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Found 16 results

  1. Body Focused Forms in Qigong

    Dear Dao Bums, I would like to ask you: 1) What has been the most physically strengthening and stretching qigong form you've experienced? 2) Which qigong forms would you recommend solely based on the physical strengthening and stretching aspect? 3) Which qigong forms would you recommend especially for physically strengthening and stretching the whole hip & groin area, as well the low back and kidneys? I look forward to hear from you guys! All the best
  2. Hi Folks, the Humans without Souls thread prompted some questions from me, such as; How would you describe or define the soul and what is it's function? How does Soul relate to Spirit? Are the two synonymous or is there a difference? I have my own loosely formed thoughts, but would like to hear from others that have reflected on this.
  3. Zeal Chakra

    Hello, has anyone heard about the Zeal chakra? It's also called the alta major. I believe it's an important chakra. I've been doing some bodywork lately; and couldn't help but wonder why it kept tightening up: around the Zeal chakra. Whenever I tried to relax, I couldn't. No matter how much I tried my back neck kept activating, now; I'm not saying it's that tight. But still tight enough that I would notice. Like to the degree of a small mosquito bite. I've come across this picture that I thought was interesting, because it showed a relationship between the back of neck muscles and the eyes, and on looking at this photo I realized, that I always moved my eyes upwards and that would tighten those muscles up. And if I relaxed my eyes, then it wouldn't feel as tight. What do you think about this? It's almost as if the eyes acted as a lever for a trap door that exists at the base of the skull. Thus my interest in the alta major. What do you think of this?

    Each one of us here on Earth is an Individualized Manifestation of the Very Source of All That Is!God is nothing but the Very Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe!!Your soul script or what all you will go through and what you will become is more or less decided before you are born, though many things are flexible and can be changed to a considerable extent based on the choices you make and the choices that others around you will make in your current life.Your soul script for the current life is decided by the sum total of experiences that you have had in your previous lives and the new lessons that your soul would want to go through in order to achieve a state of balance.The Real Purpose of Our Lives is to Have Blissful, Fulfilling, Enriching and Transformative Experiences. Our Soul Spirit needs these experiences and we keep reincarnating again and again until we have learnt all our lessons across the entire spectrum of experiences.As long as we don't learn our lessons and keep repeating the same mistakes, we will keep going through the same experiences.Then, once the state of contentment is achieved, the soul spirit will have a choice of either achieving Nirvana (Dis-individualization and merging back with Source/Universal Godhead) or to take Greater responsibility and move on to newer experiences in higher realms / dimensions / universes.Thus, everyday, Learn to Live it King Size, stop living it pint size as it comes. Develop a Zest for Life and start creating opportunities for yourself. Take ownership and stop blaming God, rather be thankful to God for granting you this infinite Gift of Human Life.It doesn't matter in what context you are born, in what family and settings you have grown up, know that this is how it was intended to be to enable you to have the required experience that your Soul seeks.In the process, different souls choose different paths, some choose dark/ service to self/ left hand path while other choose light/ service to others/ right hand path. There is no need to feel guilty about your past or present no matter what your background is because all will eventually merge and become One.Always remember that the potential for the Greatest Good and the Greatest God is Already present in each one of Us, All we need to do is to unravel ourselves to the inner most core to uncover the true nature of our own reality that has the Highest Purity, the Greatest and the Mightiest Power of God within it.Realize that each of our lives is invaluable and highly coveted, know that extra-terrestrials from far off stars desperately seek a human incarnation on Earth because this is where lessons are learnt. It is our planet that offers an environment for super fast learning and expedited evolution unlike anywhere else in the entire galaxy.The real evolution is that of the spirit and not the flesh, as our souls learn their lessons, the next birth may be in a more advanced body form in a different dimension commensurate with the settings needed for inculcating the next set of lessons on the souls incredible journey back to Godhead.The absolute truth is that the One Godhead (Paramatma) divided itself into infinite souls (Jeevatmas) so it could have infinite different experiences in infinite different ways.Life in this Universe is an endless pursuit of SAT-CHID-ANANDA. Sat (TRUTH) - Chid (KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM) and Ananda (BLISS/JOY/HAPPINESS).Everything is Science, Everything is Energy, Everything is God. There is no contradiction !What matters is to imbibe the Truth and accept your current state objectively and in a balanced manner. This way, we will be able to further advance the real purpose of our lives by contributing to the greater cause in whichever way we can and thus also serve the group consciousness (our soul families) in the most efficient manner.I searched for God everywhere, I only found myself !I searched for myself in everyone, I only found God !!
  5. The Radiant Light

    Chandogya Upanishad .
  6. What do you want from this?

