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  1. What about to have a tripod stand for the crystal, so you can do both, horizontal and vertical spirals? After I get my crystal, I am going to get the tripod stand too!
  2. Body Focused Forms in Qigong

    1. Baguazhang. 2. Baguazhan. 3. Baguazha. 4. Baguazh. 5. Baguaz. 6. Bagua ...
  3. New Thoughts On MaoShan Spirit Fighting

    Why? Let us know more.
  4. Circle walking

    Do you mean the five elements postures done dynamicaly in a circle? 8 Mother palms pre heaven set?
  5. After you learn, you have to pass the Exam!
  6. So two guys with nicknames Neirong & Aeordimm are masters in the School of Ancient Arts and Order of the Cosmic Storms ... At your you offer Foundation Program in Ancient Arts: Year 1 Semester 1 Year 1 Semester 2 Year 2 Semester 3 Year 2 Semester 4 Year 3 Semester 5 Year 3 Semester 6 Year 4 Semester 7 Year 4 Semester 8 Year 5 Semester 9+ MT101 - Meditation EW105 - Fireball AM101 - Arcane Magic OW108 - Astral Travel TE102 - Magus Hall MT103 - Ego Shedding AM119 - 19A The Sun PM106 - Elemental Magic Exam EW101 - Energy Cultivation TE101 - Visualization EW102 - Lower Energy Field EW109 - Energy Bodies OW109 - Dream World AM122 - 22A The Illusion AM121 - 21A The Success AM118 - 18A The Path Exam Foundation Membership: monthly $119,99. every 6 months $ 599,99. Enrollment in the School Foundation program Step by Step progression from Zero to skilled Adept of Ancient Arts Access to exclusive community of Masters and Cultivators Feedback and Guidance from Masters. ...
  7. Baguazhang by Dragon gate sanctuary - sifu Cristopher Matsuo. He teaches through dvd_s and in person in Hawai.
  8. I have this e-book and I can use translation option on my phone ...
  9. I learned the "same" 5 elements postures and the dynamic part, which is five elments dance ... Alltogether comes from Bon shamanic dances ... to Bagua ...
  10. Bagua may be an answer for you ... ?
  11. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Snake Vibrating and Whipping palms are actually two sets. Snake vibrating palm set, which is 8 movement sequence and Whipping palm set which is also 8 movement sequence. I play with both them on regular basis. Transformation in the progress ... And then there are Water dragon form and 27 movements vibrating palm form. I havent done them yet. Maybe someone who do them may chime in.
  12. Which QiGong form to start?

    I am not sifu, but I would recommend you Bagua. Bagua qigong by Dragon gate sanctuary, sifu Matsuo.