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  1. Just thought I'd drop by and post a link to some transcripts I did of some Sadhguru talks. If you're interested in how to attain to the Pragna might want to read all 3 transcripts. Enjoy! and
  2. I'm going through an extremely trying and paradoxically difficult time right now, and I had this dream last night that I can't figure out that felt timely and important. I can't remember most of the dream unfortunately, I just recall 2 similar symbols in consecutive dreams. In the first dream I was given a set of black books as a gift. I think I was given these books by a celebrity that I look down on and think is a bad comedian. In the 2nd dream I was given a black leather folio. The thing is the folio was a duplicate of my real life leather folio that I use to carry my computer. I highly value this folio. It serves a valuable function for me, it's beautiful, and well constructed. I think before I was given the black version of my folio, there was this whole setup where there was this girl (that I look down and think is stupid), that I went to school with as a kid. I haven't seen this girl in many many years. So this girl had my same folio, the non-black one, but it had her initials very largely inscribed on the cover. And the dream made a point for even the obscure brand of the folio to be mentioned, like its the same brand even. So it was really driving the point home that we have the exact same folio. And then I was given the black version of my folio. The main connections I'm seeing is the stupid people and the blackness being contained to knowledge. With the book symbol and folio being the case for my computer. Any ideas on this?
  3. the question i asked yi . . . what do i need to understand about my dream, being an eagle free, restricted then shown a way out? yi response . . . hexagram 48, the well interesting sequence . . . the well follows from hexagram 47, oppression: he who is oppressed above is sure to turn downward. Hence there follows the hexagram of 'the well'. for context . . . this then is the whole story of the dream i was a bird, a big bird with large wings, an eagle flying high in the sky and over the hills and valleys, over vast lush beautiful lands. it was wonderful soaring through the sky, my beak parting the wind; i could feel the wind curl the tips of my wings, as i was flying, i suddenly became aware of high walls around me. even though i was in the sky, i could not fly over these walls. there were no gates or doors or windows to exit from or enter into. and now, the walls contained all this vastness : the hills, the valleys and sky. i continued flying around and somehow, realised that the enclosed area was a u-shaped structure and now i was no longer aware of what was outside the space i was in, except for the grey interior. i flew around this u-shaped ‘structure’ and suddenly became aware of a man on the ground, way down below and i swooped in his direction. he opened a door and he went through it. in that instant, i awoke. i had this dream in 2003 why now . . . i ask now 'cause i've experienced, metaphorically speaking, a wake-life parallel any thoughts, interpretations, etc. most welcome
  4. Powerful dreams last night, repeatedly over and over again all night. Signs and symbols of crossroads and great change. Anyone else experiencing something similar?
  5. I was writing about dreams and how mine were influenced by the movies and shows I watch. I realize I'm hooked on some pretty dark shows, like HBO's Game of Throwns, HBO's West World. I just started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. These are all very dark paranoid shows. They say there's a part of our consciousness that can't tell fiction from fact. If so, watching some of these ultra violent shows, like West World and Game of Thrones can't be good for my and perhaps societies collective unconscious. These types of shows aren't anything new, but the quality of them, and there graphic, often shocking nature probably is. Take Game of Thrones, good guys bite the dust more often and painfully then the bad. Woman, children even babies aren't safe. For all that, West World might be darker, with its paranoid musing on free will. We see the past(?) good guy rape his first love, and murder woman and children just to explore his bad side. Older shows on regular TV could certainly be violent, but rarely created the deeper attachments that these shows do over there long costly (West World episode 1, $25 million!) runs There is an emotional depth to these shows, especially once your hooked. I don't think such shows are part of a conspiracy, rather they're giving us what we want. Yet they're also costing us our.. well.. innocence. On some level these shows affect our collective subconscious.
  6. Wanted to know if people were interested in trying a group project? As aspect of dream work, notably meeting each other in dreams. Throughout the centuries this has been done purposely and/or accidentally. It has a long history in shamanic and religious lore. Rawn Clark a hermetic teacher talked about having a group that would meet in the astral plane on certain nights, later calling each other to confirm details on what they saw/remembered. Some early websites specifically dealt with such astral meetups, with mixed results. I have little skill in dreamwork, but others here do. I suggest we use a tool, Lilian Eden's guided meditation called Meet Me in The Dream; Lucid Exploration with Friend. It an explanation and hypnotic script, though an hour in length the audio instructions are quite short. It's mostly biaural relaxing sounds with no 'wake up'. Its on youtube and I'll try to include download of it here albeit in a low bit rate. You can grab it on higher bit rate off youtube. Let me know what you think. I suggest people listen to it, then we experiment. Having some nights where we start it together. Perhaps hooking up on Live Chat with a ready set go. Giving it a few tries. I've found early morning to be the best time to practice. Waking up at 4 or 5 am, focusing on intent, then listening and allowing it to send me back to sleep. Whatever protocol, afterwards people record there dreams as well as talking about there general experience. See if we have any 'hits', clear of fuzzy meet ups. I note that some dream groups pick a location. Such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Field of Dreams baseball, in a field looking up at the full moon (during full moon, Jan 12th the Wolf moon). If people are interested and or have suggestions we can start next in January. **note I shrank it to 16kps but it was still 7.5 MB. Below is the youtube. There are browser addons that allow making it an mp3 or aac or you can just listen to it on the computer. **keeping this in General area for now. Might move it later to Esoteric or somewhere else later, where it won't be moving up and down so much.
  7. A Kickstarter project being developed to help you recognize you are sleeping and thus make you aware in the dream and become lucid: so you don't need to train or do anything in order to become lucid and worry about anything. some would say that lucid dream may help to clear issue and thus help with chakras and so help with enlightenment, would be more like making a virtual world to deal with your issues and solve them, in a safe place, under your control. would you think it is a good idea? would you think, we might come to a time where an enlightenment pill or something in that space would be invented? wouldn't it be beneficial to just clear your chakras and become aware of energy without the hassle of the whole process? Even though, yes it is about the journey, but still.. things much easier Thanks
  8. Lucid Dreams

