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  1. Master Jiang Feng passed away

    Hi guys! I'm new here but I've been following both this and neigong forum for severl years. To me: Compassion is something that you use or have, when you give something to somebody as a favor or with nothing in return. As far as I've read your statements in other discussions and forums, this healer charges lots of money for healing process. So where is the compassion here?
  2. Mo Pai Levels

    Thank you for your comments. But I can not see any resources or referrals to a site or two. Any ideas?
  3. Mo Pai Levels

    Hi All. Where can I find the needed skills to be tested or shown on each degree of "72 Levels of Mo Pai"? Any resources will be welcomed! Thank you
  4. Hi All!

    Hi there! I've been following this forum for a while. Finally thought i must join! I'm looking for some tips & tricks to develop my qi through inner alchemy. Thanx