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  1. Martial Arts Section?

    No need I am quite familar with the fuen ging expression of dim mak.
  2. Martial Arts Section?

    Well weapons like everything else in kung fu is used to enhance the use and circulation of chi. Kung fu masters very wise. If you train in a close range system like wing chun you will have a short ging expression. Then even the weapons for that style will match the range and ging expression for that style like the butterfly knives for wing chun. Most noobs and or immature people get all caught up with this neikung thing instead of learning an art completely and correctly...
  3. Martial Arts Section?

    If you dont cover it on your forum or ppf ill cover the fuen ging expression in my ppf
  4. Martial Arts Section?

    You know real dim mak and not just pore breathing from mantak chia books im impressed. Normally ging just fires out of the laogong cavity but to refine it enough to where you can express it in the fuen ging expression is quite a thing.... I mean even in the magus of java when lim fought pai lok nen they were hitting each other in dim mak points.... Its essential to know these in proper training.... Usually dim mak and i mean real dim mak isnt taught in the beginning anyways in kung fu... Plus there is alot to the fuen ging expression of dim mak. Im sure you will cover it in your mopai forum....
  5. Truth is that you really never know unless you become the successor. Sifu can always drop a bit of knowledge that can shatter everything you thought you knew before on something you never even knew existed. This has been my exp.
  6. Mixed internal arts - MIA

    Well to be considered a martial art each style has to have so many strikes, locks, and so on. So theres no need to really go outside the art its just that the art isnt being taught correctly or completely. You dont want to spend 20yrs mixing arts just to find out that the art you started with had all the training you were looking for in the first place. Mixing the arts will only delude the arts more. Plus you cant mix something you dont understand. It takes a long time to understand the nature of an art. To mix arts implies one is lacking......that's dangerous thinking.......
  7. Well kung fu came from shaolin which is a buddhist temple. When the buddha taught he taught completely. There is or was no bs or incomplete teachings of the buddha... Sifus should follow suit. To be the transmitter of an authentic art means something. When the sifu comes along your days of buying amazon books and so on is over for you have a teacher now and have been taken off the dabbler's hamster wheel. To answer your question the sifu of the school should give these basics listed in my last post from the beginning so you stay healthy and have honor and pride in your school and so you know where you stand.
  8. Well some has to be held back but the basics shouldnt be held back. When a student is accepted he should be taught the herbs the lineage given an empowerment and taught about the history of the school or sect. Then taught the complete basics for what is needed to advance. For the opposite is a student who knows nothing of the sect the lineage the herbs or the basics needed to advance and the dishonor of the instructor is exposed.... So many fall out to the way side and never make it....There are secrets in kung fu and kung fu sects. I was on the phone with my sifu today who was telling me about a kicking form for wing chun. And breathing while stretching and a stretching lineament. An a bunch of other stuff. If you change ship too many times you never make it to the good stuff.
  9. A fucking men. I dont care how many books or dvds a teacher makes it could be all bs. Until you speak wit the teacher and his teacher then you might find out whats really going on. Plus whats put in books and dvds isnt the real shit anyways.... and it was never intended to be. Its just something to get the potential student to become a student in real life and learn the real art. Thats why the teacher is selling his book on amazon for $12..... Then theres the case of some of these "authors" who write books didnt learn the full or correct method themselves. Then you have other authors who then in turn make other books from the book they read spreading more mis info. Then you have people who read a freaking book on amazon and without talking to the teacher or anything like that now they offer lessons on what they learnt from the book on amazon!!! Quoted from here "Lung Men Pai (龍門派) "Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Kung Shu" The Lung Men Pai system of Nei Kung is in fact the origins of the Nei Jia art of Baguazhang. The internal Nei Kung training methods of authentic Bagua come directly from the Lung Men Pai or "Dragon Gate Sect." This sect still teaches the complete system, through two different lines, most famously through Shifu Wang, Li-Ping." Pretty crazy right....
  10. This has been a big problem in the past... When you have hardcore dedicated students looking for good teaching and then you find a teacher who only wants to teach a little info. There was one teacher on here who was an ex taobum who confessed to me in private that he doesnt even teach his students the real stuff.... If just made me sick. Either teach or dont teach accep or dont accept do or dont do but dont pass on bs. When teachers dont pass on basic info likes herbs for the training your lineage and so on guess what students leave.... Students come and students go especially if the teacher is doing it for a living but that shouldnt hinder the passing on of the art.

    Yeah a tibetan master can give it to ya.... Just thinking about that initiation training makes me shudder. When I was going thru my initiation it was in phases and right before the end of a phase I thought I couldnt make it. During that period I remember I went to the grocery store to buy some food right after training and when the clerk saw me she screamed my aura was very bright and very dense red. It was noticable.... But at the end there was results if I mentally recited a mantra by the 3rd word My body would get intensely hot and vibrated.

    Infact the contact I had from another tibetan lineage that was like mine came from a tantric practice. On alot of things we saw eye to eye. About the iniation About all things were secret until you were accepted About the empowerment before training. The practice I came from was shamanistic in nature there was tantric. So for them it was about from the chakra out into the universe. Not like mine which was from the universe to the chakra. They also had moving forms and all of that which was really cool. So just by doing a movement they could make different energies come out from different chakras and they had martial forms based on this. Which I thought was really cool.

    Some of the tibetan lineages that ive been in contact with in the past are really badass. They told me that they usually have a lot of taoist attend their seminars in order to attain what they couldnt attain in their taoist art. There is a lt of esoteric knowledge out there that is slept on. All of the tibetan alchemy that ive recieved wasnt like check back with me in 5yrs it was more like let me know at the end of the month! I havent spoke to my tibetan teacher in about a year maybe ill give him a call
  14. Confusion around "Kunlun."

    Umm ok I have to ask now what does the red dragon palm enable a practitioner of it to do?