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  1. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    The internal strength mudra is the first one in the Fatigue flows Hirai shiki Jin Shin ho Hirai family dvd. There is also Jinshin cave mudras fatigue self healing flows dvd. I bought these dvd_s 2 or 3 years ago, but I did not pay attention to them until recently. Simple and effective tools to open/clear deep flows (8 extra channels) in the body.
  2. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Which sword exactly do you guys recommend? Any other links like Amazon ...?
  3. Baguazhang

    Wulaoxie(Sifu Chris Matsuo) Dragon Gate Sanctuary!!!
  4. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    I can correct my post now. Actually the five postures are not from Maoshan, but are from Tibetan shamanic Bon "I think". Just saying, lol ...
  5. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Hi Keith, I figured it out. In one website it is named Snake vibrating palm qi gong and the dvd is named Snake vibrating palm. I thought they may be different sets, but are not. The same goes for The dragon vibrating palm. After "basics" there is also Vibrating palm form.
  6. Best resource on Mudras?

    Kuji Kiri Mastery vol.1 Sifu Matsuo explains the the main concepts for each finger, hand, single and double hand mudras, zero points, chakras/channels. Then 9 seals one by one ...
  7. Best resource on Mudras?

    Yes, I have a few kuji kiri videos by DGS and each of them is a gold by itself. There are also Kwan Yin, Varjasattva, whole body mudras ... My advice for interested guys. "Pick up" one video. Study & practice. If you resonate with the method, "pick up" another one. Repeat ...
  8. Best resource on Mudras?

    I would recommend DGS. Sifu Matsuo teaches trough dvd_s and has a lot of materials on this topic. And yes, DGS has an alphabet for this method/s, exactly what you asked for.
  9. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Iron shirt shen gong dvd. I havent begun with iron shirt yet, but second part of the dvd is shen gong, which you can do with the circle walking, single palm change ... It is about projecting your shen/chi out & in from different angles, different qulites of chi ...
  10. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Personal mandala dvd. In the first part sifu Matsuo teaches how to use Tibetan chimes and Tibetan bell and how it works. In second part he teaches how to "set up" your inner space/energy for meditation: grounding, aura field, protection and tools of transformation and last part how to create your own personal mandala.
  11. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Taoist five elements qi gong dvd is about to clean and balance five internal organs. Simple movements to reset your internal organs and meridians ...
  12. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Sacred energy maps is a DVD where sifu Matsuo explains the energetics in detail (I have part one, part two is on my list.). Bringing together chakras, extra channels, meridians ... Which tool opens/works on specific chakra and coresponding channel and much more ... Everyone studying with DGS should have it.
  13. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Great! DGS has a lot of Kuji Kiri dvds, I recommend them highly. Regarding Kuan Yin, there are actually two sets sifu Matsuo teaches. One is moving set/form aka spiritual kung fu/qi gong form and other is sitting qi gong (KYMQG).
  14. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Do anyone practice Wu family snake seated qi gong?