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  1. In this video you will find some practical instructions on the spiritual path and spiritual awakening. This is fully animated to make you engaged and offer you good clarity on the subject.
  2. Interesting.. Can you give me a source where I can read about his admissions on what he messed up?
  3. “I ask you to believe nothing that you cannot verify for yourself.” ― G.I. Gurdjieff, Views from the Real World: Early Talks Moscow Essentuki Tiflis Berlin London Paris NY Chicago as Recollecte. George Gurdjieff was a Russian Mystic and spiritual teacher. Gurdjieff called his method the Fourth Way. Osho spoke about him a lot in his speeches. In this video I have given his brief biography, and have talked about his quotes, methods, teachings, controversies and negative criticism.
  4. hey, thanks for sharing... It is indeed a removal process, a destructive process.. Here is a story of another man called Greg Calise:
  5. Bhoothanatha Geetha of Sabarimala Ayyappan is a text similar to Bhagavad Gita which has 132 slokas and 8 chapters. It is a conversation between Manikantan, the prince and Rajasekaran, the king of Pandalam in which Manikantan explains the secrets of Advaita Vedanta and the ways to attain Jeevan Mukti to Rajasekeran. This text is not well known as much as the other Gitas, like Bhagavad Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, Avadhuta Gita etc. But the text beautifully summarizes the essence of spiritual wisdom in simple Sanskrit. In the following video, I have given a short introduction, explained the meaning of an important sloka in the text and also explained some other interesting details about the text:
  6. My Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment

    I feel very light in the body. The difference is tremendous. I feel more energetic, just like how I felt when I was a child. So, it indeed made a difference in the way I feel my body.
  7. My Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment

    I didn't have a specific thing in mind; it is just a feeling of lack that we try to fulfill by achieving something in the future. My goals and dreams kept changing but I wasn't fulfilled. But I don't think these words really convey the actual answer I have in mind. No matter what I say about what happened in 2014, it may only cover a tiny teeny bit of what actually happened. It will create more and more questions and require more and more explanation.
  8. My Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment

    On July 12, 2014, I was lying on my bed late in the evening. I had a clear realization then that my spiritual seeking was over and that I had found what I was looking for in my life, in the dimension of time. But experientially the search had ended little before that on the same day. It was like a process that seemed to have happened gradually throughout the day. But I only realized it as a clear insight when I was in my bed about to sleep. It was an aha moment of seeing the obvious fact that the way I experience my life has changed. It was like being immersed in light and bliss the whole day.
  9. My Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment

    Before 2014, I experienced myself as a solid entity; there was a boundary between me and the rest of the existence, created psychologically. We all create that boundary at some point of growing up and it is created unconsciously during the early childhood. My life was also a journey in time and I could feel that I was a person travelling from the past towards a future. But all that changed in 2014. It is hard to put that in words. I no longer feel in my experience that I am a person. In fact, I don't feel the psychological acute self-consciousness that a person feels when he is around other people. It is as if, all the separation has melted away. I can't think about the future the way I used to either. Above all, I have found the fulfillment and harmony that I was searching for in my life. In other words, what happened ended my seeking anything spiritually just like eating food fulfills the hunger. I never had an inclination to talk or write about it for the next two years. My first blog post regarding my journey is something that I wrote in the beginning of 2017. I had to adapt to whatever happened to me over the past 6 years. I don't carry any image about myself in my head; certainly not an image of an 'enlightened person'. But I have seen how much telling what happened to me and how I overcame challenges in the process is helpful to other seekers. It in turn helps my own survival too.
  10. My Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment

    Thats fine dude.. One way or the other, my content gets introduced; anyone who finds the content helpful ends up supporting me in various ways, as it has been happening so far. So it is just a win-win situation. My goal is not to make you believe in my claim. When such a claim is made, there will always be skeptics; that is natural and totally fine.
  11. My Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment

    Wow.. Great to see a lot of replies. Unfortunately, there is no test to determine if someone is enlightened. I just want to introduce my Youtube channel to folks who want to use whatever help they can get from my own experiences.
  12. Hello everyone, I went through an initial awakening in 2002 which kick started a process of seeking; it ended in 2014. During 2014, I went through another transformation that removed all the psychological boundaries between me and the existence. I am currently living a life free of suffering and worries.Since then I have authored two books and I have a blog and an Youtube channel where I help other seekers by sharing my experiences. I have made a post here when I released my first book and a few members in this forum may already know me.Recently I have been doing live streams with videos titled "Spiritual Enlightenment - Your Questions Answered".. I am done with 9 parts so far and it is added to a playlist. Here is the link to the playlist: Here is the link to my channel's main page: If you like the content, subscribe to be notified when I upload new videos.These days, I come on Live everyday. So you may expect a live stream tomorrow.