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  1. Just MopaiWarlord point of view ... I suppose ...
  2. Hi rideforever, that is MW 8EMQG set by Richardo B Serrano. He wrote a book in which along the some other practices he explains 8WMQG set.
  3. Serge Augier Online School

    My English is not so good ... Meaning of that phrase?
  4. Five-element theory and Lao & Chuang

    How do you do this ... which practice do you do?
  5. Ashta anga, the eight limb sutra thunder dance ...
  6. A practitioner's responsibility

    Would you like to share about the "structure" of your training in general?
  7. May you share which tradition do you follow?
  8. The 7 serpents explains 3 cauldron alchemy basics, he says he is from Maoshan line ... but interestingly in his clip, at 9.15 he actually explains fusion meditation ...
  9. It is easier to speak about others in a bad way ..., while staying anonymous and safe behind keyboard ...
  10. Would you like to give us some top food chain of all Qigong "teachers" ...
  11. What, if you mirrored yourself in him ... and in true you looks at yourself ... just saying ...
  12. Buddha palm set?