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  1. Mantak chia ! blooming 'ell hes hopeless ! the book you linked to is Wang feng ming and is what i currently practice , he teaches a system called special taoist qi gong, there is the internal dan you learn first then the external dan, son in law of grandmaster feng who created the hunyuan system which is classified as nei gong and was taught by grandmaster hu Yaozhen , and theres no way these guys were fakers! . edi
  2. I suppose health leading onto spiritual , very interesting about the neigong ,
  3. What books would you both recommend ?
  4. any info on damo qigong?

    I know this is a few years old now but anyone have anymore experience with this course ? I am thinking about taking it , does anyone know if its a download or is it posted ?
  5. any suggestions in which direction to look in regards to books ? or practices even ?
  6. thanks for the reply , but surely , he has progressed quite well judging by his nei dan book ?
  7. so can you give us a couple of them ?
  8. bak fu pai iron body iron thread form lotus daggers 1 , 2 ging meditation pushing ging small tiger fist form flying phoenix flying phoenix healing meditations 1 flying phoenix healing meditations level 2 flying phoenix level 2-5 disks flying phoenix level 2 section 6 flying phoenix level 3 flying phoenix advanced level 3 fp golden lotus golden flying phoenix flying phoenix chi materialisation iron palms meditations 1 living energy 1,2 san gong white eyebrow 1,2,3,4,5 wind above the heavens 690 ad moon on top of the ocean 10,000 budhha gold light -1,2,3 siting meds, 1 standing med 18 advanced meditations anti cancer 2 sunn yee gong level 1 dim mak heavnes blood form and meditations doo wai chi demonstration - brining things back to life goddess spreading her flowers heaven fire 1-6 iron palm level 2 ,3 - form and meditations iron palm 3-8 meditaions standing meditation and white lotus one finger burning palm son ton ging meditations bak fu sun yee gong 17 levels tibetan lama burning palm meditaions 1-9 white lotus - kriya white tiger standng meditations 1-3, 4-6 white tiger tai chi 18 taoist palms- 18 taoist palms - 10 disks vibrating palm meditations advanced iron body 1 , 2, winds above the ground standing moving meditation springy force hay gung
  9. does anyone know any good resources for learning more regarding the shakta tantra tradition and practices ? been looking around and cant seem to find any , feel quite compelled to look eeper into this tradition
  10. Experiences with Brahmacharya

    very interesting , can you say more
  11. Complete the sentence:


    Ronald _____ was the greatest what?

    1. whitesilk


      Just thinking that you might be ronbo, not ronko

    2. ronko


      no , sorry

    3. whitesilk


      ok, I guess, you can ignore this

  12. Ausar a Fraud?

    what would you say where powerfuller meds ?
  13. hi , what was the basic mistakes ?
  14. got mine today and its dense ¬ seriously gonna take me ages to get through this and take it all in
  15. Ausar a Fraud?

    whats gfp ? golden flying phoenix ? least you can actually see the form of the med in white lotus compared to alot of doo wai videos.