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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Sifu Terry , really interested in this , never used zoom before though so please forgive my ignorance on this but if I take the zoom classes will I be able to see and hear everything clearly ? also could you give a bit more info on these 2 points - 5. Introduction to the 9 Standing Advanced Flying Phoenix Meditations (all moving). 6. Further instruction in the "10,000 Buddhas Ascend to Heaven" Nei Kung System Many Thanks
  2. Alien encounters during dream

    The angel -demon thing is so black and white, so antiquated and linked to those old religious power struggles. Look at other spiritual paths from the past and its a much more subtle yet complicated affair, gods and goddess can do harm and good, they are capable of healing and hurting. If we look at the alien abduction scenario, to us its horrifying and evil yet we do much worse to animals and think nothing of it. If there is physical beings coming to this planet who can say what their mindset is , maybe they don't see experimenting on humans as a bad thing the same way we don't think of it regarding animals.
  3. Alien encounters during dream

    Sure, inter-dimensional dream time was just my way of naming something that was more than a dream, something that takes place on an energetic level with beings who are non physical, these days I just call it dreamtime, its my belief ( and a lot of other people, including masters and teachers) that a lot of beings we encounter in dreamtime are real entity's with their own consciousness. These days I tend to think more along the lines of the beings are already here just on different wave lengths, different layers of density, in the past I would have classed this as inter- dimensional but I dont think a lot of it is , they exist on earth just like us, but they are outside of a humans range of limited senses. Look at constables work in the 50s of the giant amoeba that he would capture on infra red film, fast forward to modern day times and there is a guy in southern england who is doing amazing work following constables guidelines , he has a book out and is on you tube doing very in depth talks , hes captured some mad stuff over his house but its not visible to the human eye , its in infra red and ultra violet which a lot of investigators don't tend to work with. Jacques vallee wrote a book called passport to magnolia talking about this modernization of how folk tales have transformed into the modern ufo culture, that the strange experiences we have change in line with our own evolution and you can find videos on you tube looking at the similarities between the fae and alien abductions. You will also see a lot of ufo and paranormal investigators are now calling this the "phenomena" rather than pigeon holing it as a ghost , an alien, etc. They are starting to realize that its all linked.
  4. Alien encounters during dream

    I have a lot of vivid dreams and a lot of dreams where I encounter beings of various sorts, some are so real and intense that I want to associate more meaning to them than they deserve, others are so emotional its like a long lost lover or a deceased family member coming to see me, so much so that I will wake up with tears pouring down my face. I do believe we have inter-dimensional dream time and the more energetically advanced we become the more frequent these happen. I firmly believe the beings we encounter during these encounters are real. One of the most intense dream time encounters I had was a very sexual and very intense experience , I even woke up a couple of times during it and could still feel the beings around me in a circle, this experience was full of the most amazing colours and landscapes with music that was so beautiful and absolutely otherworldly. In the last song the beings sang, some of the lyrics really stuck in my head so when it was all over I immediately went on the computer and typed it in only to find something that blew my mind and proved for me that it had being A real encounter. The most full on alien being I have experienced in dreamtime wasn't too long ago actually and it was so foreign to my mind, so alien that it freaked me right out, this being just felt so immense in power and its voice was that low it was in the frequency range of sub bass, it actually spoke sub bass , that just blew my mind.
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    TAO TAN PAI 31 MEDITATIONS DVD They are iavailable on dvd For anyone interested in the 31 tao tan pai meditations, they are available here
  6. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong - Complete Level 2

    Garry hasnt been on here for centuries ! sad to say syg is a lost art these days I reckon , hearfield was meant to carry it on but never did , and now sells the poor quality doo wai demos for silly prices, which , by the way he was taking the piss out of initially, now he sells them ! purple platform is where you can get his stuff but hes taking level 2 down because he fell out with his partner and his partner did the level 2 video. Funny enough I was just looking at my doo wai syg videos yesterday wondering if i should try and learn them from the doo wai demos , not an easy task though but i always preferred syg to flying phoenix.
  7. Hi , just wondering if you are still practicing ? I am quite interested in taking his online course after reading your posts
  8. Teaching authentic neigong

    I am really interested in this , for you who took the class I am curious is it something you are going to stick with ?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any info or personal experience of working with hathor ? I have long being drawn to Her and have decided to actually make an effort to try and connect, I know witch who used to post here worked with Hathor a lot, but seems its been a while since she was here.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has any info or personal experience of working with hathor ? I have long being drawn to Her and have decided to actually make an effort to try and connect, I know witch who used to post here worked with Hathor a lot, but seems its been a while since she was here.
  11. Hi , I noticed in your journal you mention mao shan 5 elements practice ,could you give more info on that ?
  12. why did you delete it ? you made valid points
  13. Could be interesting sending Benebell Wen some pix of the included talismans see what she thinks
  14. was really interested in this , just got my copy and not sure what to make of it , all the practices are visualization which put me off straight away , I really dont think this would build up yang chi. then there is sanskrit elements in some of it which was abit puzzling ? all in all quite disaponted considering how much i was looking forward to it. The images needed to be bigger aswell so you can clearly see the chinese letters.