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  1. Hello

    It is only dangerous if people cannot follow instruction exactly, or if they mix and match practices to blend together something new, or if they fail to observe clear safety precautions. It is like building a fire, if you are respectful of what it is and don't try play with it and carry the red hot coals in your hands you can avoid being burned by it. If you treat fire as something to play with, and you do not give it the proper respect you can seriously injure yourself.
  2. (Western) MoPai Censorship - for Sean

    He is just pining for the fjords.
  3. Hello

    Defamation, libel, slander are all things people do bring lawsuits over, but we neither have the money or energy to endure such an ordeal, not to mention as such matters become a public record it means we would be exposing ourselves to more nonsense. If we had the money we would buy the forum, implement a moratorium on Mo Pai discussion across the board, and call it a day. This would end the eternal flame war here. Unfortunately the best strategy we have without being rich, is to be here in person to set the record straight about who we are, who our teachers are, and and what our practice is actually about.
  4. Hello

    Indeed 12 year olds do see it and think that, but that is not the point of the system. People who want to be Son Goku are not people we can help. Also you are very right about it being dangerous. If people fail to adhere to safety precautions, or if they mix and match practices because they are "eclectic", if they cannot follow instruction exactly as provided, then they can and they do get seriously injured.
  5. Hello

    No it is absolutely true. We aren't here because we want to be here, we are here to defend ourselves, our practice, and our teachers from the never ending mudslinging battle. This is more a situation where we have to be here, rather than we want to be.
  6. (Western) MoPai Censorship - for Sean

    Our approach is to base our beliefs off the best objective video evidence we have, and our own first hand observation. We view accepting things as true on faith, the personal testimony of others, or because a book says so to not be an acceptable method to form new beliefs. We encourage people to be rational and reasonable, rather than accepting things as true without good objective evidence.
  7. (Western) MoPai Censorship - for Sean

    Please explain it to me. If not you is there anyone else that can explain this mindset?
  8. Hello

    Ralis, No one in our group wants to be here to defend ourselves, our practice, and our teachers from the constant personal attacks and nonsense that this board spews at us. Not one member of our group wants to be here. However we do have an obligation to defend ourselves, so we are here to do that. Do you not think a moratorium on Mo Pai discussion would be a better solution to the problem than endless flame wars?
  9. Hello

    Best not to try and have a serious discussion about John Chang or Mo Pai here, it is an environment which is hostile to its discussion. Just my $0.02
  10. Sorry for being AWOL lately ...

    I thought you might like this in reference to your situation:
  11. (Western) MoPai Censorship - for Sean

    None in our group are here to troll, we are merely here to defend ourselves, our teachers, and our practice.
  12. (Western) MoPai Censorship - for Sean

    What do you find insulting? Also being called a wimp is certainly a personal insult.
  13. (Western) MoPai Censorship - for Sean

    What do you find insulting?