    You practice. Perhaps you practice a little. Perhaps you practice a lot. Maybe you practice every day. Maybe you don't. Maybe you meditate. Maybe you ruminate. Perhaps you move about, or not. You might move fast. You might move slowly. Perhaps you read, and write, and think. Or maybe you feel, deeply. You might follow a well worn path. You might forge your own path. Maybe you follow secret and esoteric teachings. Perhaps you train high on a mountain. Maybe you train in your back-yard. You might even train at the local strip mall, right next to the dollar store. (I see you! You know who you are...) It doesn't matter where, or how - at least not to anyone other than you. But to you it matters deeply. To you it is essential! So why do you do it? What do you want from this?
  7. Hello all, Some of you may have seen some of the energy descriptions in many different forms, in other cultures, and as described by people who are under the influence. I am a fan of the energy sphere, with the fibers of energy inside matching up with fibers outside, the ball or spot, glow of awareness factor. Probably most akin to the Carlos Castaneda descriptions. I could go into very minute detail on that if anyone is not familiar with it. I see in Irish folklore and most of Christianity, there is the halo glow that becomes visible to even those who don't "see" energy plainly. I see Kirlian photography has captured an essence around things that extends beyond the physical form and actually remains intact even if you sever a portion of the physical, for quite some time, fading if you will. I see that in the energy sphere version, there are tentacles of energy emanating from the belly, like an apron, from the hands, and from the eyes. There are roots emanating from the feet. In this energy sphere version, it is like an onion, with layers, and that fibers of energy match from the inside of this sphere to the outside and connect. This connecting giving awareness of that energy, and supplying the perception and interaction with this world. Beyond these basic connections, and by increasing power, people become capable of connecting to more fibers, and thus connecting with more items that previously did not exist, and were not available in this time and space. Complete bundles of these fibers create complete and different worlds, with different laws (physics and string theory if you will). Energy centers, chakras, from my understanding, are simply movement of the point of awareness to "grab" and "bundle" another possible "group" of related energy fibers that exist externally, and internally, thus equalizing the pressure between the two and giving a mode for perception of. Please add your own energy body versions, how they compare, match or don't match... Thank you
  8. Beautiful

    The food we consume - is the all that we take in We bring in through the eyes vast cubic miles every day The ears hear a thousand vibrations we never notice The nose speaks directly to our ancestry in each breath Our skin sinks to the marrow Please share here beauty that you have found so that it might be a well of delight and wonder
  9. New guy says hi!

    Hello, I was referred here by a redditor after making this post: I copied and pasted it below. I have high levels of energy which I meditate on and run through different circuits frequently. Some days I try to "burn" with my whole body at once all day long. I am familiar with rotating major and minor chakras on two axis of rotation, and the stimulating effects that has on the energy meridian pathways. I can feel where the meridians go and identify where acupressure and acupuncture points will stimulate. I can warm myself when cold and heal myself. During intense energy meditations, my point of awareness isn't at the third eye, it's wherever I'm focusing, and I can look around and see the energy fields of my body, the chakras, the meridians, the physical anatomy as well, and it's all dancing in all colors of the rainbow, and is accompanied by beautifully harmonious astral music. I don't believe I've had a full Kundalini experience, but when I do connect the tail of the snake through my root to the earth, or the "below", and run the head of the snake through my crown to the "above", it feels like going super saiyan, especially if I'm cycling with the whole universe, fully open, sending and receiving to infinity. Am I right in thinking that I should be putting more energy into the environment now? Feeling my surroundings and working energy with other people? So far I can put up a strong shield, I can "feel" people, whether they're close or far, and send them energy, having beginners identify the areas I send energy to and whether I'm sending energy or pulling energy. All information on energy work I've found thus far teaches how to do these things I've become familiar with, but on my own I've started to find things I haven't heard about before, like seeing the energy and hearing music. Does anyone know where I can progress from here? Any high-level books I could read? What else is possible?
  10. Spirit->Organ Healing

