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  1. Akshobhya

    Can anyone tell me how the name Akshobhya is actually pronounced? I don't know how to read international symbols of pronunciation. I am guessing it sounds like Ak-sho-hai-ya although maybe the letter 'b' in there should be pronounced?
  2. The Dawn Remembrance Verses

    Sadhguru has a video on exactly this. Within a certain geographic latitude if one wakes around 3 am to 4 am naturally (without an alarm clock or other artificial means) one gains maximum benefit from any sadhana done at that time. If you don't naturally wake at this time it means you're a "Book Yogi" (Sadhguru's words, not mine) and sadhana at 3am forward won't gain you any benefit beyond what one naturally gains at other intervals such as sunrise, noon, sunset, etc. The fact you are naturally waking around this time suggests your guru lineage has planted a spiritual 'seed' of some kind in you and it's starting to sprout.
  3. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    For those who want to know more about it. Check out my thread to a Cosmic Doctrine online study group.
  4. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    Just as an example of how useful The Cosmic Doctrine can be Curious Readers should read the first chapter and it's discussion of how space begins moving in a circle for eons and eons of time prior to anything coming from it. Only later is a second ring - 180 degrees from the first - begins moving counter to the first and it comes into being because the "nothing' at the perimeter of the first movement creates a kind of 'drag' on the first ring and the movement of both of these Rings (she calls them Ring-Cosmos and Ring-Chaos) creates the largest one - The Rings-Pass-Not. At this description I was reminded of how many Buddhist sutras talk about how the universe is filled with "buddhas" each with a gathering circle of mahasattvas and bodhisattvas on downward in a great-chain-of-being. In Fortune's day the word Cosmos was used for what Astronomers now typically call Galaxies although I think Fortune is using "Cosmos" in a more metaphorical sense, not a rigorously scientific one in Cosmic Doctrine. Anyway - It's a track-in-space and things in motion stay in motion until they either 1. hit something that blocks it completely or 2. create so much friction that the movement eventually dies. At the center is vortex of "nothing" (I understand science today hypothesizes many galaxies might have black holes at their center) but that 'nothing' allows movement. Angles and rays come from the primary vortex and each of these primaries set up secondary vortices and angles which in turn set up tertiary angles and vortices and so on. The topside of each vortex spins one way. The bottom side of each vortex spins the opposite. Each traveling across the primary rays that flow influences in and out. Each more complex than the prior. [So by now my mind is thinking 'meridians!' , 'chakras' and 'cosmic yantras!'] Each one replicates fractal-wise what the Triune Grand Cosmos movement-tracks-in-space are doing. [Yes, Cos.Doc. has a chapter on a grand Trinity that revolves from the central 'nothing' - so now my mind was fairly shouting, "Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva" and at another point I began picturing the Yin-Yang in 3D etc. etc etc.]. In fact as I read a later chapter I remember thinking "Holy Moly! These are the Gunas at a cosmic level that Advaita often talks about." Dear Curious Reader: After completely reading that first chapter go back and read any book on Meditation. Say a meditation book from someone like Master Nan Huai-Chin or maybe Vivekananda. See if The Cosmic Doctrine doesn't give a new appreciation or insight into the spiritual growth process. As I read Cos.Doc. I started to just sit in awe as the realization hit page after page of just how profound an achievement Agastyamuni's Tantric Hatha-Yoga system really is [the real one, not the watered-down version sold in western 'yoga' studios] because it takes what Cos. Doc. teaches and shows you how to apply it to 'create yourself' to be anything you want to be - both in the here and now and in future incarnations too - all by knowing inside your own body the things Cosmic Doctrine teaches. p.s. I now understand why Sadhguru said if you learn all the Hatha-Yoga poses but only master, truly master just one, Quote: "everything in here (points to the body) will be in alignment with everything out there (points skyward)."
  5. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    I see similarities but YMMV.
  6. Apologies for posting off-topic but...Marblehead died?!!! When was this?! Does anyone know how he went? Heart attack? Cancer? or just simply gone in his sleep one night?
  7. The 4 Elements and Quintessence

