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  1. Maybe you have misread what I wrote. I wrote that ChW is representative of WBBM for Europe, not that he was appointed by GMDW. You asked who was trained to a high level in Doo family arts. ChW certainly was trained to a high enough level, at least by their standards if not yours, in some of the Doo family arts, otherwise he wouldn't be appointed by WBBM/GH who is defacto a lineage holder. He is also a teacher on some of their videos (eg. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung). Here is a list of sifus, authorized as of around 1998 (though of course it's very unlikely any of them is in Europe), significantly larger than the list voiced by GMDW on the Skype call recently: http://web.archive.org/web/19980709125431/www.bakfupai.com/shifu.html A bit old but contacts for some of them (CT, MG, DD,..) can be still be found online.
  2. Yes I have been thinking about this often too. Everything is relative. Someone looks hot because they use decades old pr photos or a hair dye. Others might have it in their genes. As for Chunyi Lin, healing is not a one way operation where someone pours chi over pacient and they are healed. He commented on that himself, if you are interested in more detail. IIRC it was a matter of choice. It's not quite fair to put functional medicine and kundalini practitioners together, IMHO kundalini people are not quite into health aspect. This has been mentioned in one reply above, and is quite common: many Chinese masters and advanced practitioners got to their practice because serious health problems. Some in early childhood, some fairly late even their fifties and sixties. Others practiced arts but smoked, drunk, etc. So it's often fairly hard to make general comments, there were different starting points. More important to look more deeply on particular invidual you are intending to learn from.
  3. Unless there were some recent changes, my understanding in the past was that GMDW appointed Garry Hearfield (WBBM) as his representative for some arts, subsequently Christer Wretfors who lives in Sweden is representative of WBBM for Europe.
  4. Why do teachers offer DVDs?

    All the possible reasons you could think of. Not all of them are out there on the market trying to sell. Some have just made an effort 10 or 20 years ago to document an endangered art. Some cater their established audience (like kung-fu guys in their 40-60s) where DVD is just fine. Many mostly care about one on one teaching, and have something out just to establish some little presence. Some don't really care to make themselves accessible, you have to make effort and prove yourself. Some have DVDs, because they sell expensive courses, and it's harder to sell expensive online content, getting a big bag stuffed with DVDs and manuals is supposed to make you feel like your purchase was worth it :). Many actually have online digital content (Peng, Matsuo, Bisio, Frantzis, Waysun Liao, Seidman, Chen Zhongua, Ken Cohen, Yadi Alamin, Gary Hearfield, at least two former students of Sifu Wong Kiew Kit have online courses,.... just few of the top of my head, there must be way more).
  5. Merging and guru yoga

    I didn't want to imply it being what's technically called 'preliminary practice', sorry about that - wrong wording choice.
  6. Merging and guru yoga

    While it's not very stressed, zhine is more like a preliminary than additional practice, ideally one should be good at it already before getting transmission. Guruyoga is "if you don't have time, do at least this" in Dzogchen Community, base of everything.
  7. BFSYG 2, from my few years old cryptic notes, towards the end they teach : "awareness and inner listening, 3 listening exercises - internal, external, dantien; just observing". That's about where I stopped, don't know what they teach or recently released beyond this
  8. Yes Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qigong same as Fragrant Qigong (level 1 at least) both have been said possible to practice while watching TV or speaking with others. SYG that you asked about, includes exercising in listening skills. I'm not that sure about Flying Phoenix - I quit it partially because it required environment where one will not be disturbed accidentally. It doesn't require mental stillness maybe in terms of artificially forcing yourself to some state, but it induced mental stillness more than some other qigongs I have tried. What I remember being pinpointed is that it doesn't require visualization, but don't remember anything about stillness not required. Just checked the DVD now and it says "practice in quiet and seclusion, develop relaxation and calm", that to me is mental stillness.
  9. This one is likely the most extreme of all the mentions of this that I have stumbled upon. Such generalization is in contradiction with reports I read or overheard about healthcare in China (shortage of doctors, tickets to visit specialist sold on black market, doctor taking patients in batches thus there is no privacy, large number of people without health insurance nor money to pay for healthcare,.....). I have always took this as something that perhaps could have been true at some time in history with some class of people (ruler, nobility,...), if not just a misused or misunderstood metaphor from some book. It would be interesting to know what was the original source.
  10. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Possibly this: Can't vouch for this with any certainty, but with same question as you have, just some time back, somehow I ended up with this video (quite likely recommended in an older thread here on TDB, not sure anymore).
  11. maybe they have blocked it for such use, it worked for me to right-click and choose to open in another tab
  12. Hunyuan qigong - master Feng zhiqiang

    I didn't watch this video, but there are also 12 Fang Song gong exercises, kind of 'level 0'. Some teachers include some of them in the qigong routine, so that'd be one possible reason. The Fang Song are here:
  13. Bagua mastery program

    you can also check http://www.internalartsinternational.com/programs/ba-gua-zhang-distance-learning-program-foundational-level/ for what Bisio himself recommends as a good place to start (this book is included in his foundational level online course)
  14. How do we know it didn't prolong his life actually? Maybe he would have died at 25 otherwise. I have noticed that many of those who are called masters nowadays, initially started learning because of serious illness. Not all illnesses are fixable (especially not by Qi Gong,Nei Gong and Nei Dan), and there is no human being that flows through life without making an error. I have contemplated upon this topic many times, as I'm (still) somewhat attached to checking ages of masters.... It really is relative. Unless you know the individual very well, there is little you can tell from the age they died at. And even if you know him well, maybe he didn't let even family members know, or himself didn't know that he had some uncurable disease. (Just an example. Every now and then there is some athlete dead at 20 years of age. Then they do autopsy and find he hand some heart issue nobody was aware of.)
  15. Fake news are usually published knowing it's fake. It's done in effort to boost readership, or the portal alone serves that type of audience (interested in such kind o news), or it's political fake news (paid by secret services of certain countries and similar groups). They will not participate in rating.