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  1. This is your post from May 2019.

    Goal of vajrayana is buddhahood in this lifetime not rebirth in pure lands. That's also hinting towards that vajrayana practitioners would generally consider their path much faster than pureland. Thus it's IMHO not about sufficiency but efficiency.
  3. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    and some more (similarities), yes I believe it was master Xiao Yao
  4. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    If you do Facebook you can subscribe for notifications at https://www.facebook.com/events/889161271496654/ (Also earlier he made available 4 Cycles qigong routine https://madmimi.com/p/2ab5601 which is a type of "guardian qi" qigong.)
  5. Where I live (Czech r.), the reason for closing schools and businesses has been explained, as to hold back the growth of the number of people infected, to slow it down a bit, so that healthcare capacities suffice to handle the critically ill (so that healthcare doesn't end up like in less fortunate countries, where they have to decide who gets air ventilation and who is out of luck because of lack of these medical devices. They even came with some scientifically based simulation and numbers for that, which I don't remember anymore.
  6. coronavirus lethality and age

    Due to data available for that age group still statistically relatively insignificant, also due to high differences in healthcare in various countries, ... Graph for Korea that I have seen somewhere listed 0% until 30 y/o.
  7. reminds me of this post: https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/?page=96&tab=comments#comment-455973 though a bit lengthy, so I'll dare to quote the relevant part from there: "I know that for students who went so far south on GM and vexed the GM so much with their demands, GM Doo Wai would straddle them with elaborate "made-up" nonsense meditation systems as punishment and red herrings to get them out of his hair."
  8. Don't know further details, sorry, apart from what could be considered mostly rumors overheard on various websites in past which only planted a seed at most, it's this post (end of the post) by sifu: https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/?page=114&tab=comments#comment-535299 and also this lengthy one: https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/?page=96&tab=comments#comment-455973 that both suggest that there might be some purposefully made-up videos flowing around.
  9. Dr Wilson Yong?

    No idea about the first site, but in my very humble >>opinion<<, that second site, "review site", is not quite independent, but the "Our circles" page clearly hints what is it all about ("business competition"). From the little I remember of writings of that other guy running websites in "our circle", I wouldn't be surprised if it was his own creation.
  10. I'm not sure whether they didn't release new DVDs since (IIRC there could have been some discussion about one of them needing a re-do), I had the first ones when they started, and on those DVD1 were sitting static and DVD2 standing static.
  11. It's also worth mention that there are some videos (ok, one at least... but one or twenty, effect is same) by GM himself, circulating out there, that were supposed to be done on purpose, to misdirect or punish certain student.
  12. Starting Nei Gong for kundalini

    There's no need to keep going besides KAP1, per KAP FAQ: "This one course is all you need. Everything else is just added fun and assistance."
  13. Maybe you have misread what I wrote. I wrote that ChW is representative of WBBM for Europe, not that he was appointed by GMDW. You asked who was trained to a high level in Doo family arts. ChW certainly was trained to a high enough level, at least by their standards if not yours, in some of the Doo family arts, otherwise he wouldn't be appointed by WBBM/GH who is defacto a lineage holder. He is also a teacher on some of their videos (eg. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung). Here is a list of sifus, authorized as of around 1998 (though of course it's very unlikely any of them is in Europe), significantly larger than the list voiced by GMDW on the Skype call recently: http://web.archive.org/web/19980709125431/www.bakfupai.com/shifu.html A bit old but contacts for some of them (CT, MG, DD,..) can be still be found online.
  14. Yes I have been thinking about this often too. Everything is relative. Someone looks hot because they use decades old pr photos or a hair dye. Others might have it in their genes. As for Chunyi Lin, healing is not a one way operation where someone pours chi over pacient and they are healed. He commented on that himself, if you are interested in more detail. IIRC it was a matter of choice. It's not quite fair to put functional medicine and kundalini practitioners together, IMHO kundalini people are not quite into health aspect. This has been mentioned in one reply above, and is quite common: many Chinese masters and advanced practitioners got to their practice because serious health problems. Some in early childhood, some fairly late even their fifties and sixties. Others practiced arts but smoked, drunk, etc. So it's often fairly hard to make general comments, there were different starting points. More important to look more deeply on particular invidual you are intending to learn from.
  15. Unless there were some recent changes, my understanding in the past was that GMDW appointed Garry Hearfield (WBBM) as his representative for some arts, subsequently Christer Wretfors who lives in Sweden is representative of WBBM for Europe.