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  1. A Message for Heartbreak

    move this to general discussion as so far he has stopped out of the taoist section , last thing we want is him coming into this section as well
  2. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    damo mitchell launches his online internal academy tomorrow
  3. Wu Wei Qigong by George Xu - Supposedly activates an esoteric wheel in the belly to cultivate energy for the practitioner, which is similar to Falun Gong but without its limitations where did you get this info from ? nothing like that is mentioned on the video
  4. seeing as there are no mods and for some reason even though you all criticize him you reply to his posts ??? How about everyone just ignore this eeejit and no one posts a reply to his shite? Hopefully he might go away !
  5. Sleeping Qiqong

    i believe tom bisio also has a book out on it
  6. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    thanks for that cosmic doctrine link , had a quick look through and gonna take a more detailed look later , can you explain how this incorporates nei gong in its teaching ?
  7. so the EARTH MEDITATION is a forced orbit meditation ?
  8. well i for one will thank you for all this info and the amount of work you have put into this , and i will be printing it out and having a good ole study of it , strange that drew can only pick at you about mentioning loss of essence when he has been blithering on about taoist yoga for centuries without actually helping anyone !
  9. newly added Tao tan pai " taoist elixir method" 31 exercises gm doo wai/ausar ----------------------------- white lotus white lotus advanced golden lotus blue lotus 1000 hands - buddhist qigong daMo qigong home correspondence course lANG YE taoist esoteric qigong - MASTER NIANZULI tai chi ruler - MASTERWORKS Tien tao chi kung course XING YI NEIGONG - CARTMELL, BISIO XING YI NEIGONG = TOM BISIO CHUNYI LIN ---------- Spring forest qigong level 1,2,3,4 DAMO MITCHELL -------------- Dragon dao yin dvd DOO WAI -------------- bak fu pai --------------- iron body iron thread form lotus daggers 1 , 2 ging meditation pushing ging small tiger fist form flying phoenix ------------------------- chi kung for health terry dunn fp healing meditations (doo wai flying phoenix level 2-5 disks flying phoenix level 2 section 6 fp golden lotus fp level 2 fp level 3 golden fp DOO WAI golden fp wbbm fp chi materialisation iron palms meditations 1 living energy 1,2 san gong white eyebrow 1,2,3,4,5 wind above the heavens 690 ad moon on top of the ocean 10,000 budhha gold light -1,2,3 siting meds, 1 standing med 18 advanced meditations anti cancer 2 sunn yee gong level 1 dim mak heavnes blood form and meditations doo wai chi demonstration - bringing things back to life goddess spreading her flowers heaven fire 1-6 iron palm level 2 ,3 - form and meditations iron palm 3-8 meditaions standing meditation and white lotus one finger burning palm son ton ging meditations bak fu sun yee gong 17 levels tibetan lama burning palm meditaions 1-9 white lotus - white tiger standng meditations 1-3, 4-6 white tiger tai chi 18 taoist palms- 18 taoist palms - 10 disks vibrating palm meditations advanced iron body 1 , 2, winds above the ground standing moving meditation springy force hay gung SUNN YEE GONG 17 levels doo wai , wbbm full level 1,2,3 sitting 1, 2, 3 standing 1 level 1 doo wai/lacy DRAGON GATE SANCTUARY --------------------- kwan yin magnetic qigong hirai family healing mudras wudang vibrating palm heart of bagua iron shirt shen gung kunlun flying needles DR GLENN MORRIS --------------- Meditation mastery pathnotes of an american ninja shadow strategies of an american ninja martial arts madness GEORGE XU --------- taoist hua shan 36 circles qigong vol 1 and 2 18 CIRCLES MARTIAL QIGONG VOL 1, 2 , 3 COMPLETE PRACTICE 9 CATERGORIES OF TRAINING HUNYUAN SYSTEM -------------- chen zhonghua- hunyuan qigong way of hunyuan book grandmaster feng zhi qiang- chansi gong feng zhi qiang video series vol 2- hunyuan qigong taiji internal training hunyuan qigong book huan yuan dvd series-5 dvds JENNY LAMB ---------- Yi gong RELAXATION QIGONG audio meditation JEFFREY YUEN ------------ Alchemical qigong JERRY ALAN JOHNSON ------------------ chi kung the healing workout chinese medical qigong pa kua chang tai chi the empowering workout books daoist exorcism encounters daoist magical talismans daoist magical transformtaion skills daoist weather magic and feng shui daoist nei gong MASTER LU ---------- 5 elements breathing method superior joints MASTER TU ---------- Animal spirit qigong dragon bone qigong iron crotch MICHEAL DENNEY ------------- CELESTIAL QIGONG 1, 2 MICHAEL LOMAX -------------- daoist medicine 2 DVD gift of the tao 1 gift of the tao 2 sequential energy activation Quantum qigong -------------- ROBERT PENG ----------- Elixir light healing The Master Key Audio Series SCOTT MEREDITH ------------- bare metal internals SHAOLIN -------- shaolin dhyana exercises Shifu Yan Lei ------------- Shaolin warrior-the way of qigong vol 1,2,3 WANG FENG MING -------------- Special taoist ruler special taoist internal dan special taoist external dan WAYSUN LIAO ---------------------------- 1) How to Develop Chi – 10 Disc Set 2) Chi Flow Series – 7 Disc Set 3) Enter the State of Tai Chi - 1 Disc 4) Learn to Connect and Broadcast – 6 Disc Set 5) How to Restore Your Life Energy – 2 Disc Set 6) TE: Beyond Birth and Death - 1 DVD 7)How to Connect Chi & Tao – Set of 9 DVDs and 9 CDs 8)TE: Beyond Birth and Death 9) Tao Gong Meditation 10) Using Your Center of Power – 5 Disc Set 11) Seminar on Internal Work – 9 Disc Set 12) Learn to Connect and Broadcast – 6 Disc Set 13) Private Invitation Class Collection - 3 Discs (out of six) Bowing and How to Support the Eight Directions DISC 2 Real Method of Condensing and Using the Eight Directions disk 5 Temple Bows and How to Charge Up Your Energy and Look Inside disk 6 WUDANG ------- yangshen gong taji quan 18 form WILD GOOSE ---------- VOL 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 WIM HOFF -------- Wim hoff method YANG JWING MING --------------- Eight pieces of brocade undertsanding qigong 1-6 taiji ball qigong nei gong various books ZHONGXIAN WU ------------ Cosmic orbit qigong chinese shamanic tiger qigong fire dragon meridian qigong hidden imortal lineage taji mother form cosmic orbit qigong book XUAN TONGZI ------------- 8 SECTION BROCADE TAOIST STARTING TECHNIQUES TAOIST CLOSING TECHNIQUES TAOIST DYNAMIC AND STATIC QIGONG Primary Health Preservation Secondary Health Preservation Advanced Health Preservation Taoist Neck Exercise
  10. Mantak chia ! blooming 'ell hes hopeless ! the book you linked to is Wang feng ming and is what i currently practice , he teaches a system called special taoist qi gong, there is the internal dan you learn first then the external dan, son in law of grandmaster feng who created the hunyuan system which is classified as nei gong and was taught by grandmaster hu Yaozhen , and theres no way these guys were fakers! . edi
  11. I suppose health leading onto spiritual , very interesting about the neigong ,
  12. What books would you both recommend ?
  13. any info on damo qigong?

    I know this is a few years old now but anyone have anymore experience with this course ? I am thinking about taking it , does anyone know if its a download or is it posted ?
  14. any suggestions in which direction to look in regards to books ? or practices even ?