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  1. Hi , I noticed in your journal you mention mao shan 5 elements practice ,could you give more info on that ?
  2. why did you delete it ? you made valid points
  3. Could be interesting sending Benebell Wen some pix of the included talismans see what she thinks
  4. was really interested in this , just got my copy and not sure what to make of it , all the practices are visualization which put me off straight away , I really dont think this would build up yang chi. then there is sanskrit elements in some of it which was abit puzzling ? all in all quite disaponted considering how much i was looking forward to it. The images needed to be bigger aswell so you can clearly see the chinese letters.
  5. thanks for the suggetions , i need a book as its for a freind who has ended up in hospital so looking to get hold of something they can read while admitted.
  6. does anyone know any good books to help with letting go of the past , anger , ,forgiving people from your past

    Master Georges Xu is the real deal and i would say has nothing at all to do with falun, i would imagine he learned it from another master,
  8. Zhen Qi Yun Xing full breakdown of it ,
  9. Anyone have any experience with this dvd ? quite liking the sound of it and thinking about a purchase. This Chi Kung (Qigong) has three levels, Tjhe first level is designed to teach the student how to take energy in the form of Five Element Qi from the environment. The five elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, connect with our internal organs as well as external body parts. The second level teaches us how to send this energy (now stored in various parts of our body) back into the environment while the third level teaches us how to interchange with the environment (almost like inhaling oxygen and emitting carbon dioxide) as we walk. Both the second and third level add animals to the process. Finally the Qigong morphs into a form known as the "Eight Mother Palms". The set includes two DVDs. The first DVD is instructional while the second DVD allows the viewer to practice with Sifu Tsou as he demonstrates the Chi Kung in its entirety without interruption.
  10. Healing by music

    Dhanush2901 are you just on here to spam ? every one of your posts is linking to apps ?
  11. Haha , no , cant say it was astral al , but that sounds authentic enough to me ! think one of them was tau something who seems to be one of the main dudes but it didnt do anything for me, just seemed like a random set of practices bunched together under the title of Gnosticism.
  12. yeah thats the vibe i have got from what books i have read
  13. just curious if its possible or has the genuine tradition died out ?
  14. A Message for Heartbreak

    move this to general discussion as so far he has stopped out of the taoist section , last thing we want is him coming into this section as well