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    Extensive and detailed information on Buddha Amitabha
  2. Thought I would share with the board this lovely video by Master Chin-Kung. While it's a talk about what to do if you're the sole person among your family and friends to follow the Buddha that's not why I am posting it. The real gem of the story is appended from an article account of what happened to Lady Clara Lin Kok Yuen at the moment of her death. She practiced the Amitabha Rebirth in Pureland mantra regularly. Let's just say...if the account is really true - well, I was blown away and knew I had to post this video to the board. If you want you can fast forward to 4 minutes. That's when Master Chin-Kung begins the story about Lady Clara and her family and friends. Don't exit the video after his talk because that's when the newspaper article begins. Read it. And if you're like me - be stunned at the power of this Pureland Mantra (and of Amitabha!). Lady Clara Lin Kok Yuen and the Amitabha Pureland Rebirth mantra