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  1. Those who attended December intensive may share their experience. Just saying ...
  2. Does anyone practice Bonpo sacred toning? If yes, what experience do you have?
  3. I have KFN 1 & 2 and I havent take a look yet, lol ...
  4. I have been doing this eight vibrating movements lately ... cool stuff ...
  5. How male may lose his ching / chi / shen with female and vice versa?
  6. I agree ... a great thread and probably fine trigger to "disable" harmful ideas of some posters here ...
  7. Anyone tried 9 hand seals? From my experience quite simple but powerful stuff.
  8. "Best" sources of dual sexual cultivation? Tantric / Taoist ...
  9. Now ..., here MC works with trigrams a little more in "detail". 1. Kan and Li trigrams from 1.37 on (last 6 minutes). 2. Further ... from 5.00.
  10. Are you sure, $5000?
  11. You may check out Michael Winn, Healing tao USA ...
  12. I havent watched the second clip yet, lol ... What would you like to say? Did she learn the stuff from the book or ... ?
  13. Immortal immortal.
  14. Hi JB, Would you like to share your MCO method right here?
  15. Great! What is your practice curriculum?