  9. Mudras for Malas and Dream

    Had some pretty cool experiences recently while spontaneously experimenting with the dhayana mudra. I was really quite impressed with the power and flow of energy it generated…..yet i barely even noticed it in my earlier periods of practice when i experimented a lot with this stuff. I was wondering does anyone know any good Mudra for enhancing ones ability in dreamwork, lucid dreaming, remembering dreams….etc. I would appreciate any pointers. Also i do a bit of Mala work….which naturally takes up one hand. Are there any effective one handed mudras that compliment mala work, and if so what are there effects. Any valid advice wold be much appreciated. My 2 cents, Peace
  10. Just curious what you folks' opinion is about the ability for dreams to affect the physical body. Last night I had a dream that I was with some friends just hanging out and outside on a nice day, and we were doing handstands on the grass. In my dream I kept doing handstands for what seemed like an hour, having a good time and goofing around. When I woke up, I had a pretty bad stomach ache, which was weird because I didn't eat right before bed and felt fine before bed. I stayed awake for 20 minutes and I started feeling better. I'm sure we've all also had the kind of dream that's just a perfect scene, and it causes you to wake up in a great mood. And of course there's the erotic dreams which can lead to orgasm during the dream, but actually having a stomach ache after dreaming about handstands was really wild to me, and has never happened to me before. Anybody have any similar experiences?
  11. Mystery

    This morning I woke up and my first thought was "Man, I've been far away". I recall some dreams of being in a foreign country but it was unclear what this country was. Then I went online and saw a message from a Facebook friend I've never met. He said I visited him in Costa Rica last night, asked if I could smoke weed at his place and then gave him a hug telling him "It will be alright". This guy is sick with cancer. Right now as I write this I'm watching Twin Peaks and the Blackfoot Indian guy is talking about wandering dream souls.... Look at that. It's as if the Higher Levels were 36 000 bit information and we only receive 36... Or something. Happy 2013 everyone!