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  1. Zhineng Qigong on Sale on Udemy for $10

    There's nothing wrong with levels. (As vipassana was recommended: There are levels to be found even in some vippassana teachings.) (What's "traditional methods of training"? Baguazhang - 19th century - is it traditional or modern?) Test what you like with open mind and caution and do what works for you.
  2. Robert peng

    Publically he's teaching couple of systems he learnt from his teacher, all info is on his website, Yi Jin Jing, 4 Cycles, 8 Cycles,... all from some Shaolin branch his teacher passed on to him.
  3. From what I have overheard, I'd say definitely. One teacher said that there's little point in vajrayana deity practice, unless you have mastered kumbhaka, or more precisely, there's always some point, but what he likely meant that there's a profound difference. (That's if I correctly understand kumbhaka categorized as energy cultivation practice.) And there's often a glimpse mention about kundalini, chakras and channels in non-hinayana buddhist teachings. Theravadin business IMHO. Something like vajrayanists saying that enlightenement takes 100 lifetimes of theravadin practice but is possible withing 1 vajrayana practice lifetime. I'd ask for exact quote from Buddha's talks and then research further, if you are into buddhist philosophy aspect of that. If it's really exact quote fro Shakyamuni Buddha, not just purposefully adjusted, from the little I have grasped, his talks were often circumstantial, ie. what he said applied to a particular situation and not general, that's a point where buddhist scholar might come handy. I have very recently heard a story about famous vajrayana master, who practiced qigong. And another one has qigong as a workout included with his online course (Tsoknyi Rinpoche). Well yeah Yantra Yoga would be natural choice, if one prefers to keep close to the roots (of vajrayana).
  4. Chronic Fatigue Healing Path

    I'd recommend looking at Anthony Korahais course on https://flowingzen.com/ , they have some intro qigong course that is free and frankly one doesn't need that much for starters (though they change sometimes what's on free offer, I don't know whether what I have found "ok" for starters is what they currently have among their free offers, but they always have something). That's if you are looking for something simple and moving. In my book doing Zhang Zhuang that you do is more than fantastic already. And reason for Flowing Zen recommendations is not that it's spectacular or magical but because there's teacher, community, it's online, accessible, and first of all it's a teacher that has a lof ot experience with healing fatigue, depression etc. and has offer targetted at exactly that.
  5. So that I don't sound like second grader giving advice to ninth-grader, this is more like free form comment from my perspective than advice: I've spent some time on lightly checking various methods for purposes of troubleshooting, and from the little I have always observed the trend to go "to the basics" in those cases, to minimize instead of maximize, and your idea to learn Tummo reminded me of my learning KAP (kundalini awakening process) few years back - my biggest takeaway was not how to arouse the kundalini energy but how the grounding that's used for troubleshooting. IMHO Tummo here sounds like knocking out the wedge with another wedge, adding fire to the fire, etc. Frankly your situation is far beyond my own imaginations and in this case myself I would consult real master/teacher at any price (not meaning monetary, and master being either someone who can fill-in the pieces missing in the books - as in this case regarding dissolving meditation - or someone who can diagnose your situation and advise how to fix it), throw away any garbage (what didn't work for years so far, what is more of an "energy work" than "healing work", etc.), and concentrate on the simplest basics (I'm sure you have more of those in your repertoire than me to choose from, my go-to methods would be eg. standing meditation ie. zhang zhuang, or Hakuin's butter meditation or any simple meditation that makes one go down from head to foot). It's example stemming from other type of problem but it's about general principles: people who have huge problems due to kundalini/energy issues, don't get healed by fighting it through yet another high energy practice, but by rooting, going to nature more often, changing diet, getting rid of balast and garbage in life,..... There is nothing wrong with being an adventurer...but at some point one has too choose between further adventure or healing, and I feel here you might ask yourself whether what you have chosen is further adventure or healing.
  6. Meditation in general is the practice that allows you to recognize your thoughts when they arise then let them be. Anyway there are many other possible approaches to such a problem. From dumping her, finding a lover, reprogramming your mind to develop passion for bigger sized women instead, to praying to a deity, some kind of loving kindness meditation, etc. etc.
  7. This is your post from May 2019.

    Goal of vajrayana is buddhahood in this lifetime not rebirth in pure lands. That's also hinting towards that vajrayana practitioners would generally consider their path much faster than pureland. Thus it's IMHO not about sufficiency but efficiency.
  9. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    and some more (similarities), yes I believe it was master Xiao Yao
  10. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    If you do Facebook you can subscribe for notifications at https://www.facebook.com/events/889161271496654/ (Also earlier he made available 4 Cycles qigong routine https://madmimi.com/p/2ab5601 which is a type of "guardian qi" qigong.)
  11. Where I live (Czech r.), the reason for closing schools and businesses has been explained, as to hold back the growth of the number of people infected, to slow it down a bit, so that healthcare capacities suffice to handle the critically ill (so that healthcare doesn't end up like in less fortunate countries, where they have to decide who gets air ventilation and who is out of luck because of lack of these medical devices. They even came with some scientifically based simulation and numbers for that, which I don't remember anymore.
  12. coronavirus lethality and age

    Due to data available for that age group still statistically relatively insignificant, also due to high differences in healthcare in various countries, ... Graph for Korea that I have seen somewhere listed 0% until 30 y/o.
  13. Don't know further details, sorry, apart from what could be considered mostly rumors overheard on various websites in past which only planted a seed at most, it's this post (end of the post) by sifu: https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/?page=114&tab=comments#comment-535299 and also this lengthy one: https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/?page=96&tab=comments#comment-455973 that both suggest that there might be some purposefully made-up videos flowing around.
  14. Dr Wilson Yong?

    No idea about the first site, but in my very humble >>opinion<<, that second site, "review site", is not quite independent, but the "Our circles" page clearly hints what is it all about ("business competition"). From the little I remember of writings of that other guy running websites in "our circle", I wouldn't be surprised if it was his own creation.
  15. I'm not sure whether they didn't release new DVDs since (IIRC there could have been some discussion about one of them needing a re-do), I had the first ones when they started, and on those DVD1 were sitting static and DVD2 standing static.