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Found 3 results

  1. LOL! Sadhguru on Corona Virus

    OMG! Leave it up to Sadhguru to pull a rabbit out of the hat to cheer people up from what is otherwise a sad or worrying topic! Fast forward to 4:20 and watch!
  2. Got a call from someone saying they were from tech support and they were calling to help me. Sounded suspicious, my sister fell for such a scam a few months ago. I listened a little out of curiosity, then hung up. They called again, and again. Same person each time. Telling me how important it was to go to . Out of curiosity I typed it in, no way would I hit return. The browser gave me alternatives like ' spam' where I read to the person a number of headlines stating they were corrupt virus spreaders. I thought I was doing my civic duty, but it didn't dissuade him, he kept talking. I hung up and he called back a 4th time. Persistent with a very distinct Indian accent. I expect if I'd typed it in, it'd download a virus requiring $$ to get rid of. Probably several sets of $$. So folks, its out there bold and repetitive. I doubt most of us would 'bite' at such an obvious ploy but newbies, the old and naive might be caught by such a schemes. Gotta wonder if there's an army of them calling 1,000's every day. I read an article about a hack the Russians did by sending 1,000's of cheap usb memory sticks to stores around military base. It worked people plugged 'em in to PC's and things were stolen. User beware. Technology.. it has it downsides.
  3. Anyone know of any natural flu remedies that they have tried and actually work? Any suggestions in general? I've had a flu virus off and on for over two weeks now I'm really getting tired of it.