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  1. Black Dragon & Tien Shan videos

    That is basically the same as what I was told by this guy named Liu I Ming, who was really really really old. He liked to talk about how much he enjoyed visiting with his great, great, great, grand nieces, and racing through the Northeastern snow fields on a snowmobile. He also said he didn't need airports to get around. What he told me was "Only a master attempts an exact imitation of another" (referring to chi kung). The others 99%, with their ego problems, want to do it 'their' way, which blinds them to more than just movement.
  2. This thread is for public offering of for sale Videos of some of the levels of Tien Shan Chi Kung, as well as some bits and pieces of Tien Shan, which I am calling Black Dragon Chi Kung. Tien Shan Nei Kung, a vanishingly rare prehistoric system of true nei kung for cultivating super health, longevity, chi power, and spiritual growth. This video shows the beginning level of a vast system which contains thousands of techniques, has interminable depth, and takes decades to learn. It can take you all the way to the mountain top. The beginning levels of Tien Shan are excellent for healing. getting rid of sick energy, cultivating healthy energy, and balancing your energy. It has a genius level of focus on being fast and efficient, no time is wasted on useless or low power methods. This is the type of chi kung described in the book "The Magus of Seattle" and is the cultivation practice that Master Fook Yueng, who was Bruce Lee's uncle and main kung fu teacher, used for himself to become one of the more powerful and advanced chi kung masters. This is the true beginning level of Tien Shan Chi Kung as taught to Steve Gray by Fook Yueng. It contains hundreds of techniques that the astute practitioner will be able to perceive and practice. This type of chi kung is different than most, which are bits of systems which some teachers have watered down to make easy to learn, this is a practice that has withstood the test of thousands of years and is specifically for producing super men and women, as described in the video at the end of this post, which describes the goals and results of Real nei kung:
  3. Western Mo Pai There is one school of cultivation that has drifted far from the original intent of chi kung and that is Mo Pai in the West. Some westerner tourists ran across a guy known as John Chang. Western Mo Pai Students is abbreviated as WMPS and pronounced Wimps. John had cultivated chi power for many decades and had the ability to give people electric shocks. The travelers were very impressed and made some videos of him giving people shocks, lighting small LED lights, and igniting some paper on fire. You can buy LED lights that anyone can light up by holding, and iginiting newspaper is a popular trick using chemicals, which are rubbed together as the paper is being crumpled. A book titled "Magus of Java" was also written about john, in which it is claimed that John is an immortal, as if amateurs would know. They made it up to sell books. For many people in the West the book and videos were their first exposure to the idea that chi power and special abilities really exist, and naturally, many people want to learn to do these things themselves. However there is a big problem with all this: John Chang got in trouble for demonstrating abilities in public (a mistake a Taoist immortal would not make) and for teaching Westerners, for which he was fired from his teaching position. Westerners are now not allowed into the school for a good reason. There were a couple of short term Western students who were strictly beginners, they learned 2 of the supposed 72 levels, or 2.7% of the system. They were absolutely unqualified to teach and did not have permission to teach; yet they disobeyed and taught the very little that they had learned anyway. Based on these meager and misled teachings some egomaniacs have created an internet forum or two in order to cash in on the popularity of Mo Pai. The important thing to note is that each level consist of only ONE technique, which is a huge joke. Those guys spent two years ‘learning’ only those two exercises, they received no corrections of their obvious mistakes. Even beginners who have seen the pictures can spot the glaring mistakes and see those technique smugglers learned incorrectly. The fact that only two techniques were taught in two years should be a big red flag for anyone interested in real nei kung. Chi kung normally consists of small sets of low power exercises while real nei kung systems are vast holistic systems which contain thousands of techniques. When students learn only two techniques and the teacher doesn't explain much it is normal to try to figure out what is happening and this leads to arriving at some crazy ideas, many of which one finds are incorrect as they advance further. However these Westerners can not advance further and so they filled in the blanks with some wild imaginings, which they passed on to the Wimps. The Wimps, in turn, are ruled over by a high pressure egotistical Western dictator type, who made up further things about the practice. For example, the original stolen teachings mention sitting in full or half lotus but do not mention grounding. In his wild imaginings the dictator of the Wimps took it a step further and declared that people who sit indoors need to sit with their bare butt on a bare copper wire and have the wire go outside and be connected to the ground. He declared that it is best to sit on the bare ground with a bare butt while meditating, which, as anyone who has read a bit will know, is not only comical, but patently ridiculous. It ignores some basic facts about cultivating chi power, and also ignores some commonly known scientific facts which are that both people's skin and the soil on the ground are good insulators and not conductors. It is possible to cultivate all the power one could imagine by sitting in chairs indoors as most readers with common sense are well aware of. -------------------------------- Warning about the second exercise: So while the first technique, called level one, is fine as plain old low power meditation, there are some serious problems with the second exercise, called level two. It is concerning level two and the requirement to create a lot of tension. Lao Tsu wrote in the TTC that rigidity, which is the same as the tension used, is the way of death, while softness and flexibility is the way of the vibrant and living. It has similarities to Iron Shirt, and Iron Shirt is for creating resistance to blows and is not for health or longevity. This is what I have to say about chi kung that uses tension, and you can quote me on this: "Most of them are going to die young", which echoes the sentiments of Lao Tzu, who appears to have been a nei kung master. To create a lot of tension while breathing in slowly and then holding the breath and tension for as long as possible is very unnatural and is 'backwards'. My friendly Taoist wizard/immortal/teacher and mentor put it this way: "Never hold your breath!" It is safe to say that doing level two is unsafe and will hurt you, not maybe, and not if you do it a lot. It will hurt you for sure, and every time. Every single time chips another little bit off the longevity measuring stick off your life, and it isn't worth it to be able to give people little electric shocks, there are other, better, softer ways. There are other ways to gain healing abilities that do not involve creating tension. In fact all legitimate schools of Taoist nei kung will lead a person to experience magic, real magic, and they are done softly. It's different for the Western Mo Pai psychophants though, they only know about level two and so they will be continually doing this tension creating practice, which is shortening their lives and creating not only physical tension which stays with them when they aren't practicing but a lot of emotional tension which blends with their egotistical desire for power in ugly ways. As we can all very easily see. ----------------------------------- Warning: Since some spies infiltrated the Wimps and shared everything with the public, the Wimp’s dictator is claiming to know the third technique for, TAADAA, a grand total of 4% of their imaginary Mo Pai. However it is a secret so carefully guarded that only those who suck up to the dictator for a long time are given said lie. They imagine themselves being the most exalted and advanced in the west West and will tell you this for sure, because there is a video of John giving people little electric shocks and playing some common tricks. They now claim to know exercise #3 and to have figured out all 72 levels. BEWARE of this. The Wimps do NOT have this information because the real Mo Pai students, the Asian Mo Pai students, hate them, will not help them in any way, and sincerely hope they go and burn in hell ASAP.
  4. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I would like to caution people from believing what Western Mo Pai promoters say while advertising their forum here. They are well know for their constant lying and avoidance of the issue. This is easy to discover by doing some searches of past threads on this forum. The only thing that was altered is that the online pictures which came with the instructions, which two different spies copied and shared with me, which were identical and unaltered, were deleted, because the Wimps want to hide the exercises from the public in order to retain control. In fact, these instructions were shared with the public here precisely to remove them from the control of the Wimps. Remember, the real Mo Pai students, the Asian Mo Pai students, hate the Western Mo Pai students for what they are doing to the name of their system. The pictures, which are faulty because they show poor posture and alignment, are not really needed, the written descriptions are therefore better, and thorough enough.
  5. Black Dragon & Tien Shan videos

    I got a high quality microphone and redid the audio on this video. I also added some commentary at the end of the video which has some good tips on how to practice chi kung in general in order to get the most out of it. This is the beginning level of the vast Tien Shan Nei Kung system, which Fook Yueng, a true Taoist immortal, asked me to share with the public. Mr. Yueng was uncle and main kung fu teacher of Bruce Lee, who would have been introduced to this system when he was older. I kind of took his place in that regard. This is from the vast Tien Shan Nei Kung system, a system of true nei kung, which until the previous generation was not shared with white people. The beginning levels of this system are excellent for balancing energy and for general health cultivation, which is the beginning part of cultivating chi power. At its higher levels the system focusses on chi power, psychic abilities, and enlightenment. The reason this is named chi kung rather than nei kung is because it is a subset of the whole. It is a set of exercises taken out of a nei kung system, which is what qigong is. The term nei kung, before it was ruined by unethical people, referred to the entire parent systems, and that is how I use it, correctly. The middle and higher levels are only shared in person, with people who have proven themselves.
  6. Black Dragon & Tien Shan videos

    I redid this video and have named it the Laughing Buddha Meditation. See the video to find out why he's laughing. I have also deleted the other Black Dragon high power high energy spiritual zhan zhuang meditations;
  7. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I edited the heck out of the first post so it's more streamlined now. For those who want to see a more detailed discussion of Mo Pai, by those who know, you can visit this page:
  8. MCO doesnt work

    Ya, plus anyone with an ounce of brains will realize the central channel is more important than some stupid orbit. Central channel is focussed on in real nei kung, but Chinese are masters of obfuscation and hiding things of power, not to mention the gringo follow onners.
  9. The Magus of Seattle

    This book describes the hidden Taoist spiritual qigong, real nei kung, the path of chi power and longevity. The Magus of Seattle - The hidden Taoist Immortal who was Bruce Lee's uncle and kung fu teacher, and a life journey from the mundane to the supra normal. A true story of Masters and Students of the Mystical Life Force Martial Arts and beyond This is about the powerful qigong master and Taoist immortal who was Bruce Lee’s uncle, mentor, and main kung fu teacher. A true account of the hidden Taoist spiritual practices, it describes the nei kung he used to become one of the most powerful, and the amazing things experienced by the author. This book describes the Taoist spiritual path of the warrior wizard, a rare and powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual cultivation system. It describes some of the other amazing students of this master, some of who are reincarnations of dragons from the spirit realm. Contents. 1-The Andes Mountains. 2-The Art of Flying. 3-The Bruce Lee Connection. 4-“We are Dragons”. 5-The Early Years. 6-Sai Baba. 7-Meeting the Master. 8-Practicing the Path of Power. 9-Enlightenment Experience. 10-My teaching. 11-The Star Wars Connection. 12-The Path of the Warrior Wizard. 13-The Taoist Path of the Immortal. 14-Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung. 15-Masters of the Way. The Magus of Seattle
  10. The Magus of Seattle

    The book has been well edited and polished, and has been republished on Amazon. A Lineage of Dragons EDIT: Note the book has been republished with a new title and subtitle, which is linked in the new post at the end of this thread, the original title is still available. New title - The Magus of Seattle A Lineage of Dragons A story of a life journey from the mundane to the supra normal. A true story of Masters and Students of the Mystical Life Force Martial arts and beyond. THE MAGUS OF SEATTLE This book is about the mysterious chi kung master in Seattle who was Bruce Lee’s uncle and main kung fu teacher. It tells of the kind of qigong that this master used to become one of the most powerful, and of the amazing things experienced by the author, who was his long time apprentice. In China a powerful chi kung master is sometimes called a wizard. In addition there are a couple of prehistoric systems of chi kung in which the body of the master is animated by the spirit of a dragon, a real one from the spirit realm. This then makes them a wizard and a dragon at the same time. This book describes one of these systems, a most rare and most powerful kind of physical, emotional, and spiritual cultivation system. May the force be with you, Steve Gray Contents 1 - The Andes Mountains 2 - The Art of Flying 3 - The Bruce Lee connection 4 - “We are Dragons” 5 - Early Adulthood 6 - Sai Baba 7 - Meeting the Master 8 - Practicing the Path of Power 9 - Enlightenment Experience 10 - My teaching 11 - The Star Wars Connection 12 - The Path of the Warrior Wizard 13 - The Taoist Path of the Immortal 14 - Chi Kung vs. Nei Kung 15 - Masters of the Way
  11. The Magus of Seattle

    If you notice, Bruce is messing with people's heads here, or else it's the interpretation of the 'experts'. The thing is that he is adding a push to the punch to make it look better. In a correctly executed explosive strike the 'victim' would hardly move back at all, they would just drop straight down, maybe dead or something. Since it is considered bad showmanship to kill or inure people during demos therefore we have the push which looks like a short range punch.
  12. MCO doesnt work

    Doing the MCO with your mind is one of the worst kind of fundamentalist misapplication of the principles that can be found in chi kung. It has caused permanent and serious damage to thousands of people, and many come to this forum to tell us about it. It is ridiculous, and it represents levels upon levels of lies and misunderstandings added on top of other lies and misunderstandings. The more you do it, and the 'better' you get at it, the more likely it is to hurt you, so you are lucky to have stopped. it is much better to do some real chi kung, moving chi kung, which gets the MCO going in a much more powerful and totally safe way, WITHOUT EVER THINKING ABOUT IT!. In fact, the MCO isn't even important! It is only something sold by fools to make money off of other fools.
  13. The Magus of Seattle

    Dragons are excellent at chi kung. Some Taoist Immortals are dragons ... who did chi kung as humans. Following is what dragons think of people, in words that aren't as pretty as the ones Lao Tzu used: Great were my people in the ancient days, great beyond the conception of the little people now around me; knowing the wisdom of old, seeking far within the heart of infinity knowledge that belonged to Earth's youth. Wise were we with the wisdom of the Children of Light who dwelt among us. Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire. Mankind is parasited with an indulgent misery Having become accustomed to tearing down from each other any hope of light, any true joy, any feeling of good, competing with each other with their idiotic trinkets they call science. So smug they are though. They live in disintegration, and they themselves are the disintegration. Terrified they are of even a small light, they have no hope and cling to ashes, they sacrifice their life to protect dust.
  14. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    On reviewing my thread on Morepie I can see it needs some serious editing to make it more compact and streamlined, so it can be more readable. Then I'll take it on the road again. I also noticed that I had given away a rather important practice/training secret, which I do not want the Wimps to learn of, so I deleted that already. I was reading on a yoga forum about all the flakes and amateurs that are teaching yoga, similar to chi kung. A swami wrote that they are seriously fucking up their karma, so that makes me happy.
  15. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    No, that was a test. The second technique is described in detail in this post. It used to have pictures, and I should have copied the pictures, but the 'source' took the originals offline when they found they had spies sharing their 'secrets'.
  16. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    I mostly had Triumphs, topping it off with a Triumph Hurricane 750, fastest bike in the world when it was first produced in the early 70s. It was really a BSA (Bastard Stopped Again) after BSA closed their doors, and was given a Triumph name plate. It had bigger carbs than the standard 750 triple, and got around 22 mpg. They were limited production and I never should have sold mine, they are worth a mint now. My Favorite was a BSA 650, it was said by road testers to be the most stable motorcycle ever made, and I do believe it. Once it was going 5mph or more it felt weightless, and it was so responsive it reacted as if reading your mind and would do anything you wanted with no effort. In strong side gusts it would automatically lean into the wind and keep the same track. I could make fast S curves, while staying within my lane, so fast that the front tire would hop off the ground each time. It was even good on ice. You really did feel like one with the machine, like you were flying. Compared to that, the Jap bikes always feel remote, like you can never trust it, like you're sitting high up on top of this plastic fake unstable 'thing' that could bite you any second. Of course anyone who never rode an English bike wouldn't know the difference. Italian bikes handle really well too.
  17. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    The second technique, 50% of what they know, is a standing practice. It is a Grunter's technique, bad for health.
  18. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    I Love them Royal Enfields! The first one I saw was in Seattle, starting out from a stop light, doing a little wheelie with the gear shifts, and sounding like thunder. I was impressed! It was a twin cylinder 750, get that one for a road bike, a single for off road. They're made in India now, and I heard the Indians are using some lower quality metal the the Engrish did. Oh, I see you already got one. I always like English bikes, they have a soul, unlike the plastic Jap crap.
  19. Continuation

    These should appeal to people with twelve year old mentality:
  20. Continuation

    Thanks, I had been looking for it while signed out so didn't see it. I see they are filtering the questions and using them to promote their lies. Nothing new there. I think Mighty Mouse smells like coffee. I love coffee.
  21. Continuation

