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Found 5 results

  1. Since there is evidence to show that the Ninja arts originated in China, and the practice of Kuji-In is somewhat integral to those arts, I wondered whether Kuji-In also originated in China, and whether it has a Daoist or Buddhist equivalent practice which is specifically Chinese? It is interesting to note that both Buddhist and Daoist cultivation schools make use of Mudra hand gestures, so it would make sense if it were true that the Kuji-In mudras either originated in Buddhist or Daoist cultivation methods of Chinese origin. So I would like to discuss these possibilities, as I am interested to learn how the original system differs from the Japanese version (if a Chinese version does or did actually exist). Thank you.
  2. Just watched Larry Terkel's video on Mudras for meditation. He says that for males, right hand over left, and for females, left hand over right. I am certain I read in one of John Daido Loori's books (I think that is where I learned it) that it is non-dominant hand over dominant. If that is the case, then it would be left over right for me. What is the correct, official, as-Buddha did it position of the hands here? Are you tapping into your feminine side as a male if you place your left hand over your right? Or masculine side as a female if you are placing your right hand over left? Just want to get this right. I trust John Daido Loori, but Larry Terkel guy seems to know what he is talking about too, so I am confused. Thanks for helping me clear this up!
  3. For those who read "Daoist Nei Gong: The Phylosophicall Art of Change". In that book, in order to practice the Sung breathing, Damo shows a mudra on figure 3.5. (Sung practice position) which i didn't figure out what should be (is it the taichi mudra?) If someone knows, please, explain.
  4. Mudras for Malas and Dream

    Had some pretty cool experiences recently while spontaneously experimenting with the dhayana mudra. I was really quite impressed with the power and flow of energy it generated…..yet i barely even noticed it in my earlier periods of practice when i experimented a lot with this stuff. I was wondering does anyone know any good Mudra for enhancing ones ability in dreamwork, lucid dreaming, remembering dreams….etc. I would appreciate any pointers. Also i do a bit of Mala work….which naturally takes up one hand. Are there any effective one handed mudras that compliment mala work, and if so what are there effects. Any valid advice wold be much appreciated. My 2 cents, Peace
  5. Hello! Does anybody have a reliable reference for hand signs used in Taoist meditation? I have learnt some Buddhist ones but have heard that the Taoist ones are quite different in meaning/purpose....