    In the TCM system, it seems that our body is an energetic sack/ vessel. The Organs seem to be a denser manifestation. The Spirits are a "lighter" manifestation of the same "thing". If you can heal the Spirits thru healing the Organs....You can also heal the Organs thru healing the Spirit. If you are lacking Will, cultivate it and the Organ will grow stronger as well!! The Spirits also help us see which Organs are unbalanced. Its a two way street! This may help in understanding why a person may become diseased and then, go do things they always wanted to do ( healing the Spirit) and become healthy. Has anyone ever tried this? If so, what has your experience been? Peace.
  11. Spirit Science

    Has anybody seen these? Pretty good, even if a bit biased about some things from time to time... Here's episode 1 for those interested: I apologise for the typo in the title of this thread. Can I edit it?
  12. ...

    I am a 19 yr old male and i have been currently been celibate for 30 days. In that time, I have already seen great transformation of mind and my psychological approach to the world. I feel that I have gone from being a rather ordinary slacker with little self confidence to a much more confident and determined individual. I don't know how else to describe the changes that have occurred except to say that it has been made clear to me how damaging self-pleasure was to my soul and mind. my intellectualizing of it is that the more often jing-essence is released, the more empty the soul and heart become, the less confident a man will feel, as well as more physically connected to the world. i went from being a user of pornography, whom was uncomfortable around women, to a guy who can casually engage any girl in conversation. i am aroused by real women. Girls seem to sense this energy and are more drawn to me as well..... i get hit on by girls now more than ever, lol. i was always self-confident about my size, as i am only 5'5" and 110 lbs, but now i truly do not care...because i can feel the inner fire burning also -- statistically, I believe it is true that men experience more orgasms than women. this addicts men to the physical aspect of sex, and they will do anything to have that physical experience, with ANYONE, hence, prostitution, et cetera. since women are more conservative, they are more discriminating with regard to partner and they must have their heart-energy attached as well. they also are more in-tune with the heart and soul orgasms that can occur in life... since being celibate, i receive joy and orgasm of SPIRIT by simply being in the COMPANY of women, if that makes sense. the "jing", or fierce, intense, primal willpower which is present as a result of being celibate, i channel into music, which is my passion. i can create more fiercely than ever before, and my determination is strong as an ox. i do not need to waste this willpower on expenditure of genetic material, lol. so, haha....the path to i doing it right?
  13. Hello again friends. Ive been reading through some Mantak Chia books and the Initiation Into Hermetics book by Franz Bardon. I am asking myself what Mantak Chia means by making an energy body, while Franz Bardon and myself believe we already have one? Are the two concepts different in any of your understanding? Does Chia aim to meld the energy or astral body that we all have into a new form? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks guys.
  14. The Bashar (channel) Thread

    An interview with Bashar's vehicle of communication. Bashar speaks. 1 hr 58 mins Hope you enJoy these videos. Namaste, gentlewind
  15. God, Nature, The Universe, The Earth, Life, Mind, Human History, Worldwide Flood Myths Ultimate Greatest Thread Ever Made. Bar None. Chinese character for Qi- vapors rising Vapor and rice together Here is a quote about Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts- Connection to the earth. Center of gravity. For sweeping the sweep digs a trench into the earth. The hips are like pendulums, connected to the ground Video showing a little bit of internal energy Anyways, that's one article I found interesting. Throughout history, teachers would teach mankind through oracles such as the I Ching to teach about oneness. About how everything is vibration , and octaves. Galaxies, stars, planets, moons, humans, light, matter, vapor, sound. The kings and emperors had no problem with this as long as they could become immortal, lead be turned to gold, or if their futures could be predicted. Wuji- the formless, shapeless, nebulous, great void, before creation Taiji- the beginning of creation, experience, companionship, and duality, Yang and Yin turning around and eternally alternating giving birth to thousands of things within certain planes in the universe. Yang, one extreme pole- Yin the other extreme pole- One of the representations of Yin and Yang, is Water and Fire SmallYang-BigYang-BigYin-SmallYin- There are many meanings, including Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring