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  1. The perfect weapon

    Some information about Coronavirus, it is possible that some of it is misinformation. There was a US patent for the virus, which disappeared when the epidemic started. Researchers found HIV genes spliced into the virus. The US gave it to a biological weapons lab in Canada. Chinese spies stole it from the Canadian lab and took it to the biological weapons lab in Wuhan. Since a person can be contagious long before having symptoms it make it impossible to stop the spread. A person's immune system works with the virus in a way that causes a more severe illness the second time a person is infected. Patients who have recovered from the virus still test positive for the virus. A contagious person may be without symptoms for over two months, so a 14 day quarantine is not sufficient. Virus particles are so microscopic that they continue floating in the air for a long time. If people who don't have symptoms can give it to others when they are not sneezing or coughing, it means that simply breathing probably expels virus particles into the air. The virus may have been accidentally released from the Wuhan bioweapons lab. As part of the trade war, the virus may have been released by the US in Wuhan to make it look like it came from the Wuhan lab. The Chinese may have released the virus on purpose in order to create a world wide epidemic. They have excess population to spare and they knew it would spread further afield to countries with less control. It is possible that the virus was, and still may be, released in other parts of the world, which explains the cases which are not traceable. The US has very few test kits, and the ones they have are in only a few cities. 80% of pharmaceutical drugs and test kits used in the US come from China.
  2. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    If you learn to be sensitive to external chi of others you can feel their sick energy when they get close, and avoid it.
  3. The perfect weapon

    Top army infectuous diseases lab cash shortfall No photos:
  4. The perfect weapon

    and in India
  5. The perfect weapon

    How staying at home is enforced in Ecuador, the real action, for men, starts at 0:22
  6. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    I made a couple of videos specifically to teach people to feel energy. In the beginning people are usually more sensitive with their hands, later this sensitivity spreads to more and more of the body. I call these Jedi techniques, and they teach methods to use for the hands. This one teaches you to feel your proximity to surfaces, objects, and people. This one teaches you to feel yourself moving through the energy field of the Earth:
  7. The perfect weapon
  8. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    You're not stuck at home You're safe at home. One word can change your attitude, and one cough can change your life.
  9. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 49

    Feng/English version 1989 The sage has no mind of his own. He is aware of the needs of others. I am good to people who are good. I am also good to people who are not good. Because Virtue is goodness. I have faith in people who are faithful. I also have faith in people who are not faithful. Because Virtue is faithfulness. The sage is shy and humble - to the world he seems confusing. Others look to him and listen. He behaves like a little child.
  10. The perfect weapon

    I think you are correct in that.
  11. Draining the swamp!

    Well, if you were an experienced duck farmer you would know that when you hold a duck ... or goose ... on your lap you are supposed to keep it to one side and keep the pointy end out over open space. I don't spend much time watching what you call conspiracy videos, I focus more on all kinds of health videos and pages, it's my wife who is the conspiracy nut. As we may surmise, she talks to me ... and I roll my eyes and blow most of it off. Back like twenty five years ago, when I was an idealistic idiot, such as yourselves, I saw it mentioned that the illuminati kill children and drink their blood. Of course, me being like ya'll, I blew it off as impossible. Well, since I had my enlightenment experience so long ago, I've been getting older and wiser little by little, and I have become fully aware of the great evil that can be in the hearts of humans. In addition, people who grew up in Communist countries are all too aware of the evil depths to which humans can sink, they are very familiar with things that the brainwashed consider impossible.. Anyway, my wife was talking about Adrenochrome, so I looked it up. Well there it was, right there, the missing piece of the puzzle that made it all fit together. The pieces of the puzzle are as follows: 1 missing children, 2 child sex slaves, 3 organ harvesting, 4 Illuminati right of passage, and 5 was Adrenochrome. Clearly, many frail minded people, all slaves, don't like to play with such threatening puzzles. I think you know that the Chinese are putting a lot of people 'away' in order to harvest their organs, do you suppose that the super rich in the US are different? if so, why is that? Because you've been brainwashed? I know, all the missing children get taken by aliens, and there is no Epstein Island.
  12. Draining the swamp!

    It looks like the swamp really is being drained, in a big way! A lot of criminal execs are resigning all at once.
  13. tip toeing around trump is ridiculous

    I used to be one of the slaves, and I 'believed' in politics. Then later I saw the big picture and started paying more attention to people who know what's going on (typically labelled conspiracy theorists by the slaves). So, I have no hate, vitriol, spite, etc about politics. What did bother me for awhile was this forum, and that all the moderators got kicked off for being mature, and the crybabies took over.
  14. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    I think that sassy tone he's picked up lately is kinda cute, lowering himself down to the level of the other children here, in order to play on an even field.
  15. Draining the swamp!

    From the little I read about him it seems he is/was a crusader for justice, of sorts, and his heart's in the right place.
  16. Draining the swamp!

    I had heard of him and I was reminded of it when I looked up the name.
  17. The perfect weapon

    This is the opinion of someone else, not me: Kobe's death was the camel that broke USA's back, spreading the virus everywhere (especially LA). The Superbowl broke Florida.In China there were lots of videos online of people caught on security cameras going from store to store spitting on products, purposely spreading the virus. This is terrorism, 100%. If you don't think that there are people who were sent here to do the same from China (especially here in NY), you are very Naive. Coronavirus crimes to be punished as terrorism
  18. Draining the swamp!

    OK, there are two Tupacs, one Tupac Shakur, and one Tupac Amaru. Unlike most of the residents here, I think they would make worthwhile students. I see the brainwashing has worked well on you clowns, see no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil ... except in the 'other' political party.
  19. Draining the swamp!

    OK, I'm going to look up Tupac now
  20. Draining the swamp!

    Thanks for bringing that up, of course you are right. From the link I saw the following: 91 percent endangered runaways. Of the nearly 26,300 runaways reported to NCMEC in 2019, 1 in 6 were likely victims of child sex trafficking. It seems that a lot of the children used for sex trafficking, when they get older and 'worn out', when they totally lose their innocence and suffer from too much drugging, are later used for more sinister things, as mentioned in the video above. in other news, it is said that Epstein did not really die, that he was an Israeli spy, that he is alive and well, hiding out somewhere in Israel, and Epstein Island was set up as an aid in draining the swamp. To corroborate that, old man Rothschild has written that Trump is working to destroy the one world order that they have been working so hard to implement for a long time.
  21. The perfect weapon

    I agree completely that the numbers coming out of China are lies, but then the US probably has a lot of untested people running around. So, it's true that those numbers aren't absolute, they are only the official numbers, which is all we really have for numbers, and China may well be still ahead of the US. China has practiced severe quarantine while in the US a lot of people still treat it as kind of a joke. If the Chinese are going back to work I expect their true numbers to blossom again, while n the US we can be certain it is expanding at a high rate, and if Americans are told t go back to work soon it will be interesting to see what happens.
  22. Draining the swamp!

    This video is just a joke, nothing to see here:
  23. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Can you imagine Killary, Obummer, or even Sleepy Joe Biden weaving our way through this mess? OMG! At least Trump has lots of business experience, and COMMON sense!
  24. The perfect weapon

    Here is a whole bunch of bad news, and it's all about the US, a circus of failures and disasters, leading to an expected 2.2 million deaths: How the Pandemic Will End