    Thought I would share the following from Chris Warnock's Astrology newsgroup. A rather interesting combo from what he says for talismans made on Valentine's Day 2020. Seems a LOT of planets are in detriment.
  8. Short answer: Nothing, if that's what actually goads you and keeps goading you into daily practice. Daily, persistent cultivation practice will change you so there's no guarantee this will even be an issue by the time one dies. Longer answer: I tend to be a bit more forgiving these days of people's 'reasons' of 'why choose X over Y' - as long as they actually do practice. In actual terms I don't think you're looking to "Ascend" or you'd have put a loaded gun to your head and pulled the trigger by now instead of posting on a forum. That would guarantee ascension. I'm guessing you're like many spiritual seekers and wanting to bring the promised fruit of "ascension" into the here and now because the stereotype of ascension is that it's a paradise. Ditto with getting rid of desires of any kind since those are also said to be major hindrances to the fruit of ascension. Even if you have 'blips' of the fruit of Siddha mastery 1% of the time that doesn't help you for the other 99%. And that other 99% is where most people spend their lives. Now you have a clearer idea of what to take aim at to improve. So whatever reason you give yourself to keep practicing - as long as you practice to make that other 99% more steadily joyful - do that and don't worry about 'hindrances', 'ascension', 'siddhis', 'kundalini', etc.
  9. Wanted to alert any interested DaoBums that John Michael Greer's latest weekly essay and where participants (along with JMG) can post about the latest chapter being discussed which is on Chapter 19 of the Revised Edition and Chapter 21 of the Millennial Edition. You can download a free pdf of The Cosmic Doctrine since it's now in the public domain. Each month I'll come back here and revise it to include the latest essay link. Each essay has quite lively participation with lots of back and forth discussion. Small note: JMG approves each post before it's allowed on the discussion. So if you participate and hit submit it will not just automatically show up. Usually later in the afternoon you'll start seeing posts show up and this will go on until the day before next week's topic goes up. You can find the 19th Essay Commentary here. Below are links to the 18 previous chapters commentary and study participants posts Chapter 1: The Dawn of Manifestation Chapter 2: The Forces of (Negative) Evil Chapter 3: The 12 Rays and the 7 Cosmic Planes Chapter 4: The Building of the Atom Chapter 5: Atomic Evolution Upon the Cosmic Planes Chapter 6: The Beginnings of a Solar System Chapter 7: The Evolution of a Solar System Chapter 8: The Evolution of a Great Entity Chapter 9: The Creation of a Universe Chapter 10: The Beginnings of Consciousness Chapter 11: The Evolution of Consciousness Chapter 12: The Beginnings of Mind Chapter 13: The Evolution of the Divine Sparks Chapter 14: The Evolution of a Planetary Spirit Chapter 15: Evolution of the Lords of Flame, Form and Mind Chapter 16: The Influences of the Lords of Flame, Form and Mind Chapter 17: The Lords of Mind as Initiators Chapter 18: Influences Acting Upon Human Evolution Chapter 19: The Logoidal Relationship to the Manifested Universe
  10. Constant remembrance or just being?

    Does anyone know the title of the vid Dwai linked? If so I'd like to find it and listen to it.
  11. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    Wow. Chanting Names is utterly amazing. I wish like crazy now I could go back in time and just do Name chanting when I first started to get serious. It blows all the other practices I've been doing all these years out of the water. And I first began around 2006. Joined DaoBums the next year. Nothing else - at least for me - has remotely come close to the power and speed of this practice. It's weird how I can 'feel' the 'me' disappearing (only to come roaring back as I type this but now that I've had a taste of what it's like I want more)! Does that make sense? Unfortunately it's rather difficult to use English without pronouns but the closest I can get would be 'the chanting is chanting itself'. That's the best description I can give of what it's like. Now my SF novel luvin no-self wonders what it's gonna be like when the experience of activity dissipates too. Then the Buddha says 'turn your awareness back on itself' - and see where that goes. I suspect it will be really freaky! This Name Chanting Nei-Gong that works on the alaya level as the starting point is amazing! At least for me it is lightening fast.
  12. The 4 Elements and Quintessence