    I see that Mighty Mouse removed the link in his signature which was for taking suckers to his FAQ forum. Did anyone here happen to get a copy of that which they can share? thanks.
  22. Continuation

    I was glancing at some of the posts on this latest Morepie thread yesterday and saw a post that stood out as excellent! Someone wrote that these morepies are twelve year old boys who have been watching too many sci fi movies and want to have super powers. That was a big AHA moment for me, and it explains everything. It explains why they they are so immature and unethical, and why it is impossible to reason with them. If you try to reason with them they react in the same way they would as if their parents were to try to reason with them, with disdain, disbelief, and rejection. Of course there must be a smattering of teenagers and adults who are either twelve years old emotionally or who are scamming those kids. Synchronicity strikes again, a friend just wrote this on FB. "Having kids makes you realize how dumb your lies used to sound to your parents." The kids won't understand this statement. So I have a message for the children lurking here, who may have some maturity. It has been said many times by the Morepie promoters, that chi kung only works with yang energy, and nei kung works with both yang and yin energy, but that is an absolute lie. Most chi kung does work with both yin and yang energy. Another thing is that it is claimed that Mo Pai is a system of nei kung, but that is another giant lie, it really is just a simplistic system of chi kung. Don't believe those lies, kids. If you are really interested in what real nei kung is be advised that I just wrote a book which explains it. The last two thirds of the book goes into a great deal of detail as to exactly what real nei kung is, and its differences from chi kung. You can learn about what a real nei kung master is like, and about the super powers that they have, which makes John Chang's tricks look like child's play. Oh wait ... never mind. The book is titled "The Magus of Seattle" and I just lowered the price to the lowest level in order to make it easier for you to buy it. Check it out on Amazon now, or forever hold your piece = )
  23. Continuation

    There's no need to challenge the easily faked video of John lighting paper on fire. I can vouch that it is possible to make things really hot, and you can take my word for it. My teacher could make things very hot, and I can make people exclaim in pain from the heat if I shine a hand on them for a few seconds. If I wanted to join the circus I could put on demos like this guy, but I will never join that circus. The thing is that immature people can never know why the most advanced masters do not demonstrate the real advanced techniques in public. Making things hot or warm is not an advanced technique.
  24. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    Thank you for your kind advice. I returned and edited the post to make the questions more sincerely worded. I removed all mention of Wimps, except for the first one, and removed the last question, about why the Wimps are so unethical, I already know the answer to that one. It is because self honesty is not a requirement for joining their ranks, and of course self honesty is a necessary prelude to honesty in general. Other than that, all the questions actually are sincere, and I know they will not be answered (refer back to previous sentence). It is too bad that your generation has been trained to not respect their elders.
  25. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    I have a couple of questions: Why did John teach Jim only two techniques in two years when real nei kung contains hundreds to thousands of techniques? Why did he only teach Jim techniques which are openly available to beginners for free on the internet? Why did Jim publish pictures of himself with terribly incorrect posture? Why did John Chang not correct Jim's glaring mistakes while he was there for two years? Why did Jim die young if he knew the path of the immortal? Why did Kostas Danos leave John Chang to go look for Christian monks in his homeland of Greece, who he said had the same abilities as John? Why do the true students of Mo Pai, the Eastern Mo Pai students, despise the Western Mo Pai Students (WIMPS), and sincerely hope that they all go to hell? Why do the Western Mo Pai Students post easily faked videos of John's magic tricks as proof that they know the true way? Why have the Western Mo Pai Students insisted that practitioners of Western Mo Pai sit on the ground with bare butts or stick copper wires in their butts? Why do the Western Mo Pai Students present themselves as knowledgeable when the only know a purported 2.77% (0.0277) of the purported complete system? Why do the Western Mo Pai Students say they have discovered technique #3 for a total of 4.16% (0.0416), when the true practices are being carefully hidden from them? Why are there so many books in English purporting to be authorities on the Mo Pai system when they are clueless? Why do so many Western Mo Pai promoters have serious emotional problems?