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Found 5 results

  1. Propaganda War

    China is fighting a propaganda war. Beijing's plan is to shift all blame from China for the initial botched response concerning the outbreak. The communist government is claiming that it has largely controlled the epidemic, even as it suspiciously now blames “foreign arrivals” for new cases of virus. Videos smuggled out from China shows huge lines at a hospital in Chongqing, raising questions about just what is happening around the country. What Beijing cares about is clear from its sustained war on global public opinion. Chinese mouthpieces have launched a broad attack against the facts, attempting to rewrite history. Chinese state media is touting the government’s effective governance. The truth is that Beijing dropped the ball early on because of long-standing CCP policy. Chinese officials knew about the new virus back in early December, and did nothing early on except to persecute their true heroes sounding the alarm! China also has enablers abroad helping to whitewash Beijing’s culpability. The World Health Organization refused for months to declare a pandemic, and instead thanked China for “making us safer,” a comment straight out of an Orwell novel. Most egregiously, some Chinese government officials have gone so far as to state that the Wuhan virus was not indigenous to China at all. The reality is that China did not tell its own people about the risk for weeks and refused to let in major foreign epidemiological teams, including from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Thus, the world could not get accurate information and laboratory samples early on. Because of China’s initial failures, governments around the world, including democratic ones, now are being forced to take extreme actions that mimic many of Beijing’s authoritarian tendencies,. Not least of the changes proposed will be in more invasive, digital surveillance of citizens, (public safety has always been the main venue to curb freedom and we all need to keep that in mind as the world transforms around us), so as to be able to better track and stop the spread of future epidemics, a step that WILL NOT be necessary, yet it will be an argument parroted by most government because, of Beijing's slipshod incompetence.
  2. Why does entering puberty (10+ years old) seem to increase the coronavirus lethality from 0%?
  3. LOL! Sadhguru on Corona Virus

    OMG! Leave it up to Sadhguru to pull a rabbit out of the hat to cheer people up from what is otherwise a sad or worrying topic! Fast forward to 4:20 and watch!
  4. Got a call from someone saying they were from tech support and they were calling to help me. Sounded suspicious, my sister fell for such a scam a few months ago. I listened a little out of curiosity, then hung up. They called again, and again. Same person each time. Telling me how important it was to go to . Out of curiosity I typed it in, no way would I hit return. The browser gave me alternatives like ' spam' where I read to the person a number of headlines stating they were corrupt virus spreaders. I thought I was doing my civic duty, but it didn't dissuade him, he kept talking. I hung up and he called back a 4th time. Persistent with a very distinct Indian accent. I expect if I'd typed it in, it'd download a virus requiring $$ to get rid of. Probably several sets of $$. So folks, its out there bold and repetitive. I doubt most of us would 'bite' at such an obvious ploy but newbies, the old and naive might be caught by such a schemes. Gotta wonder if there's an army of them calling 1,000's every day. I read an article about a hack the Russians did by sending 1,000's of cheap usb memory sticks to stores around military base. It worked people plugged 'em in to PC's and things were stolen. User beware. Technology.. it has it downsides.
  5. Anyone know of any natural flu remedies that they have tried and actually work? Any suggestions in general? I've had a flu virus off and on for over two weeks now I'm really getting tired of it.