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  1. On picture he is doing Chi Nei Tsang ... lol ... good stuff to clear out the emotional out of the body ... and it works ...
  2. Ark Wong's Five Animal Style

    I have done Michael version too. From my experience very good set to clear the organs and meridians ...
  3. I would recommend you some of si fu Matsuos stuff: 1. Kwan Yin magnetic qi gong set. 2. Kuji Kiri 9 hand seals. 3. Vajrasattva/violet sun meditation. For some info look here and for training materials go here ... Best, Jox
  4. Confused now....where to start?

    Yes, for MC, quite a lot of criticism here ... but then, if you go on amazon and read some costumers reviews or his You Tube videos, you can read many positive experiences and feedbacks ... But then again, I would recommend to learn his stuff by experienced instructor and use the books and videos as supplementary info ...
  5. Those who attended December intensive may share their experience. Just saying ...
  6. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Does anyone practice Bonpo sacred toning? If yes, what experience do you have?
  7. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    I have KFN 1 & 2 and I havent take a look yet, lol ...
  8. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    I have been doing this eight vibrating movements lately ... cool stuff ...
  9. Male & Female

    How male may lose his ching / chi / shen with female and vice versa?
  10. still and moving, don't believe the hype.

    I agree ... a great thread and probably fine trigger to "disable" harmful ideas of some posters here ...
  11. Potent Systems

    Anyone tried 9 hand seals? From my experience quite simple but powerful stuff.
  12. "Best" sources of dual sexual cultivation? Tantric / Taoist ...
  13. Now ..., here MC works with trigrams a little more in "detail". 1. Kan and Li trigrams from 1.37 on (last 6 minutes). 2. Further ... from 5.00.