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  1. I believe I said I would love to help but not publicly as such a discussion cannot be had in public. People who read and attempt to mix and match or ignore safety precautions will get hurt, and will blame our group, and then you will have more ammunition to attack our group with. Darned if you do, darned if you don't. Do you have any sources that confirm Kosta has ever had prostate cancer, or any other form of cancer for that matter after practising Mo Pai? As far as I know there are none. Do you remember they started rumours here about John being dead? Well he's still kicking. Do you have any sources which state John specifically has prostate cancer? As far as I know only Lawrence Blair is making the claim he has cancer, and has not specified what type. I know a person who got prostate cancer in his 50s, never practised Mo Pai a day in his life. Yale School of Medicine "Any man over the age of 50 is considered at risk for prostate cancer." "For the average American male, screening should begin at about 50 and should include a PSA, a rectal examination, and should occur once a year. " "the older you become the greater chance you will have prostate cancer. That number, if you live long enough, may be up to 100%." "Essentially all men with circulating androgens will develop microscopic prostate cancer if they live long enough."
  2. I know a person who served in Vietnam, and was exposed to agent orange. He had to have his prostate surgically removed, and a kidney due to aggressive prostate cancer. He never practised Mo Pai a day in his life. All men will develop prostate cancer if they live long enough. While Jim was serving in Vietnam he was doused in agent orange. Jim developed a specific form of very aggressive cancer, it was linked to that exposure. "A 2013 study conducted at the Portland VA Medical Center and Oregon Health and Science University found that Veterans exposed to Agent Orange are not only at higher risk for prostate cancer, but they are more likely to have aggressive forms of the disease. Read the abstract for the publication, Agent Orange as a risk factor for high-grade prostate cancer." A study of 1,495 veterans who underwent radical prostatectomy to remove their cancerous prostates showed that the 206 exposed to Agent Orange had nearly a 50 percent increased risk of their cancer recurring despite the fact that their cancer seemed relatively nonaggressive at the time of surgery. Agent Orange as a risk factor for high-grade prostate cancer. 52% increase in overall risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Foundation Worse, “the men who were exposed to Agent Orange and other battlefield chemicals often present with more aggressive prostate cancer,” says Jeffrey Jones, M.D., Chief of Urology at the Michael E. DeBakey Veteran Affairs Medical Center (MEDVAMC). Agent Orange tied to aggressive prostate cancer risk Agent Orange exposure increases veterans' risk of aggressive recurrence of prostate cancer Also according to Dr. Lawrence Blair as of September 12, 2019 John in his 80s and close to level 20 in Mo Pai has cancer himself. It is also important to note that most men will develop prostate cancer if they live long enough, it is a natural part of aging. At best it can be argued that lower levels of Mo Pai do not provide the ability needed to heal cancer. John stated that his teacher however could heal cancer, so at higher levels this would be possible.
  3. This is another darned if you do, darned if you don't situation. We had one particular individual who insisted he knew better and didn't need to follow safety precautions, and thought mixing MCO with Mo Pai was perfectly fine. Well he wound up with psychosis and screwed his life up pretty badly. When he got out he threatened with legal action. If people refuse to listen and follow instruction exactly, they can and they do hurt themselves, and that comes back on us. Not only is it bad Karma, it's bad PR to get involved with people who want dabble and mix and match practices.
  4. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    More evidence, less words.
  5. "Mo Pai is such a defective, deficient system." Show us something like this, if you know of better alternatives that are not defective and deficient.
  6. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Show us something like this, if you know of better alternatives.
  7. First you link to a post by a d4rr3n, not a member of our group. Next as just one example of how your instructions are edited, among many many many others, grounding was one thing Jim stressed was absolutely critical. The documents and videos Jim left to us are radically different from what you posted. Your instructions omitting the requirement to be grounded is just one example. If you think we are making this up, please see Jim's book as a reference: He told me I needed to be sitting on the ground; he could tell because I didn't have enough “yin” in me when he checked me out. I had been practicing inside a mobile home I was living in temporarily next to the house I was building. It was about three feet above the ground. He explained to me, “Your yin comes from the earth and you need to be connected to it.” He said I have to sit outside on the ground. This was somewhat troubling because where I live it snows about twice a year and rains a lot, so while he was telling me this I was trying to figure how I was going to be able to do it. He also told me yang comes from the air and enters the energy point on the top of your head. And it needs to be equally balanced with my yin which enters another energy point at the area of your perineum. -Seeking The Master Of Mo Pai Jim McMillan
  8. I would not recommend anyone practice the altered instructions you posted. All the most important aspects have been removed.
  9. Taomeow posted a link to a video seen here: The post was titled "And that's why I shun "new and improved interpretations" and "combining practices" and "a creative approach" to any original sources" The video showed a teacher making motions as if they were riding a motorcycle. The next person transmitted this information to the next person, and so on and so forth, with each transmission they changed it just a little bit, until at the very end it had devolved and bore no resemblance whatsoever to riding a motorcycle, and looked more like someone washing a window. I made a comment that the art I study has a problem where authors who never studied the art taught information that bore no resemblance to the actual art, and others defend this info and these authors as legitimate authorities. I also mentioned how others alter and edit original instructions to change them into something new and different. I told Taomewo her video explained how teachings are corrupted and misinformation is transmitted. You raised a point about people relying on videos, and videos can be faked. The best way to tell you said was in person demonstrations by the teacher. I explained a teacher doesn't have the time and energy required to do a personal demonstration for millions of individual seekers who most likely would never seriously commit to practice. I explained as far as evidence goes, video gathered with scientists and medical doctors present to do their best to rule out fraud is the gold standard, and all other forms of evidence ultimately boil down to personal testimony. I stated to another individual that the best option is to record actual teachings on video so they are not altered or changed by people who "know better" The points of attunements and transmissions being a thing were raised. I stated people also believed in homeopathy, crystals and magnetic and copper bracelets, but that was all delusion and placebo. I explained that all real attainments come from having correct information and diligent practice. I explained again how a video prevents misinterpretation and re-transmitting incorrect information. You took issue and claimed that things cannot be learned via video. I pointed out that people obtained masters and even PhDs in our most challenging subjects by watching videos of recorded lectures in their online college classes. At this point liminal_luke brought a specific practice into the discussion, and the blood was in the water at that point. At which point I created a new thread to continue the conversation, which was a huge a mistake. It resulted in a 14 page flamewar, and as a result we were asked to make a FAQ which we did. That is my best attempt at summarizing things.
  10. I would love to help, but not in public as such a discussion cannot be had openly.
  11. I will try and be older and wiser next time
  12. Lesson learned, next time I encounter fake outrage about derailing a thread I won't bother to create a new thread because that seems to create even more fake outrage.
  13. People mix and match practices, then blame mo pai when they get injured and sick.