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  1. Lee Holden - is it worth?

    Thank you all! i dont mean the Level 4 immersion. I look at the Weekly Classes Online. 12 1 1/4 Hour Classes for 29$ every month. I live in the Czech Republic. I would drive to Austria for a Week or a Weekend, but not for regular Training.
  2. Lee Holden - is it worth?

    Why? Alternative is learning the 18 Lohan Hands in a Weekend Course in Austria. In my area is no QiGong Teacher or Institut. But i dont know what is a good long timer
  3. Lee Holden - is it worth?

    Hi there! Is it worth to study QiGong online with Lee Holden? Has anyone experience with the Lee Holden stuff? Thank you for your opinions! Katinka
  4. Hello Forum!

    Thank you very much!
  5. Hello Forum!

    Hello everybody! My Name is Katinka and i´m 39 Years old. I live in the Czech Republic but originally im from the Ukraine. i practice Zhong Yuan every day for about 3 Years. I learned this Style direct from Xu Mintang in a one Week Level 1 Workshop. This System is a little confusing for me and a second workshop is very expensive and i dont know it is the right form for me... have everyone experience with Lee Holden especially with his Online Course? Im glad to be here! Katinka