    Going back through an old thread of mine. I've been pimping the following book lately but I think it's a very important Hermetic Tantric text and explains exactly why and how the above classification in Western Astrology evolved. Check out Dion Fortune's The Cosmic Doctrine. Read the first three chapters. Then go back to my opening post and re-read that post in light of just what the first three chapters of Ms. Fortune's book is saying. I'm beginning to think those canny old Greeks knew a thing or two about what Ms. Fortune's book talks about.
  13. Woah! Well this is unexpected. Daobums has gone old-school? No Mods? When did that happen? January 1st? No Modding - that's the way it was in the early years. Having seen how it works with and without each have their pros and cons but I think the way it's done now - very limited mod power over one's own thread - seems to be a decent compromise between the two.
  14. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    The Lerner...it sounds like your temple is more in line with what I was looking for. At least when it comes to actually putting the teachings into practice. And possibly more. I originally became interested when I stumbled across Dion Fortune's The Cosmic Doctrine. Upon reading it so much of what it says matches things I've heard Sadhguru and other Hindu or Buddhist teachers discuss I am now convinced it's a legitimate western(!) tantric text in it's own right. I was so surprised. Dion Fortune gifted something by a higher Plane being as if she were an Tibetan acolyte and the book was a Tibetan terma. (I think terma is the right word). Reading The Cosmic Doctrine gave me a deeper appreciation for Agastyamuni of all people! Now I see why Hatha Yoga is based on angles and poses and those angles and poses have deep cosmic law effects. I just never realized how deep until that Dion Fortune book. Agastyamuni based it on the principles The Cosmic Doctrine delves into at a deep level. Well that piqued my curiosity. If a 1920s rather dowdy British lady is getting tantric texts from higher plane beings - what else is out there I don't know about? Hence my interest sparked in Judaism. Especially Orthodox since the claim was that those were the guys who keep to the old ways and do it best. Don't have an Orthodox temple nearby so I checked out Youtube. There's some interesting stuff but the Orthodox stuff I've watched doesn't seem to delve in the Kaballah at all. Perhaps most Rabbinic Orthodox consider the Kaballah heretical? In any case Kaballah is never discussed in the many channels I've been watching. I've never been upset by what I'd found though until the other day's Tenak Talk session.
  15. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    You know...I had not considered that but if the state of current Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism (the supposedly self-proclaimed 'real Jewish Jews') is being fairly represented by what's found on the many ROJ channels on Youtube I am not surprised so many have left their birth-religion. I don't know why I expected better from Judaism. The kind of ignorant attacks I saw against Yoga and the various Martial Arts...well I expect that from Islam and Christianity. Those two offshoots each have a well-deserved rep for being close-minded, angry and mis-characterization. I just thought Judaism - especially after all the hell it's been through in the past 100 years - would have learned a thing or two about the dangers of itself being that way. I was getting a bit angry but then the segment ranting about the various martial arts was so comical I started to laugh. The Martial Arts are riddled with "pagan idolatry" and "witchy woo" (Rabbi's words, not mine) - as is any kind of Yoga. Circumnabulating a stupa is idolatry but circumnabulating a representative of the Torah scriptures is not? Bowing to a photo of a Roshi (ie Rishi guru in Japanese) is idolatry but bowing to a photo of a Tzadik is not? Are there any Jews here reading this thread? I'd be very surprised if there are any Orthodox Jews reading this but surprises do happen sometimes. Assuming there is - what was (is?) your current experience of your 'native religion'? Is Idolatry still a "thing" of concern regularly taught or warned to the laity?