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  1. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    No, there are no links. For more info you may contact Dragongate Sanctuary ...
  2. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I just reminded myself how warming up is important to do. Just turned the page 120 ... let see what is more there.
  3. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    To the Trunk list I would add followed DVD_s: 1. Pancha anga, 5 elements 5 limbed sutra Five elements postures to open and clear the channels and internal organs. Postures are actually the same as you can find them in Max book Kunlun. Postures are done in static and dynamic fashion following creative cycle of the five elements. The set especialy dynamic, massages the internal organs and spirals/squeeze the spine from bottom all the way up ... It generates a lot of power. 2. Ashta anga, The royal Thunder dance This set is also named a Golden bell (it is really a GOLD). It uses triangular footwork. There are eigth (8 trigrams) basic movements with coresponding zero points. I have done first four movements so far (earth, heaven, water, fire). When you do the movement you put attention on corresponding zero point and then acctually the energy of the point does the movement ... and you fluently move from point to point ... from movement to movement ... It activates the channels ... generates the chi ... and has a martial side too ... In the past, supposed one movement was shown to the student in three years ... but just a few got a zeropoints along ... If I understood it rigth it is a before bagua stuff ... so this may be a way to go too ... what is interesting it is "similar" to wing chun movements but done with different engine ... just saying ... 3. Sanjiao qigong Cultivating three tan tiens. Centering, chi pearl and energizing each tan tien with hand mudras. In the dvd there are shown two ways of doing this, plus how to do it to others with three hand mudras. I do it usually after finishing with session especially after Kuji Kiri. Simple and powerful stuff. 3. Bonpo sacred toning Oppening the skull with self massage, oppening and clearing the channels with toning (mantras). Vertical- spine and horizontal- hands ... I havent done this yet much, but I should, lol ... Si fu Matsuo says it is then done while you do the bagua ... 4. Tibetan bonpo thunder breathing Simple and really powerfull practice, thunder meditation. Simple visualisation and breathing ... I have done level one so far ... 5.Tibetan vajrasattva/violet sun meditation Again, simple and really powerfull practice, violet sun meditation. Simple visualisation and mudras ...
  4. Just MopaiWarlord point of view ... I suppose ...
  5. Hi rideforever, that is MW 8EMQG set by Richardo B Serrano. He wrote a book in which along the some other practices he explains 8WMQG set.
  6. Serge Augier Online School

    My English is not so good ... Meaning of that phrase?
  7. Five-element theory and Lao & Chuang

    How do you do this ... which practice do you do?
  8. Ashta anga, the eight limb sutra thunder dance ...
  9. A practitioner's responsibility

    Would you like to share about the "structure" of your training in general?
  10. May you share which tradition do you follow?
  11. The 7 serpents explains 3 cauldron alchemy basics, he says he is from Maoshan line ... but interestingly in his clip, at 9.15 he actually explains fusion meditation ...