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Found 4 results

  1. @liminal_luke These are some very interesting questions and I like to answer them from my perspective and invite others to invite those from theirs. What has been most difficult for you about the pandemic? The feeling that the world has changed forever. Like the feeling after 9/11 but even stronger. We all seemed isolated and the feeling of freedom was lost. I also missed going to clients, both being in a different place and talking to people. Being with my wife for 24/7 was also hard. After a while the lines blur where I end and she begins. What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic? That I want to help people more. I aided a lot of people with filling in their PUA. It got me to think of getting a law degree and made me go back to school to get my Bachelor degree. Although it was already an ongoing process, I finally realized I am an artist in nature. I also learned that I neglected the fact that I am an introvert and need alone time to recharge and accomplish things. I further learned how "busy" hectic society is, and that is not healthy or productive. How have you maintained connections with other people during the pandemic? I froze my ass of in my backyard in this Chicago winter, but we still had people over. I also connected to people by helping them with paperwork. I still talked to people, only outside instead of inside. I used my phone more. How have you taken care of yourself during the pandemic? I started college, walked in nature and had the time to rethink my life. I would say that for us the pandemic had a huge silver lining. I made a home office in the basement and realized I needed this secluded space for years. I also shifted my goals from what society considers successful to what my soul considers fruitful. I also see a shift in the people around me. A change in priorities.
  2. Why does entering puberty (10+ years old) seem to increase the coronavirus lethality from 0%?
  3. Beginner Meditation

    Well, I have begun my meditation journey and I love the effects. I am registered for 10 day Vipassana in August (praying I get in) and they told me I have a good chance of getting in. However, Ill be going back to college after that so if I won't there will be some time before my next chance. I am realizing meditation is my path. I like how it feels and relaxes for my mind and body. I meditated in the sauna and got tk the point of barely breathing (didnt feel like I was breathing). I try to concentrate on my nose, but I was wondering: is that the best spot to focus on? I got back to the room and continued the meditation and I came across another question: is it okay for my breathing to be in sort of a 1,2 rhythm as opposed to say a 6,12 count rhythm? What does this mean? Should I nudge my breath toward being slower? I am buying "The Little Book of Meditation" tomarrow thanks to The Energy Cultivator's Handbook thread. One last question: I have a pinching pain inches under my right (and sometimes left) shoulder blade that wont seem to dissipate. Any advice or should I just continue meditating the way I have been?
  4. All my life I have had a difficulty with feeling and growing my feet legs and back. I had no yin, no roots. I wondered why I was so detached from all of this while everyone around me seemed to grow so successfully. After what was probably 15 years I finally found the root of the problem. A giant tapeworm, who was ever so stealthily hidden within my stomach. A tapeworm needs to breathe so they choose an orifice for their head. Mine chose my ass, others choose the throat. Coming to find this was a surprise I hope I never have to endure again. I was using silver water on my crotch and ass to rid odors and increase energy levels. To my surprise, something moved inside after the silver water came in contact with my anus. My heart sank and the battle began. I poured silver water (2 bottles!) into my ass and felt the beast writhing about in agony all the while. I fought it and I could even feel it attempt to drain and kill me. After about an hour of this I finally felt the beast die within me and then something even more surprising occurred. It was as if a film was lifted from my eye and I saw from my right eye for the first time. Yes the tapeworm had control of one of my eyes. Not total, but it did change my entire equilibrium. Once you kill the worm (coffee grounds may work if you can not acquire silver water) you are left with the problem of the carcass. They have spines that make it impossible to excrete it the normal way so instead you must pull with all your might and suck the body into your stomach. It has no strength when dead so you can accomplish this as I did. There you will digest it and it will sicken you, I recommend fasting during this period until you are sure all has been digested and removed from the intestines. After digesting it you can eat so that you can shit it out in waves and it will disgust you however you will almost instantly see what you've been missing all the while. I went from running on 50% all my life to 150% in one day. You get your wings (yin) back. You must regain equilibrium. Your legs body and feet will take new shape and your energy will be tenfold. Now all of the stuff you have learned will need relearned because before it had no substance. Make well your new strength and love and light be with you my friends