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  1. Fragrant Qigong and IMA

    Thank you Victor, for your reply and support. Wish you a Happy and successful New Year.
  2. Hello to All! Who can answer me a Question About Fragrant Qigong. On some (obviously dead) thread, somebody mentioned, there are strict rules for practicing this Qigong, and that you cannot mix it with other type of Training (in may case Internal Martial Arts-Training) I couldnt find those does n donts , so can someone help and explain the matter? Best Regards Aleks
  3. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    So did I understood it right, that you actually cannot practice any Internal Martial Art besides this qigong?
  4. Hello to All! A Little bit more About me is in the Welcome Section. I'll try to make it short and to the Point. Use to read the dao de and dschuang dsu for the philosophical value, but never got into the practical side of daoist teachings. Now thats exactly where I want to go I allready am aware that it is not going to be an easy path finding a School/Master to study from From my research into the field (and also the Research of this Forum, which is like a battleground sometimes ) I found the longmenpai and the mopai Schools to be interesting. I welcome any recommendations to other Schools i can look into first what i found out is: I have no clue if it is possible and how to become a Student of the MoPai second is: I will have to do some serious saving before i can attend an longmenpai Seminar with master Wang, it Costs quiet some bucks Until the time beeing (or until I manage to save that much Money) I'll have some time to practice : so Question 1: What can you advise me to practice and what books to read so I can form a beginning understanding Question 2: Is this legit as a starting Point (I somehow like the Video): if not please some advise also if my Questions(and future Posts) are inappropriate or wrong to the Forum in any way, please give some advise Best Regards Aleks
  5. Hello to All

    Thank you Guys for the Welcome!
  6. Hello to All

    Hello to all on this forum. Im Aleks from Vienna Austria, 40 years old. Used to practice Karate and KungFu as well as play a lot of Sports when younger and be in quiet a good shape, but then 10 years ago I just stopped and got lazy. Also started drinking and smoking a lot. My deteriorating health and the birth of my Son shook and woke me up to what I've become (a lazy fat cripple of industrial modern age men). So I quit drinking and smoking and started practicing again since the beginning of this year. Feels Good, but the devastation of the last 10 years is quit substantial, my internal energy is still very very low. In search of good Neidan - Qi Gong i landed on this site in hope for good Advice and to make friends in the Way. Best Regards Aleks