explains things, and we seem to have similar ways of evolving. Similar to my chi kung. He has a Spanish name, does he speak Spanish?
  12. Favorite Daoist Quote

    "Look for what is hidden"
  13. Well, to be more precise. We know that religions or philosophies have a spectrum of adherents, which goes from mystic at one end, to fundamentalist at the other end. Except for Taoism, which is neither just religion nor philosophy. Problem solved! No, it's not that simple. We also know that fundamentalists are such fragile little things, that they need the support of their family and neighbors, in order to feel justified in their idiotic beliefs. Therefore they become evangelists to spread the 'message' and get recruits. Also, since misery loves company, they want everyone else to join them as slaves. Well, the Taoists saw these fundamentalist morons coming a mile away, so they named their fundamentalists Confucians, after the mental person (see, I didn't say mental jerkoff) named Confused Tzu, who was all brains but had no heart. That's also why there is no art of philosophy in Taoism, the philosophers are Confucians, although they imagine they are Laoists, after the person named Lao Tze (sounds like "Lousy"). So Taoists have an attitude like: If someone sez they want to become Taoist, it's like "yeah right, entertain yourself ... over there, far away". If someone sez they don't want to be a Taoist, it's like "Great, don't let the door slam against your posterior on the way out."
  14. Taoism is for smart fellers - the others are for fart smellers.
  15. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Chakras are all good. Still i have mucho focus above my head but I added some other 'directions' to it. I had created a big giant empty vessel and it just took a bit of persuading to get it filling nicely. Remembering, forgetting, remembering. When there are 'ten thousand' techniques it's common to wander afield at times. It's all good, and much is learned. It's also why the path is littered with burnt out crispy critters.
  16. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    So, anyway, I had kind of weaned myself off of forums, but came back to market the book. For an old hermit, it's kind of fun and addicting, having the chance to raise hell on forums, so I got sucked into it again. I think we are all too aware that I'm not forum material, and the high energy head meditations I was focussing on (mentioned in the martial arts thread) made me quite emotional and energized and made it worse. All the mental work I had previously done with writing and editing contributed to it. Now that I've been balancing out some of the head energy and feeling real calm and quiet I hardly feel like writing anything anywhere anymore, and I think maybe somebody upstairs is messin' with me again, as I wished.
  17. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Good question. No, I look at them as equals, and don't use those names. But when the big guy shits on the front patio I wave my arms, yell at him, and call him 'god damn duck' to chase him off. Today spirit ate our best small avocado tree in spite of the fence I put around it, so I punched him hard a few times and started yelling at him, calling him god damn horse, fucking horse, and then told the german shepherds to chase him off into the distance. Something they enjoy quite a lot. Spirit gets to stay around the house these days cuz he's so damn sneaky, and you don't need to know the rest of the details. I don't call them names like weenies, morons, immature idiots etc because they neither think with words nor write on forums. Oh yes, and I do talk to the duckies, say Hi first thing in the morning and during the day, as we pass each other by, same thing with the three cats, three dogs, and house horse. They all vocalize their morning hellos.
  18. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Here are the babies. They're so cute, it's fun to sit and watch them. You can barely see Clara sitting behind them. These are Muscovy ducks, from South America and they are not true ducks. They're like half way between a duck and a goose, with the males being much bigger than the females. The females weigh around six pounds and the males weigh around twenty pounds, and they all have claws. The male has big strong claws, and if you're holding him and he doesn't want to be held he can drive one of those claws half way through your palm. We normally let the ducks run free, the last bunch was left to grow up 'out there', but none of them survived, so this time they are staying protected. Next week we'll build a nice big luxury apartment with bath and running water for them. We aren't raising them as food, but as a source of nice fresh free eggs.
  19. That's the idea, ya'll please stay away in droves. Thank you for your kind attention in this manner. BTW, I didn't read any posts longer than one sentence. You know what's funny, before I took the vacation from here to write the book, I never told anyone I was a master or of my abilities and I had lots of weenies yelling and cussing at me that I wasn't a master. YAHAhahahaha, morons. Maybe they saw something they hated - in the mirror. Well, I'm not a master, so stick it in your ear. Now it's seems to be a bit milder, maybe because I don't engage so much with immature idiots. But you got the message, stay far far away. Oops, earthquake, bye.
  20. Central channel or Heart Field?

    From what I've seen, it seems best to cultivate everything. With an accent on heart, central channel, and head. Don't forget Mr. head. We did central channel, all levels of body, arms and hands, included creating different meridian systems. You could say the legs had less focus, but that's ok because they get forced to work as channels whether they like it or not. I read a neat book with the most scientific explanation of how the human energy system works, all backed up with pure science research by a genius. Who was extradited from his community of MDs, temporarily, until they realized he was right, which took quite a while. I think the book was titled "The Body Electric", not sure, I might be thinking of two different books. Long story short. They used hypersensitive magnetometers in a room that was absolutely magnetically shielded from the Earth's field. Chi kung master(s) which they tested have a hundred times more energy in their palms than a civilian, and a thousand times more energy in their hearts than civilians. I imagine they could have gotten a higher reading for hand energy if they had tested Mr. Yueng while he was emitting energy
  21. Energy is cultivated to achieve oneness with the Tao. Special abilities are a side effect of proper energy cultivation. Anyone who is in a real school of Taoism will experience magic. This is the Way:
  22. Nice description. That is basically the same process in Neikung, except done mostly with movement and posture. There is one part that is different. In Taoism they say tofirst create the Empty Vessel, which then gives the yang energy a place to be 'stored'. Artists extraordinaire in obfuscation.
  23. This is an instructional video that shows how to train yourself to feel yourself moving through the energy field of the Earth. It is a very simple method, and I think many here will get fast results from it.