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  1. Weather Magick

    There is only one Mo Pai. Levels 1 2a and 2b are the same in the USA and Indonesia. These methods are recorded from John on video.
  2. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    I edited my post for you.
  3. John Chang Died February 5th 2020

    There were some complaints about family faces and names, those have been edited out.
  4. I ask please that you be respectful in discussion of his death, unlike the fiasco Jim McMillan received here when he died. John Chang died February 5th 2020. John's death was caused due to a fall, and internal bleeding in his brain. He was in his 80s at the time of his death. John healed numerous patients and housed and fed students all at his own expense without accepting any form of payment or donation. John sacrificed his standing as head of the Mo Pai school to try and help people who begged him to train them. He agreed to let scientists and medical doctors into his home to examine him. He allowed books to be written about him to help keep as much of the art alive as he could. I personally am grateful for all that he endured to make this information available to us. Thank you John for everything you have done for us.
  5. Mo Pai Alternatives?

  6. Mo Pai Alternatives? One of the reasons I love Mo Pai is that it is stripped bare from all the spiritual trappings. Mo Pai puts things into very simple and unambiguous terms, explanations of what is happening are clear and simple. No symbolism. No mantras or rituals. Just simple, no non-sense explanations and exercises. Things don't have to be complicated and convoluted, sometimes they can be very simple to understand and grasp.
  7. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    Super Bön Bön?
  8. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    Imagine you were put under for general anesthesia, or fell into a deep dreamless sleep. You do not cease to exist, and then pop back into existence upon waking up. However your ability to actively think and interact with the environment is non existent. Something continues to exist during these times, but that something is not like an active thinking human mind.
  9. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    I only believe what I have seen myself and confirmed.
  10. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    It just is.
  11. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    John explained what becomes of a human mind post mortem quite well. If you think he misunderstood then perhaps you could pursue training in the system and see the reality of it for yourself?
  12. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    What I am saying is there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of deluded hippies. There are not millions of living Buddhas. Even in the Mo Pai lineage only Bodhidharma and Zhang Sanfeng reached the summit.
  13. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    That doesn't happen.